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Supergirl Nevertheless, She Persisted Supergirl Nevertheless, She Persisted


Supergirl – Nevertheless, She Persisted (2×22)

Supergirl/ THE CW



Can a powerful woman have it all? The question was debated, and seemingly, answered in the season 2 finale of Supergirl. Spoiler alert – you might not like the answer.

While Kara prances around exuding positivity, Supergirl, who herself is a beacon of hope to the public, battles a lot of demons, figuratively and emotionally. And she has for the greater part of this season, mostly with her relationship with Mon-El, which always felt like they were fighting a losing battle.

This week’s episode, Kara seems to have it all – two jobs she loves, great friends, a loving family, and a boyfriend.Basically, she has everything and it’s all being threatened by Queen Rhea and the Daxamite’s takeover of Earth. And as she fights for Earth, she tries to hold on to it all.

“Nevertheless, She Persisted” picks up where we left off last week, with Supergirl staying behind in hopes of offering Rhea one more chance. She soon realizes that Rhea took advantage of her kindness, using Superman, who was brainwashed by silver kryptonite, against her. Whenever he looked at Kara, he saw his sworn enemy General Zod and went in for the kill. The adrenaline-filled scene threw punches, jabs and undercuts as two of the most powerful aliens on Earth decked it out. Eventually, Kara cold-cocked Superman revealing that she truly is the most powerful of the Kryptonians. Raw girl power!

That was a theme throughout this episode, possibly even this season – the girls were powerful and they could make decisions, invent things and be the heroes in their own stories, which is great and all by I wouldn’t want to discredit the guys who make for some pretty dope sidekicks. Like Superman, who woke up in the Fortress of Solitude completely unaware that he was just blindly determined to kill his cousin.

Without any solution to the Daxamite problem, Clark suggests a sacred duel; if Rhea wins, Earth surrenders to her reign, if Supergirl wins, she and the Daxamites must leave Earth for good. Mon-El is against the idea but both Kara and Clark ask him to put his fear aside for the greater good. And with so much at stake, she’s certain she will beat Rhea once and for all. That would have been the case, had Rhea decided to play fair.

Rhea comes to the fight bleeding out blood that’s laced with Kryptonite, which she says happened after Krypton exploded and rained down onto Daxam. She hopes that the Kryptonite will weaken Supergirl and that she’ll feel defeated when she realizes Rhea sent out her goon squad to terrorize the city, specifically hospitals and schools. It’s clear Rhea has never understood the power of love because Supergirl knows she has to win to keep her happiness and orders everyone at the DEO to fight the good fight, including a just-awoken J’onn Jones and Mon-El, who proves to be the hero she knew he always was.

Even Miss Martian comes to town with several other White Martians to help out, explaining that while J’onn was “asleep” he called out to her for help. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to overpower Rhea’s armies, who have been instructed to cause havoc and destruction even after she dies. The longer they wait, the more in danger the citizens of National City, and ultimately the world, are.

Supergirl is left with no choice and her last resort strips her of “having it all.” She has to do what’s right to save her people, even if it means risking her relationship with Mon-El. Earlier in the episode, the Luthors aka Lena and Lillian, inform Supergirl of a device that Lex built years ago, which could fill the Earth’s atmosphere with Kryptonite, thus forcing Superman and Supergirl to leave the planet.

Lena believes that she can modify the weapon to fill the Earth’s atmosphere with lead, thus killing and forcing out the Daxamites. Of course, this means that Mon-El would also be affected and he’d either die or wouldn’t be allowed back on Earth. Supergirl refuses to take the measure but realizes that she has no choice. She has to save her people. Mon-El encourages her to do it and as soon as she hits the button, Rhea turns into a pile of dust.

And the tears start pouring for both Mon-El, Kara and myself. As everyone stands by championing Kara, she tells Mon-El to hold on as she gets him to the pod that brought him to Earth. “I love you, exclaiming should have said it earlier. It’s a heartbreaking moment when you realize that sometimes the right thing is the hardest. There has been a lot of hatred for Mon-El’s character, with folks saying that Supergirl shouldn’t need a man but that’s naive to think that a strong woman can’t have love and still maintain power. These two actually made each other stronger; she made him a hero while he forced her to become the best version of herself – a champion of Earth.

