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Supergirl Blurred Lines Review Supergirl Blurred Lines Review


Supergirl – Blurred Lines (5×02)

Supergirl/ The CW



Kelly was caught knee-deep in the middle of the drama again on Supergirl “Blurred Lines.”

Malefic, J’onn’s scorned brother targeted Kelly at her workplace by shapeshifting into her friend Pete (hey, Bob from Stranger Things! RIP).

My biggest gripe with this storyline is how easy it was for Kelly to be fooled.

She knew that Malefic was out there with shapeshifting capabilities and she didn’t think that it was odd for an “old friend” to suddenly appear at her doorstep needing her help.

Come on, Kelly.

James Olsen kept saying that his sister could take care of herself, but honey, that was too easy.

Since Kelly established some mental connection to Malefic, they all deemed her a (easy!) target, and sent her away with James until the coast was cleared.

But wouldn’t they want her around to help them see Malefic? If he’s going to be shapeshifting into other people, it’s going to be much harder for them to locate him. Kelly’s newfound powers could come in handy.

Malefic has a rather large gripe with J’onn: he was betrayed by his own family.

But the fact that his father banished him because of an illness he couldn’t control wasn’t even the worst part.

The worst part was that J’onn committed the cardinal sin and erased his and his father’s memories wiping away any memory of his brother.

At the time, he thought he was doing the right thing to ease his father’s suffering, but seeing his memories played back, he realizes he did the cowardly thing.

He’s so ashamed, he didn’t even come clean to Alex and the rest of the gang about what he did, which will likely pose a problem as they don’t understand why Malefic is so angry with his brother.

I’m not entirely sure where this storyline is going, but at least it made more sense than it did on Supergirl Season 5 Episode 2.

Kara Danvers is realizing that there’s more to her new co-worker William Day.

Her first inkling was when he deliberately tried to shut down the story of a dead scientist by claiming “there wasn’t anything there.”

Sure, one would assume he wanted to scoop the story, but in this case, it was more like Day had something to hide.

Which we know he did.

Day was at the nightclub where Dr. Niles Jarrod died and just before he slinked off to hook up with the spider chick in the bathroom, he rejected working with Day and presumably Andrea.

What did Day want Jarrod to work on?

And who was the man that paid Day after Jarrod died?

Who is he working for?

We knew he was up to no good, but I never pegged him for someone working with the “bad guys.”

And if he’s such an acclaimed journalist, why is he doing any kind of shady work for some extra cash?

Meanwhile,  Jarrod’s killer ended up being an aurafacian, a creature who uses host bodies.

Alex recognized the “spider tattoo,” which helped Supergirl defeat the villain.

Supergirl is going back to the ‘villain of the week’ formula  they ditched for much of Supergirl Season 4.

While there’s going to be an overarching big bad, it’s fun to have these smaller villains for Supergirl to defeat on a weekly basis.

It keeps the show fresh and the audience on their toes.

Whatever was possessing Caroline O’Connor’s body escaped once Alex sucked out the aurafacian out of her, but what was it?

And where did it go? Did it find a new host?

The most upsetting storyline, however, involved Kara and Lena.

Lena is on her “everyone betrayed me” kick and is working towards bettering humanity, which in her mind means removing all of people’s “negative traits” to create a better utopia.

Dangerous? Very. But Lena believes this is the next step in evolution.

But that’s not even the biggest concern when it comes to Lena.

What’s more upsetting is how she’s manipulating Kara and how she thinks it’s okay because Kara lied to her first.

Lena realized she needed to get her hands on Lex’s journals to see what he knew about Q waves and mind control.

Tess, er, Hope in Tess’s body, suggested getting them from Fort Knox, which is essentially impossible unless you have a superhero best friend, which Lena does.

During their first meeting since Kara came clean, Lena told her she was having a hard time dealing with Lex’s death and the only thing that would make her feel better would be to read his journals.

Kara, eager to please Lena because she felt so guilty about her lies, offered to get them for her, which was exactly what Lena was hoping for despite saying “you don’t have to, that’s so sweet of you.”


