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Sweet Magnolias Review Season 3 Episode 8 Beat Me at My Own Game Sweet Magnolias Review Season 3 Episode 8 Beat Me at My Own Game

Sweet Magnolias

Sweet Magnolias Review – Beat Me at My Own Game (308)

Sweet Magnolias. (L to R) JoAnna Garcia Swisher as Maddie Townsend, Brooke Elliott as Dana Sue Sullivan, Heather Headley as Helen Decatur in episode 308 of Sweet Magnolias . Cr. Courtesy Of Netflix © 2023



The gang’s back together.

Sweet Magnolias Season 3 Episode 8 finally saw the trio make up after their overdue fight—and it was a margarita night filled with candid heart-to-hearts and laughter. 

During their little rift, a lot happened, and every single one of them needed to get a fair amount off their chest. Helen closed the chapter on Ryan, this time for good, while Maddie sent Trotter away to be with his ill friend, Christopher, who needed his help looking after the grandchildren, though thankfully, she has Noreen and Genevieve helping out at the spa. 

As for Dana Sue, things have been quite bumpy despite things her relationship with Ronnie going so well, and while part of that was Annie lying to her and sneaking around to see Jackson behind her back, most of it was due to Kathy blowing into town and causing mayhem and destruction. 

Kathy never admitted to being the hurricane that blew into Sullivan’s and destroyed everything in sight, but she didn’t deny it either. It was actually a cry for help of sorts as the signature, Trish, was one that Ronnie recognized from their childhood. 

Obviously, Kathy’s intention was to cause pain and suffering while also getting her brother’s attention, but Ronnie wasn’t interested in playing the game. He realized that Kathy was still living in the past, rehashing everything that transpired between them and letting it fester rather than moving on; when she said she wouldn’t leave until she got what she deserved, he cut her a sizeable check that seemed to suffice. 

Before anyone knew, including Bill, who was quite shocked by her haste decision to skip town, she was on her way out of Serenity. She suggested that Bill go with her and start over, and honestly, for the first time in three seasons, I was proud of him for realizing how problematic this behavior was and that running away wasn’t the answer. What good would that do for anyone?

He was owning up to his mistakes, trying to be better, and trying to find a way to exist in his children’s lives—he’s not perfect, but it’s a start, and that’s more than Kathy can say. I just hope Bill didn’t somehow convince her to stick around. 

However, I am kind of disappointed at the whole Kathy storyline. There seemed to be such promise there—a family feud over a business that was intensified by her deep hatred for her brother’s wife. She stole Erik from Sullivan’s to make Z’s a competitor, and then all of that just fell apart. Erik quit the job, while Kathy decided to leave. There was no climax to the plot, which had so much potential for a Dana Sue and Erik face-off. She never even seemed to find out that he was working for the enemy, and that seems like a waste. Why even introduce all of that in the first place if it was never going to go anywhere?

Erik seemed shocked that Kathy was Dana Sue’s sister-in-law after finding out from Jeremy as he was in the dark the whole time, but it served as a proper reminder to really get to know who you’re getting into bed—or business—with. 

Speaking of, his relationship with Genevieve is heating up, though I’m wondering if he has any idea that her promising new job is at the spa owned by his ex-girlfriend. I like this pairing, and it seems like Genevieve is truly smitten by Erik and interested in him, something I never felt from Helen when they were together. I just hope Genevieve is trustworthy and not someone who is going to skip town now because she was working with Kathy. My gut is still unsure about her. 

It was nice to see Erik and Helen finally talk for the first time since their split, and though it was brief, you could see that they were both in better places in their lives. Time sure does heal all wounds and I have faith they’ll eventually be on friendly terms again. 

Ronnie may have thought he was doing the right thing by paying Kathy off—and he does know his sister best so I’ll take his word for it as he thought it was the only way to get her out of town and protect his family and guarantee them the peace they’ve been craving—but it cut into the extra funds that they were saving up for their vow renewal. When Ronnie, Cal and Skeeter walked into Sullivan’s with a handful of tuxedo choices, Dana Sue informed him that they no longer have the budget and called the whole thing off. 

I’m going to call this a hiccup in the road because I think they’ll find a way to make it happen regardless—when this town comes together, there’s nothing it can’t accomplish. Plus, Helen and Maddie mentioned Dana Sue’s “cheap” first wedding that sounded like it was one heck of a party! Money doesn’t always make everything better—it matters who is there supporting and celebrating with you. And they are rich in that aspect of their lives, that’s for sure. 

The teens and young adults also had some momentum in their storylines, with the biggest and overarching one being their determination to fix up a park playground that’s so rundown, no one wants to use it anymore. It’s awesome to see the next generation taking an interest in their community and wanting to do something about it. 

