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Tiger King and Money Heist Most Watched Shows During Quarantine Tiger King and Money Heist Most Watched Shows During Quarantine


Survey Finds ‘Tiger King,’ ‘Money Heist’ and ’13 Reasons Why’ Most Watched Netflix Shows During COVID

Credit: Netflix



What are your viewing habits during the months-long coronavirus pandemic?

If you’re a TV connoisseur like myself, you’ve likely been enjoying this time indoors by catching up on the laundry list of shows you’ve filed away under “to binge one day when there’s time.” 

There’s time now — lots of it. 

Turns out, the shows I’ve been wanting to watch were also on other people’s lists because many of them made it to’s list of “most loved Netflix shows” during the pandemic. 

The site analyzed Google Trends data since March 2020 to find the most popular shows by state. 

Unsurprisingly, Tiger King (which seems like it was a lifetime pre-COVID) was the most watch documentary in a total of nine states. 

Money Heist (which I recommend with every fiber of my being because it’s the most thrilling show I’ve seen in well, forever) landed in second place pulling views from New York, California, and New Jersey. 

The Southern states were most into 13 Reasons Why and Riverdale. 

The Chicago Bulls documentary series The Last Dance was unsurprisingly the top viewed show in Illinois. 

All that binge-watching takes a lot of time, so LoveCraft, a global crafting community, used the research to develop a calculator to figure out how much knitting can be done while watching the most popular shows across the United States.

“Knitting and watching TV have always gone hand-in-hand. There’s even a name for it now – Nitflixing! What’s not to love about watching your favorite show while working on your latest make. With our craft calculators, you can now work out how many episodes it will take to complete your next project. Perhaps you knit yourself a new hat while watching Money Heist, or go the distance and make two crocheted blankets while binging Riverdale!” 

Turns out, you can make some solid pieces while watching Money Heist, 13 Reasons Why, or American Horror Story

Check it out: 

  1. Tiger King: 5 hours = a knitted pair of booties for a baby
  2. Money Heist: 31 hours = a knitted hat for an adult 
  3. 13 Reasons Why: 46 hours = a crocheted bag
  4. Stranger Things: 22 hours = a crocheted toy
  5. American Horror Story: 86 hours = a knitted jumper for an adult
  6. The Last Dance: 10 hours = a crocheted pair of booties for a baby
  7. Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich: 4 hours = a knitted pair of booties for a baby
  8. Black Mirror: 22 hours = a crocheted baby romper
  9. Riverdale: 63 hours = two crocheted blankets 
  10. Dead to Me: 9 hours = a knitted candle holder

Credit: Love Craft

You can also check out the breakdown of popular Netflix shows by states with the highest population:

  1. California – Money Heist
  2. Texas – 13 Reasons Why
  3. Florida – Money Heist
  4. New York – Money Heist
  5. Illinois – The Last Dance
  6. Pennsylvania – 13 Reasons Why
  7. Ohio – Stranger Things
  8. Michigan – The Last Dance
  9. Georgia – Riverdale
  10. North Carolina – Tiger King

And while Grey’s Anatomy didn’t make the list, the series is the longest-running on Netflix with 363 episodes adding up to 260 hours. In that time, you could knit 10 children’s jackets. 

If there was ever a time for you to multi-task and take up knitting, it’s now when you’re watching all these TV shows! 

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Is Season 5 of ‘Money Heist’ Happening? Everything We Know



Is Season 5 of Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) coming to Netflix?

Netflix’s Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) has managed several incredible feats with the Professor’s intricate plans, but the biggest was hands down convincing audiences to sympathize with the relatable robbers under the Dali masks. 

Usually, the anticipation that carried earlier seasons seems to dissipate with each passing season, but that’s not the case with the Spanish-language drama. Season 4 saw the most bloodshed and action out of all the seasons combined, and it left fans clinging to a major cliffhanger. 

Unlike season 2, which neatly wrapped up the heist and saw everyone moving on with their happy ending, season 4 ended without giving fans any answers and the Professor’s team running out of time still inside the Bank of Spain. 

You would think that such a cliffhanger would warrant an immediate renewal, but Netflix has yet to greenlight the series for season 5. 

However, considering the worldwide recognition the series is gaining, especially as audiences look for new shows during COVID, there isn’t much to worry about. 

