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Superman & Lois Review - The Eradicator Season 1 Episode 14 Superman & Lois Review - The Eradicator Season 1 Episode 14

Superman & Lois

Superman & Lois Review – Morgan Edge Kidnaps One of the Kent Boys (1×14)

Superman & Lois -- "The Eradicator" -- Image Number: SML114a_0320r.jpg -- Pictured: Tyler Hoechlin as Superman -- Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW -- © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved



It was only a matter of time before Morgan Edge, who has now morphed fully into the Eradicator, went after one of the Kent boys. 

Superman is nearly indestructible, but he has one weakness that Edge is privy to — he has a family that he would do anything for. 

This can be used against him, and it also has the potential to manipulate his actions.

It’s why he keeps his identity a secret so that no one can have any leverage over him.

But the show is just as much about the Kent boys as it is about their father, so it only makes sense that they’d be roped into the dangers of his “career” at every turn.

On the penultimate episode of Superman & Lois Season 1, the stakes were raised when Edge kidnapped Jordan, the Kent boy that was exhibiting Kryptonian powers, and used his body as a vessel to bring back his father, Zeta Rho.

Crazy, right?

Poor Jordan just can’t catch a break. 

This seemed to be the first phase of Edge’s meticulous plan. In fact, the whole attack on Metropolis (and yes, I did notice that they tried to pass off a shot of Chicago — which is supposed to be Gotham — as Metropolis) was staged solely to throw Superman, Lois, the DOD, and John Henry off his scent.

He knew that attacking the major city would draw out the group and thus leave the Clark boys unprotected. 

And while they did have General Lane with them for the ride, he didn’t stand a chance against Edge. That should tell you exactly how dangerous he is! 

I was hoping that maybe Jordan would tap into his powers and fight back against Edge, which would inform Sarah of his capabilities, but he seemed to succumb to the villain immediately. 

At least he told her he loves her. 

Jonathan managed to remember to keep his father’s secret even in such a dire time and told Sarah to run off and get Kyle. 

Listen, if you’ve ever driven through a small town that consists of farms and cornfields, you know that the nearest house isn’t for miles. 

Where was Sarah supposed to run in the dead of night? Were they by her house? What was Kyle going to do anyway? Ridiculous, Jonathan. 

This moment was vital in underscoring how important it is for the boys to be equipped to fight off any evil that might target them. 

Lois and Clark want to spare the boys from getting too involved in anything dangerous and keep reminding them to focus on high school things, but the truth of the matter is that they could get ambushed pretty much anywhere at any time. 

This was proof. If they can’t fight back, they’re sitting ducks. 

Jonathan was right in wanting to learn from John Henry. They need to be able to defend themselves and their loved ones at the slightest turn of events in the instance that Superman is unavailable. 

Jordan ended up being the victim, but it was a close call for Lois Lane, whose death almost paralleled Lois’s death on John’s planet. On that planet, she was killed on national television by an Evil Superman, but this time, the threat was posed by Larra.

Thankfully, John, who was unable to save his Lois, was able to redeem himself by saving this planet’s Lois with his Thor-like hammer. 

He. Never. Misses!

It may not bring his wife back, but I’m sure Lois is beyond thankful that he came through for her.

Who knew John would be such a blessing in disguise? 

I don’t have that he’s Superman’s right-hand man in this fight. I really don’t. 

He has the brains also as he was able to figure out that Edge must’ve turned himself into the Eradicator.

There were a few B-plots that permeated the episode, including Smallville’s downfall post-Edge and the townspeople turning on the DOD.

Both of those things were connected as the townspeople felt as though the DOD was an occupying force that was driving away business. 

Trust was also broken amongst everyone, so it was no longer the tight-knit community it once was, which convinced Lana and Kyle to put their house up for sale and look for a fresh start. 

Is it understandable? Totally. Their names have been tainted in town. Kyle, who was once a fire chief, was now being looked down upon. 

However, since we know that they won’t actually leave the show, it’s hard to put any stock into the “we’re moving” storyline. 