What’s worse is that it seems everyone has gotten their happy ending but her. Superman pats her on the back for being stronger, not just physically but emotionally, then he could ever be when it came to Lois. J’onn and M’gann are finally together, embracing their love while she stays on Earth for a brief moment.

Even Winn and Lyra were happy together, although Winn, even in the worst of circumstances can find the humor and light. Truth be told, he’s just happy to be part of all that is the DEO. Cue his PAPA BEAR hug when he sees J’onn wake up fro his brief slumber.

Alex offers to put her happiness on hold to comfort and be there for her sister but Supergirl just wants everyone to be with the ones they love and enjoy their happiness. Before she flies into the night sky, she tells her to “never let go” of Maggie. Alex takes it to heart and proposes to her girlfriend. It’s sudden, it’s soon and the circumstances are pretty dire, but it’s also heartwarming knowing that Alex has evolved and finally become her true self this season. Seeing these two plan a wedding will be nothing short of epic.

Supergirl was reserved, choosing not to talk to anyone about her loss but out of all people, Kara opened up to Cat, hoping to take in some of her no-nonsense wisdom. If there’s anyone who can give you some legit advice, it’s Cat. I wish I could have a mentor like her. “The thing that makes women strong is that we have the guts to be vulnerable, we have the ability to feel the depth of our emotion, and we know we’re going walk through it to the other side,” she tells Kara. As she runs off to continue her “heroes journey,” Cat smiles and says “go get ’em Supergirl.” She’s known all along and in a city where everyone is fooled by glasses, it’s comforting to see Cat so woke. Talk about badass women!

Then, the series goes on to leave some cliffhangers for season 3. As Mon-El propels in his spaceship, holding on to Kara’s necklace, he’s sucked into some kind of phantom wormhole, which pretty much assures this relationship will continue to be LONG distance.

We then leap back 35 years, to the day Krypton died. We see Clark and Kara being sent off in their pods, then we see black cloaked figures putting a baby in a pod.  As someone drops some blood on said baby, another figure says, “It will grow strong on Earth, and then it will reign.” Who is this secret baby? Could it be Doomsday?

I know I’m supposed to care about the cliffhanger but all I really want to know is where the heck did Mon-El go and when will he be back? I can’t accept that he’s gone for good and that his banter will be missing from season 3, bringing light to every episode.

Season 2 had an interesting dynamic as Supergirl and friends found their footing. The introduction of a love-interest showed Kara’s vulnerable side, but she also learned how to fight the good fight despite the grimmest of obstacles. The last two episodes of the season were by far the strongest for sure but hopefully, season 3 allows Kara and Supergirl to find some balance or force her to chose between being a human or an alien.

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Supergirl Review – Truth or Consequence (6×18)



Supergirl Review Truth or Consequences Season 6 Episode 18

The penultimate episode of Supergirl was the most gripping installment of the season. 

It’s all ramping up for the final battle between the Super Squad and power couple Lex and Nyxly,  known by their ship name “Lexly.” I don’t hate it, it’s cute. 

What I do hate is that they ruined Alex and Kelly’s bachelorette, manipulated a sweet and innocent girl, and killed William Dey. 

Who saw that coming?

This is the reason why mere mortals don’t cross Lex or ignite his wrath. He’s unpredictable and ruthless. William Dey’s life didn’t matter to him because the only thing that has ever mattered to Lex, up until now, has been himself. 

And William is such a good guy that he protected his sources at all costs. He never wanted his reputation put on the line with those private journal entries, but he didn’t out Andrea Rojas for being behind them either. 

It’s a grim fate for a character so full of promise. 

He was one of the good guys fighting the good fight because he knew it was the right thing to do. Engraining himself with the Super Friends started as a job at first, but he volunteered to watch Esme out of the kindness of his heart. 

Unfortunately, despite the Super Friends’ best attempt to stay one step ahead of Lex, it’s kind of hard to outsmart the Man of Tomorrow. He quite literally knows what’s going to happen next. 