Yes, Kara willingly broke into a federal facility to help a friend out. And while it might not be much different from what she usually does, the pretenses here were all wrong.

Kara’s putting her reputation on the line for someone who is using her as a pawn because they somehow think that it’s justified.

I’ve always defended Lena and her oftentimes lack of judgment, but this is too far.

And it’s something she won’t be able to bounce back from when Kara figures out that she’s been using her.

Ultimately, I think it’ll come down to Supergirl being forced to stop Lena from creating “better people.”

And further down on the list of important storylines is Nia Nall’s tiring romance with Brainy.

They had the makings of a unique and fresh couple, but that was destroyed the moment Brainy began delivering obscene amounts of food and speaking only in the language of love — poetry.

Nia didn’t find the attention flattering, she found it downright annoying.

Brainy wasn’t getting the hint until she spelled it out for him, but when he got it, he got it.

Brainy was confused by Nia’s insistence that “he can be fully himself around her” only to then be told his personality is too much.

He left in a jiffy after explaining he can only be 100% himself and that’s his own issue to deal with.

My heart hurts so much.

Brainy, you are too good for this world.

And Nia, that’s what you get for dating someone from the future.

He’s quirky, he’s different, but that’s what you signed up for.

Breaking Brainy’s heart means Nia’s no longer on the “good list” in my book.

What did you think of tonight’s Supergirl?

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‘Supergirl’ To End With Upcoming Sixth Season on The CW



Supergirl Fallout

Supergirl is taking her final bow. 

The sixth season of The CW series will be its last. The season is set to premiere in 2021 due to delays following the COVID-19 pandemic and Melissa Benoist’s pregnancy. 

Per Deadline, the series is set to begin filming in Vancouver starting next week pending a deal with local unions and SAG. 

Reportedly, the series would film around Benoist, who would join later. 

The outlet notes that the sixth and final season is expected to have 20 episodes. 

Supergirl marks the second Arrowverse show to come to an end as Arrow ended its eight-year run earlier this year. It also comes after the drama surrounding Batwoman, which replaced its titular actress Ruby Rose with a new masked vigilante to be played by Javicia Leslie in the upcoming sophomore season

Supergirl first debuted in October 2015 on CBS before switching over to The CW for season 2 and beyond. 

Benoist took to Instagram to comment on the final season news stating: “To say it has been an honor portraying this iconic character would be a massive understatement. Seeing the incredible impact the show has had on young girls around the world has always left me humbled and speechless.

She’s had that impact on me, too. She’s taught me strength I didn’t know I had, to find hope in the darkest of places, and that we are stronger when we’re united. What she stands for pushes all of us to be better. She has changed my life for the better, and I’m forever grateful.

I’m so excited that we get to plan our conclusion to this amazing journey, and I cannot wait for you to see what we have in store. I promise we’re going to make it one helluva final season. ♥️ el mayarah 💪 @supergirlcw”

We can’t wait to see what the final season featuring our favorite female heroine holds. 


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Supergirl Finale Review – Lena Aids Supergirl Against Lex and Leviathan (5 x 19)



(L-R) Kara and Lena take their first steps at reconciling. Still courtesy of The CW.

Kara and Lena are reunited in the season finale, “Immortal Kombat.” Will they be enough to stop Lex and Leviathan’s evil plans?


In the previous episode of Supergirl, Lena realizes too late that she’s on the wrong side of the fight, and goes to Kara to seek redemption.

However, her involvement with Lex, and by extension Leviathan, with her Non-Necere project has put her former-BFF and herself at a disadvantage.

Meanwhile, Brainy still insists on going along with Lex’s plans, even though Lex clearly has no sympathy for anyone but himself.

And Alex, Dreamer, the Martians and the rest of Supergirl’s squad standby to defend against Leviathan’s plans.


As far as season finales go, the execution of Supergirl’s finale this season is as safe as it gets.

It’s not necessarily bad, but given the build-up from the previous episodes, it just came off as too safe and ultimately became almost boring and predictable.

First off, the grand lesson or theme that the show has been exploring with the virtual reality bit of Obsidian did not feel as high stakes as they intended it to be.

While it’s true that the ideology behind it is intriguing.

