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Superman & Lois Review Worlds War Bizarre Season 2 Episode 14 Superman & Lois Review Worlds War Bizarre Season 2 Episode 14

Superman & Lois

Superman & Lois Review – Worlds War Bizarre (2×14)

Superman & Lois -- “Worlds War Bizzare” -- Image Number: SML214a_0266r.jpg -- Pictured: Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent -- Photo: Shane Harvey/The CW -- © 2022 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.



What a stellar episode of Superman & Lois

Can you believe it’s only the penultimate episode? It was an action-packed ride from start to finish as Smallville’s residents grappled with the fact that their world was merging with another Earth. 

The stakes are high, the outcome is uncertain, and the way out isn’t entirely clear. Is there a way out? I know Lois reiterated that Superman’s mantra is that there’s always another way, but with Superman rendered powerless, they are kind of running out of options here.

What they do have — other than super suits and Superman’s offspring, who may be slightly less powerful but knows how to channel his teenage angst — is leaders that are compassionate. It’s everything that Ally’s followers and soldiers don’t have. 

And anyone who has ever watched a superhero show knows that kindness towards humanity and compassion for fellow man is one heck of a weapon. Sidelining Superman also gave so many of the other characters a chance to step up and shine.

Jordan is able to come out from his father’s shadow, and though it’s obvious he’s not ready to battle the evil versions of Jon and Lana on his own, he finds a way to hone his powers. 

Natalie and John Henry are able to tap in as the dynamic duo proving that they are much more than just Superman’s sidekicks. 

I truly hope John Henry finds a way out of the void because Natalie cannot handle losing another parent. The fear that she lost her father again, however, led to a really beautiful scene between her and Lois. She may not be the woman that Natalie calls mother, but in a moment where everything is uncertain, it’s the closest thing she has. There’s a comfort in their embrace. 

Lana is also able to establish herself as the people’s Mayor. Honestly, those citizens don’t deserve her or her honestly. 

She was brave enough to tell them the truth — as ridiculous as it sounded — and all they were able to do is write her off and dismiss her as some kind of lunatic. Only when Superman established dominance and assured them that Lana was telling the truth did everyone believe her. Will we ever stop dismissing a powerful and self-assured woman? I love that Superman backed her up, but it shouldn’t have been necessary. Even a man that has diminished powers is somehow respected more than a woman who has decided that her people are worthy of the truth.

Superman & Lois Review Worlds War Bizarre Season 2 Episode 14

Superman & Lois — “Worlds War Bizzare” — Image Number: SML214a_0415r.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Emmanuelle Chriqui as Lana Rho — Photo: Shane Harvey/The CW — © 2022 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Of course, Lana simply couldn’t win. Once the people supported her, she found herself facing backlash from Sara, who finally found out about Jordan’s powers. She has every right to be upset, but could we maybe table this conversation until after the world is no longer ending? I mean, they were literally fighting while the worlds were merging and their father disappeared. Also, I have no idea why Kyle doesn’t exist on the other Earth, but once this is all over, I definitely think that the Cushing family will reunite and be grateful that they have one another. 

It’s kind of exciting that Sara is going into the finale clued in on the big secret. There didn’t seem to be a way to keep it from her with such a huge battle gearing up. But she also found out in a really dramatic way, which was great for audiences but not as great for her.

Sara is going to have a lot to process moving forward, but she’s right that she could’ve definitely handled it. Sara’s the kind of person that appreciates the truth over being lied to. That being said, she totally didn’t understand the impact or gravity of it, nor that it would be something that would weigh on her at every moment moving forward. This is Jordan’s life, which she’s now going to have to protect at all costs. 

We also saw a new side to Superman, who has never been this powerless before. And he’s learning, quite quickly, that he doesn’t necessarily enjoy it, especially since no one can actually protect him. They’ll try their hardest, but it’s a tall order to protect one of the most powerful beings on Earth. 