Superman & Lois Review - The Eradicator Season 1 Episode 14

Superman & Lois — “The Eradicator” — Image Number: SML114c_0070r.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Inde Navarrette as Sarah Cushing and Alexander Garfin as Jordan Kent — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

And even so, with everything going on, a long-distance relationship for Sarah and Jordan is the least of their worries right now.

The Clark and the Lane Cushing family’s are forever intertwined now because of their children. 

What happens to Jordan affects Sarah and vice-versa. The series used the “best friend” card when it came to Clark and Lana, which was rare. It was easy to forget that these two were besties this season as Lana mostly dealt with Lois. 

However, I think everyone is going to ask a lot of questions about why Jordan was targeted by Edge.

Mostly Sarah since she seems to be the one that is most observant.

The warning about mixing business with pleasures takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to the Kent family. 

General Lane couldn’t even be honest with the people of Smallville because revealing the truth about Edge also revealed their family secrets. 

It’s all too closely connected, and someone is bound to figure it out. 

Jordan’s love life isn’t the only one flourishing as Jonathan and Tegan finally connected. Turns out that under that bitchy exterior is a down-to-earth girl with plenty of secrets of her own. 

Tegan briefly mentioned that she moved to Smallville with her mom after her dad went to jail, so I’m wondering if we’ll dive deeper into that storyline or if it was simply meant to create a connection between her and Jon.

Once again, however, the relationship plot fell flat amidst all the action.

What did you think of the penultimate episode? Do you think Superman has a chance at getting Jordan back safe and sound? Or will he forever be affected by this experience? 

Let us know in the comments, Cravers. We’ll see you next week for the Superman & Lois Season 1 finale! 

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Superman & Lois

Superman & Lois Review – 30 Days and 30 Nights (2×09)



Superman & Lois Review 30 Days and 30 Nights Season 2 Episode 9

The world has another superhero, but he doesn’t quite have a name yet.

On Superman & Lois Season 2 Episode 9, Jordan was activated to not only save Mr. Cushing from a burning fire, but also to protect his mother and grandad during their investigation into X-Kryptonite. 

You would think that the former head of the DOD would be a little more cautious and not as easily caught while snooping around a drug facility, but here we are. 

Superman’s absence spelled disaster for the world — now they see how much heavy-lifting Man of Steel actually does on a daily basis to keep them safe — but it made way for Jordan to step up and step into his powers in a way that he likely never would have if his father was around. The absence of one superhero called for another one. 

Henry Irons was doing his best, but as he saw firsthand, it’s hard juggling the responsibilities of being a superhero and a parent. 

Thankfully, Jordan has been training in secret with his grandfather this whole time, so while he was slightly out of his element, he was at least prepared for battle even if Lois Lane’s motherly instincts were to protect her baby boy at all costs. 

Lois’ reaction to Jordan attempting to fill the void left by his father is understandable from a parenting standpoint, especially as she has no idea where her husband is or if he’s still alive after chasing Ally Allston into some portal/wormhole in an attempt to stop her.

However, it’s not a realistic reaction considering Jordan’s genetics and powers. He’s not just a normal teenager — he’s superhuman. And the son of Superman kind of has an obligation to protect. 

Of course, he’s also a teen, so there’s definitely a need to keep him in line so he doesn’t get ahead of himself and get hurt. Jordan is still figuring out his powers, so he has to be cautious. Lois needs to support him stepping into this new phase in his life while also tip toeing the line of being his mother and keeping his out of harm’s way. 

That being said, I’m really eager to see what Jordan’s abilities are moving forward, how he handles this huge responsibility, and what the fallout will be from his breakup with Sarah.

Even though it’s so easy to blame Sarah for being unreasonable, the truth is that she has no idea what Jordan is dealing with. She keeps asking him for honesty and transparency, and he keeps telling her that “he can’t,” so she just sees him being flakey and unsupportive. 

It’s not a great to feel as though you are second-best, so Sarah has finally decided to put herself first. 

