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Supergirl Girl of Steele Supergirl Girl of Steele


Supergirl – Girl of Steel (3×01)

Credit: Supergirl/ The CW



The old Kara can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, cause she’s dead. Or at least emotionally dead.

The season 3 premiere finds Kara trying to cope with her Mon-El-less life by completely shutting down. Supergirl is being hailed a hero, National City is recovering from the destruction caused by the Daxamites, but the same cannot be said for the pain inflicted on Kara’s heart by a Daxamite.

Since sending him away for the greater good, Kara has become icy or like Wynn put it “very fast, very furious.” She’s so focused on taking down the bad guys, the police don’t have anything to do because she’s left National City’s squeaky clean. And the worst part, the joy that she once felt by being Supergirl and helping people is nothing more than a chore to her now. It’s quite the departure from the happy-go-lucky Kara we’re so used to.

It’s normal for a series to have ups-and-downs and hits-and-misses but Supergirl always succeeds in fixes its messes. By getting rid of what wasn’t working for them, they were able to return with a more mature series. As heartbreaking as Mon-El’s exit was for fans, it was a necessary move that allowed them to refocus on the central heroine who had lost her sense of self and identity along the way. Through her loss, they were able to tell Kara’s story.

Supergirl is not devoid of human emotion, but as she’s focused on shedding her humanity, she quits Catco, the one place that she kept around to make her feel more human. “Kara Danvers sucks right now,” she tells Alex adding that she doesn’t “like that girl.” When humans grieve, they tend to detach and Supergirl is taking that to heart, literally detaching from her human alter-ego, successfully, might I add because she remembers what it’s like to be both a human on Earth and an alien on Krypton.

The problem is that she doesn’t realize that making the right decision, the one that benefits the world and not just her (because that would be selfish) doesn’t make her weak. It actually makes her the strongest person around. And that isn’t because she has superpowers, it’s because she has a human heart that can love and feel pain.

Lena Luthor putting up a statue for Supergirl, a woman she calls her friend, is proof enough that people care about her because she’s done right by them, saving them on multiple occasions. Each person that tells how much she’s saved them, chips away at Supergirl’s exterior until she realizes that it’s okay to feel pain, to feel hurt, to lean on your friends. Seeing Kara finally come out of hiding to go out to the bar is a welcoming but still, I hope that this isn’t the writers simply writing off all of Kara’s problems are fixed. Her issues have wedged deep within her psyche and we need a road to closure, not an abrupt ending to the book.

Aside from Kara’s emotional being, the rest of the episode panned out the storylines for the season. Alex and Maggie found themselves disagreeing on whether or not to have a big wedding. Alex finally admitted that she was hesitant because she wouldn’t have a father to walk her down the aisle. Part of me is just glad she didn’t almost sabotage her wedding because her sister was down in the dumps, which would have been so like her. And who would have thought I would tear up when Alex finally asked J’onn, a father figure of hers, to walk her down the aisle? I knew it was coming but it hit right in the feels. We’re going to have a wedding ya’ll!

James and Lena were both dealing with National City’s very own Donald Trump-ish character Edge. It seems like every single city, even one filled with aliens, has to have one of these guys. Edge, who was stirring up all the mayhem this week, threatened to buy out CatCo in order to control the press and the narratives being posted about him. If you have the money, you can control the media which in turn controls the people. Through that, you can defame your enemies and push your own agenda because people “believe anything they read.” Truer statements have never been spoken on this show.

Being a woman that doesn’t like to be defeated or talked-down to, Lena purchases the company instead and creates a permanent enemy out of Edge in the process. Thankfully, she’s allied herself with both Supergirl and Kara and both girls deliver. One drops Edge on a cargo ship with no way of getting back to the city, the other one re-accepts her job back at Catco to run a media empire best friend. I don’t think I have to say which is which. Look how quickly Kara worked her way up the ranks from assistant to whatever position Lena will give her.

