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Superman & Lois The Best of Smallville Season 1 Episode 5 Superman & Lois The Best of Smallville Season 1 Episode 5

Superman & Lois

Superman & Lois Spring Finale Review – The Best of Smallville (1×05)

Superman & Lois -- "The Best of Smallville" -- Image Number: SML105a_0360r.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent and Bitsie Tulloch as Lois Lane -- Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW -- © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.Photo Credit: Bettina Strauss



Celebrating the best of Smallville led to some pretty major moments on Superman & Lois Season 1 Episode 5. 

While a spring finale after just five episodes is definitely premature, The CW is making way for the return of the final season of Supergirl

But before the hiatus — which will carry us into May 18 — the series left us on some shocking cliffhangers about Morgan Edge, Captain Luthor, and Tag Ellis.

When Derek Powell, the missing son of Sharon Powell mysteriously returned, Lois Lane was convinced that it had Morgan Edge’s name is written all over.

And she wasn’t wrong. 

After Derek causes a fire that destroyed all the donations for Harvest Fest, Chrissy proved that Edge was involved by tracking down the suspect and spotting him making out with Leslie Larr a.k.a Edge’s right-hand gal. 

You’ve got to hand it to Chrissy for following the lead just like Lois Lane would. I was scared that she was going to get caught, but I’m glad that she was able to successfully get the scoop as it helped them uncover that Larr was working with a machine that gave Derek, who claimed to be resurrected, Kryptonian-like powers.

There was a strange interaction between Clark and Derek as he knew Superman’s real name and said that “you’re not alone anymore.” Lois mentioned that it likely wasn’t even Derek anymore, but if so, that means that Edge is using the bodies of his miners to plot some kind of alien invasion from planet Krypton?

At least, that’s how I’m interpreting it. How else would they know so much about him… and claim to be one of him?

On Superman Season 1 Episode 4, audiences learned that Edge and Larr were mining X-Kryptonite, however, now Lois and Clark have been able to piece together that whatever weird experiment is happening here, it’s connected to the mines.

This is crucial in establishing just what’s going on in the small town. 

Of course, Edge tried to cover it all up by throwing money at the problem, and while it didn’t fool Lois and her small team, it sure had everyone in town looking the other way. Even Lana seems to have come around to the idea that Edge is just “trying to help.”

While there was definitely more Superman action in the spring finale than in previous episodes, YA drama remained at the forefront with Jordan and Jonathan trying to navigate being teenagers. 

Unsurprising, Jonathan finally cracked. It’s about time. His life was uprooted when they moved to Smallville, and he’s the only one who hasn’t really found his footing just yet. Losing his girlfriend was the last straw and caused him to have a bit of a meltdown.

Thankfully, everyone was ready to call him out on his actions, even if Clark Kent wasn’t willing to dole out a proper punishment. 

Sarah, in particular, didn’t let him get away with his drunk behavior as she was having enough problems at home, and honestly, I love how fearless she is and how she’s not afraid to tackle issues. 

Superman & Lois The Best of Smallville Season 1 Episode 5

Superman & Lois — “The Best of Smallville” — Image Number: SML105b_0056r.jpg — Pictured: Wolé Parks as Captain Luthor — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.Photo Credit: Bettina Strauss

I have no doubt that Jonathan will find his path in life, he just has to be willing to let go of his past. And I’m still waiting for his powers to manifest. 

Jordan’s life may finally be falling into place, even if Sarah did decide that she just wanted to be friends for now, but his situation with Tag is far from ideal. 

It’s not as big of a cliffhanger as the Luthor reveal — which I’ll get to in a minute — because you know Superman is going to come to Jordan’s aide, but it does put into question what’s happening with Tag and how he got out of his super-school in the first place. 

Clark said that Jordan didn’t have anything to do with Tag’s powers, but could the explosion have led to Tag getting the same powers that Derek absorbed?

As for Captain Luthor, we finally found out what his motivation for pursuing Superman is and it turns out, it’s love. 

It’s always love! 

