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The Cleaning Lady Review Bahala Na Season 2 Episode 4 The Cleaning Lady Review Bahala Na Season 2 Episode 4

The Cleaning Lady

The Cleaning Lady Review – Bahala Na (204)

THE CLEANING LADY: L-R: Élodie Yung, Martha Millan and Adan Canto in the “Bahala Na” episode of THE CLEANING LADY airing Monday, Oct. 10 (9:02-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2022 Fox Media LLC. CR: Jeff Neumann/FOX



The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 4 was a beautifully dark installment that finally put an end to the motel owner’s hunt to extort Fi.

His demise was of his own doing because he simply didn’t know when to stop—and he messed with the wrong ladies this time around. 

Fi initially tried to deal with the situation herself, which only made things worse. When she clocked him upside the head in self-defense, she didn’t kill him, but it likely would’ve made things much easier in the long run. Instead, she roped in Thony to help her clean up the mess hoping that they would find a solution that didn’t involve killing John. Thony questioned why Fi didn’t just wait for her, who then blamed Thony for not prioritizing the family, which wasn’t fair. This episode, in particular, proved just how far she’s willing to go to protect the ones she loves. I understand Fi wanted to get this over with, but pulling the trigger (no pun intended) early only made for more problems later.

Fi was being optimistic that there was a way to deal with the situation that spared John, and since this was her first time truly getting her hands dirty, it was understandable that she didn’t want more blood to be spilled, but they were just putting off the inevitable for too long. Eventually, she had to come to terms with the fact that if they wanted to be free, they couldn’t let John live.

As Arman explained, extortion never ends until you end it. John’s choices resulted in his death. If he kept his word about keeping his mouth shut and owned up to the additional copies he made of the incriminating video, he likely could’ve continued living out his miserable life. But even after Thony threatened him with the visual of selling off his organs one by one, John still lied by stating that he didn’t make any copies. He was a wise ass who thought he could outsmart them and hold on to some assurances, and it was hard to feel bad for him in any way. He simply didn’t deserve a second chance or to walk away. 

When they realized there was no way they could ever set him free and prevent him from talking or going to the police, there was no other choice but to leave him with Arman, who was happy to help Thony protect her family. At this point, he almost is family!

I didn’t expect John to survive the episode, so the outcome wasn’t surprising, but it was exciting to see Arman and Thony back in action, and in a way we’d never seen them together before. They played off of each other—and their chemistry and electricity transferred past the romantic aspects and into the job. 

This was also the first time Fi met Arman, and her reaction was…beyond fitting. If I met Arman, I’d also forget my own name. Fi was a bumbling mess when she realized Arman wasn’t some slimy goon but instead, a fine man in a suit! She’s been giving Thony so much grief about Arman, but when she saw him standing there all tall, dark, handsome and fiercely protective, she began to understand why Thony was under his spell. 

And the truth is, there’s an established mutual trust between Arman and Thony that might not make sense to anyone else, but it makes sense to them. They can count on each other, which in turn means there’s loyalty. No matter what’s going on, if one of them needs help, they show up for each other.

Thony knew that Arman would never judge her or Fi for what happened nor would he use it against them, which is why she had no qualms about calling him.

Not only was it Fi’s first time meeting Arman, but it was also her first time seeing Thony working alongside him, and even though she didn’t like it, she couldn’t deny that it was impressive. 

Thony has picked up on a few things working with Arman—including tying a man up!—and she felt comfortable enough with him around to try things her way, even if they didn’t work out in the end. Arman has always seen Thony’s potential, but even he seemed pleasantly surprised with the way she took charge of the situation and threatened John with the black market chop. She’s terrifyingly good at this part… and he was really into it. There was one moment where he was just like in awe of her and totally in love! If this show simply becomes Thony and Arman teaming up to threaten people, I’m here for it!

 Thony called Arman in as backup, but she also proved that she could’ve handled this all on her own! 

The question remains… is their John problem finally over? The police will likely look for a suspect in his death, but there’s likely no shortage of those when it comes to a shady and scummy motel owner who was secretly filming his guests. Maybe they can find a way to spin it so that John is named the suspect in Marco’s death. That would solve everything, honestly. 

I liked seeing Fi get a front seat to the action with Thony and Arman, but I hope they keep her out of it moving forward. She’s too pure for this world of crime.

Thony continues proving that she’s a complete and total boss babe. After she ordered the hit on John, she delivered the cloned cell phone she got from Maya to Garrett and then leaped into action to deliver Nina’s baby without missing a beat or even getting a water break. Luca’s babysitter was in good hands when she went into labor at their house. 

The series did a great job of showcasing Thony’s power through the imagery of her welcoming a life right after giving Arman the green light to end one. Some would call that the natural cycle of things—as one life ends, another begins. 

And surprisingly, a newborn was all it took for Chris to gain a new perspective; it was sort of like his rebirth. 

