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The Cleaning Lady Recap The Brit Season 2 Episode 5 The Cleaning Lady Recap The Brit Season 2 Episode 5

The Cleaning Lady

The Cleaning Lady Review – The Brit (205)

THE CLEANING LADY: L-R: Adan Canto and Oliver Hudson in the “The Brit” episode of THE CLEANING LADY airing Monday, Oct. 17 (9:02-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2022 Fox Media LLC. CR: Jeff Neumann/FOX



Thony’s situation just got really bad. 

The poor woman can’t seem to catch a break, constantly getting caught up in battles that aren’t her own. In the final moments of The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Episode 5, her situation somehow managed to take a turn for the worse—worse than when she was wrapped up in Hayak’s business—when she offered herself up as a CI for Garrett while promising to deliver Robert Kamdar on a silver platter. And Kamdar, as we’ve seen from our brief interactions with him, is a very dangerous man to cross. Not to mention, he kind of owns Arman at the moment, which makes this a very confusing and problematic situation for the extraordinary character reduced to a “thug in a suit” for his forced dealings with the criminal mastermind in Vegas. 

Thony was pushed into a corner when Garrett caught her and Arman with a truck full of drugs and a duffel full of money. There were very few viable options available to them at that point, and survival was top of mind. Thony has always been resourceful—she always finds a way—plus, she promised to help Arman get out of a bind, so she told Garrett she would become his informant, thinking she was doing the right thing by everyone, including herself since she can’t risk going to prison. However, if I’m being honest, getting caught in the crossfire of Kamdar’s criminal empire sounds worse than getting arrested. If Kamdar finds out she’s working for the FBI, well, let’s just say, she won’t be able to take care of Luca either way. Kamdar is ruthless. 

Arman didn’t have much of a say in the matter, but you could tell that he was very much against her rogue plan. Arman wanted to take the fall and set Thony free, but she would never allow it since she was there in order to help him in the first place. If he got arrested, he wouldn’t survive prison a second time, and there was no way he’d find the funds to get himself out. 

Arman is undoubtedly going to feel guilty about the position Thony has been put in because he’s the reason she’s in it; his persistence to push street drugs to turn a higher profit got them into yet another mess. Arman and Nadia wanted to take control of their drug empire after deeming Thony’s ethical methods not lucrative enough, but in the process, they failed to assess the danger that came with the territory. Arman had laser vision to free himself from Kamdar’s clutches, while Nadia only wanted to get back to her carefree life. If Arman would have listened to Thony and trusted her, things may have turned out differently.

Mostly, it didn’t sit right with me how dismissive Arman was of Thony’s hesitations. Selling drugs of any kind without a license is illegal, but if there was no way around it, Thony wanted to make sure that she was at least doing a good thing and putting out good into the world. She actually cares about what happens once the drugs leave her hands. 

It was cruel of Arman to spit back all the things he’s done for her and hold it over her head, even saying he “killed for her,” referring to the shady motel employee. All of those things were valid, sure, but it hurt to hear Arman list them out as if his intentions were purely selfish in every situation. Let’s not get it twisted, Thony has gone to bat for him as well with the limited resources at her disposal, so it wasn’t fair of him to point fingers; it was a low blow and created a bad taste. And I get it, Arman is feeling the pressure of working for Kamdar in many ways—he’s losing his status, he’s not able to focus on his business, and he’s reduced to simply being a thug and teaching the very people he used to work with a “bloody” lesson. He beat the man to a pulp because he was so angry about his situation; he’s losing himself in the process, and it’s not sustainable. Once Thony saw the effect it had on Arman and how much he was suffering, she understood why he was feeling the pressure of paying back the money. Time was not a luxury they had, and thus, she agreed to help him move the product. If she had just given it to her dealer, maybe they could’ve avoided the run-in with Garrett, but, unfortunately, what’s done is done. 

And Thony played the only card she could at the moment when they were ambushed and put on the spot. 