Bloodsport wasn’t a good sport at all but he also wasn’t a compelling villain, at least not enough to make us care beyond what was happening at that moment. Supergirl has seen more menacing villains but truthfully, who was doing Edge’s bidding wasn’t the focus, it was more about tactic. Edge stole a high-pressure regulator and cloaked a submarine in order to drop nukes without anyone seeing or being able to stop them. It was impressive. And it was all done to destroy the waterfront so that Edge could build apartments for the wealthy. The series literally took stabs at Trump’s leadership and greed while also throwing shade at him over global warming. “Every moron knows that global warming is the biggest threat of our time,” Press Secretary Cat Grant states. Unfortunately, it’s safe to say, that not every moron knows.

We were also introduced to a mother, Sam, (Odette Annabel) whose love for her daughter (Ruby) unleashes some superhuman strength. Based on her heroic act, I thought she’d be yet another heroine in National City but spoilers indicate she’ll be playing a new villain named Reign. That would explain why the dream saw Supergirl’s mother turn into a Snapchat filter-looking Monster. You know which one I’m talking about. But why are her dreams connected to Kara’s unless she’s the third Kryptonite that came in a pod, that we saw activated underwater, with Kal and Kara. Why is she evil thought?

Other Thoughts

  • I wasn’t a fan of the cliche “Wake up” from Mon-El that brought back Supergirl from her dreamlike stage while underwater.
  • I was more thrown by the fact that she apparently can’t breathe underwater. I guess you can’t have it all.
  • If we can continue having clips of Cat Grant delivering her witty commentary as press secretary, maybe we can sort-of keep her as a constant presence on the show?


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Supergirl Midseason Finale Review – Fear Visions (6×07)



Supergirl Fear Knot Review Season 6 Episode 7

The midseason finale of Supergirl was underwhelming… and that’s putting it mildly.

After an exciting two-parter took Nia and Brainy back in time to revisit Alex and Kara’s past in Midvale, the rescue attempt to save Supergirl from the Phantom Zone just didn’t live up to all the hype. 

This rescue mission was seven episodes in the works with planning taking up seven of the final season, and yet, most of it wasn’t even spent fighting Phantoms, exploring the Phantom Zone, or rescuing Supergirl.

Instead, it was hard to distinguish what was real and what was a result of a Fear Vision, The CW’s lamer and less frightening version of a dementor.

The confusion may have been the whole point since it mimicked the same disorientation that the characters felt when affected by the Phantom’s powers, but in reality, it was just a waste of a full hour that should’ve seen much more action. 

The Phantom Zone is supposed to be this dangerous area, but the danger seemed rather minimal aside from what was happening in their minds.

The only silver lining was that the cast — other than the OG’s like Kara, Alex, and J’onn — were given plenty of screentime! 

The Fear Visions all preyed on everyone’s biggest fears.

Alex was terrified that she’d sabotage the mission instead of being an asset.

Supergirl Fear Knot Review Season 6 Episode 7

Supergirl — “Fear Knot” — Image Number: SPG607fg_0019r.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Katie McGrath as Lena Luther, Jesse Rath as Brainiac-5, Chyler Leigh as Alex Danvers, Azie Tesfai as Kelly Olsen, Nicole Maines as Dreamer and David Harewood as J’onn Jonzz — Photo: The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Lena’s nightmare included a Kelpie, a mythical shapeshifter that drowns people, which connected to her mother’s death.  

Nia’s fear focused on her inability to interpret dreams, which put Brainy in danger. 

And Kelly felt inferior since she was only human and couldn’t save anyone. 

Eventually, they all snapped out of it thanks to Brainy and J’onn, whose alien DNA prevented them from being affected… or so it seemed. Again, I found it slightly difficult to keep up, so that’s what I’m guessing happened. 

Once everyone was brought back to reality, they managed to locate Supergirl and rescue her without even leaving the ship. 

How convenient and anti-climactic. 

Prior to her rescue, the Phantom Zone also took a toll on Supergirl and broke down her spirit.

She began to feel hopeless and was only brought back from her despair by a pep talk from dear old dad. He’s got a lot of those to catch up on!