Superman was consumed by guilt that he was unable to help his people when they need him the most, but in reality, none of this was his fault. He did everything he could to stop Ally Alston, and it’s out of his hands now. The best he could do is be there for the people that love him to give them hope, just as Lois suggested. Superman is a symbol; with or without his powers, that carries a lot of weight. 

Launching her attack while Superman was, as they say, “man down,” was always Ally’s plan. She knew that she didn’t stand a chance at fulfilling her desire to merge the worlds unless she stole his power and made him weak. That’s the definition of a parasite. It’s a shame Lucy didn’t see it until it was too late. 

My guess is that Superman will force those cells to recharge just in time to thwart Ally and get rid of her once and for all. 

After all, if they don’t, a merge would mean that everyone would die. She’s so power-hungry that she’s willing to destroy both worlds. 

Though I’ll admit, the video editing showing the electronics going haywire and the worlds becoming one was really cool, particularly the Kent farm as it went from light and airy to a literal dumpster.

Other Great Moments

  • Evil Jonathan has so much swagger!
  • Superman is so weak that even his super hearing wasn’t working, which allowed him to be ambushed by evil Lana. 
  • People didn’t believe the DOD because they thought they were being lied to, but when Lana gave them an alternate explanation, they laughed in her face. What’s the deal with that? You either want to logical explanation or the real one — you can’t knock them both. 
  • Kyle’s advice to Lana about being brave enough to speak the truth was so sweet. You can tell that man regrets ever even thinking about cheating on her.
  • Those old green computers that appeared at the Gazette when the worlds began merging were peak 2000s! 

This has been one of the best seasons — the acting, the editing, the writing, the story development — but the episode just blew every other one out of the water. I’m excited to see what the season finale has in store. 

Will it keep up the momentum? Will Superman’s powers get restored in time to fight back? How will Ally fare when she doesn’t have any acolytes working for her? Will John Henry survive? And most importantly, is it time that Chrissy found out the truth about Lois’ connection to Superman? I just feel so terrible that after everything, she’s still on the outs about it. 

Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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Superman & Lois

Superman & Lois Review – All Is Lost (2×13)



Superman & Lois Review All Is Lost Season 2 Episode 13

The day has finally come — Superman has been stripped of his power. I honestly didn’t even know it was possible. 

On Superman & Lois Season 2 Episode 13, Lucy Lane made the biggest mistake of all by choosing Ally over her own family. 

Usually, Lucy’s choices only affected her, but when she chose to side with Ally and call upon Superman, she basically handed him over on a silver platter. 

We can’t fault Lucy completely as she doesn’t know what she doesn’t know. She’s impressionable, naive, gullible, she doesn’t trust her sister, and she wants a better life for herself, and she’ll do anything to do it. All of those qualities made her the perfect target for someone like Ally. 

Unfortunately, this time her family paid the price for her decisions. Her father was knocked unconscious and barely survived. As for Superman, he was depleted of all of his powers and needed to have his heart restarted.

And that’s not all! They were able to draw his blood and the fact that his cells are normal means that he’s a mere human now. 

That’s definitely not what you want when there’s a power-hungry villain on the loose that’s hoping to merge the two Earth’s into one. 

Again, no one ever trusted Lucy with Superman’s real identity, so she had no idea she was singlehandedly contributing to the destruction of her family.

The one positive is that she saw very clearly that Ally betrayed her. She didn’t care if she hurt the people that Lucy loved as long as she was able to get what she wanted. 

Ally has always been selfish, and she’s been using Lucy like a pawn in her sick little game. 

I’d be upset with Lucy if I didn’t feel bad at her, and my guess is that’s exactly how Lois must feel at the moment. 

Plus, there’s no time to worry about Lois when Superman is unconscious. 

And how are they going to stop the all-powerful Ally without him?

Yes, there’s a backup squad with John Henry Lyons, Natalie, and even Jordan, who thankfully squeezed in a little training sesh with his dad before everything went down so he’s mastered flying, but do they stand a chance against a woman who wields stolen powers?

