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Sneak Peek: Pretty Little Liars Christmas Episode Photos!



Whose ready for the holidays, A style?

This year, the annual Pretty Little Liars Halloween special is being replaced by the very first Christmas episode. Some fans are upset, others are excited. I’m stuck wishing that we would have been given both! There’s no better way to celebrate any holiday than with the liars, but especially Halloween. It’s like tradition!

No worries though– you’ll still be able to get your dose of shrieks and thrills come October as ABC Family plans to air a fan appreciation episode where the cast revisits some of the scariest PLL scenes.

Onto the big question…. What can we expect from the holiday episode? Aside from the girls in cute scarves and sweaters, the sneak peek photos of episode 12 reveal that we’ll see the girls decorating and getting into the holiday spirit, mainly Emily and Paige. Are they back together? Just friends?


Caleb and Hannah visit Emily, whose setting up the manger. An interesting change for the dark tone of PLL. I hope A doesn’t ruin the pretty decorations!



Ezra is carving pumpkins and than seen bringing pies over. Maybe he’s going to a Montgomery Thanksgiving dinner? Wouldn’t that be a treat– two holidays in one! Although it doesn’t look like Aria is too happy to see Ezra at her house for dinner?





And most importantly… we finally meet Mona’s mom and see her lair. Well, her room, which is much girlier than I imagined. Why are the liars all at her house? Are they on team Mona now that they realized Ali cannot be trusted? Mona’s mom looks pretty happy that her daughter has friends over… If she only knew.


Aria and Holbrook? New couple alert? There’s something off about the older professionals in Rosewood always hitting on high school girls. Holbrook tried to strike up a friendship with Hannah earlier in the season too. Whatever these two are talking about doesn’t look unpleasant. There’s actually a smile on Holbrook’s face! Was he visiting Aria at Radley? It seems like she’s still volunteering at the mental hospital hoping to get some answers on Bethany Young. Did Holbrook come to protect Aria after a painting incident? You know the police here don’t have anything better to do..


Spencer and Mona teaming up to sneak into Radley? You know there isn’t anyone that knows the hospital better than these two. But what are the looking for? Where are they breaking into? Is Aria volunteering to distract the other workers? The two have ID’s on so maybe their also volunteering in a different ward? No… stealing keys isn’t volunteering.


Honestly, so much Mona in this episode! She has to be the key to everything! Is it December yet?


 Photo Credit: ABC Family/ Pretty Little Liars



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27 Characters Who Are Good at Keeping Secrets



TV Characters Good at Keeping Secrets

Everyone lies, and everyone keeps secrets. It’s human nature. The act of lying and keeping secrets tends to go hand-in-hand.

If you don’t want someone to find out the truth, at some point, you’ll have to tell them a lie. Some people are better at lying than others; it comes naturally to some while others couldn’t tell a lie to save their own life.

We’ve rounded up a list of TV characters who have mastered the art of keeping a secret. Some of their secrets are innocent in nature, some have the potential to destroy, some cover-up mistakes of the past, some are kept to protect others, and a few are better left taken to the grave.

Before we launch into our gallery of best TV secret-keepers, I’ll leave you with this TV show theme song quote: “two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.”

See the full list at TV Fanatic and tell us who you’d add to it.

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Billy Hargrove Deserved Better on ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3



Why Billy Hargrove Deserved Better on Stranger Things Season 3

This post contains spoilers. If you have not watched Stranger Things Season 3, do not continue reading.

Billy Hargrove made a splash on Stranger Things Season 2 as the resident bad boy, but it wasn’t until the third season where he became fully integrated and essential to the core storyline.

In the third season, Billy rose from being a supporting character to essentially carrying the series, yet he never got the recognition he deserved.

There have been a handful of characters who I could’ve demanded justice for in the Stranger Things realm from Barb to Bob to Alexei. Trust me, they all deserve it, but Billy’s storyline especially triggered me because he was cheated from the very beginning.

He was never set up to win, and when he finally did achieve his redemption arc, it was glossed over because of a bigger death; one that admittedly, carried more weight.

I’m obviously referring to Hopper’s death.

The emotional stock of Billy’s decision to fight through the evil coursing through his body in order to save Eleven didn’t have time to sink in or resonate before the writers ripped our hearts in half by killing the hot-headed-who-always-meant-well police chief and Eleven’s dad.

But here’s why Hopper’s death shouldn’t have overshadowed Billy: there’s a huge probability that Hopper isn’t dead.

The scene following the credits showed the Russian’s referring to an “American” prisoner.

Why Billy Hargrove Deserved Better on Stranger Things Season 3

Credit: Stranger Things/ Netflix

The Russians referred to Hopper as the American multiple times throughout the season, so it’s likely that Stranger Things Season 4 will be a rescue mission to save Eleven’s beloved papa.

But Billy is gone for good, and still died a secondary death.

And in his final moments, the only person who mourned him was Max, who for most of the season was forced to turn against her brother because he became the Mind Flayer’s host.

At no point did any of Max’s friends show concern over Billy nor did they try to save him from the Mind Flayer’s control. From the getgo, they rode him off as the “bad guy” because he wasn’t liked around town and accepted his fate.

Billy may have been deemed the “classic bully” and boy, he did a good job at it, but Bily wasn’t a bad guy who deserved his death.

Billy was broken and tormented.

As we saw when El tapped into his subconscious, his father was abusive and his mother abandoned him.

Instead of dealing with the trauma, Billy acted out and became a womanizer.

Read the rest of the post at TV Fanatic.

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19 TV Characters with Chemistry So Hot It Sets Off Fireworks



TV Show Characters Chemistry Set Off Fireworks

Chemistry is that “thing” between two characters that is so electric, it cannot be ignored.

It’s hard to explain what happens in that moment, but it’s best described as a spark that almost makes you forget that your watching and rooting for a fictional couple.

We’re constantly drawn to relationships between two characters because of their undeniable chemistry.

The best type of chemistry is the one that isn’t forced — it’s natural and effortless and oftentimes, translates off-screen.

It can happen between friends that aren’t aware of their feelings for each other, a couple that’s about to embark on a romantic relationship, or lovers who, despite the obvious chemistry, can’t seem to make it work.

Here’s our list of characters with undeniable chemistry that could set off fireworks. There are so many to choose from that we couldn’t add them all. Let us know who you’d add onto the list!

See the full slideshow at TV Fanatic! 

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