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Supernatural Gimme Shelter Review Supernatural Gimme Shelter Review


Supernatural Review: An Unholy Church (15×15)

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It feels great to see the Winchesters back on our screens. The monster/demons/angels/God hunters returned to TV last week for it’s farewell tour, and we’re in for an exciting ride in episode 2 of the final 7 episodes of the cult CW show.

Tonight’s episode broke it down into 2 different storylines: Sam and Dean head off to Atlantic City to find Amara, God’s sister, and Castiel and Jack investigate a murder that may be more than it seems. This murder was a kid named Connor who, after volunteering at a food bank and didn’t want to give food to a homeless woman, was lured into an alley by a mysterious voice that belonged to a teddy bear, only to be jumped by a mysterious figure. Jack and Cas arrive at the scene, and to stay timely, the local police said that Jack “looks younger than Baby Yoda.” I always love when Supernatural throws in those random pop culture references, and as a Baby Yoda fan, it warmed my heart. Castiel called a crossroads demon named Zack to only find out that the murderer wasn’t a demon or monster, but just an ordinary person, but Castiel still wants to solve the murder so they can be good people, and because Jack is so desperate to want to work a case of some kind.

Sam and Dean advise Jack to join the church group where Connor worked, as well as another woman, Valerie, who disappeared in the same way (she was shown trying to steal donation money before her disappearance). Sam and Dean ponder about how they are going to lure Amara to her death, knowing that it will weaken Chuck/God to bring him down.

Jack joins the church in questions (even openly asking to drink the Kool-Aid), and he meets the pastor in charge of the group, Pastor Joe. Valerie is then shown in a strange room with the words “greed,” and “thief” on a screen in front of her. A contraption then cut one of her fingers off, and began a countdown to when the next one goes. It showed that the church was going after people who may not be as holy as they say it is. Pastor Joe reveals to Castiel that the church group just started at this community center and that they welcome everyone from all backgrounds, which Castiel questions about what this might mean. Still tied up, Valerie’s timer runs out, and another finger is cut off, with the clock resetting.

Castiel and Jack join the church group, and Castiel gives a testimony that was true, but worded it to make it sound like he was finding his faith: how he discovered his family that is now Sam, Dean, and Jack, and how he lost his way before finding them. I applaud the writers for the speech that Castiel gave: he’s been my favorite character since he was introduced, and his arc continues to amaze me, so congratulations to that.

After a video of Valerie was revealed to the shock of the congregation, Cas and Jack find the body of a former member of the church, who had been dead for a while, leaving the two at square one in their investigation. In a shocking move, it turns out to be Pastor Joe’s daughter Sylvia who is behind the murders, having stabbed her friend for taking advantage of the drama on social media. Sylvia is mad at the church for false believers, and those who mock their church to look good in their community. Castiel uses his angel powers to stop Sylvia and heal Valerie, who is still alive. Sylvia is taken by the police and the policeman who takes her into custody is Zack, the crossroads demon from earlier. I hope this becomes something in the large scale of things, but with not a lot of time left in the series, it could just be a metaphorical thing.

On the drive back to the bunker, Jack reveals to Cas that once he uses his powers to kill Amara and Chuck, he too will not survive. This may be a huge revelation now, but this is Supernatural: no one is really dead.

While on a pit stop on their way to find Amara, who should show up unannounced? Amara! They join her for dinner at a diner (like how most discussions occur in the show), and they give her an idea to lure Chuck to capture him, which she refuses. Dean tried to take advantage of Chuck’s betrayal of his sister, but she wouldn’t budge, much to their surprise.

Dean stays with Amara, and she admits that she brought his mom back (little flashback to a few seasons ago) as a gift, so that he can calm down with his hunt for her brother. Dean yells at her, saying that they are all stuck in Chuck’s story, and that he doesn’t want to be a part of it anymore. This persuades Amara to want to think about it for a little while, continuing to bring their plan to fruition.

Back at the bunker, Castiel begins to leave it while Dean is having a late night snack, but before he goes, the episode concludes with Castiel about to reveal what Jack told him.

I’m really liking where these last episodes are going. It’s showing that they mean business in their last hurrah, and that by the time we reach the finale in a few weeks, we will be having a big goodbye to our favorite brothers. The writing for this episode was great, and the acting continues to impress. It all shows that they are putting all on the line for the end of this era.



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Supernatural Review: Flashback and Flashforward (15×16)



Supernatural Drag Me Away (From You) Review

When we last left our favorite monster-hunting group, it was revealed that in order to kill God and his sister, Jack will have to die with then when he uses his powers. While Castiel takes some time off-world to investigate ways to save Jack, Sam and Dean take on a case that hit a little close to home. While on the way there, Cas texts Dean telling him to inform Sam of what will happen to Jack, but ignores it.