John Henry wasn’t too pleased when he saw that Natalie created her own suit, and while his anger was understandable since it was fueled by pure fear of losing his daughter, I’m glad he came around. With such threats looming large, I’d rather have my kind in an impenetrable suit any day. 

I know it’s hard for a parent to look at their child as an adult, but Natalie has proven that she’s valuable in this fight. She’s not a little kid anymore; she’s a skilled builder who created both of their suits. She knows what she’s doing. And, as she pointed out, danger could strike at any moment, so why not be prepared?

There was a lot of “parents worrying about their children” going around. Superman had a heart-to-heart with Jon about learning how to let him make his own mistakes even if it’s the most terrifying feeling in the world. 

And similarly, Lana shut down Jordan’s request to tell Sarah the truth about his superpowers because she knew that it would always put her baby girl in danger and she didn’t want that. 

At this point, I’d argue that they are all in grave danger and don’t even know it, but yeah, I guess that’s beside the point. 

Lana doesn’t strike me as someone who can keep a secret for long, so I think she’ll tell Sarah the truth soon enough. There’s no avoiding it when Ally initiates the merge. 

Admittedly, I enjoyed seeing the Lane-Cushing family back in action and enjoying a meal like nothing ever happened. Maybe it’s time that Lana forgives Kyle and they become a family again? After all, life’s too precious. Everything can change in the blink of an eye. 

How will they stop Ally? Is Lana the secret weapon? She’s her biggest ally in the other world, so my guess is that our Lana will somehow come into the picture. 

Do you think Superman should’ve been better prepared? Is this an all-hands-on-deck kind of fight? H

And how hasn’t Lucy figured out Superman’s identity yet? He literally reached over and called for Lois with his dying breath. Also, Ms. Beppo needs to connect the dots. She’s a journalist for goodness sake! 

What did you think of the episode?

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Superman & Lois

Superman & Lois Review – Lies That Bind (2×12)



Superman & Lois Review Lies That Bind Season 2 Episode 12

You know it’s a super Tuesday when The CW gifts us with a new episode of Superman & Lois

Superman & Lois Season 2 Episode 12 returned after a month-long hiatus and picked up with Clark’s confession to Lana about his secret identity and explored how she dealt with the truth. And the aftermath was filled with tons of uncertainty and a little hurt. 

The moment, as pure as it was, allowed the series to address some of the more valid concerns about the residents of Smallville being fooled by framed glasses.

“How did people not see this?” Lana questions, at one point, even asking how it’s possible that she was duped all these years.

Clark offers up a simple solution: “People see what they want to see.” And no one would ever believe a small town boy could be the hero they all depend on. 

In retrospect, however, it all seemed so clear. Lana recalled all the moments in their lives when “weird things” happened, including the time they all walked away from a car accident without a scratch. 

The moment also allowed the duo to address the romantic side of their relationship, because yes, they did love each other in that way at some point. If it hadn’t been for Lois Lane and Kyle, we might have lived in a universe where Clark and Lana were a couple. Admittedly, that might make things slightly weird for Sarah and Jordan if they ever hope to revive their relationship. 

Lana swiftly channeled her anger into hurt, and she unjustly called out Lois Lane for lying. 

It was unfair of Lana to understand Clark’s reasons for lying yet place blame on his wife. As Lois pointed out, it was never her secret to tell. Why do we always blame “the other woman” instead of allowing the men to take the heat?

By the end of the hour, though, it seemed clear that Lana understood just how heavy it was to keep such a massive secret from the people you love. While she was still hurt by the betrayal, she was slightly more understanding as to Lois and Clark’s reasons for keeping Superman’s identity a secret. 

She even made a similar choice when given the freedom to inform her family about the local superhero. 

Lana thought she wanted to inform Sara, but when it came down to it, she weighed her options and realized she couldn’t burden her with keeping the secret from her sister and father. 

I know Lana has a lot on her plate right now, but I’m rooting for her and Kyle to get back together. He has made a few missteps, but he’s been trying hard to right his wrongs. What he did for Sarah was so adorable. And an open mic night to let her feelings flow free was just what she needed!