Garrett may work for the FBI, but he’ll look the other way if he can get what he wants. On some level, he knows that Thony isn’t a threat and is simply wrapped up in the wrong business to provide for her family. And while he hates “handsome” Arman and wants to take him down, he wants to save Maya and bring down Cortes more. 

Being a cleaning lady has some benefits, including overhearing some tense and private conversations. That’s what landed Thony in this mess to begin with, but in this case, seeing Kamdar meet with Cortes was her saving grace because she was able to spin that and hand it to Garrett in exchange for her and Arman’s freedom. I use freedom loosely, however, because while Kamdar owns Arman, Garrett now owns Thony. 

And Kamdar just so happens to be the missing piece of Garrett’s puzzle. When Thony copied Maya’s phone, he leveraged it to get himself back on the Cortes case, and the FBI found out the new player in town was “a Brit.” Garrett was desperate to find out who the Brit was, and lo and behold, Thony had the information he needed. It pays to have friends in high places, don’t you think, Garrett?

Garrett cares about Thony, so while he’s determined to save Maya, he also won’t let anything happen to Thony if he can help it. But I’m not sure how deep Thony can go as a CI since she was already made by Maya. If she’s loyal to Cortes, this is bound to blow up in their faces. 

And I can’t underscore how dangerous that will be. 

Arman will also be around, so he’ll do his best to protect Thony, but he’s not exactly in the best headspace or financial space. And all of this takes away from their goals of being free and legit. 

However, it does keep them revolving in each other’s orbits, which I was worried about when Arman told Thony they were done. 

It seemed as though he no longer felt like he had a use for her partnership, but they can’t seem to shake each other.  Thony went against all of her beliefs and everything she stood for simply because she cares about Arman. His demeanor was tense the whole time he was working for Kamdar, including when he was with Nadia, but when he saw Thony, everything changed. You can tell he feels safe with her and like he can be himself around her. He doesn’t have that with Nadia, who is still playing some kind of game. It had to hurt Arman to see her laughing and flirting with her ex-boyfriend while he was basically groveling to pay off his debts, with  Kamdar abusing his power by embarrassing Arman every chance he got. Nadia cares on the surface, but the minute things get hard, she doesn’t seem interested in staying the course. She’s blameless, immediately making it about herself and becoming the victim when Arman brought up all the things he’s doing to pay off the debts, even giving him grief about “his cleaning lady.” There’s so much jealousy exuding from her, it’s actually pushing him right into Thony’s arms. And there’s a gentleness about Thony that is welcoming and comforting—she has a calm and compassionate presence, and Arman likes the man he becomes when she’s around.

Thony doesn’t just talk to the talk, she walks the walk. Even when Arman flung the list of things he’s done for her back in her face and ended their partnership, when he called and asked her to help, she came. When she saw how hurt he was, she held his hand and told him if he helped her clean, they would be able to make the meeting. Nadia has never offered to do any of the dirty work herself, and a man who is down will remember who lifts him up. 

Neither of them are consciously aware of their feelings, but it’s love. Pure love. As long as they are in it together, nothing else matters. And, as we’ve seen previously, they make a killer team. Thony and Arman are now even more tied together, and they have this secret that will bring them closer and push Nadia away even more.

And that’s the thing–while hings may look bleak for Thony and Arman right now, I actually feel bad for Nadia. At least they have each other,  while she’s all alone living in this delusion and not realizing she’s just a pawn in Kamdar’s games. She’s falling for his sweet words and empty promises, but really, he’s an opportunist who thinks he can take anything. They deserve each other. 

Elsewhere, Thony and Fi finally got their cleaning business, The Cleaning Ladies, off the ground, and while the customers didn’t come rushing in, they did manage to land a contract with a former showgirl-turned-event planner. Fi was understandably stressed about the situation since they had no customers and all the ladies needed the work to pay the bills, so when they got their first opportunity, she gave it her all. And her efforts were noticed and rewarded as the client was impressed with her work ethic. She didn’t even mind that Fi forced her kids to work so that she could get the job done!