The brothers learn that an old family friend Travis, appeared to have slit his throat in a motel they used to stay at while their dad went on hunts. In reality, Travis went there to confront some past demons, when a figure of a child (later revealed to be Travis as a kid) scared him and might have done the act itself. The motel is filmed in a very Shining-esque way, with retro hallway shots, and the rooms looking like they’re trapped in the 1960s. You know, typical Supernatural gold.

As they arrive to the motel, we get a flashback of a time that Sam and Dean were left by their dad at the Rooster Sunrise motel. The two new child actors they got for them were fantastic, and encompassed Dean’s passion for hunting as a kid, and Sam’s desire to get out. While pre-teen Sam studies a college exam book, teenage Dean hacks into a vending machine and meets Caitlin and Travis, who’s mom works at the motel.

Meeting up with Caitlin in present day, she tells the Winchesters that a trauma he experienced at the motel as a kid has haunted him for years, and that his therapist told him to go back to room 214 at the motel to immerse himself in his fear. Caitlin fears that something must have happened to him, because she feels that his brother would never kill himself. Dean wants to believe something else went on, but says that he killed the monster that was causing havoc on children in the town.

We flashback to little Travis trying the hack Dean used on the vending machines, and hand popped out of the chute. Dean reveals to their new friends that monsters are real, so it’s possible something is crawling around the motel. Caitlin even shows them recent disappearances of children, noticing that one kid disappeared at the local cannery, and young Dean investigates it alone, and Caitlin follows him, to his chagrin. While there, Dean stumbles upon a nest of dead children, which scares him to the core. Sam and Travis, while playing a word scramble game, get jumped by the monster, and Dean rushes back and kills it. The monster disintegrates, but leaves behind a suspicious looking ring.

Present-day Dean, while looking down the hallways of the motel, is approached by a ghost of his former self, and the ghost echoes to him to insert the knife he’s holding into himself, but Sam stops him before he can do it.

Discovering that the monster is still at large, Sam and Dean contemplate about what the monster might be. While getting some food for the group, Billie (a reaper) comes to Dean and informs him that Chuck (God) has destroyed every world except for the one they currently reside, and they have limited time before he comes to get them next. Billie gets on his case about not telling Sam about Jack, and that everyone needs to be on the same page for this final battle.

Sam and Caitlin discover that the monster that’s been attacking them is a Baba Yaga, meaning is this JOHN WICK?! I’m kidding, but wouldn’t it be cool if John Wick and the Winchesters were in the same universe? Anyway, they discover that a Baba Yaga feeds on children’s fears and can take shape of a person or memory they fear most. Caitlin remembers the suspicious ring that Travis wore was the Baba Yaga’s, but is jumped by the being taking form of her brother.

Sam and Dean investigate the motel, looking for Caitlin. Sam finds the concierge smoking in the back room, and Dean hears a couple behind a room…well…you know. However, Dean finds himself back in what appears to be the cannery where the nest was, but it was an illusion created by the Baba Yaga to distract Dean. Sam stabs the being, and Dean destroys the ring, and the demon bursts into flames.

As they say goodbye to Caitlin, the flashback shows them saying goodbye to her in the past, and young Dean thanks Sam and thinks they make a good team (cue the tears). As they drive back to the bunker, Dean told his brother about Billie’s visit, as well as the news that Jack will die when they face off against Chuck and Amara. Naturally, Sam is angry that Dean hid this from him, causing them to have a genuine fight for the first time in several seasons. This will definitely effect how they treat each other moving forward.

In the 15 seasons of this show, not every episode was a hit. Obviously, the series has had several filler episodes, but these final episodes of Supernatural are going all out. With great monsters, cases, and performances by everyone, it’s clear to see that the writers, directors, and everyone involved on the Supernatural team is working hard to make these final episodes ones that we won’t be forgetting, even after the show is off the air. I’m extremely impressed by this episode, integrating the episodes main case, with the overall plotline that’s bringing this show to a close. It’s also going to lead into some great conflict between the entire group in the last 4 episodes.

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Supernatural Review: The Winchesters are Back! (15×14)



Supernatural Last Holiday Review

The last time we’ve seen Sam and Dean Winchester save people and hunt things was March 23…and then COVID hit and shut down their production with two episodes left to film of its final season. Back in August, the episodes were filmed and we are finally getting the final 7 episodes of the cult CW series.

When we last were with the Winchesters, they have learned that Chuck (aka God) is going to different galaxies and universes, destroying them one by one, before finally going into the world we live in now: the one Sam and Dean currently reside. Along with that, Lucifer’s son, Jack, just regained his soul from the Garden of Eden, which could be the key to defeating God and his vendetta against the Winchesters.