The statistics don’t lie, and Netflix surely won’t ignore that season 4 scored 65 million views. It continues to rank in the top 10 of shows outside of Spain, and it was the most-watched show on Netflix since the onset of coronavirus in mid-March in New York, California, and New Jersey. 

With all that in mind, here’s what you need to know about Money Heist Season 5. 


When Will Season 5 Happen?

Considering it hasn’t been renewed yet and the coronavirus pandemic has put TV productions worldwide at a standstill, it’s unlikely we’ll get new episodes in 2020. The break between the premiere of season 3 and season 4 was roughly nine months, so prior to COVID, there was a chance season 5 could’ve debuted in late December. While the wait may be unbearable, we have no doubt it’ll be worth it.

Aside from COVID, the creator of Money Heist is also under a deal with Netflix for two more projects White Lines (season 1 dropped on May 2020 to mixed reviews) and Sky Rojo (currently scheduled for a 2020 release), which may interfere with the release of season 5. 


What’s the Plot

For starters, the heist is still happening. After an incredible escape, Lisbon (Inspector Raquel Murillo) dropped into the Bank of Spain on a government chopper to rejoin the rest of the Professor’s team. Unfortunately, the celebrations were shortlived because in those few moments while the Professor was distracted, he was ambushed by Alicia Sierra, and as she pointed the gun at him, you knew it meant trouble for everyone. 

There are plenty of lingering threads and avenues for Money Heist Season 5 to explore by ending on such a cliffhanger. How will the Professor get out of Alicia’s grasp? One theory is that she’ll go into labor and have no choice but to trust the Professor. (And let’s be serious, there’s no one more equipped at dealing with labor than Sergio). It’s possible she’ll be ambushed by all of the Professor’s men and Marsella. 

And then, there’s the plan of escaping the Bank of Spain. After two seasons, we still have no idea how the Professor plans to get his crew out of there with cops and special forces swarming the place, but again, we have no doubt the plan is nothing short of meticulous, incredible, and adrenaline-filled. 

We also don’t know why Lisbon threw herself into the lion’s den nor do we know what they have planned for Gandia.

While season 5 is practically writing itself, there’s plenty of room for surprises as the showrunners told El Mundo that they like to go “game by game” when writing the seasons. 

“Chapter by chapter, sequence by sequence, line by line. We do not ever consider how long the show can last. If we got to know the scope of the phenomenon, we wouldn’t have thought to kill Berlin.”


Who Will Star?

We can expect all the familiar faces we’ve all come to know and love. Everyone that was inside the Bank of Spain (even Arturito) will return including Ursula Corbero (Tokio), Esther Acebo (Stockholm), Jaime Lorente (Denver), Miguel Herran (Rio), Darko Peric (Helsinki), Rodrigo de la Serna (Palermo), Enrique Arce (Arturo Roman), Hovik Keuchekerian (Bogota). They join Alvaro Morte (the Professor), Najwa Nimri (Alicia Sierra), Luka Peros (Marsella), Mario de la Rosa (Suarez), Belen Cuesta (Julia), Ahikar Azcona (Matias Cano), and Fernando Cayo (Colonel Tamayo). 


Will we See More of Berlin and Nairobi?

Both deaths had a gripping effect on viewers. Berlin’s death in season 1 was upsetting, especially since he was a multi-faceted villain, but it showed that the series creators weren’t afraid to take out the big guns and kill off beloved characters. Oftentimes, a character will overstay his or her welcome due to fan service, and that’s usually when showrunners do audiences the biggest disservice. In our short time with Berlin, we were able to better understand him and so, even though he was a psychopath, his death was also devastating because it was a loss of a friend and family member. “We always try to give characters multiple sides, which breaks viewers’ preconceptions. Villains can have good qualities, as we’ve seen with Berlin,” Alex Pina told Variety.

However, Berlin’s death didn’t mean the end of Berlin because, in order to understand him and the “plan” further, we had to dig back into the past. And thus, it’s almost guaranteed that Pedro Alonso will reprise his character in season 5. 