Fi has been under a lot of pressure lately as everything is coming at her from every angle a million miles a minute, just like Thony. Neither of them have actually dealt with the grief, loss, and situation surrounding Marco’s death, so eventually, I think they’ll likely crack, but Fi’s breaking point was JD, her ex and Jaz’s father, announcing he’s moving to Vegas. She explained it put a lot of pressure on her to live up  to the comparisons of a more established parent, but honestly, JD seems fairly normal and really cool. He even came to help clean, which goes to show that he doesn’t think less of Fi at all. I sense a reconciliation—I just hope he’s ready to deal with the criminal empire that Thony and Fi are involved in. And hopefully, the new event gig that they landed doesn’t provide more problems than it’s worth. 

What did you think of the episode? Thony and Arman might have a shot as no one would think Arman would be crazy enough to work with the feds again after getting busted before.

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    The Cleaning Lady

    Did ‘The Cleaning Lady’ Get Renewed for Season 3? You Betcha!



    The Cleaning Lady Recap Season 2 Episode 6 Paradise Lost

    The Cleaning Lady has quickly become one of the most talked about shows on social media for a variety of reasons. 

    There’s a compelling storyline, it’s action-packed and quick-paced, the casting is superb starting with the lead star Elodie Yung as Thony De La Rosa all the way down to the Naveen Andrews’ villainous Robert Kamdar, and most importantly, the palpable chemistry between Yung’s Thony and Adan Canto’s Arman Morales. 

    And that’s exactly why FOX has given the series a green light for a third season! 

    You heard that right—the network has renewed the drama for season 3, which means we’ll see Thony and Arman get deeper involved with the criminal underworld of Las Vegas. 

    In addition to season 3, The Cleaning Lady is getting a new co-showrunner with Jeannine Renshaw joining creator Miranda Kwok, per The Hollywood Reporter. Renshaw’s background includes In the Dark and Good Girls, so hopefully, this means we’ll finally get those #Armony moments we’ve been waiting for. 

    “After two heart-pounding seasons, we’re thrilled with how audiences have latched on to this incredible story,” Fox Entertainment president Michael Thorn said in a statement. “The cast, led by the incomparable Élodie Yung, along with our brilliant creative team and our partners at Warner Bros. Television have expertly crafted a highly compelling, emotionally-driven show that gives a perspective you don’t often see on television.”

    The Cleaning Lady is a gripping and masterful tale of a mother who will do anything for her child. I am thrilled that we get to continue to explore Thony’s world in a third season. A big thank you to our partners at Fox for providing a platform for this show to thrive, to Miranda Kwok for developing such a powerful story, and to Melissa Carter for her leadership during the first two seasons. We are excited about Jeannine Renshaw joining the creative team, and I can’t wait for audiences to see what Miranda and Jeannine have in store for season three,” added Warner Bros. Television Group chairman and CEO Channing Dungey.

    The two-hour season 2 finale brought a satisfactory conclusion to Kamdar’s reign and realigned Thony and Arman’s efforts once again, leaving the former as the boss lady in charge. I can’t wait for them to explore this dynamic even further! 

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    The Cleaning Lady

    The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Finale Review – [SPOILER] Dies



    The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Finale Recap

    Forget an action-packed TV show—The Cleaning Lady Season 2 finale (episodes 11 and 12 titled “Sanctuary” and “At Long Last”) was an action-packed, large-scale film. Clocking in at under two hours, the back-to-back dose of episodes was a flurry of emotions as Thony and Fi teamed up to save Luca’s life by any means necessary. 

    And unfortunately, lives were destroyed in the process. 

    Though Thony remained a loving mother who would do anything for her son throughout the course of the two seasons, she was much more dangerous this season, and I think it’s fitting to give her the nickname Tornado Thony. She brought so much chaos through her reckless decision-making, and even though she was able to/will undo almost all of the damage, the sad reality is that Garrett, who helped Thony since day one, was a casualty of the war. 

    That one hurt the most because Garrett, though flawed, was a truly great man who didn’t deserve what happened to him. All he wanted to do was redeem himself and his career and save Maya, but his fate was sealed the moment he had that heart-to-heart with Russo, right before they hooked up, where he reflected on his life and how he gets too close to his CIs. The poor guy never stood a chance after continuously getting roped in with Thony and toeing the line between what’s right and what’s necessary. 

