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Supergril Crime and Punishment Review Supergril Crime and Punishment Review


Supergirl – Crime and Punishment (4×18)

Supergirl -- "Crime and Punishment" -- Image Number: SPG418b_0112r.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Katie McGrath as Lena Luthor and Melissa Benoist as Kara/Supergirl -- Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW -- © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.



Supergirl is finding the power buried within Kara Danvers.

On Supergirl Season 4 Episode 18, Kara realizes that amidst a witch hunt, she has more pull as Kara, the reporter from CatCo, than she does as Supergirl, National City’s heroine.

It’s incredibly upsetting to see how quickly everyone turned on her and began to call her out as a terrorist after Lex Luthor’s Red Daughter posed as Supergirl and attacked the White House.

Lena Looks For Clues - Supergirl

The media is a powerful medium. It can shed light on indecency, but it can also do plenty of damage by spreading false news.

Supergirl’s name was tainted when the President declared her an enemy of the state following the fake attack, and despite all the good she’s done, people gobbled it up.

The media continuously talked about Supergirl’s attack thus persuading the masses that their once beloved hero was a terrorist.

But alas, the same media is the one who can help exonerate Supergirl and bring down Lex Luthor.

Kara realized that she has plenty of pull when she approached the inmates, specifically Steve, as Kara Danvers.

While he was aggressive towards Supergirl, he handed Kara a copy of Lex Luthor’s drive without a second thought.

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Supergirl Review 100th Episode – Clips. Cameos. Action. (5×13)



Supergirl "It's a Super Life" Review
Supergirl — "It's a Super Life" — Image Number: SPG513b_0105r.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Thomas Lennon as Mxyzptlk and Melissa Benoist as Kara/Supergirl — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

The milestone 100th episode of Supergirl titled “It’s a Super Life” successfully blends a nostalgic trip down memory lane with alternate universe fan-fiction rolled into a fun clip show format sprinkled with cameo appearances from several fan-favorite characters from the show’s roster of both heroes and villains from the past, present, and alternative futures.

At its core, this episode revolves around the relationship between series protagonist Kara Danvers / Kara Zor-El / Supergirl (Melissa Benoist), and her ex-best friend Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath).

With the help of Mister Mxyzptlk (Thomas Lennon), a magical trickster from “The Fifth Dimension,” who re-visits Kara in this episode now in his “true form” (he was previously played by actor Peter Gadiot in season 2) wanting to make amends from their previous encounter. Mxyzptlk, in the most meta way, effectively retcons his previous incarnation by saying he only took his season 2 form in order to woo Kara.

(Side note: Lennon does a wonderful job playing this role, and is a much more whimsical and accurate interpretation of the source material, which I think should give him leeway to reprise the character at some point in the future, at the next milestone episode, perhaps?)

“Mxy,” as he is endearingly nicknamed by Kara, offers the chance of a “do-over” for Kara and Lena’s failed friendship by allowing her to re-visit specific points in time in the past in order to drastically change the outcome of their current reality to one she desires by revealing her secret identity at the “proper” time. (At one point, Lena jokes how foolish she felt when she couldn’t distinguish between Kara and Supergirl all because of eyeglasses – I mean… come it works on everyone, right? Just ask Lex Luthor.)

As Kara tries different points in time to fix her mistake with Lena, Mxy and Kara watch these new timelines unfold and review them via the cleverly named “Mxyflix” app – which changes to “BetaMxy” as they go back further in time.


1st attempt

Kara’s first re-do happens at the moment before Mercy Graves (Rhona Mitra), Lex’s cyborg bodyguard, assassination attempt on Lena. Kara reveals her secret, and proceeds to intercept Mercy, but when she returns Lena is no longer there.

CAMEO #1: Samantha “Sam” Arias / Reign (Odette Annable) – as Mxy fast-forwards in this timeline, Lena is shown confiding in Sam about Kara’s reveal, and seems to develop distrust toward Kara.

This timeline ends with Kara suffering from Kryptonite poisoning, and since Lena, as a result of her hesitation to help Kara, fails to help save her. Kara dies as Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) is shown visiting her grave.

So, suffice to say this scenario was a failure.

2nd attempt

Re-do number two happens when Kara, as Supergirl, tries to convince Lena not to create more Kryptonite by revealing her secret. This leads to Lena completely getting angry with Kara and rejecting her offer to begin a partnership.

Mxy, again, fast-forwards through this timeline and as she and Kara watch it unfold, they see a clip of James Olsen / Guardian (Mechad Brooks). Also, Mxy makes a Bizarro reference before letting Kara jump back in.