Namely, that people would rather escape into a fantasy world where everything is perfect and no pain or suffering can befall you, instead of living in the “real” world where life is messy and chaotic.

(Which does sound extremely appealing considering the condition the world is in right now)

But despite the extremely poignant and superbly relevant topic that the show has been trying to wrestle with all season, they fell short in achieving a true payoff.

To no fault of her own, Melissa Benoist, unfortunately, becomes central in how the show finished on a flat note this season.


The scene where she goes into the Obsidian virtual reality and basically “hope speeches” 2 billion people to end their simulation seems utterly preposterous.

Though the speech was magnificent, as expected from Benoist’s execution coupled with excellent inspirational quote-like writing, it simply did not drive home the point because it just wasn’t convincing.

There was no real argument made against the benefits of going on virtual reality to ease one’s pain.

Because essentially, what Kara’s poorly conceived argument boils down to was:

Living in a fantasy world is not good for you, so get out because you’re in danger, and go deal with the pain of the real world, please?

It’s a lackluster paraphrasing on my part, but I for one, do not find that line of argument convincing, so how would it work on 2 billion different people?

Nevertheless, Supergirl and her team are able to save the world again.


Despite the implausible scenario regarding Obsidian, however, there were elements of this episode that were quite enjoyable.

The fight scene between the Leviathan aliens, including Rama Khan, versus the Martians, Dreamer, and Alex was a visual spectacle that spared no extravagance.

As far as special effects for a television show goes, this was as decent as they come.

Unfortunately, when it was all over, the fighting seemed pointless because the good guys won almost too easily, and the idea that the Leviathan aliens were “gods” was not vindicated at all.

Yes, as the title suggests they were shown to be “immortal,” but the way they were defeated by Brainy seemed almost too convenient as well.


As for Brainy, he was billed as making the ultimate sacrifice at the early part of the episode, and all he had to suffer through was an alien radiation-induced headache for 10 minutes?

On a positive note, we get to see Brainy’s comic-book-inspired blonde hair again.


BRAINY: “I don’t want to die alone.”



Dreamer even dreams of Brainy suffering, but he survives anyway, and Lex just takes the device he used to defeat Leviathan as a trophy for his personal use.

This is another poorly executed payoff because Lex and Brainy, who both possess supposed “12th-level intellect,” seem to become too emotional and careless in the most crucial moments and “miscalculate” each other.

Lex underestimates Brainy’s loyalty to his friends, and Brainy underestimates Lex’s ego.

In the end, they simply canceled each other out.


In short, Lena’s help in providing Kara another Anti-Kryptonite suit proved key to helping the team fend off and ultimately defeat Lex and Leviathan’s plans with Obsidian.

However, the episode ends in a cliffhanger as it’s revealed that Gemma answers to a higher power, and Lex is not done with the next phase of his plans.

And somehow, it involves his mother getting involved in her dirty work once more.

Too bad the show had to prematurely end this season because it would have been awesome to see where these new plot points would have gone.

But for now, they can serve as tasty teasers for next season’s storyline.



  • Alex Danvers debuts her “vigilante” costume, and it has an homage vibe to the Green Arrow’s costume, but with Alex’s personal spin.
  • Eve Tessmacher is reunited with her mother, so she’s no longer a viable blackmail target for Lex.
  • William lives to fight another day but is still oblivious to Kara/Supergirl’s dual identity.
  • Andrea Rojas was “awakened” by Leviathan to try to assassinate Supergirl, but Lena successfully stops her with a hug, so that’s nice.



Though this season finale left much to be desired, it did deliver a number of decent thrills, drama, and superhero versus supervillain action.

The good guys won, for now, but no real high stakes situation was ever conveyed.

And none of the characters had to make a heroic sacrifice.

Pretty much the highlight centered around Kara and Lena’s relationship getting repaired, and the potential trouble Lex and Leviathan will hatch up next season.

Immortal Kombat” scores a

7.0 / 10.0

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Supergirl Review – Rama Khan Returns to Rock Kara and Crew (5 x 18)



Kara, Nia and Brainy used as pawns in Lex's scheme to infiltrate Leviathan during season's penultimate episode.