Chris has been tough on himself since Marco’s death, and it’s unfortunate because, at the end of the day, it was an accident. But taking a life takes its toll. The fact that Chris was struggling to come to terms with it is actually a good sign; it proves he’s not a psychopath. The best thing for Chris would be to talk to someone and get some help, but since he can’t actually tell a therapist about what happened, it wasn’t really a possibility. All he could do was talk it through with his mom and aunt.

When he found other ways to “cope,” it was destructive and threatened what Fi and Thony were working to accomplish as it brought too much negative attention to the family. They were going above and beyond to make sure things were handled on their end, and they needed Chris to keep it together as well. 

Garrett was desperate to get the cell phone from Thony so that he could submit it and weasel his way back onto the Cortez case. I don’t actually think Garrett deserves to be on the case since he’s emotionally invested, but there’s no denying that his prior relationship with Maya was crucial in obtaining new information that they wouldn’t have had otherwise. Maybe he could actually help move things along while protecting her. 

In a moment of weakness, Maya revealed that there was a new player in town, and though she didn’t add much else, my gut tells me that it’s Robert Kamdar. The interest in the Cortez case would only make sense if it connected back to Thony and Arman in the end. 

Kamdar currently “owns” Nadia and Arman after they accepted a deal to work for him in addition to paying off the $1.6 million. It’s not an ideal situation, but they didn’t have much of a choice. Robert knew what he was doing by suggesting that the deal also involves Nadia as he wants to get closer to her and have her in his orbit. And from the looks of it, it doesn’t seem like it’ll be hard to pull her away from Arman. Yes, she loves and cares about Arman and seems loyal enough to him, but the moment she realized he was once again helping Thony, jealousy took over and her loyalty waned ever so slightly. I don’t think Arman and Nadia have a strong enough foundation to survive this (they were already rocky when Arman romanced Thony), especially as she’s going to realize that being by Robert’s side comes with all the perks she lost out on when Arman got arrested and lost everything. At the end of the day, Nadia seems like an opportunist, and Robert is providing her with a new opportunity to have her dream life. 

As a debt collector, Arman’s work is far from glamorous—he’s always gotten his hands dirty living a life of crime, but this time, he’s gunning after the people that owe money in order to pay off his own debt. In the end, it’s just a vicious cycle that loops back around to Robert Kamdar, who runs half of the criminal enterprise in Las Vegas. Yep, he’s 10 times worse than Hayak simply because, as Nadia pointed out, this is all just a game to him. He wields enough power and money that he’s just playing with people’s lives simply because he can. 

I hate that he has such a hold on Arman, so I’m hoping he will find a way to get the money to pay him back and free himself soon. 

The ultimate scenario would be Nadia and Robert teaming up to run their little betting empire, while Arman and Thony work together to put good out into the world by selling people the medication that they need at a fair price. Arman seemed interested in starting the business with Thony, and when Nadia suggested selling something that “pays more,” he immediately shut it down because he knew how dangerous it would be! This proves that she wants a bigger piece of the pie while Arman simply wants to eat to survive. Their goals no longer align, and once they pay off the debt, that’ll become clearer than ever. 

Thony doesn’t seem interested in causing problems for Arman and Nadia, but I don’t see a way where their three-way partnership works out, especially with Nadia’s jealousy and distaste for Thony in full swing. And there’s just no way that Arman and Thony will part ways–they’re in this for life. 

What did you think of the thrilling installment of The Cleaning Lady? Did you enjoy seeing Arman and Thony work together?



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    The Cleaning Lady

    ‘The Cleaning Lady’s Martha Millan on Her Dark Storyline, JD’s Return, and Much More



    'The Cleaning Lady's Martha Millan Talks Her Darker Storyline, Intense Scenes, and Much More

    The Cleaning Lady, now airing its second season on FOX, is one of TV’s best dramas—and, in the spirit of the holidays, the one show I’m most thankful for! And that’s exactly why I geeked out a little when I got the chance to talk with Martha Millan about all things season 2!

    Millan, who graces the screen as Fiona De La Rosa, is forced to go above and beyond to protect her family when her life becomes heavily involved with the Las Vegas criminal syndicate alongside sister-in-law, Thony De La Rosa (Elodie Young). In the second season, Millan’s character becomes a larger part of the action as she deals with a darker storyline that connects back to the dangers of living as an undocumented Filipino immigrant.

    In her chat with CraveYouTV, Millan revealed how she prepares to get into the role of Fiona, what the latest episode means for her relationship with Thony, and how JD (Ryan Sands) will factor into it all. 

    In addition to some lighthearted questions (she reveals who the silliest person is on set), we also got a little tease of what’s to come for the rest of the season.

    Check out the full interview below:


    Fiona is in a very difficult position at the end of The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 8 because she’s torn between her loyalty to Thony and protecting her kids. Can you speak a little bit about that?

