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The Bold Type

The Bold Type Review – Heartbreak for Sutton (5×02)

Kat, Sutton, and Jane stand together holding hands at an event. Credit: The Bold Type/ Freeform



Things are off to a slow start on The Bold Type Season 5 Episode 2. I’m not sure if the writers are pacing themselves to make it to a strong end, but with only a few more episodes left, I was hoping they would make each one count.

Sutton’s storyline in this episode, although terribly heartbreaking, is the most interesting, so let’s start there.

While at work, Sutton receives a calendar alert that Richard is making a surprise trip to NYC. In all honesty, she takes it much better than I would! She’s distracted yes, but all things considered, she’s holding it together. Sutton’s hopes are high, thinking Richard may be returning to make amends, but of course, things aren’t that easy. Even in a TV show.

Instead of putting her entire focus on the big project she initiated at work, she’s too busy working up the courage to press send on a text to Richard. The writers did a good job building this Richard thing to a climax. It would not have been reasonable to have him *poof* leave without any closure.

Alex, Sutton, and Kat hugging during Alex’s farewell party on The Bold Type (Freeform/Jonathan Wenk)

However, the alternative wasn’t so great either. We knew he wouldn’t return. How could he after he up and left Sutton? Just when they’re supposed to reunite at the apartment, Sutton runs into a colleague of Richard’s in the lobby. He proceeds to relays the bad news that Richard wants a divorce. A divorce!! Sutton’s basically been served.

A cowardly move by Richard to send a messenger rather than directly tell her. I’m raging for Sutton, but also, it probably was best that they didn’t see each other face-to-face because it certainly would’ve broken her even more. It was so sad to see Sutton so in love with him still despite what he had done, but this news made her properly mad, and hopefully, that means she can officially move on.

Meanwhile, Jane’s attempting to put out a dumpster fire that’s come out of the sexual harassment allegations she wrote about the CEO of their opposing company. Her original source reveals to her that the account she provided wasn’t actually her story to tell, but in fact, Rana’s, the assistant that didn’t want to talk.

The whole ordeal is a huge problem for Jacqueline’s reputation. I would too. I felt Jacqueline’s scolding through the screen. I wanted to cry! But Ian talks some sense into Jacqueline, and she realizes that what Jane did wasn’t out of carelessness and isn’t entirely doomed. So she makes the executive decision to talk to Nicole with Jane.

Jane and Jacqueline talking in the lobby on The Bold Type. (Freeform/Jonathan Wenk)

With Jacqueline telling Jane she’s the face of Scarlett, I can totally see it now. The way she owned her mistakes and proceeds to give an entire speech about them, she’s really come a long way since Season 1. A round of applause, Jane!

Kat’s on her regular social justice warrior journey helping an old friend Zuri find a job. Since Zuri’s served time in jail, no company wants to hire her. Being the social media guru she is, Kat has the brilliant idea of posting a video exposing the system’s challenges on ex-convicts. With Zuri being a black woman who served time for shoplifting out of survival, the show puts a proper emphasis on racism and embeds it into the storyline seamlessly.

Seeing Kat in the slideshow photos they previewed at the event reminded me that, duh, Kat doesn’t work there anymore. She’s literally at all the Scarlett events, so sometimes it slips my mind. I’m curious to see if Kat finds her way back at Scarlett or if she’s carving her own path to success. Either way, it looks like she’ll reconnect with Adena, who apparently still does work there. I am predicting another shot at a relationship between the two, so please don’t let me down!

Jane gives her speech at an event. Credit: The Bold Type/ Freeform

Now that most of the fires have been extinguished, I wonder what the next episode holds. I imagine a lot more drinking from Sutton, Kat and Adena reconnect, and who knows what Jane will be onto next. What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments down below!

Stray Musings:

  • Aren’t sweater vests on-trend right now? So why is the trio so mortified Sutton put Alex in one? Someone, please explain.
  • Yes Kat, the basketballs are all broken. That’s why you couldn’t make a basket. If only it worked that easily.
  • Cancel culture is going to be the death of us. If everyone just implemented Alex’s strategy of accountability and education, maybe we’d have a more informed society.
  • Seeing everyone in their fancy black-tie garb combined with tennis shoes is definitely a look. It’s not very often that we see any of the characters totally dressed down.
  • “Les Miserables Millennial Mixed-Tape” please can we make this a thing!!

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The Bold Type

The Bold Type Review – Adena’s Back! (5×03)



Now that the fires have been extinguished, the girls are back to normal on The Bold Type Season 5 Episode 3. While it’s sad to see the aftermath of Sutton’s divorce, she’s right back where she belongs–in that small, tiny shoebox apartment living with her besties.