Luthor approached Lois and pretended to be a business reporter from Reuters who wanted to collaborate on a story, but in reality, he was hoping to get close to Superman.

Turns out that in his world, he and Lois were married! 

In a brief flashback sequence, we see Luthor going off to war as Lois kisses him goodbye and pleads with him to come back safely.

Even when his little Alexa/Siri-inspired super computer informs him that this Lois isn’t like his Lois, Luthor is too riled up to care. 

Talk about a messy love triangle, am I right?!

While this is bound to create some tension, Luthor seems like a smart and reasonable man, so I’m hoping that once he gets a grip on reality and realizes that this Superman isn’t as dark and evil as the one on his world, maybe they’ll team up and form an alliance? It would be nice to have a hero version of Luthor for once. 

Other Musings

  • Lana seems to be back to normal and seeing right through Kyle’s crap again. 
  • Kyle is still disappointing the family, though, I’d argue that drinking after your best friend and partner almost dies is slightly justified. 
  • Will Kyle try to figure out where the frost came from?
  • Lana honored Clark’s mother, Martha Kent, with her own bench, which was a sweet touch and a reminder of why Clark thinks so highly of this town.
  • I’m still laughing at them comparing Smallville’s Harvest Fest to Burning Man! 

What did you think of the episode?

Sound off in the comments section below, and we’ll see you May 18th! 

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Superman & Lois

Superman & Lois Review – Morgan Edge’s Plan Finally Revealed (1×04)



Superman & Lois Review Haywire Season 1 Episode 4

Clark Kent was pulled in various directions on Superman Season 1 Episode 4.

He was conflicted between being Superman, a father, and a husband. The fact of the matter is, he can’t be all three things… not at once, at least. 

Kent is very much aware that being a parent and having a career is quite the juggling act, and he’s proven that he’s up to the task. 

Since moving to Smallville, he prioritized being a father and even got involved as a coach for the football team. 

But there’s something to be said for trying to be all things at once — you end up falling short in every aspect. 

Thaddeus Killgrave, a psycho killer, was able to plan a whole attack on Superman because he noticed that he’s been taking a bit of a break from Metropolis, which meant that he was not only distracted but vulnerable. 

It’s not good when you’re enemies begin picking up on your weaknesses.

However, being a father also gave Superman the jolt of power and energy needed to overcome Killgrave. When he heard that his kids were in danger, he wasted no time mustering up the strength to defeat the villain who was keeping him away from his boys.

And while Kent couldn’t keep his promise to Lois and skipped out on the town hall meeting that gave Morgan Edge the rights to the mine, he did try to make it up to her by prioritizing date night. 

But how long can Superman truly keep this up?

He may have neutralized Killgrave, but General Lane is right in warning him that there’s still another villain out there that wants him dead. 

While Lane may have overstepped by informing Jordan and Jon not to waste their father’s time, I don’t think it’s completely out of bounds to expect them to understand that their father has other obligations and priorities. 

It’s clear that Kent will be there for them as much as he can, but sometimes, the world needs him more. 

He has to pick and choose his battles very carefully. 

However, that inner struggle is one of the most human things about Kent, and it’s the heart of a series that aims to showcase him as more than just a superhero — he’s also a super dad. 

Killgraves seemed like a promising villain, but the series seems to be falling into the trap of other Arrowverse shows that don’t give deserving foes an arc. 

Maybe he’ll come into play at a later time, but for a scientific supergenius who was able to create two incredibly powerful devices, Superman took him down without breaking much of a sweat. 

After being told to let Clark prioritize his duties as Superman, Jon and Jordan tried to take care of Tag themselves when he began exhibiting super-human powers. And it almost got them killed.

Superman & Lois Review Haywire Season 1 Episode 4

Superman & Lois — “Haywire” — Image Number: SML104a_0090r.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Stacey Farber as Leslie Larr and Adam Rayener as Morgan Edge — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Jordan thought his heat vision explosion caused Tag’s spazzes, but apparently, there was another material present that activated his meta-human development. It’s unclear if that’s the end of that story or if we’ll see Tag again… maybe when Jordan gets enrolled in that special school (the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted from Legacies, anyone?)? It’s a strange thing to mention if there’s no intention of ever bringing it up again, don’t you think?