CAMEO #2: Lar Gand / Mon-El (Chris Wood) – A long-time fan favorite and love interest to Kara, Mon-El had a compelling re-appearance as he and Kara have a heart-to-heart talk before battling Reign.

CAMEO #3: Patricia Arias (Betty Buckley) – Reign’s adoptive mother makes a sweet, but brief appearance because…

Unfortunately, this timeline ends in disaster too as Reign, in full Worldkiller costume, battles Supergirl, Mon-El and Lena.

During the short scuffle, Reign kills Lena, then Mon-El and Reign kill each other as Supergirl is left distraught.

Mxy brings her back and they brainstorm again.

3rd attempt

This re-do happens at the very early stages of Kara and Lena’s friendship. While visiting Lena at her office, Kara shows off her superpowers, effectively revealing her secret. Lena responds positively and the duo seemingly begin a formidable partnership.

Mxy makes a Daily Planet reference.

CAMEO #4: Lena testifies against her mother Lillian Luthor (Brenda Strong)

CAMEO #5: Thomas Coville (Chad Lowe), the Cult of Rao leader, is kidnapped and used as bait along with Lena to force Supergirl to reveal her identity to the world.

CAMEO #6: Thomas Lockwood / Agent Liberty (Sam Witwer) kidnaps Lena and Coville, and – after learning Kara’s identity – systematically kills everybody she loves in this timeline and successfully breaks Supergirl.

CAMEO #7: Otis Graves (Robert Baker) – assists Lockwood in supervilliany in this timeline.

CAMEO #8: Winn Schott (Jeremy Jordan) – has heart-to-heart pep talk with Kara before dying.

There’s also a picture of Cat Grant (Calista Flockheart) that flashes when Mxy shows who Agent Liberty murdered in his crusade.

After seeing the potential of what her and Lena’s partnership can do, but still have it taken away with deadly consequences Kara grows frustrated and figures they are better off not becoming friends in the first place, which leads us to…

4th attempt

Mxy loses his powers as they enter a dystopian fascist timeline and they’re attacked by Luthor-tech robots before being rescued by…

CAMEO #9: Nia Nal / Dreamer (Nicole Maines) – after rescuing Kara and Mxy she brings them back to the secret headquarters of a superhero resistance group that’s comprised of Martian Manhunter, Mon-El, Toyman, Alex Danvers and…

CAMEO #10: Kelly Olsen (Azie Tesfai) –who dons Jimmy’s Guardian gear.

Moreover, in this timeline, Reign and Braniac-5 (Jesse Rath) form a supervillian alliance with Lena Luthor, who has been turned into a Metallo by her brother Lex and mother Lillian.

Lena almost successfully kills Kara with her Kryptonite laser. However, the fate of this timeline is left up in the air as Mxy regains his powers and brings Kara back to the original timeline.


Even though this time-traveling shtick seems to be an overused tool in superhero genre story-telling (i.e.  The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Avengers: Endgame & X-Men: Days of Future Past, just to name a few), this episode of Supergirl is different because Kara, in the end, decides not to follow through with any of the changes she tried to make.

After going through the four drastically different timelines, which seemed to go from bad to worse, Kara realizes that no matter which time she decides to reveal her secret identity to Lena, there will always be consequences that are out of her control, and ultimately, she as well as Lena must decide for themselves how each will proceed as “frenemies” moving forward.

Overall, even though this episode felt like a glorified filler, it succeeds in bringing back characters and exploring them in ways that the show has never done before.

This installment of Supergirl is an action-packed, colorful, love letter to its fans that promises exciting things to come in the future while staying true to the heart and soul of its past that’s made the show so engaging and relatable.

“It’s a Super Life” deserves a super score of 9.5/10!

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Supergirl Review – Toyman Winns, while Brainy Works Secret Alliance with Lex (5×12)



Supergirl Back from the Future Part Two Review

Note: Greetings Cravers! Lizzy has graciously let me take over Supergirl this week, and I hope I do her work justice – and of course, SPOILERS ahead!

This week’s episode “Back from the Future – Part Two,” unfortunately, concludes one of the show’s most endearing characters, Winn Schott, two-part return guest appearance this season.

During the episode, Winn not only reveals his Legionnaire call-sign but also has a cathartic moment with his father, Winslow Schott Sr., the original Toyman.

Of course, the story picks up from the previous installment by revealing that young Toyman AKA evil doppelganger Winn’s “death” was orchestrated for a more dangerous endgame –
Letting the D.E.O. seize a laptop containing his digital consciousness, which is unwittingly brought into headquarters, and consequently infects their computer mainframe resulting in evil Winn’s return as an “immortal” virus version of himself capable of weaponizing our heroes’ “toys” inside their base of operations, which they must try to stop before he reaches the Internet.

