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Supergirl Season 5 Premiere Review Supergirl Season 5 Premiere Review


Supergirl – Event Horizon (5×01)

Supergirl/ The CW



Supergirl didn’t waste a moment jumping into the action on the season 5 premiere.

There are a few new villains in National City that are more terrifying than any alien with a vengeance.

First up is Lena Luthor. Yes, Lena, our once beloved Luthor is now someone that’s hiding her agenda against Supergirl in plain sight.

If you recall from Supergirl Season 4, before Lex Luthor died he revealed Supergirl’s real identity to his baby sister.

Lena doesn’t take well to being lied to so her reaction — fury and revenge — was expected.

Using her new VR contacts, Lena destroyed Supergirl in an alternate reality to make her pay for keeping her in the dark.

Lena was even ready to expose Supergirl to the world at the same time Kara was accepting her Pulitzer prize for award-winning and honest reporting.

But then Kara did something she didn’t expect — she mustered up the courage to tell the truth.

Kara had been planning to loop Lena in for a while, but every time she chickened out. It was mostly out of fear that she’d lose her best friend.

However, there was no way Kara could accept an award that lamented how she always told the truth by continuing her lie.

Her apology was heartfelt and genuine; you could tell she felt terrible about what she had done.

And it seemed as though Lena forgave her.

She killed the expose, gave an awesome introduction speech, and assured Kara they’d remain best friends forever.

But this time, she was lying.

Lena may have been the family’s beacon of light, but she’s still a Luthor that doesn’t do well with betrayal.

On one hand, I’d expect nothing less from her especially because having her easily forgive Kara would be anti-climatic.

But then again, Kara and Lena have built up such a heartwarming relationship. Sure, it stings that Kara lied, but I don’t see Lena as the one to throw all of that away to live up to some version of the Luthor name that she’s never been proud of anyway.

She’s always wanted to be better than the reputation the preceded her, yet she’s dignifying her actions by those family values.

At least there’s still some good left in her as she uses her friendship with Kara to make changes in the world.

The second villain comes from Andrea Rojas, a Miranda Priestly type of character taking over CatCo.

Lena made the decision to sell CatCo to her longtime friend whom she seems to have a strained relationship with.

Power struggles — sometimes it be like that.

Rojas barely started her first day at CatCo before making leadership changes (sorry, James) and changing the structure of the product.

In short, CatCo wasn’t making money since readership was down.

To make the product lucrative again, Rojas valued clicks over journalistic integrity. In other words, she was going to allow revenue to drive editorial decisions, which didn’t sit well with oh, the whole newsroom of journalists looking to break the news in an unbiased manner.

The sad part is that Rojas wasn’t entirely wrong — the world does revolve around clicks and the measure of your worth is based on clicks.

But if everyone gives into reporting news that people want to read, well, that’s a world I don’t want to live in.

James spoke for all of the employees when he threatened to walk but Rojas illuminated them to their new realities: they’d all been signed to 3-year contracts with a non-compete clause. If they walked, they’d never work in journalism again.

Kara challenged Rojas and told her she’s never be silenced, which Rojas accepted too eagerly.

There has to be a bigger play in motion here.

James, on the other hand, wasn’t interested in being restricted to this type of journalism and quit.

When Rojas reminded him he’d never work in this field again, he wasn’t in phased at all.

And that’s a mic-drop on James Olsen’s character everyone.

Other Super Musings

  • Alex and Kelly are full-on dating, but I sense some trouble coming up with Kelly’s new gig at Obsidian North. Kara made it clear that she wasn’t a fan of technology taking over the world.
  • It took no more than 3-minutes into the series for things to get political as Kara commented on the lack of interest in the upcoming election and again, blamed it on technology.
  • Kara didn’t have any issues with technology though when it came down to creating her new super-suit with pants.
  • PANTS!
  • J’onn Jones has a brother who is hellbent on destroying him. That’s really all you need to know from the Phantom Zone situation that unraveled in the premiere.
  • That T-Rex was fun.
  • Rojas’ uncle is Elon Musk. That’s how loaded she is.
  • How are the bangs not a dead giveaway to Kara being Supergirl?
  • Brainy and Nia shared their first kiss!

And lastly, who kidnapped Eve?

She was so ready to just get home after her long waitressing shift only to be kidnapped.

Let the girl catch a break!

What did you think of the Supergirl Season 5 premiere?

Do you like the direction the new season is taking?

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Supergirl – The Quest for Peace (4×22)



Supergirl -- "The Quest for Peace" Review

A great episode concludes a political, divisive and explosive season of Supergirl.

Don’t you love it when storylines come full circle making a questionable season worth watching?

Lex Luthor enacted his maniacal plan on Supergirl Season 4 Episode 22 only to lose to yet another Kryptonian.

Supergirl meant it when she said that truth and justice always prevail.

Though a glossy cape and perfect hair sure do help.