Lois Lane once again proved that she’s absolutely fearless with or without Clark by her side to offer protection.

Not only did she confront her father about his lackluster parenting skills and told him that he’ll no longer be welcome in their home if he keeps trying to interfere, but she also confronted Morgan Edge about trying to silence her. 

She may not have been able to publish her scathing expose of Edge or stop him from getting control of the town, but she made sure he knew that she wouldn’t be intimidated into backing down. 

Of course, Edge didn’t seem all that concerned because his plan is already in motion. After winning the people’s vote, Edge and his sidekick Lesla-Lar took to their newly acquired mine and revealed it contains enough X-Kryptonite to resurrect an army. X-Kryptonite is a variant of kryptonite that temporarily gives non-Kryptonians the power of a Kryptonian. In other words, Edge wants to build an army of Kryptonian soldiers to… do what exactly? Take on Superman? Destroy him? Gain control of the world?

Edge’s motivations become even more concerning when it comes to Lana. He took a vested interest in her at the football field and became even more enamored when he found out she was “one of his” aka she worked at his bank. 

His attempts to woe her during dinner were borderline creepy and uncomfortable — and I’m glad she called out Kyle for not even batting an eyelash — but the comment he made to Lesla-Lar about there being “enough willing candidates” because he has an “eye for talent” seems to confirm the speculation that Lana was drugged while taking that shot during girl’s night with Lois. 

Not only was the camera-angle telling, but Lana’s lovey-dovey attitude towards Kyle the next morning was questionable. This is a woman who has been pretty vocal feeling like she’s trapped in her marriage. She hasn’t been afraid to call out her husband at every turn, and Sarah has made plenty of comments about them sleeping in separate rooms. Why was she all of a sudden so smitten with him when he made pancakes? I mean, dinosaur pancakes are legit but come on. Even Sarah was weirded out by their unusual PDA. There’s something strange going on here, and Lana’s love is anything but “willing.”

And then there’s General Lane, who may not fully be in Clark and Lois’ corner after all. He’s seen mulling over what Captain Luthor told him about Superman’s future (aka dark Superman) and enacted a contingency plan called Project 7734. But the bigger question is — does he remember anything about 7734? His lack of loyalty is concerning, but it’s the only hope we have of getting answers about Luthor, who has been on the backburner for two of the four episodes this season! The search for Kryptonite is bound to bring him to Smallville though, right?

To sum it up: Morgan Edge is a creep who is planning to build a powerful army in Smallville and has blinded people with false hopes of a better future and more jobs, Superman/Clark Kent is juggling all of his responsibilities and unintentionally letting people down, Lana might be under some spell to do Edge’s bidding (which really puts a damper on a girl’s night that found two women connecting, discussing their love lives, and uplifting each other), General Lane’s personal and professional relationship with the Kent’s/Superman may be on thin ice, and Jon and Jordan are still just trying to find their groove in Smallville. Also, I have no choice but to agree with Jon that while it’s great Jordan is finally happy and feels like he fits in, it comes at the expense of all the other players who don’t have superpowers. 

What did you think of the episode? Are you ready for the mini-season finale next week? 

Sound off in the comments below, Cravers! 

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Superman & Lois

Superman & Lois – The Perks of Not Being a Wallflower (1×03)



Superman & Lois The Perks of Not Being a Wallflower Review Season 1 Episode 3

Parenting is a universal struggle… just ask Superman. 

But sometimes, with a little help from your other son, you get it right. 

Smallville is proving to be good for the Kent family. Though they had some initial rough patches while settling in — Lois couldn’t get any locals to open up to her about Morgan Edge, the boys were being bullied by the football team — by the end of the hour, it all cleared up and set the scene for some promising moments to come. 