    Martha: Honestly, I didn’t even realize the direction of where Fiona was going to go in regards to what’s happening with Chris and everything. So, for me,  it just goes back to the family issues that the show really is based on in terms of how far you would go for your children. And as you can see throughout the season, it’s definitely taken me to a lot of darker places [laughs], especially with the world’s colliding this season. So it’s been challenging in terms of just the conflict she has with who she is as a mother and then, on top of that, being undocumented, but also just the love that she has for her children and, of course, the ride and die relationship that she has with Thony. So, as an actor, it’s just an emotional bliss of rollercoaster emotions. But for the character itself, I think for any mother to go through that, these are stakes that are so high, but it is a constant question of how far will you go for your child and your family.


    How did you prepare and approach this much darker storyline for Fiona this season?

    To be honest with you, I didn’t really know the direction they were taking Fiona, so it was just that every script that I received, which is, like, basically three days before we start shooting, it was always like, “what?” I always just take it in stride and just really trust the material that’s been given and obviously the direction that they’re taking Fiona in. But it’s like life. You don’t know what’s going to happen. So I kind of approached it in that way where when I would get a script and then see the experiences or the journey that Fiona is going to take throughout that episode, it’s all about just being in the moment. So the preparation was all about just, oh, my God, be present. Make believable choices. And I really tried to stay true to what would it be like to be a mother under those circumstances, and those are extraordinary circumstances to be in. So I just grounded it in the relationships that are founded throughout this series. But, yeah, there’s really hardly any time to prepare.


    So you guys are just finding out all the twists and turns just like we are.

    Yeah, exactly. We get eight days to shoot an episode, and so throughout that episode, within maybe three to four days before the beginning of the next episode, that’s when we get the production draft of the script. And yeah, so pretty much it’s like real life. You’re just finding out day by day.

    'The Cleaning Lady's Martha Millan Talks Her Darker Storyline, Intense Scenes, and Much More

    THE CLEANING LADY: L-R: Martha Millan and guest star Ryan Sands in the “The Brit” episode of THE CLEANING LADY airing Monday, Oct. 17 (9:02-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2022 Fox Media LLC. CR: Jeff Neumann/FOX

    Well, we have this new character, JD, and he now knows a lot of their secrets and brings up a lot of issues that I feel Fiona never considered before. But can we trust him?

    I know. And for me, it was like, I remember last season, everybody was asking, well, what direction would you like Fiona to go through her experience and in what way? And I was like, well, she needs some love, for crying out loud. With JD’s new character, there was definitely that essence that we don’t see, you know, throughout Fiona’s journey in season one. And in terms of trusting him with the way Ryan Sands is in real life, he’s such a good person. His energy is just so solid. And he was in Marvel’s Runaways, so he’s already a superhero in general, but in the show, I think his energy and his essence still translates, and it gives that kind of a balance that Fiona has been looking for in a way that she’s just never had other than Thony.

    But in terms of trusting him, I mean, you never know, right?


    This show makes me skeptical of everyone!

    There are so many twists and turns, and when I’m reading the script and it’s like, “oh, my God, where is this going?” But right now, it’s all about just being in the moment and just kind of also being an actor and just trusting that this is probably going to take another twist and turn. But right now, we have to really portray the truth, which is she’s still there’s still chemistry between them. There’s still that past love. And obviously, the revelation that he did love her during that time is something that has, I guess, brought about new sparks. But again, this is a world of TV, and you just don’t know where those sparks can lead to.


    Yeah, it’s like, am I wrong in hoping that his girlfriend doesn’t come back?

    [Laughs] I know, right? Trust me. As Fiona, and looking at her character, obviously, there is that hope. I think just the hope that Fiona finds some kind of happiness, especially being thrown into this world of the dark underworld that Thony is experiencing, that we see some kind of light and hope for Fiona, especially after the 15 years that she’s been undocumented, and then to experience the underworld of Vegas with Thony. It’s something that we just hope for Fiona, I hope for anyway, too.

    'The Cleaning Lady's Martha Millan Talks Her Darker Storyline, Intense Scenes, and Much More

    THE CLEANING LADY: L-R: Martha Millan and Élodie Yung in the “Spousal Privilege” episode of THE CLEANING LADY airing Monday, Nov. 14 (9:02-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2022 Fox Media LLC. CR: Jeff Neumann/FOX

    How does what’s going on right now in episode eight affect and impact her relationship with Thony moving forward?

    Well, I think the way it’s ended, that’s the beauty of how the writers have created what they’ve created is that JD could be the wedge that possibly could be driven in between Thony and Fiona. Especially with the fact that he has brought up some very specific truths in terms of the relationship that she has with Thony has affected her life in the fact that her brother has been killed, her son is now involved, the family is in danger. All for this love, you know, for the love of her sister-in-law in the ride-and-die relationship. And JD really makes Fiona question if it’s all worth it because he’s involved, too, because of his daughter. And it’s extremely understandable why he’s cautious and why he doesn’t want her to be around Thony, because it’s just logical.