Lex willingly hurt hundreds of people and betrayed a whole country in his efforts for world domination.

Yes, it was fun to watch Jon Cryer in the role and he exceeded expectations, but Lex had it coming.

However, by the end of the episode, we’re all asking, “is Lex really dead?”

Killing Lex Luthor with one bullet seemed a little too easy, even if the trigger was pulled by his sister, Lena.

For a moment, I was shocked that the series would get rid of Lex so quickly and on such a permanent level.

Instead, the final few seconds saw the return of The Monitor, who we saw on the crossover “Crisis on Earth X.”

After Monitor brought forth one of Supergirl Season 5’s newest villains, J’onn J’onzz brother, he paid Lex a visit and it seemed like his intention was to revive him for some unfinished business.

I think Lex needs to be revived solely for a proper Superman duel; it would be a shame if they didn’t utilize Tyler Hoechlin for something so epic.

A piece of advice to the Monitor — aligning with Lex Luthor is a huge mistake. Just ask all those people burned by him on the finale!

Lex only cares about himself and disposes of people when they no longer serve a purpose.

Case and point: Ben Lockwood, Eve, and Red Daughter.

Even President Baker falls into the category.

All of them learned what is what like to be chewed up and spit up by Lex.

I’m surprised that President Baker was even allowed to make Lex the Secretary of Alien Affairs. Wouldn’t someone in the House or the Senate halt the President?

Despite Lex’s one “heroic” deed, he’s still Lex Luthor.

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Supergirl – Red Dawn (4×21)



Supergirl Red Dawn review

Much like Supergirl, the series sucked up the sunlight and found it’s power on Supergirl Season 4 Episode 21.

The penultimate episode was everything we’ve been wanting from this entire season.

Supergirl has this tendency to deliver a muddled and lackluster season that draws storylines for way to long only to come back swinging in the last few episodes.

The only reason I remained hooked throughout the entirety of the season is because I know they’ll end the season on a high note that makes it all worth it.

Kara’s capture at the hands of President Baker didn’t last long.

She was able to break free from the Red Daughter’s grip just in time to help the DEO track her evil clone down.

Lena also warned the DEO about everything they found in Kaznia, and let’s say, they all had their work cut out for them.

But even with all the newfound information, Supergirl’s team was simply playing catch-up to Lex.

Lex’s plans have been meticulously crafted and already set in motion.

Supergirl’s efforts to foil his operation weren’t successful, especially since he had the President on his side.

Lex found a way to accomplish the one thing he’s always been after — becoming the hero in his narrative.

By the end of the action-packed episode, Lex successfully thwarted Kaznia’s invasion on American soil, killed “Supergirl” and was hailed as a hero by the President.

Yeah, where do they go from here?

How does Supergirl’s team convince the already impressionable public that Lex is a criminal mastermind who created a clone of Supergirl and went through all this trouble just to stroke his own ego?

The one thing Supergirl and friends have going for the fact that Supergirl is still alive.

It’s a surprise element considering the Red Daughter assumed she was victorious in taking her doppelganger down.

That is if Lex actually killed the Red Daughter in the “battle.”

Was she a martyr this whole time? Or is she still alive?

If she is alive, there’s a chance she’ll align with Supergirl and friends to take down Lex once she realizes he lied to her.

There was a part of Red Daughter that craved to be normal.

When she saw Alex and Eliza distraught over Supergirl’s “death,” she felt something. The same something she felt for Mikhail and the feeling she had reading Lex’s books.

She’s been brainwashed by Lex to believe that Supergirl is evil and protects the corrupt, but what she’s been spoon-fed is true about Lex instead.

He’s the one that’s been selling her snake oil!

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Supergirl – Will The Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up? (4×20)



Supergirl Will The Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up? Review

How long can a girl be kept in the dark?

We’re on the fourth season and Lena still doesn’t know that Kara is Supergirl!

There have been so many close-call situations, several on Supergirl Season 4 Episode 20 alone, yet Supergirl somehow manages to maneuver them without revealing her identity to one of her best friends.

And she finally came so close — Kara took off her glasses and was about to tell Lena the truth.

I kept screaming “turn around Lena,” but alas, the moment was ruined by Lena inadvertently guilt tripping Kara.

Understandably, Lena is in a fragile headspace after being betrayed by Tess and Lex.

Finding out that her only stable friend has also been lying straight to her face day in and day out might have sent her off the deep end.

But she deserves to know!

And think of how much easier everything would be if Lena wasn’t always worrying about Kara!

Since they are working so closely together, Lena being clued into Kara’s alter-ego would allow them to accomplish so much more.

Initially, Lena would be angry, but I think she’d be astute enough to realize the difference between Kara’s lies and Lex and Tess’ lies.

Kara has kept her identity a secret to protect her loved ones.

And in continuing to lie, she’s doing what she thinks is best for Lena. There’s nothing menacing about her actions.

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