Jordan might not possess all the powers as his father does, but he was a hero by simply standing up to his bullies and forcing them to confront him. His super strength definitely played a role, but Jordan didn’t just attack the bullies in the hallway. Instead, he channeled it all into beating them on the field. By showing them he was stronger, he put them in their place and earned their respect. You can’t hold that against him. 

The addition of the powers allows the show to give a new take on everyday problems.

In the process, Jordan also found something that he enjoyed doing and that brought him purpose. He was always in his brother’s shadow, but now, he gets to have something to call his own.

Of course, one would assume that Jordan’s football career might not sit well with Jonathan, who was always the football star in the family, but aside from his “football is my thing” comment, Jon was mostly supportive.

He even vouched for Jordan when Clark found out about his new hobby and wanted to shut it down out of fear that his powers would get the best of him.

“What’s the point of being special if you’re not allowed to be special,” Jon told Clark. 

It’s refreshing to see Jon support his brother rather than go down the route of sibling rivalry and jealousy that we’re so used to seeing on television these days. It shows Jon’s maturity. He didn’t even hold it against his brother when coach made him run laps. 

It also wasn’t entirely fair for Clark to squash Jordan’s dreams simply because of what might happen because of the powers. 

They don’t even know the extent of Jordan’s powers just yet, but it’s safe to say the only time they’ve ever been a problem is when he’s pushed to the edge. Making friends with the bullies might actually work in his favor. 

Things with Sarah are also looking up. She broke up with Sean, finally, and her flirting with Jordan is so innocent and adorable. 

A relationship with her might be more dangerous than anything else because I can see Jordan struggling to keep his powers a secret from her.

And while Sarah might be understanding, her father, Kyle, likely wouldn’t be if she ever accidentally told him the truth.  

A good chunk of the episode focused on Jordan and Jonathan’s high school antics, which is understandable considering this is a CW show. I didn’t mind it, but I once again found myself more intrigued by Lois’s pursuit of Morgan Edge. 

A lead came to Lois in the form of a mother looking to find out what happened to her son. While Chrissy, the Smallville Gazette’s editor, questioned Sharon Powell’s story, Lois knew in her gut that it was a story she needed to pursue. 

She’s been on edge about Edge (pun intended) since day one, so if there’s a story there, you can be sure Lois will get to the bottom of it. 

In fact, Edge figured that much was true by blowing up her car. If there was no merit to Sharon’s claims, Edge wouldn’t have gone through the trouble of blowing up her car. Who else loved Clark’s “this isn’t your first Molotov cocktail” comment? Lois is such a badass. 

Superman & Lois The Perks of Not Being a Wallflower Review Season 1 Episode 3

Superman & Lois — “The Perks of Not Being a Wallflower” — Image Number: SML103a_0005r.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Alexander Garfin as Jordan Kent and Jordan Elsass as Jonathan Kent — Photo: Dean Katie Yu/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Edge hoped the car explosion would stop Lois from pursuing the story and digging deeper, but they clearly have no idea who they’re messing with. 

When she arrived at Sharon’s motel that evening, it had been ransacked and the man who was spying on her earlier was there to take care of her.

Too bad he didn’t know that Superman would also be there in a split second. Seriously, I know he has super speed but wow. No one messes with his lady. 

The Morgan Edge case got even more interesting when it was revealed that one of his henchmen is really powerful… almost more powerful than Superman. 

Of course, this begs the question: what is Morgan Edge really into? It has to be more than just manipulating and using the people living in small towns. 

Chrissy was right — Lois doesn’t have to do much to seek out the stories, they find her!

My theory is that Morgan Edge recruits desperate men in town to become miners and then offers the most loyal and dedicated ones an “opportunity of a lifetime” that ends up costing them their life. Say someone like Kyle, who eagerly defends Edge at every turn. 

When they sign the contract, they basically sign an NDNA. It’s also possible that his hitman is one of the missing miners and has undergone some kind of experiment that gave him his super strength. 

Regardless, Morgan Edge is bad news. And Smallville is lucky that Lois is on the case! 