It’s a similar situation with Nairobi, whose death may have been gut-wrenching but necessary. The stakes are high, tensions between the robbers and the police are escalating, and things with Gandia were too close to home. It wasn’t realistic for everyone to enter such a dangerous plan and come out unscathed. The Professor warned everyone that the likelihood of leaving the Bank of Spain alive was slim to none. So, Nairobi’s death was necessary to infuse the already far-fetched storyline with some much-needed realism. While fans want to see more of Alba Flores in the character, possibly in flashbacks as the Professor’s plan unravels, the Netflix documentary Money Heist: The Phenomenon showed Flores’ last day on set. 

What’s the Timeline

Considering the immediacy of the cliffhanger, expect the series to pick up exactly where it left off. COVID may have derailed plans, but the plot remains the same. And we all know every minute counts in the Bank of Spain. Time is money.


We can’t wait to put on our Dali masks once again and join the Professor and his team in some political resistance. Until then, hit the comments and tell us your favorite thing about the series! 

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Netflix Documentary ‘Athlete A’ Review – A Difficult But Important Story



Athlete A Netflix documentary review

Maggie Nichols was the 4th child and first-born girl to Gina and John Nichols of Little Canada, Minnesota.  She always had a lot of energy and her mother, who was a fan of gymnastics, decided to enroll her in the sport when she was still in pre-school.

Athlete A, a Netflix original documentary directed by Bonni Cohen and Jon Schenk, tells the story of Maggie and many other gymnasts who suffered sexual abuse at the hands of coaches and more specifically, Dr. Larry Nassar, team doctor for USA Gymnastics for 29 years.

Maggie excelled at gymnastics.  She had a natural talent and was the only 10-year-old at Nationals in 2007.  She gained the attention of Bela and Martha Karolyi, famed Hungarian coaches who defected to the United States in 1981 and began coaching the US Women’s Gymnastics Team.

Athlete A is not an easy watch, but it is an important one. At times both shameful and sad, it shows what adults were willing to overlook to win and to bring gold to the United States.

Centering on the staff at the Indianapolis Star, a small local paper, who’s investigative team including Investigations Editor Steve Berta, and Investigative Reporters Marisa Kwiatowski and Mark Alesia, we see how the team broke the story.

In 2016, Kwiatkowski was working on a story about the failures to report sexual abuse in schools when a source pointed her in the direction of a lawsuit brought up against a predatory coach in the gymnastics community who, once accused, rather than being removed, was just relocated to another gym.

The investigative team got a copy of the deposition where it was indicated that USA Gymnastics had been warned about this coach and did nothing.  The story entitled “A Blind Eye” went to print while the USA Olympic Team competed for gold during the 2016 Rio Olympics, bringing the interest in gymnastics and the team itself to an all-time high.

Seeing a link on Facebook for the story, former USA Gymnastics gymnast Rachel Denhollander realized what she knew as the truth, that USAG had been burying sexual abuse occurring under their watch for years.

Denhollander reached out to the Indy Star and told them that she was a victim, but that her abuse had not come at the hands of a coach, but by team doctor Larry Nassar. Jessica Howard, another former gymnast, also reached out to the news team with the same story.

Athlete A Netflix documentary review

ATHLETE A Jamie Dantzscher in ATHLETE A. Cr. NETFLIX © 2020

Attorney John Manly of Manly, Stewart and Finaldi got a call, this one from former gymnast Jamie Dantzscher after she read the story.  He reached out to the Indy Star team and mentioned that his client was implicating Dr. Nassar and USAG.

The team at Indy Star began to wonder if there were three different women who didn’t know each other and had the same story, how many more could there be?

Dr. Larry Nassar, along with being the team doctor for USAG, was also a Michigan State University doctor, seeing athletes and students from that school.

During training in 2015 at the Karolyi’s camp in Huntsville, Texas, coach Sarah Jantzi overheard Maggie and another athlete discussing Nassar and how Maggie found some of his techniques disturbing. Vaginal entry with his fingers during one particular treatment was brought up and the fellow athlete confirmed that he did that to her as well.

Jantzi spoke to Maggie and got the information and immediately reached out to Maggie’s parents.  She also brought the information to the attention of Rhonda Gaehn, the Vice President of the USA Gymnastics Women’s program.

The next day, President of USA Gymnastics Steve Penny called Maggie’s mother and promised her that he would report the incident to the police. Maggie remained at training with the promise to her parents that Nassar would be handled.