The caveat, however, is that the virus’ code comes with the consciousness of the original Toyman, Winn’s father, who after a change of heart decides to help his son defeat evil Winn.
In honor of this sacrifice, Winn reveals that he will change his Legionnaire call-sign from “Computer Lad” to Toyman.

I can’t help but think about the parallels this episode arc has with its namesake movie “Back to the Future” in how Winn, by seeing his father in a different light, a la Marty McFly did toward his father, changes their futures for the better.

As Winn says, “I’m going to reclaim [the name Toyman], and make it stand for good” before ultimately going back to the future.

However, this also begs the question that since Winn changes his code-name, will his future endeavors mimic that of his evil doppelganger? Perhaps not, but it opens the possibility of another Winn guest appearance as either the good or evil version, which are equally interesting and fun to watch.

This ordeal, however, was not the point of this episode because an underlying plot centers around the partnership of Querl “Braniac 5” Dox or “Brainy,” and Lex Luthor who both manage to manipulate the people around them throughout this episode as they proceed with their secret plan to “save the world” for the sake of the future.

Lex manages to get pieces of technology he wants by pressuring Brainy, and the CEO of Obsidian North, Gemma Cooper, as well as his own sister Lena Luthor to seemingly put the pieces of his plan into place. However, it is also revealed that Gemma meant to entice Lex into working with her company on behalf of Leviathan’s “The Anointed One.”

As much as I still hate to admit it, Jon Cryer, plays the mysterious silver-tongued mastermind facet of Lex’s characterization well – a far cry from his iconic role as Alan Harper from Two and a Half Men.

On the other hand, toward the end of the episode Brainy becomes the new director of the D.E.O. seemingly playing into Lex’s hands as Alex Danvers resigns from the position. Moreover, Brainy gives up the “immortality code” he derived from the evil Toyman virus, while everyone else was busy trying to stop it.

Jesse Rath, once again, perfectly plays the double-agent role in this episode, and his true intentions still seem to be hidden in layers unbeknownst maybe even to himself, as Lex continues to play puppet master to Brainy. At the same time, Brainy still seems trustworthy as Winn has complete trust in him despite the former revealing that he is secretly working with Lex.

Considering that Lex and Brainy are both (at least in most DC Comics incarnations) categorized as having “Twelfth- level Intelligence,” it’s safe to say that there is potential for some mind-blowing revelations about to come to fruition from all their scheming.

Whether that means Lex causing trouble for the heroes, or Brainy making a heroic save or vice versa is all fair game at this point and thinking about the possible twists adds unpredictability to this season that’s engaging to the audience.

Meanwhile, Kara decides not to pursue a romantic relationship with William despite the latter’s advances during the episode, which of course leads to the surprise re-appearance of Mister Mxyzptlk, this time played by Thomas Lennon, at the end of the episode who offers Kara “a do-over,” which prompts next week’s teaser.

Lorenz’s Rating: 8.0/10

Other Supergirl Musings

• Kara and William have a cute performance at the start of the episode by singing karaoke together to the tune of “Africa” by Toto.
• Brainy screams “Leeeroooy Jenkins!!” while battling virus Toyman’s robots to act as a distraction to an awesomely choreographed dodging stunt.
• The evil Toyman virus uses “flying monkey” robots to try and takeover the D.E.O.
• Lex and Brainy communicating through an “old-fashioned” silver telephone make for an effortless comedic effect prop.

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Supergirl Review – Future Winn Returns as the Toyman Stirs Up Trouble (5×11)



Supergirl Back from the Future Part One Review

Supergirl’s “Back from the Future” episode is a win(n) all around as it brings back a familiar and beloved face that left day one fans excited!

The episode is still feeling the after-shocks of a post-crisis world and continues to set-up the storyline, which means that the lull should be welcomed before the battle between Lex Luthor and Leviathan picks up speed.

Which also makes this the best episode to tap into a meaningful reunion with Winn Schott, a Legionnaire who returns from the future, to fight his evil doppelganger, the Toyman, inspired by his maniacal father.

The callback to the Toyman was just as delightful as Winn’s return as it gave a glimpse into what would have happened if Winn grew up idolizing his father and wanting to be like him rather than doing everything in his power to run away from the tainted legacy.

While Brainy pulled double duty on the Supergirl midseason premiere, Jeremy Jordan mesmerized with two wickedly fun and vastly different versions of himself.

The Toyman was (and still may be as we left off with an open-ended cliffhanger) deranged and ambitious in his efforts to accomplish what his father couldn’t. Plus, he’s an influencer who seems to know how to rally the troops behind his Dr.Evil-inspired social media campaign.