There’s also something more sinister at play because Edge’s all-powerful man was taken out by a woman with “heat vision.” And yeah, that looked awfully similar to Jordan’s powers. 

Who is she working for?

There wasn’t any mention of Luthor, which wasn’t great for continuity’s sake, but it also wasn’t too big of an issue as the episode focused on other storylines introduced in the first two episodes.

Superman & Lois is an ambitious show that’s not only tackling the superhero-aspect but also layering plenty of family drama,  so it’s understandable that they won’t always be able to fit everything in. 

Still, the series has a distinct style and offers plenty to keep you intrigued. 

Maybe Luthor is somehow connected to what’s happening with Edge? It’s too soon in the series to tell how things are going to pan out in Smallville. 

Other Moments

  • Sarah isn’t hiding behind the “always happy” facade that her mother puts up in public, and again, it’s refreshing to see a young girl acknowledge that life isn’t always perfect. She allows herself to feel real emotions and not bottle them up inside, which is something Lana will hopefully benefit from. There’s something to be said about being raised to “never let them see the hurt,” but this new generation isn’t interested in playing that game. The mother-daughter heart-to-heart was the first step towards a better relationship. 
  • Jon and Jordan didn’t take well to their dad spying on them, and it seems neither did Lois in the beginning. And for good reason as it’s quite the invasion of privacy. I’m glad they came around, forgave him, and worked out an agreement. If they need him, they can always press a button and summon him. 
  • There’s honestly nothing better than geeky father Clark Kent. He really sold the act of carrying the water cooler!  

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments. 

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Superman & Lois

Superman & Lois Review – Embracing Krypton’s Heritage (1×02)



Superman & Lois Heritage Season 1 Episode 2 Review

After a solid pilot, Superman & Lois Season 1 Episode 2 picks up with the Clark, Lois, and the family putting down their roots in Smallville. 

And despite trying their best, they’re having a hard time flying under the radar – pun intended.

If they keep this up, Clark Kent’s glasses won’t be able to hide the “S” on his chest for much longer.

Initially, the twins brought attention to themselves by surviving two near-death experiences in a short period of time. Jonathan’s first day at his new high school doesn’t go any better as the football team is hellbent on destroying his life and making him pay the price for his brother’s decision to smooch Sarah.

It’s all very juvenile, which is the point – this is high school, and high school kids are mean bullies. 

Jonathan has made plenty of sacrifices for Jordan, the biggest one is uprooting his whole life and moving to Smallville. I’m surprised he didn’t make a bigger fuss about it, but it seems as though we may have misjudged Jon a bit at first. He wants his brother to succeed and find his place in the world, even if it pains him to see him get to go flying with dad while he gets the short-end-of-the-stick. 

However, it’s Jordan’s time to shine, and for a while, it seems like he’s genuinely embracing the idea of his new abilities. 

Clark struggles to figure out what his son needs. Parenting stumps the best of us – even superheroes don’t have all the answers when it comes to raising their kids and doing right by them.

But he’s trying, and that has to count for something.

Clark takes him to the fortress so that he can learn all about his Kryptonian heritage, but when the hologram of his grandfather (hologramp!) informs Kal-L that Jordan doesn’t have the strength to manifest his powers on command, it sets Jordan back again. 

As Jordan doubts himself, Jonathan promises to help him figure out what’s going because he believes he’s different. And it’s a good thing that they aren’t giving up because personally, I wouldn’t take the word of a hologram. 

This is also the first time we see the brothers get along despite their contrasting personalities; the progress is promising. 

We’ve already seen two instances – both of which Jordan was put into fight or flight mode – where he’s activated his powers. 

Maybe they’ll only bubble up to the surface when he’s in distress or worried about someone he loves? Whatever it is, it’s going to be exciting to explore what exactly it is that makes Jordan special. 

For now, he’s back to navigating the complex realities of being a teenager while crushing on the popular girl that’s just beyond his reach. 

To be fair, he didn’t get the wrong impression as Sarah continues to give off the vibe that she’s smitten with him. 