It’s heartbreaking but also to be expected. Jordan has a lot on his plate now, but he’s not exactly at a point where it makes sense to tell Sarah the truth. 

As they say, with great power comes great responsibility… and a lot of heartache. 

Though, in your formative years, heartache is simply bottled up and fused to further motivate, so I think it might actually be a productive breakup in Jordan’s case. 

We also have to remember that this is a small town, so I don’t think Jordan and Sarah’s storyline is over just yet.

Secrets have always caused some turmoil for the Kent family, and as the boys get older, it’s only becoming more complex. 

Also, someone needs to get Jordan a proper suit. He cannot just be using his hood as a cover! 

Speaking of secrets, Jonathan finally came clean about who the X-K dealer was but only because it almost killed Mr. Cushing. 

Jonathan’s dedication to Candace is admirable. Lois might be annoyed by the fact that he won’t give someone up to protect himself, but when she realized it was his girlfriend, I think she began to understand that she actually raised a really decent and caring kid. 

After promising Candace immunity, she came forward about everything she knew about X-K, which definitely came in handy, but I don’t think they are protecting her enough. Allowing her to walk home alone through the dark streets seems negligent considering how much information she possesses about the drug and its makers. 

I really thought she was going to get attacked when she left Jonathan, so I’m glad that wasn’t the case. 

As for Jonathan, his “headaches” were caused by the fact that his other verse doppelgänger arrived with some news about Clark: he was too late. 

The other Jonathan, if you will, is much darker and rocks a leather jacket, which I’m totally digging. 

Of course, his arrival spells trouble for this world’s Superman. Does he mean he was too late to stop Ally? And what happens now?

For a moment, I thought the high pitched ringing meant that Jonathan was also exhibiting delayed powers, but that’s just wishful thinking on my part because I really want Jonathan to be superhuman as well.

It was such an action-packed episode concerning the Kent family, but it was also really pivotal for the Lang-Cushing family as Lana won the race and became Smallville’s newest Mayor!

Finally, someone who has the people’s best interest at heart! 

Lana is the perfect fit for Mayor, however, it makes me wonder whether or not she’ll be more clued into the happening’s at the Kent farm. 

It was also heartbreaking that Kyle wasn’t by her side when she got the news, but the saying “you made your bed, now you have to sleep in it” comes to mind. 

It’s clear that Lana still cares, but she cannot get invested or look after her husband anymore because it’s too hard; she has to keep moving forward. 

However, nice that Sarah has found it in her to remove herself from the drama and simply be a daughter to them both.

Henry and Natalie also had a hard episode as they dealt with the anniversary of Lois’s death. Obviously, Natalie was hurt that it seemed as though her father completely forgot about her mother, but again, when you’re trying to move on, sitting and sulking isn’t productive. 

Though I’m glad that he finally acknowledged that he would always love Lois regardless of how much time passed. Celebrating her memory with waffles was perfect.

Also, do you think a romance is brewing between Henry and Lana? Because if that’s the case, she’s definitely going to learn all about Superman’s inner circle! 

Thoughts on the episode? What do you think Ally accomplished? Will Superman find his way back? Has no time passed in his world?

Are you digging Jordan’s powers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Superman & Lois

Superman & Lois Review – Tried and True (2×06)



Superman & Lois Review Tried and True Season 2 Episode 6

Anderson is definitely going to regret that, right?

Who in their right mind thinks it’s a good idea to make an enemy out of Superman?

But that’s the problem with egos — they make you do some pretty non-sensical things to prove a point. 

Anderson’s behavior never warranted Superman’s trust. Trust is something that needs to be earned, and at every turn, Anderson pushed back against Superman. And then he was surprised that Superman decided to operate on his own terms. 

Anderson clearly has to be the problem considering Superman’s longstanding relationship with General Lane. 

Of course, when Anderson felt like Superman was withholding information from him and not being forthcoming with Bizzaro’s location, he decided to try him for treason, which, again, seems like a poor decision. 

It’s not like imprisoning Superman is going to make him crack. And time is running out to stop the real enemy – Ally Alston. 