Ty also asked if Lydia would tutor him, which is a great step in proving that he’s taking his studies seriously and really interested to find a new passion outside of baseball. Ty can’t talk with a girl without flirting, so it likely explains why I’m picking up vibes between him and every single girl he interacts with, but they are undeniable and real with Annie. He has so much love for her, but I think it’s crossing the “friend love” to something more romantic—and I think she feels it, too. She’s also realizing that maybe Jackson isn’t her Prince Charming as his game plan has never gone beyond lying to his parents and keeping her a secret, which isn’t ideal when you want to shout your feelings for someone from the rooftop. 

Kyle also found out that the carnations that he’s been receiving haven’t been from Nellie as she comes to town to inform him that he needs to stop reaching out to her romantically because she has a boyfriend in Castlewood. It’s definitely a bummer, but I’m not surprised that their puppy love didn’t last once Nellie’s family moved. I’m sure Mary Vaughn is thrilled, though it’s been a minute since we’ve heard from her and her husband, who was last mentioned misappropriating mayoral funds for personal use. Let’s hope we revisit that storyline before the season concludes. 

My money is still on Lily as Kyle’s secret admirer. Also, am I sensing something romantic bubbling up between Jeremy and Noreen?

Isaac’s been sort of like the voice of reason and wisdom this season, first making it clear to Erik that he cannot be working for Kathy, and now bringing up to Noreen that she might want to get a written agreement with Bill when it comes to child support for Rebecca. I love that he’s looking out for her, especially since this is about her and her child’s future—and with a lawyer in their friend group, it just makes sense that she takes advantage and provides a level of security for herself. Bill isn’t going to respond well, but when have we ever cared about what he had to say?

What did you think of the episode? Do you think the season will answer some of the lingering questions in the final two episodes? Will we see Dana Sue and Ronnie’s vow renewal? Will Helen find her true love? Will Annie and Ty get together? 

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Sweet Magnolias

Who Is Kathy on ‘Sweet Magnolias’?



Who Is Kathy on Sweet Magnolias

Sweet Magnolias Season 3 hit Netflix on Thursday, July 20, and finally gave fans some clarity on a cliffhanger from season 2—who is Kathy?

In the final episode of season 2, a nameless woman confronted Annie and asked her if she was Dana Sue’s daughter before commenting that she looked like “something she’d spit out” right before calling her mother a “home wrecker.”

We then saw the same woman popping the tires of a Sullivan’s food truck, and once the Magnolias saw the video, they all let out a deep sigh and declared: “She’s back.”

Now, we finally have our answer.

SPOILERS AHEAD *** Stop reading if you haven’t watched the new season yet ***

Kathy (portrayed by Wynn Everett) blows into town like a hurricane, setting her sights on destroying Dana Sue and her brother, Ronnie. There’s plenty of animosity between the siblings as audiences learn that Kathy still holds plenty of resentment for the fact that Dana Sue and Ronnie got Sullivan’s instead of her; she believes they “stole” it from her. 

And naturally, she wants revenge, even after all these years. She sets her sights on Erik, propositioning him to join her restaurant, Z’s, where she’s an assistant manager. She attempts to poach him from Dana Sue’s business so that he can help elevate the place and make it a Southern destination, clearly hoping to put Sullivan’s out of business.   

Erik is in a low place after his split from Helen, so he takes some time away from Sullivan’s and agrees to work with Kathy without knowing the backstory of her feud with Dana Sue. 

Kathy also sinks her claws into Bill, whom she meets at the restaurant while he’s dining alone and who has no idea who she is. They seem to be kindred spirits in the fact that they’ve hurt a lot of people and don’t have anyone to turn to—they are lonely, and it’s a situation of their own making. 

In later episodes, Kathy crashes Annie’s sweet 16 party to hurl nasty comments at everyone, including Maddie and Helen. It’s unhinged behavior and a clear indication that she hasn’t found peace or moved on with her life, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

When Erik turns in his resignation letter—after learning that she’s related to Ronnie and hired him out of spite, something he feels very guilty about—she retaliates by trashing Sullivan’s kitchen. It’s clear she wants attention from her estranged brother, and when he meets her to talk, she promises that she won’t leave town until she gets what she’s owed. 

Ronnie determines that it’s a hefty check, later informing Dana Sue that Kathy only understands money. 

Kathy decides that it’s a sufficient payout to leave town, but Bill’s pretty disappointed with the news, informing her that running away isn’t the answer and it isn’t going to fix all the pain she’s caused—and he’s someone who would know a thing or two about hurting people in Serenity. 

In a surprising twist, Kathy and Bill show up at Dana Sue and Ronnie’s vow renewal with a thoughtful gift in hand—she hands her brother a vintage tea set that belonged to their mother because she understands what it feels like not to “get what you want.”