Kara and her friends battled Rama Khan, while the Luthor siblings get stuck in their prison full of berserk inmates in this week’s installment of Supergirl.

The penultimate episode, titled “The Missing Link,” was a pleasant surprise because even though they crammed a lot of action and story elements, it oddly worked.

Rama Khan, who was introduced in episode 8 this season (“The Wrath of Rama Khan”), returned with a vengeance to attack Kara and friends by order of Leviathan leader Gamemnae.

He is, at first, seemingly defeated, but ultimately destroys the DEO because of a magical staff gifted by Lex Luthor that amplified his powers enough to deal with Kara, Nia, and Brainy combined.


Gamemnae and Rama Khan, the two “big bad” Leviathan aliens this season, and their comic book counterparts.



Speaking of Brainy, he finally confronts Lex this episode about all the shady actions he’s been letting slide because of their alliance, yet he still ends up being manipulated by Lex again!

He even flexes his “12th-level intellect” while threatening Lex, but is still reduced to a reluctant lap dog.

There was even a moment where Brainy was given a chance by Nia to confess what’s been going on with him and Lex, and he once again retreats to his “logical” endgame of defeating Leviathan at all costs.

Moreover, partly because of Brainy’s misplaced trust, Lex gains the following advantages:

  1. Destruction of the DEO
  2. Leviathan gaining a boatload supply of Kryptonite to fight Supergirl with
  3. Being seen as a hero in the public’s view
  4. Direct access to the Fortress of Solitude
  5. Gained favor with Leviathan to access their alien ship

If there was a degree in manipulation and acting as a double-agent, I’m pretty sure Lex Luthor would have a Ph.D. because he masterfully played both sides, and is primed to play a big role in this season’s finale.

Whether that means good or bad news for everyone though remains to be seen.



This episode explored the Luthor siblings’ relationship when both are stuck dealing with inmates in their prison who experience violent episodes when Lena’s pet project, Non-Necere, proves to be a catastrophic failure.

Lex admits he predicted her sister’s project to fail from the start.

He says he let her go through with it because he wanted to “support” her, so she can eventually see for herself that human beings need to be “guided” by the Luthors.

Unfortunately, Lena disagrees with this notion, which basically makes Lex snap at her.

Lena, finally realizing that Lex has been manipulating her calmly says,

“You’re a monster. But that doesn’t mean I have to be one too”

The dialogue between the two was such a great highlight in this episode, and Lex Luthor being legitimately angry is actually pretty scary especially when Jon Cryer’s voice became almost unrecognizable from his usual tone.

It must have been tough for Katie McGrath to deliver her lines when Cryer could have literally made anybody roll up into a ball after that signature Lex megalomaniac outburst.

Nevertheless, the rift between the Luthors prompts Lena to visit Kara at the end of the episode to offer her help in defeating Lex and Leviathan, and ask for Kara’s forgiveness.

After what the two former best friends have put each other through, however, will they truly be able to reconcile?

For now, at least, they seem to be willing to take steps in that direction.



  • J’onn and M’gann rekindle their romance, and we see both Martians take their superhero form while battling Rama Khan.
  • Brainy knows the ancient language the Leviathan aliens speak.
    • Is there nothing Brainy doesn’t know? Except not be outsmarted by Lex or face his feelings for Nia
  • Alex Danvers is teased at having a vigilante persona when her girlfriend suggests it.
    • First a signature weapon, and now a mask coming soon? I can’t wait, and it makes complete sense because she’s basically the only one running around without one, well aside from Supergirl.
  • Sean Astin (aka Samwise from The Lord of the Rings) reprised his role as Pete Andrews from the Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline.
  • William is caught tailing Eve Tessmacher, and his fate is left up in the air as she puts a bag over his head to knock him out.



Supergirl spared no expense in visual effects this episode as we saw both Martians transform, costume and all.

Plus, Rama Khan’s powers were in full display while battling Supergirl and friends, and it’s actually believable that he would give them trouble.

That, and the excellent acting and writing, despite being crammed into a tight timeframe made the penultimate episode of this season a successful installment.

“The Missing Link” scores an


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