I love that Superman’s enemy is also his wife’s enemy. It’s really great when a husband and wife can put up a united front. 

Ally is dangerous for all the reasons Lois listed in her expose, particularly, for being a cult leader, but if Bizzaro is to be believed, she’s also plotting something much more sinister. 

Superman hoped to get the pendant from Anderson in order to destroy it so that Ally can’t use it. According to Bizzaro, the pendent elevates her to god status and allows her to merge with her other self, which, in turn, can send them all into oblivion. 

It seems like a credible threat. 

Never trust a lady who thinks it’s okay to drug people for the greater good. 

If what Bizzaro is saying is true, Ally hasn’t lied to Lucy at all about the inverse, but she’s also not being completely honest about her plans either. And that means Lois is right — Lucy is definitely in danger. They all are. 

It doesn’t seem like they’ll be able to stop Ally with Superman in custody, and I wonder if that means that the responsibility will fall squarely on Jordan’s shoulders. 

There was plenty of sibling rivalry at the forefront of this episode. 

Lucy and Lois tried to agree to disagree, but there’s just too much bad blood between them. Technically, they are both right, but they refuse to see the other side of the coin. 

And, eventually, Lucy is either going to get dragged down with Ally, or she’s going to admit that Lois has had her back this whole time. 

I hope it’s the latter because it was nice to see their sisterly bonding for the first time ever. 

Meanwhile, Jordan and Jonathan butted heads over their powers. Jordan was geeked when he found out that Jon’s powers came in, but when his brother kept pushing him away at every turn, he realized something was definitely off. 

When he saw the inhaler, he was suspicious, but the rumors about Timmy huffing X-Kryptonite confirmed his fears. 

Jon turned into a worse version of himself when Jordan confronted him about it, which was deeply upsetting. Jordan never asked to be the “chosen one” with powers, and he simply wanted the best for his brother, yet Jon can’t accept feeling inferior. 

The fact that Timmy was caught and the police are involved is concerning for Jonathan, especially since it seems like most people know he’s been using performance enhancing drugs. 

And the fact that he basically cheated his way into a win takes away all the joy of actually winning. He didn’t “earn it” like his father pointed out, and that’s disappointing. 

I strongly believe Jon is going to get him powers one of these days, so I’m hoping that happens! 

There was no word about John Henry Lyons, but I’m hoping that he survives the whole ordeal and comes out stronger for the final battle against Ally. 

Also, did anyone catch that in Bizzaro’s inverse, Lana was some kind of superhero?!

In real life, she’s also one but without the costume.

Lana dealt with the fallout of Kyle’s cheating, and while it was heartbreaking, she knew that this was the moment to really figure out how to move forward. 

Should she forgive him? Can she forgive him? Can she move on and pretend like it never happened?

I definitely think that Lana likely would’ve given Kyle a second chance if she hadn’t spoken with Tonya. However, her chat with the “mistress” made her realize that Kyle only stopped the affair after Sarah’s accident. 

If she hadn’t almost died, it’s likely that Kyle would’ve continued on with his cheating with zero regard for his family. 

And he also did it to save his family but no necessarily his marriage. 

It’s not something any woman wants to admit to herself, but it was important for Lana to finally make herself the main character in the narrative. 

She has always put her daughters and her husband first, and clearly, it’s time that she becomes her own priority. 

I liked Lana and Kyle together, but there’s no coming back from cheating. What’s done is done. If Lana finds it in her heart to forgive him somewhere down the line, that’s fine, but right now, I think she’s making the best decision for herself and for her girls. It was the scariest decision to make, but man, she took back so much of her power. 

Kyle made his bed, now he has to lie in it. I always hated that phrase, but it is what it is. 

Kyle started off as a pretty one-dimensional character, but it’ll be interesting to see him actually work on himself and find a way to fit himself into their lives. 

As for Lana, I can’t wait to see what’s next for her. A part of me wants her to know the truth about Clark simply because it sucks that he’s her best friend yet she’s kept in the dark. It’s about time people started being honest to her — she’s the heart of Smallville.