    A lot of the plot points this season, though entertaining and dramatic, were far-fetched, so for any of this to be believable, there had to be a believable outcome—not everyone could survive the ordeal. It was already kind of surprising that Kamdar let Thony and Arman live for as long as he did.

    The series didn’t have many options for victims, however.  Thony needed to make it out alive since she’s the protagonist, and since Arman’s connection to Thony and their will-they-or-won’t-they dance is a crucial draw for viewers, the writers couldn’t kill him off either. To keep the possibility of Armony in-tact, they also couldn’t let Nadia die—though they did give us a scare—because Arman would never forgive Thony for saving Kamdar. Nadia’s death would’ve fractured Arman and Thony’s relationship and pushed it to an irreparable point. 

    The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Finale Recap

    THE CLEANING LADY: L-R: Oliver Hudson and Élodie Yung in the first hour “Sanctuary” episode of THE CLEANING LADY 2-hour season finale event airing Monday, Dec. 12 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2022 Fox Media LLC. CR: Jeff Neumann/FOX

    But, in a way, Garrett was the heart of the series, so his death was a gut punch that drove home the dangers of this world and the work he was trying to accomplish. It’s a huge loss, don’t get me wrong, because I love Oliver Hudson, but it was also necessary as the series needed to distance itself from the FBI and the fact that he was always coming to Thony’s rescue; it was becoming too predictable and a bit of crutch that would have become a disservice to the characters. Not having the FBI connection to lean on forced Thony to think outside of the box. 

    His death needed to matter, however, which is why I’m so glad that Arman and Nadia went through on their promise to kill Kamdar. After everything he did, including trying to drown Nadia (key word trying because he couldn’t go through with it—she was his weakness), he deserved the outcome. And the fact that Nadia pulled the trigger after he physically and emotionally manipulated her for years was the cherry on top. The series needed to put an end to Kamdar’s wrath as dragging it out wouldn’t have added to the believability. He was a very well-connected man, but the moment he let his guard down, Arman swooped in.

    Arman has never let down the women in his life, always making good on his promises. He told Nadia that upon Kamdar’s death, she would inherit his entire empire, and she did. She deserves to be the boss babe after everything she’s been through, not to mention, she damn well made sure to remind Arman that she was no longer answering to a man. They may have pulled off Operation Kill Kamdar together, but she’s an independent woman now—in life and in business. Arman is still around, but what’s hers is not his, and she made that very clear. 

    I think that’s partially why Arman agreed to help Thony when she came to him in the final moments asking him to reverse the damage from his decision to kill Kamdar. Obviously, this is the writers’ way to keep Arman and Thony in each other’s orbit, but it also makes sense plotwise. Without the FBI’s guarantee, Thony had to take matters into her own hands, and next to Nadia, Arman is the most connected person that she knows in Vegas. 

    We’ve seen how well they work together, even if they aren’t always seeing eye to eye. There were so many great moments in the finale, but every time Thony and Arman hopped on his bike after one of their escapades, it was electric. I can see why she’s so addicted to this lifestyle—and him! 

    The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Finale Recap

    THE CLEANING LADY: L-R: Adan Canto and Élodie Yung in the first hour “Sanctuary” episode of THE CLEANING LADY 2-hour season finale event airing Monday, Dec. 12 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2022 Fox Media LLC. CR: Jeff Neumann/FOX

    While it seemed as though Arman and Nadia were back together and on the same page after Kamdar’s death, the truth is, I think she’s done being the woman that’s dependent on a man. And she’s definitely done fighting for Arman’s love and being second best in this love triangle. She helped Arman because she cares about him (and because she’s partially responsible for getting him into this mess with Robert), but too much has been broken between them for far too long. And the reality is that Thony will always be an obstacle in their relationship because Arman simply cannot say no to her; she has a pull over him in the same way she did with Garrett. Let’s just hope it doesn’t cost Arman in the same way it did the FBI agent. 