    But through our eyes—as Thony and Fiona—this is all about family and what we do for family and to save Luca’s life and to protect Chris as well. And I don’t think JD understands how far we’ve gone at this point, but he’s definitely brought in such a very logical perspective that everybody should be able to understand except for Thony and Fiona.


    Aside from being entertaining, the series is important for the strong female leads, diversity, immigration, and even making sure that there are real consequences for every action, for every character. So what’s been your favorite story to tell through The Cleaning Lady?

    I think for me, in season one, it was just such an introduction to the world of being undocumented. The fear that they constantly experience every second of the day is that their lives could be taken away from them instantly. Whether it’s just driving and getting pulled over, whether it’s also the reason why Fiona really expresses her distress with Chris of getting in trouble at school is that they could also be deported by being reported by the school, et cetera. I mean, their lives are just living on eggshells every day. So for me, that’s always something in the back of my mind. And then now that we’re deeper into this darker world of Arman and Thony, it’s even more precarious in every way. Like, the level of fear is heightened, and the anxiety just doesn’t stop. So that’s something that I am aware of.

    But I also wanted to be authentic in just the fear of a lot of what undocumented people do live day in, day out. And then not only that, being a single mother, I mean, like, we’re talking about so many situations that Fiona’s dealing with. But also, I also have to remember that there is a reality for people in this country that live that every day. So that’s something that I also want to just be very careful about. But yeah, I think last year with the “Ice Box” episode of being almost deported really hit home for Fiona. And I think a lot of things just upended her in every way and realizing that wanting to also find a way for her children, for Chris, so that he doesn’t have to go through what I’m going through. But it’s just a constant battle. For, I guess that’s what really interests me or, at least, inspires me to be authentic in the story.


    I think that’s part of what makes the show so special and different.

    It’s incredible how Miranda Kwok and Melissa Carter have shaped the show, that, they still touch on the reality of the topical and relevant issues that they’ve explored, but then also create like this, you know, all the explosiveness of entertainment value in TV and the dynamic relationships between Thony, Arman and Nadia (Eva De Dominici), and Kamdar (Naveen Andrews) and the now JD and Fiona. These are just really great elements of writing, but still trying to remain true to their plight in the show, of what they want to achieve as people, as individuals.

    'The Cleaning Lady's Martha Millan Talks Her Darker Storyline, Intense Scenes, and Much More

    THE CLEANING LADY: Martha Millan in the “Lolo and Lola” episode of THE CLEANING LADY airing Monday, Sept. 26 (9:02-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2022 Fox Media LLC. CR: Jeff Neumann/FOX

    What is it like filming these intense themes? Is it as stressful as it is for us watching? Because I always feel like I need to have a drink after I watch this episode to decompress.

    Oh, my God. I love that you said that. Because trust me, if you’ve seen any of my Instagram stories, it’s like you see it’s definitely all kind of congregating at a watering hole at some point just to release and distress. Because I think that’s the beauty of our job, is that we get to really live and tell the truth of what that moment means. But then for me, anyway, I step out of it, for sure, just to give myself some sanity.

    I spoke to my sister about this and she’s like, you’re just so intense all the time. I’m like, well, if you think about the things that I’m going through, I mean, I don’t know if it would make sense if I would be just super chill about it. I don’t think there would be any believability in that. I think what’s great between Thony and Fiona, just you can see how the contrast of the two women, of how Thony handles these situations and in opposition to how Fiona deals with things. And it’s a beautiful dynamic, too, that the writers have created and allowed us to explore. So I think also that adds to the show in every way, the energy of the show in every way.

    But yes, definitely, I have a drink or two after we finish a lot of the things. And then in between takes, I definitely always find a way to laugh, dance, have fun, even while I’ve got tears in my eyes or whatever. Because it is these are things if you are experiencing them in real life, I mean, you need to step out as an actor to understand that that’s not my reality, that’s just the reality of the characters.

    So I definitely try to lighten things up on set in between takes.


    Would you call yourself the silliest person on set?

    I’m pretty much definitely the silliest person to the point I think it annoyed a director. [Laughs] I respect everyone’s process, whether it’s the director, the crew, or the other actors. For me, that’s all about just being creative. But I think because the scenes are so explosive and so intense, that, as a creative, individually, I need to step away from that, otherwise it’s something that’s going to become a part of me. I definitely dance around a lot. I definitely love to laugh, like I said, to the point where I think one director was quite annoyed by it.


    I want to see the blooper videos for these!