His first one wasn’t bad though as he helped her remember that she’s the girl who always finds the silver lining in everything!

For a slight moment, I thought that maybe reuniting with her dad was some kind of hallucination or byproduct of a Fear Vision. I fully expected Kara to introduce the team to her dad only to find out that none of them could actually see him.

That wasn’t the case, however, and promos for the show’s second half of the season (which returns again in mid-August) reveal that he’s going to try to fit into Kara’s world in the final few episodes. 

Having Kara back in National City and CatCo will allow the series to wrap up plenty of storylines in a promising way.

We need to get back to Supergirl saving the core of the show: Supergirl saving locals from anything that means to do them harm! 

Of course, the cliffhanger also teased that Nyxly hitched a ride on the Tower’s ship, which means she’ll likely cause havoc for the Super Squad on their home turf.

This wasn’t that surprising considering none of us actually believed that she died in that blast, right?!

What did you think of the episode? Did you find it fitting for a final midseason finale?

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Supergirl Review – Prom Again! (6×06)



Supergirl Review Prom Again Season 6 Episode 6

Brainy and Nia, er, Brandon and Brenda’s adventures in 2009 continued on Supergirl Season 6 Episode 6. And they were quite eventful. 

The episode kicked off with the duo breaking free from Naxim Tork.

Brainy was convinced he sent Tork and his alien zoo away for good, but when the meteor hit and things didn’t unveil as they were supposed to, they realized CJ Grant (known to us as Cat Grant) released Tork onto Midvale. 

This one action messed up the time-space in significant ways. 

Kenny was captured, Kara was forced to save him, and the police caught them exiting the alien ship red-handed.

And worst of all, Grant got the exclusive.

In other words, absolutely not ideal. With Kara’s powers exposed to the world, they threatened to change the future in ways they didn’t even know. 

That’s when Nia came up with the solution to time travel again while they were already time traveling. 

Honestly, time-traveling can get so confusing. 

Supergirl Review Prom Again Season 6 Episode 6

Supergirl — “Prom Again!” — Image Number: SPG606fg_0016r — Pictured (L-R): Olivia Nikkanen as Young Alex, Izabela Vidovic as Young Kara and Nicole Maines as Nia Nal — Photo: The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

But essentially, they pulled a Harry Potter-esque move (think time turner) and went back in time four-and-a-half hours in order to prevent CJ Grant from unleashing Tork and getting the scoop. 

If only Nia had figured out that her dreams with the cougar were about preventing Cat Grant from figuring out the truth, they could’ve avoided this mess. 

But I’ll be the first to admit that it’s been quite interesting to see Nia interpret her dreams. They’re so vague, no one can even blame her for not knowing what they mean. 

Once they traveled back in time, Nia was able to give CJ a signature Cat Grant pep-talk. She was even the reason that CJ permanently changed her name to Cat and quit the Daily Planet. 

While the two-part episode was a fun adventure, I think the best thing about it was that we got Cat Grant’s origin story. 

Every decent superhero has one! 

It’s great to know that regardless of the name she was going by, Mrs. Grant has always been a solid journalist, a woman with a keen sense of fashion, and one heck of a motivational speaker. 

Not to mention it was a fun way for the series to revisit the beloved character without bringing back Calista Flockhart. (God, I miss her!) Eliza Helm did a wonderful job filling Flockhart’s shoes!

Brainy and Nia encountered plenty of mishaps during their time travel — including young Kara hitching a ride back in time to help reverse the damage and secure herself a future — but they also managed to course-correct and realign space-time quite beautifully. 

In the end, Kara and Kenny made the mature decision of pursuing their individual paths post-high school, which was perfect as it meant Kara would attend National City University and become Supergirl!

Does anyone wish that we would possibly meet Kenny in the present? Wouldn’t that be a cute reunion?

And most importantly, they got the piece of the meteor that will allow them to save Kara in the present day. 

All the action of the episode almost made me forget that in our timeline, Kara/Supergirl is stuck in the Phantom Zone. 

Fun shenanigans aside, this was still a rescue mission. 