As the episode begins, Sam is wondering how Jack got his soul back, and Dean is complaining that the pipes in The Men of Letters bunker they reside in don’t work, and he can’t make burgers. You know, the usual things that the brothers complain about. When they go to investigate the pipe system in the bunker (not wanting to call a plumber obviously), Dean sees a big reset button. Thinking it’ll work, he hits it, and restarts the entire bunker. This releases a wood nymph into the bunker, named Mrs. Butters, who claims that she has been living in the bunker since World War II, but when The Men of Letters left to go fight in the war, she hid inside the bunker in standby mode. She tells the boys that she was, in a way, the nanny of the bunker, making the members food, cleaning up, etc. She even has the power to control the monster radar in the bunker, and helps them track a herd of vampires close by. Skeptical, Sam and Dean travel and destroy the vampires. When they return to the bunker, Mrs. Butters has decorated the entire bunker to celebrate Christmas, wanting the boys to have some time to celebrate. The monster radar goes off, and Mrs. Butters pulls out packed lunches that she makes for them as they ride off in the Impala, and informs them of the specialty weapons she packed just for the mission. Jack stays behind, and bonds with the wood nymph over how even though he’s Lucifer’s son, his human genetics from his mother’s side keep him sane and stable.

There was then a rinse-and-repeat montage of the Winchesters leaving with their bagged lunches, hunting monsters, and coming back to the bunker to celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, and Sam’s birthday with Mrs. Butters. I found it hilarious that the first holiday that was celebrated was Christmas, then they went back to Halloween and Thanksgiving. I don’t know if it was for the purpose of time passing, or how Mrs. Butters is able to completely decorate and cook for holidays so easily, but it was honestly pretty hilarious that they would do holidays in the wrong order for the episode.

One night after a usual celebration, Jack finds Mrs. Butters digging through old archives of The Men of Letters. When he distracts her by asking for a smoothie, Jack looks into the records that she was looking at, and finds an old film reel of The Men of Letters using Mrs. Butters to kill Nazis, and how they were using her to their advantage and protection to kill monsters. Intrigued, Jack goes to tell Sam and Dean, but Mrs. Butters sent out Sam on a date, and fixed Dean’s TV to distract them both. Jack follows Mrs. Butters to the basement of the bunker, where she reveals her evil plan: for the Winchesters to kill Jack, and rid the bunker of all monsters and all evil. She knows that Jack has his powers again, and if he becomes bloodthirsty like his father, he can destroy the world. Despite Jack shutting down this idea, she handcuffs him with anti-magic handcuffs, and locks him in the basement. She then tells Dean that he has to kill Jack, and hands him a knife. Dean openly refuses, and the petite woman quite literally lifts Dean and locks him with Jack, saying that he’s hypnotized him.

I personally love with people in this show get picked up and launched across the room by things that normally wouldn’t. Considering Dean is 6’1″, it was great to watch a little old lady toss him across the room.

Sam returns, and Mrs. Butters tells him to go kill Jack, very openly. Sam leaves the room and calls Dean, who still conveniently has his phone, and goes to help him escape. Jack and Dean have a good moment where Dean is still warming up to the fact that Jack has his powers back once again, and wants to protect him at all costs. Mrs. Butters prevents any option of this to hold Sam down in a chair, trying to persuade him to kill Jack. She resorts to torture tactics, pulling off Sam’s fingernails (and showed it happen too, I dry heaved a little bit).

Dean and Jack escape the basement and hit the reset button again, which doesn’t work. As she’s about to do the job herself, Sam and Dean persuade her to stop, letting her know that not all monsters are bad, and Jack is helping them save the world. She lets down her guard, and apologizes for her behavior, and that she misses her family, both The Men of Letters, and her own family.

She restores Sam’s fingernails, and prepares to leave, saying that without her magic, the bunker will be back the way it was, in standby mode, and Jack gives her a picture of the Men of Letters.

Jack lets Sam know that he is nervous of his overall mission to kill God, when he was so easily put down by Mrs. Butters. Sam lets him know that he will be ready, and Dean brings out a terribly made birthday cake for Jack, and he solemnly blows out the candle.

I have to say: even though the writing of the show is pretty hit or miss, the writing for the episode was actually very good. There was some light-hearted moments, the montages were fun, and Mrs. Butters was a great villain for the episode. They showed some good obstacles for the guys to overcome, with the biggest one preparing Jack for the battle against God. It was great to see the Supernatural back on our screens tonight, and I’m excited to see where the road leads for the end.

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