She then apologizes to everyone she’s crossed paths with, while Dana Sue shows plenty of grace, informing her that she wishes they could’ve been friends all these years.

Kathy and Bill then leave town “for a bit” to find themselves and get back on the right track. 

It’s unclear if we’ll see this random couple in the future if/when Netflix decides to renew Sweet Magnolias for the fourth season, but if so, hopefully, they’ve made good on their promise to “do better.”

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Sweet Magnolias

The Fate of ‘Sweet Magnolias’ Season 4 Finally Revealed—Will There Be Another Season on Netflix?



Sweet Magnolias just dropped its third season on Netflix with 10 exciting episodes taking fans back to the town of Serenity alongside Maddie (JoAnna Garcia Swisher), Helen (Heather Headley), and Dana Sue (Brooke Elliott). 

SPOILERS AHEAD *** Stop reading if you haven’t watched the new season yet *** SPOILERS AHEAD 

While the third season ended on an uplifting note that would suffice as a series finale, fans absolutely don’t want the story to end as they are heavily invested in all of the friendships and relationships that have formed over the course of three seasons. 

And thus, the question on everyone’s mind remains—will there be a fourth season of Sweet Magnolias?

On October 19, 2023, Netflix officially renewed the hit series for season 4, which means we’re now officially going to be spending more time with our favorite residents in Serenity. 

Yet another season means that fans can find out if Helen and Erik will give their love another try, whether Isaac will tell Noreen about Bill (and confront Bill about being his son), and get more insight about the future mayoral candidates of Serenity—while also getting justice for the town that was mistreated and taken advantage of by the Lewis family! 

Season 2 was confirmed two months after the first season was released, while Season 3 was three months after the second season aired. 

There’s currently no premiere date set just yet, and with the SAG-AFTRA strike still looming large, it might delay the upcoming season just a smidge, but with the WGA strike finally over, at least the writers can get back to penning a worthy script to move things along when the time finally comes to start filming again! 

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Sweet Magnolias

Sweet Magnolias Season Finale Review – Save My Place (310)



Sweet Magnolias Review Save My Place

Let’s pour it out for Dana Sue and Ronnie… and the three leading ladies of Serenity.

Sweet Magnolias Season 3—through all of its bumps and hiccups—continued to be a love story not only between three best friends, but between them and their significant others, their significant others with each other, and their found families within the community. 

It’s a love story for Serenity, highlighting everyone’s dedication and commitment to the charming small town. 

Much of the season finale, Sweet Magnolias Season 3 Episode 10, was focused on Ronnie and Dana Sue’s wedding, one that was picture-perfect and the epitome of love and renewed beginnings. 

Dana Sue and Ronnie recommitted to each other in front of the whole town, with their loved ones by their side—and may I say, everyone seriously dressed to impress. The wardrobe team really outdid themselves as all of the Magnolias rocked dresses that complimented them, their personalities, and their personal styles. And I dare say that Maddie stole the show in that baby blue dress! 

One of the season’s overarching storylines came to an end, a positive one at that. Kathy showed up at the reception, as expected, with Bill in tow, announcing their relationship of sorts to the public, but instead of bringing pain and destruction, she offered an apology and gave her brother their mother’s tea set as a peace offering. Everyone seemed rather surprised that this change of heart was brought upon by Bill, though, in his defense, he did tell Maddie he was going to do better. 

And this is his start. He’s trying to turn his life around and find meaning in his life while finding his place amid a family that he’s hurt and that has moved on all while he’s been trying to hold on. It’s not doing anyone any favors that he’s just there, randomly popping in, so he has to figure things out for himself before he can be there for others. Bill’s been quite the pain, but at least he’s aware—that’s all we can ask. He’s putting in an effort to make this second half of his life as a father be a little more intentional and meaningful. 

His relationship with Kathy may have been surprising to everyone, and vengeful on her part at the beginning, but in a way, they are good for each other—two villains trying to claw their way back to the top and find peace and love. 

There were many unspoken, off-screen moments that we didn’t get to see that I feel would’ve made the storyline stronger. Why didn’t we get to see Bill finding out who Kathy is? Are we to assume he wasn’t phased by it at all. 

Dana Sue and Ronnie deserve this second chance, and I’m glad it wasn’t tainted by Kathy’s antics yet again. She’s done enough damage, and for nothing, when they all could’ve simply been a family. You could tell it meant a lot to Ronnie that his sister finally acknowledged that she was the problem. 

Dana Sue and Erik also figured things out prior to the vow renewal, which meant that she had her kitchen team back together and someone to make a scrumptious cake. All’s right in the world. 

It seems that in Serenity, it’s all about moving forward with grace, love, and forgiveness—and this season taught us that simply being there for people and giving them the space to accept to reach out for help when they are ready is essential. It’s an important reminder to everyone who always wants to leap into action and fix things. 