However, it was a nice reprieve from all the doomsday action currently happening in National City. 

As always, young Alex and Kara Danvers nailed it. The episode was a reminder that the casting of their younger selves was always impeccable. 

We also got a tender moment between Brainy and Nia as the two shared a sweet prom dance. 

Supergirl has never been great at delivering solid, long-lasting couples, but these two are the real deal. 

Things may have seemed dire there for a moment, but Brainy and Nia successfully accomplished all their missions before returning to reality. 

It’s crazy to think that the mid-season finale is next week, but you can expect the episode to be action-packed and full of jaw-dropping cliffhangers. 

The second half of the final season of Supergirl will then return on August 24! You can see The CW’s full summer schedule here

What did you think of the episode? Let us know by sharing your thoughts in the comments below! 

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Supergirl Review – Lost Souls (6×04)



Supergirl Review Lost Souls Season 6 Episode 4

Who ya gunna call? The Super Squad!

Brainy channeled his inner Ghostbusters on Supergirl Season 6 Episode 4 to bring down the Phantom Progeny. 

While saving Kara was still a top priority, the team also needed to take down the Phantom Prime and release all the lost souls before it was too late. 

Also, Briany ate his feelings in donuts, and if that’s not the most relatable thing, I don’t know what is!

I was less invested in the Phantom storyline simply because any Supergirl fan knows that they’ll eventually figure it out by the end of the hour. 

And they did. 

They located the Chrysallis and destroyed it before it hardened and became permanent, which released all the lost souls and dimishined the Phantom Prime’s powers. 

From there, they could move into phase two a.k.a the one we all really care about: saving Kara.

The plan wasn’t clear at first even with Nia Nal’s persistent visions of Midvale High. 

She couldn’t make sense of what they meant initially, but when it was revealed that they needed a piece of Supergirl’s DNA in order to locate her, she realized that they needed to travel back in time. 

As someone who loves time-travel shows, trust me when I say I cannot wait for next week’s episode!

Lena has become a permanent fixture of the Super Squad. After leaving Luthor Corp. (and while I love John Cryer as Lex, it was kind of a relief not to have him involved in this episode), she joined the team at the tower. 

And her skills are unmatched. She may not have “powers,” but she’s a tech wizard and that’s beneficial in its own way. 

However, even a boss like Lena has her doubts, which crept in after she realized she didn’t have it in her to do what was necessary. 

Lena refused to recalibrate the program which would lose Supergirl’s DNA and any chances of finding her. 

Of course, Lena feels an immense amount of guilt for Kara’s current predicament since it happened because of Lex, but she has to let it go. 

In order to bring Kara back, they need to be rational. 

Alex channeled her inner Supergirl to do what was right — she knew Supergirl would’ve chosen to save the world before she saved herself. 

Lena’s being way too hard on herself; having the ability to be that selfless requires a lot of practice. Even Alex struggled with it, even though she knew it was the right thing and that they’d find another way to save Kara.

Alex and Lena weren’t the only ones making impossible decisions. 

Kara, who remains in the Phantom Zone, learned that Nxyly, the fifth dimensional imp that she trusted, was behind her father’s attack. 

I kept thinking there was something off about Nxyly considering the Phantom Zone is usually home to the worst of the worst. She was just too eager to help them. 

She may have befriended Kara, but she obviously had an agenda. And Kara, well, she’s just way too sweet for her own good.

When Nxyly threatened to walk through the exit mirror and into National City, Kara made the tough decision to destroy her only way (well, at least that she knows of) out of the Phantom Zone. 

A self-destruct feature went off, and Nxyly perished as the anchor exploded and Kara watched her chances of getting home slip away. 

She’s going to need the Super Squad now more than ever. 

But at least Kara will likely get to go home with her father eventually. It would’ve been a shame for them to reunite after all these years only for her to leave him behind. 

Will Zor-El make it back to National City and see the life Kara has built for herself?

And are you as excited about the time-traveling episode as I am?

What did you think about “Lost Souls?”

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