Jonathan was right when he asked her what she sees in a bully like Sean… especially when she’s clearly formed an emotional attachment to Jordan. They have a lot in common and their conversations flow naturally. 

It’s hard to root for her and Sean when we haven’t seen much of him or these redeeming qualities she speaks of.

The bullies were out in full swing in the second installment as Superman continued his battle with Captain Luthor, who we now know is Alex Luthor. 

We learn that he wants Superman to pay for destroying his Earth the way he did Krypton.

At first, it’s unclear what he means by that considering Superman literally drops everything to save the people of this Earth, but once he reconnects with General Sam of the DOD, we see that Luthor believes this Earth’s Superman is just as dark and dangerous as the Evil Superman on his planet who tried to kill him and that reality’s General Sam along with other soldiers.

Will the series explore multiple worlds and Earth’s? 

Lois and Edge’s rivalry comes to a head in a gripping way, and honestly, I’m more invested in this storyline than I am Superman vs. Luthor. 

Superman & Lois Heritage Season 1 Episode 2 Review

Superman & Lois — “Heritage” — Image Number: SML102d_0009r.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Bitsie Tulloch as Lois Lane and Adam Rayner as Morgan Edge — Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Edge is hailed by locals as a hero – including by Lana’s husband Kyle – because he’s one of the few who have taken an interest in a withering town by promising to bring back jobs. Yet, Lois remains unconvinced by the “broken promises” and calls him out publicly during a City Hall meeting, which again, alienates her from the locals and paints her as a villain.

Kyle is of the mindset that any job is better than no job even if it’s underpaid, but Lois isn’t a fan of the Edge’s blatant attempt at hiring desperate people for cheap labor. 

These days, you can see both sides of the coin. People who have been out of work will take any income and any job even if it’s demeaning, but there’s nothing wrong with Lois trying to fight for a better life and better wages. 

She’s not against the people of Smallville. In fact, it’s the opposite as she wants better for them and believes that the town shouldn’t be wrapped up in a greedy man’s plans. 

But Edge knows all the right things to have people hanging onto his last word, especially a group of people who want to believe that there’s someone out there who has their best interest at heart. Plus, Edge is the only one delivering “solutions” at this point. 

And Kyle still holds a grudge against Clark for “abandoning” the town. 

Of course, we’ll eventually hit a point where Edge rips off the mask and his true intentions begin to show.

Lois’s decision to publish her scathing piece of Edge in the Smallville Gazette likely won’t sit well with her neighbors either.

It’s telling how money controls the media. After Edge bought out the Daily Planet, her unbiased reporting wasn’t welcome anymore and she had to find independent sources to report the truth, which should actually tell Kyle everything he needs to know about the kind of man Edge is. If he has nothing to hide, why not allow your best reporter to publish her piece and prove her wrong?

When Edge rewrite Lois’s piece to paint himself in a “better light,” she one-ups him and quits as the series emphasizes that’s she’s every bit the unshakeable badass that her reputation would have you believe.

She’s going to be a great addition to the Smallville Gazette, and I’m eager to see what she and former one-woman show, Chrissy, are able to accomplish. 

These days, the journalist/reporter job falls into many cliches that include inaccurate and glamorous portrayals on shows like The Bold Type and even Supergirl at times, though they did make a valid point by showcasing that these money-hungry companies truly only care about pageviews and focus on clickbait. 

However, it’s refreshing to see two women who care about journalistic integrity lead the charge and restore the belief that media can make a change when it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. 

The moral of the story? Don’t mess with Lois! 

Do you think her role will cause problems for the family as they settle into town?

And in a side-note, am I the only one that found it weird that Lois has to continuously explain to the twins that their dad had to go take care of something? Now that they know he’s Superman, they know he’s out saving the world. Why would they be mad he skipped a barbecue to do something meaningful?

He can’t just abandon the world. Shouldn’t they be proud instead of constantly thinking they’re the ones being abandoned all the time?

What did you think of the second episode? Are you hooked on Superman & Lois? What do you think of Luthor?

Let us know in the comments below! 

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