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Superman & Lois Review Season 3 Episode 10 Collision Course Superman & Lois Review Season 3 Episode 10 Collision Course

Superman & Lois

Superman & Lois Review – Collision Course (310)

Superman & Lois -- “Collision Course” -- Image Number: SML310a_0203r -- Pictured (L-R): Inde Navarrette as Sarah Cushing and Alex Garfin as Jordan Kent -- Photo: Shane Harvey/The CW -- © 2023 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.



How did the DOD not see that one coming? I know audiences got the scoop that Bruno Mannheim and his son, Matteo, had a master plan to free Peia, but the DOD cannot be that naive when dealing with the world’s biggest villains, right?

Surely, they’d be on alert for even the slightest of movements. Why couldn’t they hear what Matteo was saying to their mother in there? Why was no one watching them? One of the things that bugs me most about this show is that the DOD is largely responsible for allowing villains to get away with things due to carelessness. 

Eyes should’ve been on Peia at all times, particularly when she had access to someone that they didn’t necessarily trust and who had a motive to set her free. 

Bruno Mannheim is Intergang’s crime boss—there’s nothing he won’t do to get his way, so the expectation should’ve been that he would try something to get his wife back. They know that he has been creating superhumans and that he stole Inverse Superman, so shouldn’t they have expected that he was working on some kind of cure? They surely underestimated Bruno’s capabilities. 

It seems ridiculous that Sam Lane would allow the DOD to get ambushed like that—or that Superman wouldn’t hear it until after Peia destroyed half of the agency and escaped. The math just isn’t mathing. Of course, we’re just supposed to overlook that for the sake of the storyline, so fine. Bruno was successful in “curing” his wife, for now, though I imagine that there will be side effects that will likely kill her in the long run. 

It was also unfortunate that they used Matteo and made him an accomplice as he was innocent up until this point. Parents should want to do better for their children, but in this case, Peia saw no other way out, while Bruno knew that Matteo was their only shot at getting to her. And Matteo, well, he’d do anything to save his mother, so he was an easy target who will likely have to pay the price. There’s no turning back for Matteo as he seemingly made his choice to support his parents, regardless of the consequences. Nat may not want to give up on him or hold this against him, but you can’t deny that Peia has done a lot of harm by trying to buy herself some time.

Lois Lane gave her the honorable way out–by promising to tell her story and giving her an opportunity to come clean so that she could preserve her legacy. In terms of getting the story, I would say Lois tried to coax it out of Peia. Lois wasn’t upfront with Peia about her intentions, so while I’d trust her to do right by my life story, it was an overall betrayal of trust. Lois wanted to write the story because she cared, but she also wanted to set the record straight and right the wrongs of her journalistic mishap, which landed the wrong man behind bars.

Of course, that man is Lex Luthor, so I have to side with Peia on this one. Lex may not have killed Boss Moxie, but he’s a monster who has done plenty of other terrible things and the world is better without him in it. Unleashing Lex onto the world might be the moral thing, but it’s just asking for a new powerful villain that poses a threat to humanity to regain control. Sadly, we know that Superman has always been righteous—and as a journalist, Lois is as well—so they don’t see it the way Peia does; they believe it isn’t their place to pass judgment. And thus, my guess is that by the end of the season, Lex Luthor will emerge as the next big baddy to set his sights on Smallville… if the series scores a renewal.

There were plenty of other issues bubbling to the surface, including Kyle’s persistent search into figuring out the identity of Smallville’s superhero. He believes that they all deserve to know the truth about who is walking amongst them even if this person is simply helping everyone, but the people that he confronts with his theories all know the truth, and they all know just how important it is to keep it a secret. 

First, Beppo is put on the spot, then Sarah, eventually Lana, and finally, Clark himself. 

Kyle’s timing is absolutely terrible when he confronts Clark with his theory that Jon has superpowers. Though, honestly, I’m impressed with how close he got to the truth. He may not have found the golden egg, but he was surprisingly on the money. 

Clark tried to diffuse the situation, but when Kyle wouldn’t let up and Clark need to whoosh off to go save the DOD, he figured it was time to tell Kyle the truth as well. 

It’s always such a blast to see the character’s faces when Superman takes off, and honestly, I don’t think Kyle was expecting for his night to take that kind of a turn. 

