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The Bachelor Episode 2 Review The Bachelor Episode 2 Review

The Bachelor

The Bachelor Review – The Champagne Chronicles (24×02)

The Bachelor / ABC



The second episode of The Bachelor begins immediately where we left off with Hannah Brown’s dramatic return, where she has asked Peter (who was initially her third choice on her season of The Bachelorette) to give her one more chance. (Note: This was shortly after she made a suspiciously similar proposition to Tyler C., her first-runner up, in front of Peter–and his parents–in front of a live studio audience). After a dramatic “will he or won’t he” staring off into the distance sequence, Peter stands his ground and respectfully turns Hannah down as he tells her, “I want to be with someone who wants me as much as I want them.”

Several perplexed meteorologists have predicted that this caused a level 3 earthquake at exactly 8:04 pm EST as every live viewer in America screamed “YAS, PETER!” at their television sets in perfect unison. After an uncomfortable goodbye, Hannah dejectedly exits the scene and makes her way over to the sound stage for Season 28 of Dancing With The Stars, where she ultimately wins the competition. Don’t worry, Hannah–in the world of ABC, good things come to those who rate. 

The Bachelor Kelsey Champagne gif

The Bachelor/ ABC

Things kick back into gear as Peter starts sharing some of his “first moments” with the supporting character Bachelorettes. They deliver their backstory monologues–a sometimes tedious but extremely necessary aspect of The Bachelor, as their critical reception plays a key role in shaping the futures of the bachelorette’s upcoming careers as social media influencers. Much like the periods of recitative in Les Miserables, we understand that this needs to happen to further the plot, and we slowly develop an only slightly ironic adoration for these glimpses into their pre-CBD-oil-and-hair-vitamin-endorsement-deal lives.

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Peter shares a moment of genuine chemistry and romance with Madison, the bachelorette who went on last week’s one-on-one date. He gives her a thoughtful memento of their time together, and it becomes clear–he really likes her. When they kiss, we can physically see Peter–and the dozens of candles blowing smoke all over the set much longer than their contract stated—melting at a rapid pace. 

The Bachelor Season 24 Kelsey Champagne Gate

The Bachelor/ ABC


The entire house is shaken when Hannah Ann, the possible villain of the season, steals Peter from one of the girls and proceeds to pop the bottle of champagne that Kelsey had saved from her birthday specifically to share with Peter. We go through several exciting twists and turns: Did Hannah Ann know that it was Kelsey’s bottle of champagne? Will Kelsey be able to gain her composure post-emotional breakdown? Who will get to share their side of the story with Peter first? And, most importantly, was the champagne sweet or dry? It’s a classic case of she-said/she-said/producer-staged. 

Last week, there was a quick-change-within-an-obstacle-course challenge that merely flirted with a debatable similarity to America’s Next Top Model. But THIS week, the ANTM resemblance is so striking and so thrilling that you almost forget that you’re watching The Bachelor. I’m not kidding–Janice Dickinson herself literally comes onto the show as a guest judge in a runway modeling competition, and I’m pretty sure the script for her quippy remarks was taken directly from a file deep within The CW’s archives titled, “in remembrance of legitimate content.” As someone who spent the majority of her wisdom tooth removal recovery popping Vicodin and bingeing America’s Next Top Model, this is an absolute dream come true.

One of my favorite moments of the episode is when guest judge Carson Kressley proclaims, “Boyfriends are temporary, but cashmere is forever.” I’m sorry, did you say cashmere or cash-merch?

If you’re craving moments of dramatic intensity and could use some lessons on how-to-not-open-a-bottle-of-champagne, look no further–The Bachelor has got you covered.

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