    Apparently, they’ve made one because we just wrapped, so I’m also curious too, but I’m not the only one. I mean, I definitely am silly, but I know that Adan Canto and Elodie, once they get into their giggle fit, they don’t stop! So I’m hardly ever on set with them, except for that one time when I did meet and work with Adan Canto, which was also extremely nerve-wracking for Martha as well as Fiona. But I know that those two, they’re giggle bots, they do not stop laughing. And then, of course, Oliver Hudson is the wonderfully, adorable ham on set as well.

    'The Cleaning Lady's Martha Millan Talks Her Darker Storyline, Intense Scenes, and Much More

    THE CLEANING LADY: L-R: Martha Millan and Élodie Yung in the “El Diablo Que Conoces” episode of THE CLEANING LADY airing Monday, Oct. 3 (9:02-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2022 Fox Media LLC. CR: Jeff Neumann/FOX

    Is there a character you would like to share a scene with that you haven’t as of yet?

    Oh my God. All of them! I love Nadia’s character and how they’ve developed her. And I would love to see the interaction because they’re both very fiery women, Fiona and Nadia. And obviously at different class levels, but they both have the same background, so I think that would be an interesting dynamic, and mainly because I love hanging out with her in real life too so it would be fun to just do a scene. And then, of course, Russo, I mean, I don’t know what kind of scene that would happen, but Liza Weil is one of my dearest friends, so we definitely decompress together after the scenes, but we never have them together unless there could be a possibility…


    It probably wouldn’t be good for Thony!

    No, it wouldn’t be good for Thony or Fiona if that would happen.


    Anything possible though, right?

    In this show, trust me! Because the fact that I ended up in a bathroom, watching someone being tied up, was definitely something I did not expect. I really commend the writers for their creativity, but it’s still grounded. And the pushed reality that we face each script is still grounded upon the basis of family values. And how far would you go? Because the relationships are so raw and real. I really am in complete gratitude to the creativity of Miranda Kwok and Melissa Carter and all the writers in the room. It’s amazing.

    You said you finished filming the season, so without giving away too many spoilers, what can you tease for the rest of the season for fans? What can they expect?

    Well, I think worlds have definitely collided, and once that happens, I think the consequences of that collision, and the actions that have been taken, will come to light. If that’s a good enough teaser!


    Yeah, I like that. Now I’m even more intrigued.

     Trust me. Yes. When I read the last episode, I was like, “oh, my God. Okay, how are we going to do this?” Put it that way.


    What one word would you use to describe the remaining episodes of the season? Just one word.


    I was, like, trying to think of something, but no, unexpected, because that’s what happened to me when I read it. I was like, “what?”


    Maybe the word should have been “what?”

    Yeah, that could work, with an exclamation and question mark! [Laughs]


    The next episode of The Cleaning Lady airs on Monday, November 28, 2022, after the Thanksgiving break. You can read all of our reviews here

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    The Cleaning Lady

    The Cleaning Lady Review – Spousal Privilege (208)



    The Cleaning Lady Recap Season 2 Episode 8 Spousal Privilege

    There was a lot happening under the surface on The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 8. 

    And sometimes, actions speak louder than words. 

    Not much time passed between Thony and Arman’s devastating night with Kamdar on the previous episode and the opening events of “Spousal Privilege.” Kamdar forcing Arman to pull the trigger and kill Maya haunted Thony, but it was also something they both had to keep a secret as Garrett was on a rampage to destroy Kamdar and the man who shot his girl. Garrett may have developed into a sort of friend confidant for Thony, but the power dynamics are still in play; He’s still her handler, which means that he wouldn’t hesitate to take down Arman if he found out the truth. We know it’s only a matter of time before the whole situation implodes, and for Arman’s sake, let’s hope Garrett at least takes the circumstance of the situation into consideration before casting judgment or seeking revenge.

    Thony also realized that she couldn’t keep putting her family in danger, so she moved them to a safer location until it was all over. And by this, I mean the FBI putting Kamdar behind bars for good. Both Thony and Arman were a little too optimistic when they suggested this would all be over soon. While they seem to understand the dangers of taking down Kamdar, they also believe that they will be free from his grasp in no time, which doesn’t really track. As we know, nothing ever pans out the way they hope it does, so it’s a little too hopeful on their part. And that becomes even more evident on when Nadia becomes way more involved in the case than Arman ever wanted.

    There were a handful of issues that I couldn’t look over on this episode, including Thony thinking that Fi and the family would be safe at JD’s house. Kamdar managed to find Maya at an FBI safehouse that was guarded by security. Garrett eventually realized that Cortes was tracking Maya, which gave Kamdar a leg up, but honestly, if he wanted to find Thony’s family, I doubt he’d have any issues. There is no place where they are truly safe with Kamdar free, and she needs to accept it. 

    I also find it strange that Garrett keeps showing up at Thony’s house. Wouldn’t that raise some suspicion? Thony is jumpy all the time thinking that Kamdar will sic one of his men on her, so I would think that he has people watching her house. If they don’t want him to find out that she’s the one working with the FBI, Garrett shouldn’t be coming around her place all the time. It’s too exposed. These may just be oversights on the show’s part, but they truly bugged me throughout the episode. They all seem well aware of how dangerous and sly Kamdar is, so why are they underestimating him, his reach, and his capabilities?