And I also don’t know if we can actually trust him with this secret. Kyle made it clear that he thinks the public deserves to know the truth about the superhumans living in their midst, so will he try to expose them? Obviously, Lana and Sarah, and even Chrissy, are devoted to the secret because they are keeping the people that it affects safe—Lana cares for Clark, Sarah cares for Jordan, and Chrissy supports Lois—but what’s keeping Kyle from blabbing? And I’m sure he’ll hold it against everyone who lied to his face the whole time and gaslit him, making it seem as though he was going crazy. 

Kyle and Lana also dealt with Sarah, who got a DUI and would have been involved in a deadly accident if it wasn’t for Jordan. He risked everything to save her and Junior, and sometimes, I wish she was a little more appreciative. They are platonic friends who are denying their true feelings for each other. They always say you can’t be friends with someone you love, so I don’t see how they can continue with this friendship without consistently hurting each other. It’s also keeping them both from moving on as, particularly in Jordan’s case, he’s holding out for hope that they will get back together. 

Jordan also got grounded for drinking half a beer—don’t drink and save people is the rule!—however, Jon was responsible and knew better than to put all that he’s worked for at risk. He may be sidelined at the firehouse but he isn’t going to give Kyle more reasons to let him go. It was such a mature approach for a character who has been largely immature for most of the seasons. And while it sucked to see the boys choose against hanging with their dad, it wasn’t because they thought they were too cool for him. Jon put it in perspective that their dad has been too busy for them so they didn’t sit around waiting—life was happening, and they were living it, so he couldn’t get mad at them for it. They weren’t going to drop everything the moment he finally found some time. I think it was important for Clark to reframe his assessment of the situation so he wasn’t sulking and throwing himself a pity party; his kids will hang out with him any day, but they cannot be an afterthought for so long. That’s some good parenting advice to adopt in general!

Lastly, there was a happy moment at the kickstart of the episode as Lois finally completed chemotherapy treatments and even got to ring the bell, a huge milestone in a chemo journey. 

What do you think Peia and Bruno’s plan is now? Will they try to destroy Clark and John Henry Irons? And how will Nat’s relationship with Matteo—and Lois’ friendship with Peia—fit into all of this? What will Kyle do with his newfound information? 

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Superman & Lois

Superman & Lois Season Finale Review – An Engagement, a Pregnancy, and Doomsday (313)



Superman and Lois Season 3 Finale Review Episode 13 What Kills You Only Makes You Stronger

From Bizarro to Doomsday, Superman & Lois delivered an action-packed Season 3 finale that forced Superman to face his biggest threat to date.

Since getting out of prison after 17 years of being wrongfully incarcerated, Lex Luthor focused on getting revenge against those who wronged him, specifically Lois Lane. 

He made it clear that the reason Lois didn’t listen to him initially and ran with the inaccurate story that put him behind bars was because she had the protection of both General Lane and Superman. And since she didn’t heed his warning to put down the pen and retire, he knew that the only way to get to her was to eliminate the safety net. 

For the next 33 days, Luthor poured every inch of himself into concocting his master plan, which involved killing Bizarro over and over again and making him immune and indestructible. Luthor always knew he wanted payback, but Bizarro was the secret weapon that simply fell into his lap, and Luthor wasted no time taking full advantage. By the time he was done with him, the Inverse Superman morphed into a beast that set his sights on the Man of Steel in one of the most epic fights to ever play out on The CW. (And just as a reminder, with The CW doing away with most of its programming—and giving Superman & Lois a shortened fourth and final season with virtually no cast— so this fight scene is likely as good as it’s ever going to get for the network.)

Things weren’t looking so hot for Superman, but while it’s one thing to have an immense amount of power, Superman has two things that Bizarro doesn’t—brains that he can use to outsmart him and love; and the love he has for his family is what brings him back from the brink of death and energizes him. 

Superman and Lois Season 3 Finale Review Episode 13 What Kills You Only Makes You Stronger

Superman & Lois — “What Kills You Only Makes You Stronger” — Image Number: SML313a_0028r — Pictured: Michael Bishop as Jonathan Kent — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2023 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Pretty soon, Doomsday and Superman’s heads to the moon far away from any humans that can be harmed, though there’s no telling how it ends. 

With General Lane in Luthor’s possession, and Superman otherwise occupied, Luthor has Lois right where he wants her–vulnerable…or so he thinks. The one thing he didn’t account for (and how could he?) is that she’d have another asset in her corner—a son who inherited his father’s powers. Of course, Jordan is still pretty new at this and just getting the hang of his powers, but I’d say it’s enough to keep his mom out of harm’s way and stall until his dad returns. 