Lex arranged William’s meeting with Otis, which the Super Friends definitely considered, but it never dawned on them that Lex used Lena’s tracking of the Lexosuit’s to put a virus on the Tower’s computer thus blocking the blood work results for Esme and allowing him to disable the security system that led to William’s death and Esme’s kidnapping. 

All I can say is ugh. Lex truly is a good villain.

William stood no chance against Lex, but the Super squad knew that. Why didn’t they consider an alternative in the instance that the Tower’s protections failed? 

Why didn’t William have one of those buttons that summoned Supergirl like the Kent brothers do on Superman & Lois.

Superheroes deserve a day off (cue Lena’s analysis: “what’s the point of saving the world if you don’t get to enjoy it?”), but maybe they should’ve held off until they put a stop to Lexly!

I would think that with Supergirl’s supersonic hearing, she would be alerted to what was happening at the Tower even if she was having some fun. 

Unfortunately, being a superhero means that you can never put your guard down. 

I’m really bummed that Esme blindly trusted Nyxly instead of channeling her powers and making a scene. 

I don’t blame her since she’s just a kid, but I wish they emphasized stranger danger! I feel like she would be able to sense people with bad intentions since she was so astute while in the group home. 

Supergirl Review Truth or Consequences Season 6 Episode 18

Supergirl — “Truth or Consequences” — Image Number: SPG618fg_0039r — Pictured: Staz Nairobis as William Day — Photo: The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

I’m scared of what Nyxly and Lex will do to her in order to get what they want. 

Would Nyxly really hurt a child?

I didn’t think she was the biggest threat the Super Squad ever faced, but with an assist from Lex, she definitely is. 

The one thing they have with Esme in their possession is leverage. 

And you know the Super Squad would immediately give up all the Totem’s they had in order to bring that little girl to safety. 

Truthfully, why didn’t anyone recognize the Love Totem when it appeared on Esme’s neck. Since they know the Totem’s energy reconstitutes, you would think they would’ve put two-and-two together. 

I also wonder if it’ll force Alex and Kelly to rethink their jobs. Their involvement in Tower business put Esme at risk when their one job is to protect her! I could see Alex walking away from this life and leaving the superhero-ing to Kara. 

With such a cliffhanger, Kara’s fight with Alex about how to raise Esme almost seems insignificant.

Alex’s reaction was harsh as Kara meant well seeing as she had a little experience growing up with powers, but it was important that Alex emphasized that she doesn’t want Esme to grow up feeling like “an other” and to hide part of her identity. 

I love that the storyline is encouraging everyone to boldly live their truth and own it. 

Supergirl’s existence was dangerous back in the day, but now, despite some bumps in the road, the world has become more accepting of aliens with powers. 

Esme doesn’t have to hide to thrive! Plus, the sooner she learns how to get a handle on her powers, the better it’ll be for her. She shouldn’t have to surpress them if she can control them. 

There was also a powerful moment between Lena and Andrea when the latter called for advice about leaking Lex’s journals. The takedown of Lex and getting the story is important, but at what cost. It was the same question William posed when he confronted Andrea. 

She eventually saw that the cost for getting those eyeballs onto CatCo was quite high. 

And in his dying moments, William still managed to get her the exclusive, or, as he called it, the real story. 

Andrea is never going to forgive herself for contributing to the death of her best reporter, however, I hope she learns from her mistake and gives CatCo the revamp it truly deserves. 

Let’s restore the magazine to its glory days under Cat Grant! 

Let’s have it stand for something rather than fall for nothing. 

And finally, Brainy is being summoned back to the 31st century. 

It never occurred to me that at some point, he’d have to return back home, but I guess it makes sense since he belongs to a different time. The consequences of not returning are too dire. Not only would it mess up the time-space continuum but it would cause the extinction of Coluans. Brainy can’t be responsible for that.

It’s a heartbreaking realization considering he’s created a pretty wonderful life for himself here, including his relationship with Nia.

It’s so easy to forget that these two are together as the series doesn’t put that much emphasis on their romance, but they also come as a pair — Nia and Brainy. 

It’ll be weird to see them both go their separate ways; they’ve learned so much from each other. 

However, I loved the poignant speech about being happy to feel the loss because that means that it all mattered. 

They always say that nothing worth having comes easy, and that couldn’t be more true in Brainy’s instance. 