    When Arman realizes that Thony was staying at home alone without her family, he offers to stay with her and protect her, but the fuzzy feeling fades quickly when they staged their meeting with Kamdar in hopes of taking him down only to realize that Nadia is handling his business while he’s away on a trip. She’s literally his second hand—the woman he trusts the most–so that already means she’s in too deep.  But With the FBI listening in, Arman attempts to shut down any conversation with Nadia in order to protect her. He informs Garrett that he was not going to hurt or set up his own family in the process of bringing Kamdar down. He might not be with Nadia anymore, but he won’t let her become collateral damage. And the fact that he still cares this much for her is a testament to his character. Unfortunately, Nadia keeps pushing Arman away as her judgment is clouded by how close he is to Thony. Her jealousy and insecurities prevent her from realizing that there’s something larger at play and that Arman is simply not telling her the whole truth to keep her safe.

    Eventually, it becomes clear that the only way to find any true incriminating evidence on Kamdar—enough to put him away for life rather than just a few years—is to steal the ledger in his office that details all of his transactions. If they can crack the code and follow the breadcrumbs to all the criminal syndicates that he owns, they could have his head on a platter.

    And the only way to get inside his office and get to the ledger is by stealing Nadia’s ID card. Of course, this means Arman must “reconcile” with Nadia, a seemingly dreaded word for everyone. The look on his face indicates that by doing this, he feels like he’s betraying Thony, and there’s definitely a shift in energy between them once he does eventually get back into good graces (and the bed) with his estranged wife. Both Thony and Arman seem aware of what must be done, but it doesn’t lessen the blow of what this means for their relationship. 

    Arman is also forced to manipulate his wife, and while it’s better than letting her sink with the ship, it’s still not ideal. He still has love for Nadia, but he’s not in love with her and it’s evident he’s only getting back with her because there’s no other way to do what needs to be done. He knows what needs to be done to protect Nadia, himself, and Thony + her family. In a twisted way, he’s bedding his wife for Thony. He even seems to apologize to Thony for it, and for having to leave her, which shows that his romantic loyalty has completely shifted. 

    Nadia is in seventh heaven after her romantic rendezvous with her husband, but it quickly fades when she notices her ID is missing and the realization that she was simply a pawn settles in. I actually feel bad for Nadia in this scene because it’s a heartbreaking moment for her and one that will likely push her further away from Arman and into Kamdar’s grasp. Her desire to establish an independence from Arman has forced her to get more involved with Kamdar, which means that there’s no way that the FBI will be able to bring him down without taking her down too. And especially in light of the new development that Nadia and Kamdar are/were married!

    While rummaging through Kamdar’s office (does the man not have cameras?!), Thony unearthed the bombshell piece of information that will surely rock Arman’s world. Are Nadia and Kamdar still married? Because if so, that means her marriage to Arman was never valid. 

    If Nadia truly is Nadia Kamdar, there’s no way that Arman can protect her anymore. He’s been trying to do the right thing by everyone, but protecting Nadia comes at too high of a cost. Thony made it very clear to Arman that she’s also not going to put her neck on the line for Nadia any longer, and it makes sense. While she has tried her best to be respectful of Arman’s wife, at some point, it’s just not worth it. They can’t even trust her with the truth because she’s such a loose cannon.

    Arman has a big decision to make moving forward, and I hope he follows his heart. 

    When Nadia asked him if he loves Thony, his “I don’t know” was telling. He may not understand his feelings yet, but the simple hesitation means that he’s definitely feeling something for Thony that goes beyond friendship. My guess is he hasn’t found the time to get in tune with his feelings just yet considering the fast-paced nature of the criminal life, however, he also hasn’t had to because no one has ever flat-out asked him that either. Now that the question has been posed out loud, it will likely be in the back of Arman’s mind when he decides how to move forward in light of some unsettling news about his wife’s past.

    As for JD, I can’t really figure out if he’s trustworthy. He seems great, but he’s always pressing for more information about Fi’s life. It may just be that he’s a devoted dad who wants to be more involved in his daughter’s life, but considering the nature of this series, we can’t just take people at face value.

    What does he have to gain from all of this? Could he really just be a nice guy? Initially, when he told Fi that he won’t let Jaz be around Thony after she confided in him, I was fuming. How dare he waltz in here and make such demands? Fi trusted him with this information and he seemingly threw it back in her face.

    However, once I let myself cool down, I could understand his concerns about allowing his daughter to live with someone who is the target of one of Vegas’ most dangerous criminals.