Almost a month later, Maggie’s parent had not heard anything but were told they now were to speak to investigator Fran Sefler. Penny told them there was an ongoing FBI Investigation.

As Maggie’s parents pushed for information, Maggie was suddenly removed from events like appearing in a commercial with fellow gymnast Simone Biles. During the Olympic trials, Maggie’s parents weren’t treated like the other parents. No cameras, no reserved seats, and although Maggie finished 6th in competition, she was not among those picked for the five-member team or even as one of the three alternates.

Former USAG gymnasts describe a “fine line between coaching and child abuse” happening at the Karolyi camp and of being “beaten down” to the point where when you are abused, you think you are imagining it.

Athlete A Netflix documentary review

ATHLETE A Maggie Nichols in ATHLETE A. Cr. NETFLIX © 2020

Nassar was described by many of the gymnasts and the only one that was nice to them at the camp, with some abuse sufferers even looking forward to the treatments because he was the only one that seemed to be concerned about them.

The Indy Star team knew that USAG was aware of the abuse, but how much did they know and did they work to cover it up? They found evidence of USAG knowing and working to hide the information from the very start.

After releasing a story on the reports of Nassar’s abuse, Michigan State University Police received more than two dozen reports of abut at the hands of Nassar.

Investigator Andrea Munford of the Michigan State University Police and Michigan State Assistant Attorney General Angel Povilaitis began gathering information for prosecution.

After being fired from Michigan State, it was reported that Nassar was treating patients out of his basement of his home and abusing again. With that information, a search warrant was obtained for his home and hard drives containing more than 37,000 pieces of child pornography.

In 2016 Nassar was arrested and charged with the most serious of the cases.

In November of 2017, Nassar agreed to a plea deal on the child pornography, destroying evidence and other charges. As part of the plea deal, survivors of the abuse could make impact statements. Impact statements began in January 2018. Many women came forward and gave their statements.

Nassar was convicted and is serving two 60-year terms.

The Indy Star was not done, nor was Manly.  USAG covered the abuse and allowed it to happen. It was also found that during the FBI Investigation, Penny was discussing the opportunity for security positions within USAG with assigned FBI investigators.

A senate hearing was held in June 2018 on the Olympic athlete abuse and what USAG knew. Penny, who was removed from his position in 2017, was called to testify. He exercised his Fifth Amendment rights and would not answer any questions.

Penny was later arrested in October 2018 at a cabin in Tennessee, accused of tampering with the evidence against Nassar.

The Karolyi’s closed the training ranch in Texas in January 2018.

The US Department of Justice is currently investigating USAG, the US Olympic Committee and the FBI for its handing of the sexual abuse accusations.

Maggie has continued competing, now at the university level for the University of Oklahoma. She and her team won the National Championships in 2018. Maggie won the all-around at the 2019 NCAA Championships.

The Indy Star continues to cover the story.

Athlete A recalls the 2015 Academy Award winning move Spotlight about the Boston Globe investigative team who broke the story of the cover-up of sexual abuse in the Boston Catholic Diocese. It is hard to watch but important to see.

Viewers will be shocked that this continues to happen, everywhere, even to our most celebrated athletes.

Athlete A gives us an example of why investigative journalism and the news media in general needs to be protected, so that stories like the abuse in the USAG and the Catholic Church are brought to the public’s attention.

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What We Want to See on ‘Sweet Magnolias’ Season 2



What We Want to See on Sweet Magnolias Season 2 on Netflix

We’re all going to need some of Erik Whitley’s specialty cinnamon ice cream after that cliffhanger!

For a show as sweet as a brownie from Sullivan’s revolving around the quaint and charming small town of Serenity, Netflix’s latest bingeable series, Sweet Magnolias, delivered a shocking and life-altering ending. 

*** SPOILER WARNING – Stop reading if you haven’t seen Sweet Magnolias Season 1 and don’t want spoilers!***

Audiences weren’t the only ones shook by the car accident in the finale moments of the season.

Joanna Garcia Swisher, who plays Maddie Townsend, told GoodHousekeeping the cast was equally as “shook” with the idea of Maddie’s child (or children) in the car. 

