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The Bachelor

The Best Memes from The Bachelor’s Champagne Gate

The Bachelor/ ABC



All we have to say is Champagne Gate on The Bachelor.

Kelsey vs. Hannah Ann – which team are you?

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The Bachelor

Best Tweets About Sarah Leaving from Tonight’s ‘The Bachelor’



Best Tweets from Season 25 Episode 3 of The Bachelor

The Bachelor Season 25 Episode 3 was intense. 

From a steamy reading to an emotional firestorm that saw Sarah at the center of it all. 

Check out the best tweets from tonight’s episode below:

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Best Tweets About Victoria from Tonight’s Episode of ‘The Bachelor’



Best Tweets About Victoria from Tonight's Episode of 'The Bachelor'

Week 2 brings tension to the house as the ladies fight for Matt James’ love on The Bachelor Season 25 Episode 2. 

Two lucky women snagged a one-on-one date and being vulnerable and open with Matt secured them a rose. 

And the group date was a full on “paint war.” Plus, Victoria proved that she’s determined to be the villain that makes us go “ugh” all season long.

Here are the best tweets from tonight’s episode of The Bachelor.

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Coffee Table News

Peter Weber’s Mom Barb Played a Role in His Split with Kelley Flanagan



The Bachelor Fans Call Barb Manipulative Peter Weber

Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagans have called it quits.

E News! reports that the couple split for a “myriad of reasons” with commitment being one of the key reasons.

And the villain of Weber’s season of The Bachelor, his mother, Barbara Weber, seems to have also played a role in the breakup. 

According to a source, his mom, affectionately nicknamed Barb, put a lot of “pressure” on the pair throughout their 10-month relationship.

“Kelley did think Barb was very controlling and overbearing but she tried to not let it affect their relationship,” the insider shares. “Barb put a lot of pressure on them, which was definitely hard.”

Even so, the insider explains that Barb’s meddling wasn’t a “huge factor” in their breakup. In fact, the source says, “She got along with Kelley and they enjoyed each other.”

The larger issue at hand was Pete’s apparent unwillingness to only commit to Kelley. “Peter is not ready to be with one girl,” the source shares. “He thought he could take the step of moving in with Kelley but he couldn’t handle it.”

The source continues, “Kelley suspected something was up with him because Peter was being distant. She is definitely heartbroken.”

Likewise, the source reveals, “[Peter] is also very upset about the situation and doesn’t know if he’s making the right choice. He thinks he will regret this eventually.” 

Their breakup came just days before Peter and Kelley were set to move into a New York City apartment together. Kelley had been documenting the moving process and expressed excitement over this new chapter in her life, but now the source says everything is up in the air.

“She’s staying with her family but plans to go back to Chicago,” the source shares. “She has also considered starting over in a new city but no concrete plans for that yet.”

Original reporting by: CYDNEY CONTRERAS 

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