Dana Sue didn’t hound Erik, ultimately letting him come to her when he was ready. 

Helen and Erik also cleared the air, starting over fresh as friends, though there’s so much unspoken love and longing between them. I truly believe that their biggest obstacle was always timing… and Ryan. Helen couldn’t fully give herself over to Erik and envision a future with him because she didn’t close the chapter on Ryan; she was still holding onto that hope for their fairytale ending. But now that she’s gotten closure and Ryan is officially out of the picture,  it’s clear that she and Erik are like two magnets pulling towards each other; it’s inevitable, especially after Helen caught the bouquet and they locked eyes across the space. Though this time, I hope they take their time and honor each other’s feelings, first and foremost.

Genevieve, who? 

It didn’t help that she didn’t attend the event, telling Erik that she works with the Magnolias and doesn’t feel ready to party with them, which is fair. I fully expect things to get messy in the Erik, Helen, Genevieve love triangle next season, and I’m ready to see these two women fight it out for him. May the best woman win.

Maddie and Cal remained unproblematic this season, and they couldn’t be more in love, constantly supporting each other at every turn. It’s just nice to see her finally find a man that treats her the way she deserves to be treated as we know that was never Bill’s strong suit. Even now, she’s doing much of the heavy lifting when it comes to parenting, with Cal subbing in when necessary. Maybe next season, we’ll get to attend their wedding! 

Also finding love again—Noreen and Jeremy! The way my heart melted when he was just walking around with Rebecca as if she was his own daughter. He’s a keeper! After everything Bill put her through, Noreen deserves a good man who will step up to the plate. Look at Maddie and Noreen, both finding good men after Bill. 

And in the spirit of love, Ty is head over heels in love with Annie. He’s surrounded by CeCe and his new tutor friend, and yet he only has eyes for her. I think he’s slowly coming to the realization, but since Annie is nursing a broken heart, it’s not exactly the right time.

Annie broke up with Jackson, and though it hurt like hell, she realized she deserved so much better than to have to lie to all her loved ones to be with him. She needed him to grow up and stand up to his mother, and he was too scared, and it took a toll on their relationship. Jackson was admittedly shocked, but I don’t think anything hurt more than Annie turning around and running straight into Ty’s arms for comfort. It’s clear that her heart is also with her childhood best friend, even if she’s not entirely aware of it right now. 

Love was definitely the theme of the episode as Peggy showed up with Charles, her journalist friend helping her dig up dirt and evidence against the Lewis’, which sadly wasn’t revisited much this season (I know, I know, they’re building a case), while Pastor June brought her date from bingo, and Paula came with her good friend and the man who continuously commissions her work, Jimmy. Or should I say, recently divorced Jimmy who planted one heck of a smooch on her at Sullivan’s and then basically asked her to move in with him into his new house—under the guise of commissioning her to paint. Listen, Paula, get it girl. Isaac’s face was a mirror reflection of mine, but as Maddie noted, she deserves to find joy, and if it means letting her mother fly free, so be it. 

As for Peggy, Helen was adamant that she needs to run for office, even offering to run her campaign for her. And to that I say, Team Peggy and Helen has my vote! 

It’s exciting to see everyone getting invigorated and involved, trying to do what’s best for the town and the people living in it. 

Another storyline that wasn’t addressed was Isaac and Bill, though, after a heart-to-heart with Paula about lies, Isaac decided that he wanted to tell Noreen the truth about his birth father. It’s going to be quite a bombshell, but I don’t think anything can shake their friendship—if anything, it will bring them closer together. 

Annie seems to have found her “sisters”—the friends for life she wished for—in CeCe and Lily, who is also putting the moves on Kyle. I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing some episodes focus heavier on the teen Magnolias… yep, that’s what I’m calling them. 

Other Moments 

  • Bailey is truly one of the best supporting characters!
  • Erik and Helen have a lot in common including blaming and being hard on themselves and running away from their problems. 
  • Wayne is home—and Skeeter and his men were there to greet him and lend a helping hand. I love the small scenes depicting the true realities of small towns. 
  • I hope Maddie decides to publish her novel even though she said she’s just doing it for fun. 
  • And you know the Magnolias treasured being by each others’ side during the wedidng so much more after their big fight. They won’t ever take their friendship for granted again! 

This wasn’t my favorite season of Sweet Magnolias, but it did have a sweet ending that gave us potential for new, and old, relationships, while also showcasing plenty of character growth for everyone, including Serenity’s least-liked residents. 

Whenever we finally get another season, I hope that we’ll explore Erik and Helen’s rekindled spark, Isaac telling Noreen and finally confronting Bill, and all the drama with the Lewis’. 

What did you think of the season? Did you enjoy the finale? 

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