She said that the cast filmed the scene without knowing who else was in the car with Kyle so that they could be in the dark like the audience.  

“Actually, I’ve asked to not know, at least for the next month, so I can be in it with everybody else,” she explained. 

If you watched all 10-episodes of the first season in one sitting, you’re likely already googling to find out when season 2 will become available. 

And truly, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it may be a bit considering the coronavirus pandemic is responsible for all TV and film productions shutting down since mid-March. Even with many states lifting their “stay-at-home” orders, the new guidelines set in place by the entertainment industry to ensure safety for the cast and crew is bound to make things slightly challenge.

Not to mention, Covington, GA, which is the backdrop for the series, will likely be in high demand as Legacies will begin filming their third season. And yes, if you didn’t know by now, Serenity on Sweet Magnolias is also Mystic Falls on The Vampire Diaries/ Legacies (read more about that here!)

However, we’re going to keep it optimistic and think about all that we want to see happen in Sweet Magnolias Season 2. 


Who Is The Passenger?

Alright, so the most obvious question on everyone’s mind is about the passenger in the car wreck. There are a handful of possibilities here since there were so many people at the party who ran after Kyle when he stormed off.

The most obvious guess is Tyler since he’s Kyle’s brother. If it was Ty, it would hinder his baseball career, which would make for enough drama to carry a season. However, I think it’s almost too dark for the series, so I don’t think it was Ty. 

It could be Annie since she’s best friends with Kyle, but my money is on Nellie. She was one of the first people to run out after Kyle and her involvement would further the rift between Maddie and Mary Vaughn Lewis, the Mayor’s wife who thrives on drama. 

She wouldn’t hesitate to blame the accident on the Townsend’s divorce. After all, don’t you remember how she tried to leverage Maddie’s romance with the coach into unfair treatment for her bratty son Jackson, who is the reason this whole mess happened in the first place?

What We Want to See on Sweet Magnolias Season 2 on Netflix

Credit: Sweet Magnolias/ Netflix

Are Kyle and the Passenger Okay?

Kyle was unconscious when he was removed from the vehicle while the paramedics and first responders were struggling to get to the passenger when Maddie, Bill, and the rest of the family arrived on the scene. Will Kyle and the passenger be okay? How will this change things for the Townsend family moving forward?


Where Are All the Other Kids?

And more specifically, what happened that led to this accident? We saw Kyle bolt out of the house and everyone else ran after him. Why did he get into the car? How did the car end up flipped on the side of the road? And aside from the mystery passenger, where is everyone else that was at the party? Did they all go after Kyle? Why didn’t they run back to get their phones? 

The ending reminded me of a Big Little Lies type of twist because we’re going to need to backtrack the events of the evening to figure out what led to this devastating moment. 

And here I was worried that the fist fight between Ty, Jackson, and CeCe would cause Ty to sustain an injury that would ruin his shot at playing baseball professionally. 


Bill Needs to Accept Responsibility for His Actions

Seriously, Bill needs to grow up. He acted like a man-child for most of the season until he realized that the problem isn’t everyone else, it’s him. Bill reaped what he sowed; he did this to himself. He thought the grass was greener on the other side and learned very quickly that it wasn’t the case.

Bill didn’t do right by Maddie when he cheated and destroyed his whole family (and I love how Ty assumes Noreen destroyed his family rather than acknowledging his father pulled the trigger, but I digress), so he decided to do right by Noreen instead. And while that may be the Southern way of doing things, everyone knows that it’s not going to lead to a happy life. The longer Bill was with Noreen, the more he regretted letting Maddie go.

When Noreen finally left his sorry ass behind (you know it’s true), he decided to ask Maddie for a second chance. Bill, are you even hearing yourself? He takes one-step forward and two steps all the way back. All he cares about is himself. He didn’t care how Maddie felt when he was happy with Noreen, but the moment he was single, he came crawling. Maddie would be a complete fool if she too him back. 

Swisher seems to agree because she told GH: “It really surprised me that fans are actually wondering if I’ll choose Bill or Cal. It’s something that I never even imagined that people would be contemplating.” She believes Bill “has a long way to go.”

Now, Cal on the other hand. 