What did you think of the penultimate episode of Supergirl?

How do you think everything will end?

And are you ready to say goodbye with a two-hour series finale? Let us know in the comments! 

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Supergirl Review – Love Totem and Romantic Proposal (6×17)



Supergirl Review I Believe In A Thing Called Love Season 6 Episode 17

Love was in the air on Supergirl Season 6 Episode 17. 

The only saving grace for the episode was Lex Luthor’s return and Alex and Kelly’s engagement!

Supergirl may have suggested that Nyxly is the biggest threat they’ve faced to date, but I just don’t find that to be true. However, Nyxly with an assist from Lex and his ability to time travel? That’s a different story. 

Lex Luthor has never been a man who considered anyone else but himself, but his return to help Nyxyly is triggered by his love for her. Yes, Lex Luthor has puppy dog eyes for Nyxly. Or, as Otis put it, he’s “smitten.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at all the times Lex found himself uttering “I love you” as the present-day version of Nyxly pushed him away. 

Nyxly wasn’t interested in Lex’s help since she only saw him as an arrogant and manipulative man just like her father and brother, but Lex was determined to help her in any way he could in hopes of changing the future and saving her from her future demise. 

Lex eventually confirms that while Nyxly gets the AllStone and her revenge, it destroys her. 

Since he loves her, he decided to travel back in time to help her get it the right way. 

It’s honestly a different look for Lex, but it makes me slightly more invested in this Totem drama. 

And that’s even more true when the Love Totem is destroyed and Lex — who pulls Nyxly into the future in order to protect her from the Super Squad’s humanity spell — reveals that it’ll respawn in a new shell with the same energy. 

In the final moments, we see the Totem show up as a sort of tattoo on Esme’s back, which ups the stakes quite substantially. 

Esme is the cutest and sweetest little girl. She’s Alex and Kelly’s pride and joy, so naturally, they’ll do anything to protect her. 

However, two villains such as Lex and Nyxyly won’t think twice about destroying her. 

Love was in the air on Supergirl Season 6 Episode 17. 

Supergirl — “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” — Image Number: SPG617fg_0043r — Pictured (L-R): Azie Tesfai as Kelly Olsen and Chyler Leigh as Alex Danvers — Photo: The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

It’s gearing up for a really intense battle. From the looks of it, the only way to bring down Luthor and Nyxly is to destroy them first. 

Will the series end with Lex Luthor’s demise?

If the Super Squad can figure out why Lex’s decision to forego grabbing the Love Totem was so irrational, they might get a leg up on them as well. 

The good thing is that Lex isn’t the only person with connections to the future. Brainy can also tap into the knowledge the Legion has, and this time, he’ll be kept in line by his team. 

I hope that all of this Nyxyly and Lex drama doesn’t keep Alex and Kelly from planning their perfect wedding. 

With just three episodes to go, Alex is getting everything she’s ever wanted out of life, and it’s really awesome to finally see it pan out after all these years. 

We’re going to a wedding!!

How sweet was it that Kelly and Alex both thought about proposing in the same way on the same day?

Their relationship is proof that there is something to fight for amongst all the chaos and darkness. They are the light. 

I wasn’t as invested in the whole Supergirl, J’onn, and Lena storyline, but I’m glad they all faced their fears and came out on top. 

Supergirl and Lena, specifically, had a lot to work through when it came to Lex’s return, but they pulled through for each other. 

Lena is finally free from his grasp; she no longer cares about what he thinks of her, and he no longer has a stronghold over her. 

Her character growth has really been exceptional these past few seasons. I’m glad she’s fully on board with the Super Squad, and it’s awesome to see her embracing her magic and giving it her all. 

Science and magic can co-exist, it seems. 

Andrea wanted William to get the scoop about Lex Luthor’s return, but he didn’t want to run the story without proof. 

When William didn’t pull through, Andrea decided to channel Arcata and sneak into the Luthor Mansion to get proof herself. Will she out his love for Nyxly to the world?

Meanwhile, William was meeting with Otis at the time, which honestly seems like a bad idea. 

William continues to be included in the episodes, and he has one foot in with the Super Squad, but it’s not entirely clear what the purpose of his character is. 

