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Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy: Aon Rud Persanta (06 x 11)



Since next week is Thanksgiving, there will not be a new episode of Sons of Anarchy until the first week of December.

This episode had enough drama to last us two weeks, but where it put the club makes us nervous.

Let’s start with the good news: Clay and Gaalan are dead! The club has finally unanimously voted that Clay need to pay for his wrongs and needs to meet Mr. Mayhem. The ex-president trusted the club and thought they were going to break him out and send him on his way to Belfast. Nice hopeful thinking, huh? Do you really think you’re going to get away with murder multiple times Clay? It all will catch up to you. As Jax and the club were about to drop off Clay, the energy shifted and Gaalan and his men were shot down. Before Clay could beg for his life, Jax had a bullet in his throat. There was joy across America as we all watched Clay gasping for air, and then it happened — Jax unloaded his whole clip into his stepfather.

The toxic war between Jax and Clay is over.

As all of this was playing out, Tara, Gemma and Nero all watched on. You would think that Gemma would be relieved that her husband was gone, but it seems that she still had feelings for him. You would think after all the bull shit he put her through, she wouldn’t blink to see him in a bloody mess at her feet, but she was completely heart broken. Poor Nero. To believe that he was the love of her life and then watch her cry over the man that had hurt her so much. To complicate the love triangle even more, Munser proclaims his love for Gemma once again. Just as one of her lovers leaves, another fills his place. Who will Gemma choose to be with?Nero or Munser? #TeamNero

Tara could care less that Clay is dead. She continually reminds everyone, including Gemma, of his sins. The man deserved what he got, let’s just hope Jax doesn’t start feeling like that toward Tara.

So how did Jax and the club get Clay out of jail? Well we find out that Jax lied abouthis deal with the DA and gave her the wrong information so that the police would be in the opposite direction of the club. Once the DA realizes that Jax lied to her, Tara can swoop in and get what she wants. She kept the bullet that she pulled out of Bobby’s shoulder during the jail break. Using the bullet and her testimony against the club, DA Patterson can give her immunity and witness protection for herself and her kids. But will that be necessary? When will Tara stop snooping behind the clubs back and betraying Jax? What is enough?

We end seeing that the club is out of the gun business. About damn time! The story Jax tells Connor is far fetched, but it’s a good front to keep business clean. Clay killed Gaalan and then Jax did the heroic thing and killed Clay. Now Jax keeps the guns from the Irish and wants to use them to get the cops off the club for the school shooting. He’s all about tying up loose ends. Hopefully it works because the DA is no longer on his side.

What will happen to SAMCRO? Will the loose ends stay tied up of will it all begin to unravel? Will Tara do the right thing or continue to betray the ones that have been there for her all of this time? If Jax finds out what Tara is up to, will anyone be safe?

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Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy: Suits of Woe (07 x 11)



Photo by PRASHANT GUPTA – © Copyright 2014, FX Networks.

Photo by PRASHANT GUPTA – © Copyright 2014, FX Networks.

Unraveling Begins

All the lies in SAMCRO are finally coming undone, but who will be the first to be found out? Gemma? Wendy? Juice? Unser? Well at the beginning of the episode, we watched Gemma sit at her dinner table and talk to an empty chair, so I think it’s safe to say she’s falling apart first. After Abel dropped the bomb about Gemma murdering Tara, he initiated an investigation on Jax’s end. Is his son delusional or is he telling the truth?

The Search Begins

When Jax starts asking questions he goes to Wendy first, but quickly realizes this runs deeper than just Wendy. Both Wayne and Juice were also involved. Jax starts putting together all of the pieces and heads to the prison to visit Juice. Finally the two brothers can come clean with each other, but it didn’t go quite as we thought. Juice gave Jax a fully detailed account of Tara’s murder by Gemma and how she covered it up. The truth is finally out in the open, but who will suffer for it?

Precious Moments

After Juice tells Jax everything, Jax promises him that his death will be quick and as painless as possible. WHAT?! Poor Juicey! He’s been in jail for the Club, raped by a white supremacist regularly, and finally carried out the club’s wishes of killing Lin. Now there’s no reason for them to keep him alive.