    Plus, he framed the situation in a way that Fi hasn’t considered yet—is this the quality of life she wants for herself and her kids? Thony is trying her best, but the truth is, she keeps getting dragged down further and further into a situation that is putting them all in a world of danger. When will it be enough? Does Fi have it in her to cut ties before it costs them all? Will she remove herself and the children, including Luca, from the situation that has now escalated all too far? In the back of Fi’s mind, she believes Thony is doing all of this for Arman, and while it’s not 100% true, she’s also not wrong. Thony has stuck around simply because of how intertwined she is with Arman. We can’t blame her for the decisions she made as they all stemmed from helping Luca, but it’s fair for Fi to want to protect herself and put her foot down. 

    At some point, it will all come to a head, but will it be too late? Will Thony be forced to chose between her family and Arman?

    What did you think of the episode?

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    The Cleaning Lady

    The Cleaning Lady Review – Truth or Consequences (207)



    The Cleaning Lady Recap Truth or Consequences Season 2 Episode 7

    The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 7 proves that The Cleaning Lady is the best show on television right now.

    The episode was a gripping, beautiful mess that moved the plot forward while escalating the stakes higher than ever before.

    We thought Arman and Thony were in danger before but as it turns out, we didn’t know what real danger was until Kamdar was staring us right in the face. And Kamdar is not the kind of person you want to mess with, double-cross, or be indebted to, and unfortunately, all three of those things apply to Thony and Arman right now.

    Kamdar somehow remains untouchable to the FBI while Thony and Arman continue to dig themselves deeper and deeper into this mess. Trying to do the right thing and come out on the other side is proving to be a lot harder than one would have hoped. 

    And they almost lost everything in one fell swoop, largely due to Garrett. We’re seeing Garrett in a new light this season as a friend to Thony, but we’re also seeing the fallout of his personal involvement in the Cortes case. 

    When Garrett gave the FBI the go-ahead to storm Cortes’ compound, he thought he was doing the right thing to protect his two CIs, but in fact, he was putting them in a world of danger that he couldn’t comprehend. 

    Once Cortes was murdered, Kamdar lost it assuming that everyone within the circle was a rat. And he made it very clear what happens to people who are rats, suffocating Nick, Cortes’ right-hand man, right in front of Thony and Arman to send a message. 

    From there, Thony and Arman knew that they had to do everything to prove to Kamdar that they were “legit,” or else it would be their lives on the line, including the lives of Thony’s family, who Kamdar didn’t hesitate to bring up by name. This moment was critical in reminding audiences why Thony continues to bend and break this far—she’s doing it all to protect her family. It’s been one mess after the other that all stemmed from trying to save Luca while being a TNT.

    The system has failed her, but in a way, Garrett is trying to make up for it by aiding her and helping out in any way he can. At this point, he owes her more than she owes him, so he convinced Russo to release the drugs back to Arman and Thony so that they could sell to another buyer that Kamdar had lined up and prove that they are trustworthy and set the plan back in motion. 

    Unfortunately, said plan hit a handful of unexpected bumps in the road before they were able to get “in” with the mega-player in Vegas.

    First up, new evidence showed up in Marco’s murder, with Detective Flores forcing both Chris and Thony to go station just as the latter was about to set out to assist Arman with the deal. It was terrible timing that could have cost them the deal with Kamdar’s new buyer. You know these people aren’t patient, and arriving late might tip them off or make them think something is awry.

    The Cleaning Lady Recap Truth or Consequences Season 2 Episode 7

    THE CLEANING LADY: L-R: Guest star Liza Weil and Oliver Hudson in the “Truth or Consequences” episode of THE CLEANING LADY airing Monday, Nov. 7 (9:02-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2022 Fox Media LLC. CR: Jeff Neumann/FOX

    Garrett was called in because the new evidence pointed at Thony being there at the time of Marco’s murder despite her claiming she had nothing to do with it. At this point,  Thony knew better than to deny the facts, and in line with protecting Chris, she confessed to the crime, telling Garrett a slightly altered version of the truth as she claimed she accidentally pushed Marco while trying to get to Luca. He didn’t buy it, but it didn’t matter because Thony was an important asset in trying to bring down Kamdar. Not to mention the dirt she had on Garrett that would put him behind bars—remember he shot Cortes while he was unarmed and she helped him cover it up.

    She went to bat to protect Garrett, and it was his time to return the favor. It’s understandable that Garett was upset at Thony for not telling him the truth, but honestly, he has to stop doubting Thony’s character. Even when a situation may seem questionable, he knows that there has to be more to the story rather than just assuming the worst of her. She’s never let him down before. 

    Once Thony made it clear that if she goes down, she’s taking him down with her, Garrett got the sign-off from up above that Thony and her family are cleared in Marco’s death. It wasn’t what Flores was hoping for, but honestly, we have more pressing problems right now.