Clark thought he was doing the right thing by punishing Jordan and forbidding him from using his powers, but with danger lurking in every corner—and the imminent threat of Lex Luthor (Lois knew he was coming for her)—it would’ve been more beneficial to have him continue training specifically for this moment. 

Superman exchanged a telling look with his family before flying off to handle Doomsday, and in that look, he made it clear that Jordan was under no circumstance to help him. As a father, it only makes sense that he wouldn’t want to put his son in the line of danger. 

But what’s next? Doomsday is bred to kill, and he won’t stop until Superman is neutralized as those were Luthor’s orders. What’s the solution?

It almost seems as though there were two different episodes smushed into one, with the first half providing a happy and positive update on the families in Smallville, while the second half unveiled Lex’s plans and set the tone for what’s to come in the final season. 

I thoroughly enjoyed both parts—even if I’m far too skeptical when things are too good as I know the other foot is about to drop—particularly as it gave us some good momentum on all the characters that make this show so fantastic, and the ones that won’t be around much, if at all, next season. 

Lois’ recovery was tough and personal but she finally arrived at a place where she felt ready to be intimate with her husband again—and it was so beautifully captured. Clark being so soft with her when placing a hand on her chest was incredibly touching. They truly did right by her storyline this season, giving a realistic glimpse into a cancer battle rather than using it solely as a plot device.

It was also so nice to see her genuinely smile with excitement as she talked about their family vacation—Lois deserves this triumphant moment, and it’s a shame it was cut short by Lex. 

Fans who have been picking up on vibes between Lana and John Henry finally got their moment as well. Not only did the two go on a romantic first date, but they also hooked up in a hot and steamy moment as she was determined to make him regret accepting Lane’s offer to move to Metropolis. 

And yes, that’s an attempt at seemingly writing off John Henry and his daughter Nat for next season, which is a bummer, but it’s also a natural progression for the characters as they’ve always been destined to work closely with the DOD, doing what they do best and creating tools and gadgets to help them fight the enemy. Plus, it makes sense that Nat would go to the DOD Academy where Mateo just enrolled—it’s a promising future for her that allows for so much more than Smallville could ever offer someone with her brains and skills. 

Kyle and Chrissy Beppo also had quite an eventful episode as they not only found out they’re expecting their first child together, but Kyle even hopped on stage in front of the whole town and asked her to marry him. I enjoy this coupling, so no complaints, but I wish Chrissy continued to have a storyline of her own separate from Kyle instead of being reduced to his secret hookup for most of the season. Chrissy was always on the same playing field as Lana and Lois—and she deserved to stay there. 

Lana has put on a happy face throughout it all, even telling Kyle that she was happy for him and asking to spoil the baby, but it has to hurt on some level. She’s watching him become the man she’s wanted him to be for years, and that has to be so hard. Someone else got the version of Kyle that she always knew he could be, but he never was for her. 

However, Lana is right when she says that they are better as friends—and they make great co-parents, so at least there’s that. She’s tough and strong, so she’ll get through this. It may have taken her a little longer to move on than it has Kyle, but at least she’s seeing a future outside of her relationship with him.

This is also a good time to remind anyone who is online dating to just be super cautious about who they allow into their lives. 

Sam Lane was so eager to get back out there that he allowed the enemy to get too close to him, and he paid the price. 

The moment he introduced his new girlfriend to his absolutely stunned grandchildren, I knew there was something off about Gretchen and the way she was so eager to be involved in his life. 

It’s a shame because someone in Sam’s position should’ve vetted anyone he ended up meeting and pursuing for this exact reason. He works for the DOD for crying out loud—there have to be some protocols because this was just too easy. 

It’s also a bummer because Sam let his guard down one time, and now he’ll never trust anyone else with his heart again. 

And finally, Clark gave Jordan a pep talk that convinced him to apologize to Sarah. He admitted that his anger stemmed from them not being together, and they agreed to remain cordial but go their separate ways, which is honestly for the best considering everything that transpired between them. 

How do you think the series will continue on without Sam, Lana, Sarah, Kyle, Chrissy, John Henry and Natalie as series regulars, especially as we may never see any of them again and there were so many developments with their storylines? It seems like a huge miss for the series as they are so integral to the series and are responsible for making the small town of Smallville what it is.