Many people critique the show saying it sets unrealistic standards for living in NYC, but this episode certainly set the record straight. Not only did they have to thriftily transform a closet into a bedroom for Sutton, Andrew finally told Jacqueline that his assistant salary was unlivable, and he was forced to work a second job to survive.

If those scenarios don’t scream NYC, I don’t know what does.

Jane sitting at her desk. (Freeform/Jonathan Wenk)

Jacquline wasn’t the only boss who received a wake-up call from unhappy employees. It was the first time we really saw Jane in a leadership position after receiving a very average evaluation from Addison, one of her writers. Sometimes it seems like Jane’s so focused on climbing her own career ladder that she doesn’t always give her writers the proper attention or feedback.

While Jane was too preoccupied with trying to make her relationship with Scott HR official, she was blind to her favoritism toward him. Addison finally woke her up and reminded her that she’s only as good as her team. So here’s hoping Jane can pull it together and be the mentor Jacqueline was for her.

Or else, she’ll be losing much more than employees.

Meanwhile, Kat was back working with Adena! Can you tell I’m excited? The tension between them was crystal clear. No matter how hard Kat was trying to convince Sutton and Jane that she and Adena were just friends, she was really trying to convince herself. “We’re just friends” are the last words every ex says before they’re back in the same saddle.

The writers did a good job trying to throw us off by sending Adena on many secret phone calls that ended in “I love you’s.” But, it’s obvious they were not going to just bring her back for an episode simply to collaborate with Kat on a project.

Kat’s concern with Adena’s dating life is sweet, and the look she gives Adena when she’s in her element photographing is pure love. It’s quickly revealed that Adena’s mother is in town, and she’s the other voice at the end of the “I love you’s.” I’m pretty sure there was an audible sigh of relief when Kat realized it wasn’t a new lover.

Kat and Adina sitting together. (Freeform/Jonathan Wenk).

Their reunion, although rushed, is much needed. And beggars can’t be choosers, so we’ll take what we can get. Now, don’t let us down!

Now that Sutton’s divorce is official, she was struggling with everyone tiptoeing around her. Although, I’m not sure how she expected everyone to react and treat her. Divorce is a big deal!

She really only wanted people to ignore the fact that Richard smashed her heart into smithereens because she didn’t want to fall apart. It’s still impressive how “ok” she was. But, it’s a good thing she clarified that her emotions are day-by-day, and she admitted she might be broken the next minute. Let’s just hope Sutton receives a good ending.

This show is about three bold women and their journey through career, love, and friendship. New York City is a hard city. It hardens people and gives them thick skin. Especially in the magazine industry, it’s not an easy career. So between NYC and their careers, they’ve been forced to evolve purely in the midst of their environment.

Heck, Jane was barely a writer in Season 1, and now she has her own vertical and manages her own team. Sutton was a coffee runner who fought her way to the prestigious stylist position she completely thrives in. And Kat, well, although she may have fallen in her career ladder, she’s no failure. Still fighting for those without voices, Kat’s going to change the world.

Jane, Sutton, and Kat (Freeform/ Jonathan Wen).

This hour really showcased each woman and highlighted her most profound character arc. There’s still much more that can happen in these next three episodes. I don’t mean to get sentimental before the finale even airs.

So please stop me, and comment down below your thoughts on the episode!

Stray Musings:

  • By the end of this episode, I think we all learned we need a best friend whose divorce and marriage are within a year of each other. That way you can secure all the good wedding gifts. Like a breadmaker!
  • Did anyone else catch Jacqueline’s coffee mug reference to The Office?
  • Cute matching bowling shirts? Can the trio get any cuter?

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The Bold Type

The Bold Type Season Premiere Review – Trust Fall (5×01)



The Bold Type Leveling up Review

The Bold Type is back for its final season.

And while it’s bittersweet welcoming Jane, Sutton, and Kat back for the remaining six episodes, we’ve sure missed them during the lengthy hiatus. 

The Bold Type Season 5 Episode 1 didn’t miss a beat picking up with the girls enduring a massive hangover from a whole night of drinking their problems away. 

Sutton was trying to forget the end of her marriage with Richard and that she was personally responsible for breaking up another marriage after sleeping with her married ex-boyfriend, Billy.

Jane was in denial about her feelings for her writer, Scott, while Kat was trying to forget that she slept with her frenemy, Ava. 

But while alcohol helped them forget their troubles for a night, all those issues bubbled up to the surface the next morning along with a throbbing headache. 