The End is Near

Jax, completely torn up about this new truth, goes to Nero and confession his mother’s actions. The only problem, Jax still loves her, he can’t help it. With some pushing by Nero, Jax tells the club about Gemma’s lie and how he wants to right all the wrongs that were caused by it. How will this affect the club? With only a few lies to unravel, SOA is almost at its end. Who is going to die and who will walk away free? Don’t forget to watch next week at 9/10C on FX! Share your thoughts with us on twitter at @craveyoutv!

Written By: Brittany DeBaltz @brittanydebaltz


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Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy: Faith and Despondency (07 x 10)



Photo by PRASHANT GUPTA - © Copyright 2014, FX Networks.

Photo by PRASHANT GUPTA – © Copyright 2014, FX Networks.

Secret’s Out! 

It’s about time! Ten episodes in and finally Abel spilled the beans. Let’s set this up for you, Jax sits Abel down to tell him that Wendy was his first mom and that he came out of her tummy. This is where Abel replies and asks if that’s what Grandma killed his other mommy, so he could be with his first mommy. WHAT! The mind blown look on Jax’s face was indescribable. Will Jax believe his son? He knows that his son is just like him in the truth aspect of his life, especially after he stabbed himself with a fork to get Gemma in trouble and lied about it with a smile. Gosh Abel, why couldn’t you just be trustworthy?!

Romeo and Julio

I know, the header cracks me up too! Venus and Tig, where do we even begin. We all knew there was something going on between them, but I don’t think we knew how deep it ran until this past week. Venus is head over heels in love with Tig, but is it reciprocated or is this just him proving that he can dare to be different?

Old Man Moves

Unser may be old, but he’s still got it! When Leland heads to the hospital to kill Officer Eglee, Unser gets to him first. Silencing an innocent woman so she won’t testify against the Aryan Brotherhood was unacceptable in Unser’s mind. It was nice to see someone who deserved to die visit the Reaper, and not some innocently stuck in Jax’s revenge plot.

Buh-bye Moses

As unbelievable and unrealistic as it may have looked, Jax and his boys took down Moses. After amusing him and his special ops men from behind a trailer, Jax tortured Moses with the same treatment given to Bobby. We could have done without seeing his eye being cut out, or his fingers being cut off. Shooting him in the head would have been enough, but it wouldn’t be SAMCRO without the blood and gore.

What will Jax do with the new information? Will Unser be officially back in business? And what the heck is Juice doing?! Don’t forget to watch next week at 9/10C on FX! Share your thoughts with us on twitter at @craveyoutv!

Written By: Brittany DeBaltz @brittanydebaltz


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Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy: What a Piece of Work Is Man (07 x 09)





Goodbye Bobby

SPOILER ALERT: BOBBY IS DEAD! I repeat, Bobby is dead! We knew his days were numbered after Marks grabbed him, but what a total tease pretending to let him go and then shooting him down. Jax’s hate for Marks is at an all time high, but is setting up his arrest enough for Bobby’s life?

Not Matching Up

It’s obvious that the show is going to continue to keep the “Gemma killed Tara” secret until the end, but it was nice to see the Sheriff start to put things together. The fact that Jarry knows that the man that Gemma and Juice blamed for killing Tara has an alibi, is refreshing. It’s about time that Jarry does something other than Chibs.

Tainted Love

Speaking of Chibs, we’re thankful that he found a new love. But we were not thankful for the sex scene in the parking lot in front of Quinn. We get it Jarry, you wanted to know his feelings toward you, but don’t you have any morals? What we want to know is if Chibs really does have feelings for her, or is he just stringing her along for the club’s agenda?

Loose Ends

Juice is in solitary. Which means, that there is no possible way he can kill Lin at the moment. Did Jax send the wrong get in there? Juice is willing to do anything for the club, even sacrifice his own life. Sheriff Jarry finally grew a brain and is no longer going along with Juice’s plan to kill Lin in prison, which means it’s going to be even harder for Juice to get his task done.

Altogether, this episode was pretty empty. Yes, Bobby lost his life, but besides that it was a lot of pieces that still haven’t found themselves into the bigger puzzle. Bobby was gone the moment that Marks and Moses got ahold of him, but did SAMCRO really think an arrest would take him down? We just hope this next couple of episodes give us more meat to go off of, like a Gemma death. That right there would be something worth celebrating. Don’t forget to watch next week at 9/10C on FX! Share your thoughts with us on twitter at @craveyoutv!

Written By: Brittany DeBaltz @brittanydebaltz




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