What did you think about the episode? Let us know in the comments now! 

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Superman & Lois

Superman & Lois Review – The Ties That Bind (2×02)



Superman & Lois Review The Ties that Bind Season 2 Episode 2

Supermandug deeper into the creature triggering seismic activity in Smallville on Superman & Lois Season 2 Episode 2. 

With debilitating visions that caused him to lose his super strength at the most inopportune times, Superman took drastic measures to figure out what was wrong with him.

Clark entrusted his brother, Tal, who said he was rendered powerless in captivity, to take him to the Fortress to “run some tests.”

Thankfully, he brought Jordan as a backup because while Tal followed through on providing his brother with some answers, he also tried to pull a fast one when his defenses were down.

Tal wasn’t powerless, and he broke free from his shackles and attempted to choke out Jordan, who used his increasing powers to go head-to-head with his villainous uncle.

As Lois and John Henry investigated the earthquakes for one of her investigative pieces, they realized that Superman’s visions aligned with whatever was creating the rumbles at the Shuster mines.

All of this is to say that relying on Tal and almost freeing him in order to talk to their mother’s hologram wasn’t totally necessary, but I guess it gave audiences a little update on Tal. 

I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of him.

Whatever is in the mines seems to be cosmically powerful as it has the ability to dull Superman’s powers. I’d say that’s the work of the X-Kryptonite, which is also what’s fueling many of Superman’s latest opponents, including the man he wasn’t able to take down in the airplane hangar. 

Instead, Tag and the other heroes wearing the Superman crest saved him and brought him back to the DOD where Superman basically got an “if you’re not with us, you’re on your own scolding” from the new General.

It’s an odd choice to make an enemy out of the original Superman considering he always pulls through. The little army he’s building up can only take so much, but Superman’s abilities don’t just rely on strength, they rely on years of experience.

It seems like the General’s decision to freeze Superman out might come back to bite him.

The geologist hired at the Shuster Mines tried to play it off as though she didn’t know anything else, but Lois’s journalistic nose knew better. 

Though, I don’t think she could’ve assumed that the woman was working with someone who wants to use the creature’s powers. If I had to guess, I’d say she’s there on behalf of the General!

Elsewhere. Daniel pulled out of the race for Mayor, and after wracking her brain to find a better replacement, Lana decided she was going to run. 

Obviously, she’s going to smoke the current Mayor, who is a little too confident in the fact that he always runs unopposed. 

Lana actually cares about progressing the town — there’s no one better for the job. 

Let’s hope all the small-minded people agree as the Cushing family didn’t always have the public’s support after the whole Morgan Edge ordeal.

While Jordan was a total badass when he protected his father and stood up to Tal, his love life took a bit of a nosedive. 

After spending an afternoon fixing a car with Natalie (that girl knows her stuff), Sarah was encouraged to just be honest with Jordan. 

And we finally found out why she was acting so weird — she kissed someone at camp. 

The guilt finally caught up with her, so she confided in Jordan.

He was definitely more hurt by the betrayal than the fact that she kissed a girl in the heat of the moment.

I think this might be the end of their relationship for the time being. He has always been in Sarah’s corner, so it must sting not to have those feelings reciprocated. 

She said it didn’t mean anything, but her actions up until now have shown otherwise. Especially since Jordan kept putting himself out there for her. 

There is also a controversy bubbling up to the surface with an old story Lois wrote to expose a cult leader. 

A new viral podcast questioned alluded to the fact that she coerced her sources, and while she immediately explained to Chrissy that all of her sources were vetted properly, it definitely shot down her credibility. 

When Chrissy pressed for the anonymous source that could potentially be retracting their story, Lois informed her about her sister, Lucy, who was part of the cult and was almost brainwashed into taking her own life.

The fact that Lucy and Lois haven’t spoken since the story broke is problematic, but I’m excited that this gives us the opportunity to explore Lois’s background and other family members!

What did you think of this episode? Are you enjoying the season so far? What do you think is under those mines?

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