    While Thony ran off to aide Arman in the deal with Kamdar’s buyer, Garrett promised to stick around and keep an eye on her family, which was kind of him. He also finally got the truth about what happened to Marco—off the record—when Chris broke down after overhearing Fi and Garrett talk about Thony and realizing his actions might put his auntie at risk. Garrett was surprised by the confession, but he began to understand why Thony lied and that her motivations for everything thus far have been to protect her family at all costs. He acknowledged Chris’s difficult circumstances with being a TNT because even with something that’s so clearly a case of self-defense, there was a chance it would get turned around and used against him. Instead of reporting it, Garrett assured Chris that he understood that it was an accident, which was what the minor needed to finally forgive himself. The weight of paying the price for the crime was lifted off of his shoulders. 

    Meanwhile, Thony and Arman made good on the deal, and you have to be impressed with how much Thony accomplishes in a day. When did she even have the time to look that good? Arman definitely noticed! When she walked in, you could see his whole mood shift as he only had eyes for her. Nadia picked up on it too, and she wasn’t pleased, but at this point, the man can’t even hide it—he’s smitten!

    Kamdar is unpredictable and dangerous, however, and the moment the deal was made, his people put two black bags over both Arman and Thony and whisked them away to an undisclosed location. I could feel Thony and Arman’s anxiety by being kept in the dark (literally for them) about what was going to happen next, and the moment I saw Maya inside the abandoned house, I knew it wasn’t going to end well.

    Kamdar informed them that Maya was a rat as he picked her up from an FBI safe house. I assumed he was going to see whether she would crack and turn on Arman and Thony, but instead, he did something even viler: he ordered Arman to prove his trustworthiness by shooting Maya. 

    Naturally, Arman refused, knowing all that he knows about Maya, but Kamdar’s men then turned the gun on Thony as an incentive. Arman was faced with an impossible choice—either he saved an innocent woman (she just wanted out!) or he saved the love of his life. The tension in this scene was insane as you could see Arman’s inner turmoil with the inevitable but difficult decision. Poor Maya knew that her life was over, while Thony urged Arman not to kill her. But from what we’ve seen, Kamdar doesn’t play around or mince words, and he wouldn’t hesitate to shoot Thony just to prove his point. 

    And thus, Arman had no choice. My god, my heart hurt for that man. Kudos to Adan Canto on that scene because it was chilling! 

    We didn’t actually see him take the shot, but given his expression and change in demeanor, one can assume that he was the one who pulled the trigger.

    And it broke him. Arman has killed plenty of times before, but it was always men who double-crossed him or bad men who had it coming; this was a new level of monstrosity that even he wasn’t prepared for or equipped to deal with and process. I can’t even imagine how broken he’d be if something happened to Thony, so I understand his choice, but it’s still going to eat away at him. 

    We thought that Arman and Thony were connected before by their shared trauma, but this puts them in a whole new place; this takes the “I’ve killed for you” sentiment to a whole other level. Arman felt numb after pulling the trigger on Maya, and as Thony watched him hold back tears, all she could do was comfort him by holding his hand. It was a beautiful moment yet deeply twisted.

    And it’s proof that their lives hang in the balance every minute that they work with Kamdar.

    I don’t know if Arman will recover from this considering he’s been trying to be a better man with Thony by his side and was forced to stoop to his lowest. He’s being forced to be the kind of man he absolutely despises—where do they go from here?

    Arman may have pulled the trigger, but the blood is actually on Garrett’s hands. If he didn’t force the police raid at Cortes’, Kamder wouldn’t be on a mission to snuff out all of the rats from his operation and Maya wouldn’t have been in the crosshairs. I don’t know what protective detail they put on her safe house, but it wasn’t good, and my guess is that if Garrett wasn’t protecting Thony’s family, he may have had a shot at saving Maya.

    I fully assumed that Thony would’ve told Garrett about Maya when she got home and saw him sitting in her living room, but that wouldn’t put them all in jeopardy. If Garrett ran over to find Maya moments after Thony and Arman left, it would’ve indicated that they told him about her death, which would have painted a clear picture to Kamdar. Garrett had to find out the hard way.

    Plus, something tells me that Garrett won’t be too forgiving considering his deep feelings for Maya. He won’t understand the intensity of the situation, so he’ll probably try to blame and take down Arman for it. Or, and this would be the best course of action, he’ll be even more motivated to bring down Kamdar.

    It’s unclear where Arman went after such a tense evening, but Thony went exactly where she needed to be—to cuddle up to Luca. I love that no matter what happens, the series never loses sight of what’s important to Thony, and her focus despite it all remains her little boy. 

    I’m truly not sure where we go from here, but I’m deeply invested. How will Thony and Arman find a way out of this? Will this bring them closer together? Will they finally acknowledge the deep feelings they have for each other, especially considering they could die at any moment? 

    Will Nadia finally listen to reason and get herself unwrapped from Kamdar’s grip? Will Arman and Thony confide in her? How much more can pain and heartache can they all take?

    What did you think about the episode? 

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