And how do you think Superman will bring down Doomsday? Will Lex Luthor finally get what’s coming to him, rightfully this time around? He’s just giving Lois so much more ammo to put him away for good. 

Grade the season in the comments—we’re giving it a solid B! 

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Superman & Lois

Superman & Lois Review – Lex Luthor’s Arrival Reveals His Master Plan (312)



Superman & Lois Review Season 3 Episode 12 Injustice

Superman & Lois Season 3 Episode 12–also the penultimate episode of the season—introduced Lex Luthor in all his glory. 

As Lex was acquitted and released from prison, he set his sights on his #1 enemy: Lois Lane, before hatching and revealing his post-prison master plan. 

If the episode had solely focused on Lex Luthor’s arrival, it may have felt out of place, but it found the right balance of introducing this new yet familiar menacing figure all at once while keeping in tune with the tone of the series. Luthor’s arrival was interposed with the introduction of Smallville’s new superhero, SuperBoy, which brought forth plenty of drama with Sarah and Jordan, while also managing to deliver some parenting strifes for Clark and Lois with both Jordan and Jon.

There was even a tornado, which I was fully convinced was conjured up by Lex Luthor, hinting at a new supernatural take on the iconic character, though it turned out to be a mere coincidence. There’s truly never a dull moment in Smallville—one moment there’s an unanticipated tornado, and the next moment the scariest man on the face of the Earth is just casually walking the backroads. 

Lex’s release from prison was paralleled with his time in prison, showing that even behind bars, the CEO of LuthorCorp yielded all the power and was able to manipulate people into doing whatever he wanted through sheer force. He’s a bully in every sense of the word, but seeing how he obtained control of Stryker’s Prison is enough reason to make us fear him. 

Superman & Lois Review Season 3 Episode 12 Injustice

Credit: Superman & Lois

This version of Lex is rough around the edges; a blue-collar villain, if you will, who swaps the dapper suit for a jean jacket and freshly shaved head. 

And it somehow makes him even more terrifying. Michael Cudlitz plays him well. 

Mere minutes into his prison stay, flashbacks reveal that he managed to get his goons to show the others who was boss, and by the end of the day, he was catered to hand and foot, enjoying a fancy meal with a glass of wine. He’s a man that will get his way, one way or the other.

He’s a man who was misjudged and cast away by society only to regain his freedom—and it gives him the room to do a lot more damage than previous iterations of the character. He’s a man scorned, looking for vengeance and comeuppance for those who wrong him, something Lois is all too aware of.

She assumed that Lex would have it out for her the minute he was released from prison, but what she didn’t anticipate is that he would make a beeline for her house, simply to show her that he’s kept tabs on her and threaten her if she doesn’t agree to his terms to retire.

He also made a point by walking all the way to their house, proving that while he has men who will carry out tasks for him, he’s not above doing the dirty work when necessary. 

And honestly, Lex’s anger is justified; Lois and her words are the reason he’s in jail. It wasn’t sloppy reporting as she followed the evidence, which led her to Lex, but it was an error nonetheless. And sorry doesn’t really cut it when you’ve missed out on two decades of life, a point he drives home when he informs her that his daughter, who was 14 when he was locked up, is no longer willing to speak to him. 

However, he can’t overlook the fact that he’s seeing the light of day once again because Lois chose to do the right thing and clear his name, ignoring every warning from Peia about how he’s the devil incarnate and the world is better with him behind bars. Lois knew that setting Lex free would likely unleash evil onto the world—including herself as he’s had two decades to plan his perfect revenge—but her journalistic integrity couldn’t let him sit behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit. She had to do the right thing and set the record straight. 

And now, with her decision to give in and give up her career in journalism, she’s making herself a target for Lex. 

As for Superman, well, he’s clearly someone that Lex has in his line of sight as well, otherwise he wouldn’t be risking it all to get his hands on Inverse Superman, who has really evolved into a creature of the night type monster thanks to Mannheim’s experimentation.

When Lex and his buddy Otis make their way down to the underground bunker once occupied by Mannheim, they find Inverse Superman literally gorging on rats—and he doesn’t waste time turning Otis into dinner. 

What’s Lex’s plan for Inverse Superman? Will he try to coach him into killing Superman?