On the flip-side, our beloved Winn was still his sweet and funny self, but in addition, he was more self-assured after living in the future, becoming a superhero with his very own super-suit, and starting a family!

Yes, Winn has a wife and a 2-year-old daughter, Mary, who he is fighting for with his return to the present-day.

It’s exciting to see him jump into the action alongside his former team, but the risk factor is low with the Toyman as it’s obvious they would prevail and save Winn’s family.

This is why the real draw for the episode wasn’t the action but rather Winn’s return as the show’s sweet spot. The series never suffered without him, but he has been missed in his absence, and they scored a huge win with his return.

It brought a familiar sense to the screen that truly felt as you were catching up with an old friend.

Much of the action took place outside of the DEO (owned by Lex Luthor, a point driven home multiple times in case you somehow forgot), and at J’onn’s new secret superhero headquarters, The Tower.

Finally, our heroes have taken it upon themselves to start their own, rogue hero team separate from their work at the DEO.

At the facility, Winn was able to comfort Nia, who was feeling a little blue because of her break-up with Brainy.

The best part of having someone from the future is that Winn knows that all of these little inconveniences don’t amount to much in terms of the bigger picture and that knowledge helps Nia to embrace her powers.

He also told her about her descendant, Nura Nal, and what seems to be his new sidekick now that Supergirl is in the past.

Out of all the people who realize something is not quite right with Brainy, it’s Winn, the person who hasn’t spent time with him on this Earth in a long time.

Brainy’s arc is as befuddling for us as it is for him.

He has distanced himself from his Super Friends and continues to lie to them after hatching an anti-Leviathan plan with Lex Luthor on the female Brainiac’s orders.

But then, Brainy confesses that despite doing something for the greater good, he’s not too confident in his abilities to tame Lex Luthor, a wildcard who does what he wants, when he wants.

It’s unclear if Brainy was being truthful when telling Lena he’s only running on logic after taking off his personality inhibitors or if he simply said that to convince her.

Winn’s reaction also seemed shoddy as he acted as if he was upset at first that Brainy and Lex brought him here and risked his life in the first place simply to get themselves onto the Legion ship before admitting that it was fine. He would never do the lips sealed gesture or keep secrets from his friends. Did the Toyman inhabit Winn’s body or is this just an example of how much Winn’s changed?

If Toyman was that social media savvy, what’s to say he couldn’t hack Winn’s suit?

Jordan’s acting here was superb and left audiences unclear about where he stands, especially since the Toyman arc doesn’t seem finished yet.

With Winn sticking around for game night, there’s a chance this isn’t the last we’ve seen of either of his characters.

As for Brainy, he would be much better off letting his friends know what’s happening and teaming up with them to help Lex defeat Leviathan.

They’ve worked with Lex Luthor before when it made sense.

Lex gets some intel as to who is behind Leviathan while aboard the Legion ship while Lena does her part in patching things up with Andrea, who hasn’t been activated by Leviathan just yet, so that she and Lex are in the loop when it does eventually happen.

Andrea and Lena’s post-crisis relationship seems to be the same as it was prior to it aside from Leviathan’s involvement.

Leviathan is touted as the “greatest threat of our time,” but we don’t exactly know what they want to accomplish yet, do we? All we know is that it has something to do with Obsidian North’s new Platinum package.

I can’t argue that I wasn’t interested in Rojas’ performance of “never again choosing between your life and dream.” That’s a high-selling point.

Lex also proved that he could still be trusted by delivering Lena the Q-Waves she so desperately needed for Project Non Nocere, but I’d be lying if I said that I’m invested at all in anything Lena’s doing at the moment. It’s all so vague and unclear.

As for William Day, he continues to get himself into risky situations as he again tries to figure out what happened to his dear friend Russell.

Instead of making Andrea Rojas the prime enemy, William is now focusing his efforts on Lex Luthor, which is slightly more dangerous but manageable thanks to his new partner and future romantic interest, Kara.

William is observant and has picked up on plenty of Lex’s oddities, so it’s unlikely that Kara will be able to keep her Supergirl secret from him for too long. He’s an investigative journalist after all.

Other Supergirl Musings

  • “Eye of the Tiger” is used in a fight-sequence that last week’s NSYNC’s “Its Gunna Be Me” wanted to be. The song fits only because the super team is fighting Toyman’s laser-beaming lego tigers.
  • Winn throwing up as he’s speedily brought up to speed with everything that’s transpired with the collapse of the multiverses is hilarious. Also, Lex’s “greatness” even seems to extend to the future.
  • Jordan’s portrayal of Toyman kind of reminded me of Chris Wood’s Kai on The Vampire Diaries. Also, why didn’t he give an update on Mon-El? I’m still holding out hope that he’ll reunite with Supergirl!

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