I do think telling Sarah would possibly ease Sarah’s anger and anxiety as she has been really hurt by the breakup with Jordan. 

Understanding everything there is to know about Superman would put some of Jordan’s actions into perspective. I imagine Sarah will eventually find out the truth, and when she does, she’ll be mad that her mom didn’t trust her enough to share it with her. 

It’s odd that they’ve clued in Lana for her safety but are fine with keeping Sarah in the dark. They may not be at an outward risk of a merge with a doppelganger, but Ally is still out there, and it’s more than likely that she had a contingency plan in place in case her pendant was successfully shattered. Not to mention her right-hand woman is Lana’s doppelganger. My guess is that Sarah will cross her at some point and Lana will be forced to tell her daughter the truth. It also seems a little foolish to push Clark and Lois away during such a dangerous moment. She will need their help, so keep them close! 

While the super team isn’t anticipating that Ally will come at them with full force again, they shouldn’t be naive that she’s not going to come at all. 

It’s unclear what happened to Tal after he was freed, apologized to Lois, and teamed up with his brother to muster up every ounce of energy to destroy the pendant, but my guess is that he didn’t just sneak off into the sunset. 

It seems that Tal has truly turned over a new leaf, and his goal in life has always been to reconnect with his brother. It’s the reason why he’s always so keen on helping when Superman calls. 

In both versions of reality, Tal has chosen to fight on the good side, which is a welcome change, so whatever Ally did to him — which she also did Tal’s doppelganger — has likely weakened him if not killed him. When she sucked the life force out of dopple Tal, it didn’t bode well for the Earth’s version. 

And with the possession of both powers, Ally is stronger than ever. 

A huge war is brewing (hence why Sarah should be informed), so it’s a good thing that Natalie is working on an exosuit that will allow Jon to join his brother and father in the fight. 

The parents definitely treat those three like children when they should be allowing the to flourish instead.

Jordan’s powers could help Superman, Jon definitely has the fighting spirit, and Natalie is the mastermind behind so many of the gadgets. John’s abilities would not be possible without her. I wish these kids got some credit instead of being treated like children for the sake of “keeping them safe.”

Lana also learned firsthand how hard lying is to the ones you love when she had to lie straight to Kyle’s face, which gave him the impression that she moved on and was dating someone new. 

What did you think of the episode? How do you think this battle with Ally will end? You know it’s going to involve the other Lane sister, Lucy!

Share your thoughts below! 

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Superman & Lois

Superman & Lois Review – 30 Days and 30 Nights (2×09)



Superman & Lois Review 30 Days and 30 Nights Season 2 Episode 9

The world has another superhero, but he doesn’t quite have a name yet.

On Superman & Lois Season 2 Episode 9, Jordan was activated to not only save Mr. Cushing from a burning fire, but also to protect his mother and grandad during their investigation into X-Kryptonite. 

You would think that the former head of the DOD would be a little more cautious and not as easily caught while snooping around a drug facility, but here we are. 

Superman’s absence spelled disaster for the world — now they see how much heavy-lifting Man of Steel actually does on a daily basis to keep them safe — but it made way for Jordan to step up and step into his powers in a way that he likely never would have if his father was around. The absence of one superhero called for another one. 

Henry Irons was doing his best, but as he saw firsthand, it’s hard juggling the responsibilities of being a superhero and a parent. 

Thankfully, Jordan has been training in secret with his grandfather this whole time, so while he was slightly out of his element, he was at least prepared for battle even if Lois Lane’s motherly instincts were to protect her baby boy at all costs. 

Lois’ reaction to Jordan attempting to fill the void left by his father is understandable from a parenting standpoint, especially as she has no idea where her husband is or if he’s still alive after chasing Ally Allston into some portal/wormhole in an attempt to stop her.

However, it’s not a realistic reaction considering Jordan’s genetics and powers. He’s not just a normal teenager — he’s superhuman. And the son of Superman kind of has an obligation to protect. 