What We Want to See on Sweet Magnolias Season 2 on Netflix

Credit: Sweet Magnolias/ Netflix

Maddie Needs to Patch Things Up with Cal

The town hunk has been patient, kind, and the perfect man (the man Bill could never be) so we’re rooting for Maddie and Cal to patch things up. Maddie wants to take things at a slower pace, which is understandable for someone coming out of a long-term marriage. She’s also rebuilding her trust after her husband cheated on her and ripped apart their family. Cal has been cognizant of that and very respectful. While Maddie obviously overreacted about the scout situation and assumed the worst of Cal due to the trust issues, it isn’t something to end a blossoming relationship over.

Seeing how much they both care about each other, I think there’s definitely room for them to course-correct, however, Bill’s proposition may hinder the relationship a bit. Again, I don’t think Maddie is considering it, but if Bill is determined, it has the potential to create a rift between her and Cal, who was already starting to feel like the other man. 


Is Noreen Coming Back?

Noreen may have been the other woman, but it takes two to tango. Noreen made one mistake, but she meant well. So it was hard not to feel bad for her when she so badly wanted to fit in and be accepted by the judgey towns people. Moreso, she just wanted to be happy. And when she realized her happiness wasn’t with Bill, who barely paid her any attention and treated her like an afterthought to his family, she made the best choice for herself and her unborn child to leave him and Serenity. 

Jamie Lynn Spears, who plays Noreen, may have been considered a guest-star, but I believe she’ll return in some capacity. Maybe not to be with Bill, but she is going to have his child and audiences will want to see that play out. Bill might not have common sense, but he is the father and deserves to be in the child’s life. 

What We Want to See on Sweet Magnolias Season 2 on Netflix

Credit: Sweet Magnolias/ Netflix

Erik Whitley Shooting His Shot

The sweetest thing about Sweet Magnolias is Erik Whitley. While I liked Ryan and Helen together, I wasn’t a fan of their torrid history. It made Ryan a turn-off. Plus, he was never around, and while Helen loved him, she wasn’t getting the kind of love she wanted. The final straw for the relationship came when Ryan stood firm on his “no children” stance. Sometimes, no matter how much you love someone, you have to accept that it just isn’t meant to be. Helen and Ryan wanted very different things in life and it wasn’t fair for either of them to compromise their wants or beliefs. 

On the other hand, things with Erik seem so easy even if Helen is oblivious to the fact that he’s in love with her. I’m talking puppy dog eyes in love! Erik has had some trauma in the past with losing a child, so he likely won’t object with wanting to try again with the woman he loves. He’s always been so respectful and affectionate towards Helena, and even stepped back when he saw her and Ryan together.

But make no mistake, that man wasted no time shooting his shot once Ryan was out of the picture. I love a man who knows what he wants and goes after it. Eventually, Helen will come to realize the future she’s been wanting has been right in front of her this whole time! 


Dana Sue’s Love Life

All three of the Sweet Magnolias have very active and thrilling love lives, especially for a small town, but Dana Sue takes the cake! There is so much sexual tension between her and Ronnie. Whew! Correct me if I’m wrong, but we never found out what happened between them that led to their divorce, right? Therefore, a reconciliation isn’t entirely out of the picture. Dana Sue doesn’t seem to want to give in, but Ronnie seems open to it. 

But then there’s Jeremy! They hit it off right away, they have so much in common, and he seems like a breath of fresh air for Dana Sue. When have you ever seen her so giddy? If a man can do that, he’s a keeper! 


Is Dana Sue Isaac’s Mother?

Poor Isaac has been on the hunt for his birth parents since stepping foot into Sullivan’s. And his assumption that Dana Sue and Micah are his parents wasn’t entirely out of the realm of possibility. Dana and Micah kept alluding to a wild past, Dana said Micah and Isaac have a lot in common, and they all cooked together like a family. Plus, Isaac has such a sweet relationship with Annie! 

Isaac clearly surprised Dana Sue with his bold paternity question, but she also didn’t reject the possibility the way Erik Whitley did when Isaac asked him if he was his father. It’s possible Dana Sue gave up a child up for adoption early in her life before she was ready to be a mother. We won’t know for sure unless the series gets a second season, so let’s hope that a renewal is on the way! 


What do you want to see on Sweet Magnolias season 2? Let us know in the comments! 

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