He gave Alex a speech about embracing love before it’s too late, but does that mean he’s going to tell Kara that he’s in love with her?

If he’s not going to be her love interest, what’s the point of keeping him so involved?

What did you think of the episode?

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Supergirl Review – Hope for Tomorrow (6×15)



Supergirl Review Hope for Tomorrow Season 6 Episode 15

What happens when the world runs out of hope?

On Supergirl Season 6 Episode 15, Supergirl and the Super Friends aimed to stop Nyxly from getting her hands on the third totem — the Hope totem. 

Since Supergirl is the symbol for hope, the gauntlet should’ve been a no-brainer for her, and yet, it took her way too long to figure out what needed to be done. 

Eventually, it boiled down to stripping two countries of their missiles, which fell pretty flat as a storyline. 

Nyxly knew that she didn’t stand a chance at getting the Hope totem, so her plan was to gain leverage against Supergirl by kidnapping William Dey and forcing her to give them up. 

It was also a pretty weak plan, but that’s not all that surprising considering Nyxly is a pretty lame villain. 

Her motivation is getting revenge for a personal matter, whereas Supergirl has dealt with the likes of Lex Luthor, who want world domination. 

It doesn’t even come close. 

Supergirl was able to save William and preserve the totems at the same time. And her solution to put an end to Nyxly was to destroy the Hope totem by throwing it into the sun. 

This way, Nxyly would never be able to complete the AllStone and manipulate reality. 

What possible repercussions could the world face without hope? Could Supergirl potentially lose her powers if she is unable to inspire people?

While it wasn’t a terrible plan, the Super Squad probably should’ve had one to fall back on. 

Instead, the team has been less than super as of late. As Lena attempts to figure out her mother’s grimoire, Brainy’s calculations haven’t delivered anything promising. 

Supergirl was on her own with this one because the Super Squad wasn’t being all that super. 

In the final moments of the episode, Nyxly received a gift from a “secret admirer” that encouraged her not to give up hope. 

Once she activated the watch, she was suited up in her own protective armor. 

With talks of Nyxly teaming up with Lex Luthor, this could only be his doing. 

If that’s the case, this just got more interesting. 

Lex is the one enemy Supergirl hasn’t been able to thwart. And they always say, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

With Nyxly’s blatant disregard for humanity, a super-suit, and Lex Luthor whispering in her ear, there’s no telling what she’ll do next. 

But at least it finally makes her a formidable foe. This is the kind of twist the final season has been missing. 

I’ll be honest that the search for the totems has been rather bland, much like William Dey’s personality. 

Why couldn’t they make him a more interesting character? 

I thought that he was supposed to be Supergirl’s potential love interest, but the man has no flavor, so I don’t even care to see that pan out. 

The real treat of the episode was Esme — what a bundle of cuteness. 

We finally got the see the moment where Alex Danvers’ dreams come true and she becomes a mother! 

Why couldn’t the whole episode focus on this?

The icing on the cake was Esme figuring out that Kara was Supergirl literally seconds after meeting her. I know she mimics powers, but Lena, William, and the lot should be embarrassed that it took them so long. 

They might not have superpowers, but they have eyes. Glasses and a ponytail do not make up a whole new person! 

Alex definitely pushed Esme a little too much on her first day. When she kept prompting her to “breathe” and keep going, I was waiting for the fallout. 

Alex has waited her whole life for this moment, so why couldn’t she be a little more patient?

There was no need to overwhelm the poor girl right from the jump. 

Meeting all these superheroes is a big deal in and of itself. Let Esme assimilate to her new life with a dreamy bedroom and access to a tower. 

That wasn’t even the biggest reason why Esme was thrown off. She was simply being cautious and suggested going back to the group home because abandonment is all she’s ever known. 

Thankfully, she has been adopted by two people who know more about alien powers than anyone else, who are also able to connect her with the experts. She’s in good hands, and she’ll never be alone again!

I also want a truth seeker as a pet. Can I pick one of those up at Petsmart?

There are only five episodes left until the series final. How do you think it all ends?

And will Supergirl and Lex Luthor face-off once again?

Sound off in the comments below with your hopes and wishes for the final few episodes. 

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