The free mimosa’s celebrating the upcoming Scarlet work retreat didn’t help.

Jane and Kat tackled their problems head-on by the end of the episode, but Sutton’s path forward wasn’t so clear and involved more alcohol. 

A lot more, actually. 

During the retreat, Sutton was throwing back drinks like it was her job, which prevented her from doing her actual job.

After an unsuccessful trust fall — Sutton fell forward not backward — she was unable to pitch her fashion idea to the board and guest-star Carson Kressley.

Thankfully, no one knew the reason she was missing from the meeting because Ava, who found Sutton drunkenly roaming the halls, got her safely back to Jane and informed Oliver and Jacqueline that she came down with food poisoning.

Oliver and Jacqueline are both close to Sutton, so I think they’d understand that she’s going through a tough time, but it’s not worth sabotaging the job she’s worked so hard for. 

She’s going through a world of pain, but using alcohol as a coping mechanism is dangerous. I hope she snaps out of it soon before it costs her everything she loves. 

Ava did Sutton a solid even though it would have been understandable if she walked away considering how things ended with Kat. 

When Kat initially brushed off Ava with a text, I was a little frustrated. Kat is always so outspoken and eager to stand up for what she believes in. She’s not the type to ghost people, which is why I’m glad that she eventually worked up the courage to be real with Ava. Despite her feelings for her, there were too many things she couldn’t overlook. She didn’t agree with who she was as a person or the issues she championed and believed in. 

The Bold Type Season Finale Review – Not Far from the Tree (4×16)

Opposites attract, but it could never work when they disagreed on fundamental human rights and issues.

“I want to be proud of who I’m sleeping with,” was such a solid line. It should be everyone’s motto for life!

With only a handful of episodes left, I’m hoping this is the last we’ve seen of Ava. Kat deserves a happy ending. And I’m not going to lie, I’m excited that Adena will be returning in some capacity. They deserve a second chance. 

Jane was only at the retreat briefly before running off with Scott to pursue a big story. 

After getting the green light from Jacqueline to speak to Nicole about the sexual harassment at her company, Jane realized that Mark’s latest assistant was also a victim of abuse.

The assistant, Rana, was hesitant to speak up, but Jane did a great job at convincing her by earning her trust 

Jane shared a personal story about having feelings for her employee, which was also her way of telling Scott she had a crush on him. 

Of course, she couldn’t do anything about them because it would be inappropriate and could potentially cost her the job she’s also worked so hard for. 

However, that’s not the only thing she should be concerned about. 

After publishing the story, Jane’s other writer, Addison, informed her that her original victim’s story didn’t add up. 

What did Jane overlook? Was she so eager to break the story and prove herself in her new role that she didn’t properly fact-check?

Did she let her feelings for Scott cloud her judgment or distract her?

This isn’t good for the woman being dubbed “the future of Scarlet,” particularly because it is a story that affects Jacqueline personally. Jacqueline’s husband was involved with Nicole, and naturally, Nicole thinks this is a hit piece that was born from jealousy.

It also puts Jane in a terrible situation as Jacqueline entrusted that Jane would ensure the story would be bulletproof before it was published.

Elsewhere, Alex was forced to confront that “canceling” Joe for the hit piece he wrote and for a homophobic tweet he posted several years ago was wrong of him and ruined the guy’s life. 

People change, but I’m sure Alex will likely tackle that topic on his podcast. 

The episode was heavily focused on the idea that making mistakes doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a terrible person.

 Everyone messes up, everyone makes mistakes, but it’s about how you bounce back from them and handle the situation that speaks to your character. 

What did you think of The Bold Type Season 5 premiere? Let us know in the comments below! 

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Coffee Table News

WATCH: Freeform Drops ‘The Bold Type’ Fifth and Final Season Trailer



WATCH: Freeform Drops 'The Bold Type' Fifth and Final Season Trailer

Raise a glass to the final season of The Bold Type.

Freeform unleashed a trailer for the final 6 episodes of the fashion-focused drama and things are heating up between old flames, while new ones are also on the horizon. 

Kat is still trying to get over her problematic hook-up with Ava, while her ex, Adeena, is back in her life. 

After a disagreement about children, Sutton and Richard ended their brief marriage. But it seems that all is not lost as the teaser shows them having trouble letting go (and still hooking up).

I have faith that Sutton and Richard will figure it out because they’ve always been #relationshipgoals. 

Jane’s continuing to find her voice and is possibly, definitely developing feelings for a writer that’s “under her.”

Watch the trailer below now:

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