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The Bachelor Week 7 Hometown Episode Season 24 Review The Bachelor Week 7 Hometown Episode Season 24 Review

The Bachelor

The Bachelor Week 7: Hometown Horrors

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Peter opens the episode by uncomfortably addressing the camera and unconvincingly telling us that one of these women will be his wife. If by wife, he means momentary Instagram girlfriend, I’m sold. His first hometown date is with Hannah Ann, and they have a blast at an axe-throwing bar. This will be excellent prep for when they have their first huge fight and are dramatically throwing cans of Axe deodorant across the bathroom of their Los Angeles condo. When Peter goes to meet Hannah Ann’s family, her sister and mother seem genuinely enthusiastic for her, but her dad is not so amused. Dad expresses his doubt that this relationship is even slightly authentic, and calls this whole experience nothing more than “a new and exciting flash in a pan,” which is a strange way to describe a relationship, but a thrilling new slogan for PAM Cooking Spray.

Next, Peter goes to Kelsey’s hometown in Iowa and they enjoy stomping on some grapes. Prior to this episode, all of my mental images of people stomping on grapes either involved cartoons, viral videos, or people in period costumes playing the accordion, so I thought this was a very humbling viewing experience. Kelsey’s home scene takes place on a soundstage that was set to look like a home, and I can’t put my finger on why, but you can just feel the threat of a bird flying through the fake ceiling at any moment throughout the entire scene. Underscored by some music that sounds like it came straight from the soundtrack to Full House, Kelsey’s family expresses their concern about her heart getting broken. But regardless, she and Peter share some wonderful moments, including an intimate snapshot between the two of them in a desolate cornfield–during which Kelsey comments on how incredible it is for them to be alone together–which was filmed by two different hidden cameras and (possibly) one drone.

Up next is Madison’s hometown date at Auburn University. Although Madison talks a lot about her virginity, she doesn’t wear a purity ring, which makes me think she wasn’t a fan of the Jonas Brothers. It quickly becomes very clear that this was because she was busy obsessing over High School Musical (like me) because she puts Peter in a basketball uniform and makes him look exactly like Troy Bolton. This pilot is truly “soarin…flyin.” When Peter meets Madison’s family, her dad expresses his unshakable disapproval of Peter to anyone who will listen. Great first day with the in-laws. Regardless, Peter confesses to Madison that he’s falling head over heels for her, and you can see in Madison’s eyes that she knows this is going to end terribly. 

In the last 45 minutes of the episode, we dive deep into the All American thriller, “Peter the Pilot and the Curious Case of Why He’s Keeping Victoria F. Around.” While the couple initially enjoys another day together at a country music concert, their evening is completely destroyed when Peter’s ex appears. Her name is Merissa and they blur out her face, so we’re going to call her Blurissa. Blurissa warns Peter about Victoria’s shady past, and even goes far enough to say, “you should know what you’re on a date with.” Peter confronts Victoria and they engage in a fight that will undoubtedly be shown in hundreds of intro to psychology courses throughout the nation. 

Blurissa, our hero, engages in a dramatic dialogue with Peter.

At the final rose ceremony, Peter shockingly keeps Victoria F. around eliminates Kelsey. My fan theory is that this has literally nothing to do with Victoria F. and the producers just wanted to get Kelsey off of the show as soon as possible so she’d have some time to get over Peter and start prepping for her spot as The Bachelorette. Unless Blurissa swoops in and takes her spot. But we’ll find out what happens with that in a few weeks. For now, we’re focused to see what happens at the end of this week’s cliff hanger when Madison dramatically approaches Peter and says she needs to talk to him. Will she be able to stay with Peter and Stick To The Status Quo? Or will she be Breaking Free from him for good? And, most importantly, will Blurissa return for an end-of-the-season comeback? (I hope so.) 

Check out the best memes from this week’s episode!

The Best ‘The Bachelor’ Memes and Tweets From This Week’s Hometowns

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