Of course, he’s also a teen, so there’s definitely a need to keep him in line so he doesn’t get ahead of himself and get hurt. Jordan is still figuring out his powers, so he has to be cautious. Lois needs to support him stepping into this new phase in his life while also tip toeing the line of being his mother and keeping his out of harm’s way. 

That being said, I’m really eager to see what Jordan’s abilities are moving forward, how he handles this huge responsibility, and what the fallout will be from his breakup with Sarah.

Even though it’s so easy to blame Sarah for being unreasonable, the truth is that she has no idea what Jordan is dealing with. She keeps asking him for honesty and transparency, and he keeps telling her that “he can’t,” so she just sees him being flakey and unsupportive. 

It’s not a great to feel as though you are second-best, so Sarah has finally decided to put herself first. 

It’s heartbreaking but also to be expected. Jordan has a lot on his plate now, but he’s not exactly at a point where it makes sense to tell Sarah the truth. 

As they say, with great power comes great responsibility… and a lot of heartache. 

Though, in your formative years, heartache is simply bottled up and fused to further motivate, so I think it might actually be a productive breakup in Jordan’s case. 

We also have to remember that this is a small town, so I don’t think Jordan and Sarah’s storyline is over just yet.

Secrets have always caused some turmoil for the Kent family, and as the boys get older, it’s only becoming more complex. 

Also, someone needs to get Jordan a proper suit. He cannot just be using his hood as a cover! 

Speaking of secrets, Jonathan finally came clean about who the X-K dealer was but only because it almost killed Mr. Cushing. 

Jonathan’s dedication to Candace is admirable. Lois might be annoyed by the fact that he won’t give someone up to protect himself, but when she realized it was his girlfriend, I think she began to understand that she actually raised a really decent and caring kid. 

After promising Candace immunity, she came forward about everything she knew about X-K, which definitely came in handy, but I don’t think they are protecting her enough. Allowing her to walk home alone through the dark streets seems negligent considering how much information she possesses about the drug and its makers. 

I really thought she was going to get attacked when she left Jonathan, so I’m glad that wasn’t the case. 

As for Jonathan, his “headaches” were caused by the fact that his other verse doppelgänger arrived with some news about Clark: he was too late. 

The other Jonathan, if you will, is much darker and rocks a leather jacket, which I’m totally digging. 

Of course, his arrival spells trouble for this world’s Superman. Does he mean he was too late to stop Ally? And what happens now?

For a moment, I thought the high pitched ringing meant that Jonathan was also exhibiting delayed powers, but that’s just wishful thinking on my part because I really want Jonathan to be superhuman as well.

It was such an action-packed episode concerning the Kent family, but it was also really pivotal for the Lang-Cushing family as Lana won the race and became Smallville’s newest Mayor!

Finally, someone who has the people’s best interest at heart! 

Lana is the perfect fit for Mayor, however, it makes me wonder whether or not she’ll be more clued into the happening’s at the Kent farm. 

It was also heartbreaking that Kyle wasn’t by her side when she got the news, but the saying “you made your bed, now you have to sleep in it” comes to mind. 

It’s clear that Lana still cares, but she cannot get invested or look after her husband anymore because it’s too hard; she has to keep moving forward. 

However, nice that Sarah has found it in her to remove herself from the drama and simply be a daughter to them both.

Henry and Natalie also had a hard episode as they dealt with the anniversary of Lois’s death. Obviously, Natalie was hurt that it seemed as though her father completely forgot about her mother, but again, when you’re trying to move on, sitting and sulking isn’t productive. 

Though I’m glad that he finally acknowledged that he would always love Lois regardless of how much time passed. Celebrating her memory with waffles was perfect.

Also, do you think a romance is brewing between Henry and Lana? Because if that’s the case, she’s definitely going to learn all about Superman’s inner circle! 

Thoughts on the episode? What do you think Ally accomplished? Will Superman find his way back? Has no time passed in his world?

Are you digging Jordan’s powers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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