Superman & Lois Review Season 3 Episode 12 Injustice

Superman & Lois — “Injustice” — Image Number: SML312fg_0018 — Pictured (L-R): Inde Navarrette as Sarah Cushing and Alex Garfin as Jordan Kent — Photo: The CW — © 2023 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Other Memorable Moments

  • Superhero or mere mortal, parenting teenagers—and all their raging hormones—is hard, and it didn’t go so well for Lois and Clark when Jordan disobeyed them and decided to go public with her alter-ego. He helped his dad stop a tornado, but instead of whizzing away before anyone saw him, he stuck around for a photo-op, proving that he’s absolutely careless about protecting his identity and superpowers. He doesn’t realize the weight of what he’s doing and rather, chasing the clout and trying to stroke his ego, which makes sense considering he’s always been pushed aside by the popular kids. However, I’m with Sarah on this one–he’s letting it get to his head and he’s losing the charm he once had in the process, including the level-headedness. Even his parents are stunned by his behavior and realize they have to rein him in before it’s too late. 
  • Jordan thinks that he’s so much smarter than everyone, but he failed to realize that the two Smallville encounters will prove that Superboy has a connection to the small town. If Junior put two and two together, it won’t be long before everyone else does. And then what? 
  • Can no one really see past the goggles? I know, I know, goggles are better than glasses! 
  • Clark, however, overstepped by going to talk to Kyle about treating Jon differently. He may have noticed his boss’ behavior changed upon learning the truth about his father’s identity, but if he wanted his dad to handle it, he would’ve asked him to. Clark’s decision to head over to the firehouse and ask Kyle to treat Jon like all the other guys simply proved Jon’s point about his father controlling his life. And, naturally, Kyle felt offended and took it out on Jon. Overall, it was messy and would’ve been better if Clark just let Jon handle his own problems. But what will come of it? At this point, it seems like the show doesn’t really know what to do with these two characters.  
  • The parents of Smallville are all really busy, but they still manage to meddle in their children’s problems all too often. Case and point: Lana telling Jordan’s parents that he was letting the powers get to his head. It further drove a rift between Jordan and Sarah, though, at this point, they really just need space from each other. 
  • Sarah decided she was over this version of herself, including the one who lied to everyone to keep Jordan’s secret, and she asked her mom to dye her hair, which was a cute bonding moment. I can’t wait to see how she changes it up.
  • Lois may be taking on a new villain in her life (an unwelcome distraction), but she’s still very much in the healing process from the cancer as it’s a full-time job. Maybe Lex is the push she needs to get back to her old self and regain the confidence and the fire. She was the Lois Lane when she didn’t even wince when confronting him on her front porch—a very targeted move on his part as he encroached onto her personal territory.
  • It’s also nice that amid all the drama and chaos that the series is introducing as it barrels toward a season finale, it isn’t losing sight of Lois’ health journey that’s been so crucial to the plot this season. 

What did you think of Lex Luthor’s arrival? Should Superman and Lois be scared? And who do you think his daughter is? How will she play into all of this?

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Superman & Lois

Is ‘Superman & Lois’ New Tonight? What We Know About Season 3 Episode 12



Superman and Lois Review Season 3 Episode 4 Too Close To Home

Superman & Lois will not be flying onto The CW tonight, June 13.

Fans looking for new episodes will have to wait a few extra weeks for Superman & Lois Season 3 Episode 12 as the drama announced a brief hiatus following the June 6 episode

The next episode will air next week on Tuesday, June 20, 2023. 

It will also mark the penultimate episode of the season, which means it’s the final episode before the show’s season finale. The previous episode, Superman & Lois Season 3 Episode 11 brought the Bruno Mannheim and Peia storyline to a close before introducing Lex Luthor, so it’s safe to say the series will be staring down DC Comic’s biggest villain to date.

The synopsis for “Injustice” reads: “Lois and Clark clash with Jordan over his carelessness around using his powers in public; after 17 years behind bars, Lex Luthor is set to be released from prison.”

Check out the promo teaser:

Luthor’s addition to the plot is likely the reason why The CW has decided to greenlight a shortened fourth and final season of Superman & Lois, allowing the writers to explore Luthor’s presence in the lives of our superheroes—both with powers and without—and wrap up the storyline without leaving fans hanging. 

Superman & Lois Season 4 will return for 10 action-packed episodes. 

There’s no bigger showdown than Superman and Lex, and it’s exciting to know that the upcoming episode next week will be the beginning of it and that we’ll be able to see it all the way through to the end, with a fitting and proper conclusion. 

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