    I love that before Arman agreed to help Thony, he needed to clear the air about her lack of trust.  The truth is, a lot of this could’ve been avoided if she just believed that he would be able to help her get the meds and kill Kamdar. Arman has always been good for it, and the moment she found out he rerouted the shipment for her and put himself in the line of danger with Kamdar, she realized the error of her ways. She was foolish to think Kamdar was her way out of this when we’ve seen Arman literally throw himself in the line of fire for her time and time again. He has such a big heart, especially when it comes to matters concerning Thony.

    Thony assured him that the trust has always been there (girl, it better be), and they didn’t waste any time before jumping onto their next Bonne & Clyde adventure—Thony taking Kamdar’s place in the drug smuggling world, in full boss babe attire, might I add. Honestly, this was an even bigger boss move than Nadia pulling the trigger on Kamdar and walking into La Habana as a survivor. 

    The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Finale Recap

    THE CLEANING LADY: L-R: Eva De Dominici and Naveen Andrews in the first hour “Sanctuary” episode of THE CLEANING LADY 2-hour season finale event airing Monday, Dec. 12 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2022 Fox Media LLC. CR: Jeff Neumann/FOX

    Thony is now on top and calling the shots, and her first request to the immigration/customs officer was to look the other way when she brings someone back home to U.S. 

    At its core, The Cleaning Lady has always been about how far you’re willing to go for family, and while the focus was mostly on Luca, it’s now shifting to the other members close to Thony’s heart. 

    Fiona went through the wringer this season, but the one thing she’s always remained is loyal to Thony because it was the right thing to do. She helped her sister-in-law save Luca not because she had to, but because she wanted to. And she stood by that choice even while wearing an orange jumpsuit. It’s why Fiona has always been one of the best characters in the series. 

    And thankfully, her loyalty will all be worth it because if there’s one thing that Thony is good at, it’s finding a way and never giving up. When one door closed with the FBI, she carved her own path. She’s always done what needs to be done, even when people doubted her. And there’s nothing that these two women wouldn’t do for each other, no matter the danger or the consequences. 

    Realistically, Thony should’ve told Fi to go home after she got to the hospital. She has always crossed the line because being an informant in an ongoing investigation offered her a level of protection, but that protection, as we saw the first time Fiona was nearly deported, did not extend to her sister-in-law. Thony could afford to take risks, but others weren’t as lucky, which is why it wasn’t fair of her to ask Fiona to help her break the law, steal a ventilator, and give Luca unauthorized meds. Unfortunately, it’s hard to hold it against her as she wasn’t thinking straight. Everything she did was to save Luca. There was nothing else that mattered—and when the hospital was blatantly ignoring them and writing off Luca as someone the wasn’t worth saving, she did what she had to do no matter the consequences. If it weren’t for Thony and her efforts—misguided as they may have been in the eyes of the law—her little boy would’ve died. 

    As I’ve mentioned, there’s a lot about this series that’s far-fetched, including how Thony seems to avoid any real consequences, so I was actually glad that the doctor reported Thony and Fi. If he looked the other way, it wouldn’t have made sense. It was a necessary obstacle to ground the storyline and keep it as realistic as possible. No doctor would let Thony get away with it, despite her pleas, as they would’ve deemed it unethical. Thony assumed she could just convince him because she operates in a world where bending the rules is the norm, not the exception, but that’s not the reality. If he kept quiet, he would’ve been complicit, and the blame would’ve been placed on him and not Thony if the drugs didn’t work.

    The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Finale Recap

    THE CLEANING LADY: L-R: Valentino/Sebastien LaSalle and Martha Millan in the first hour “Sanctuary” episode of THE CLEANING LADY 2-hour season finale event airing Monday, Dec. 12 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2022 Fox Media LLC. CR: Jeff Neumann/FOX

    We may not have gotten the romantic moment between Thony and Arman this season, but if you think about it, everything they’ve done has come from a place of love and affection for each other—it’s just manifesting in different ways. 

    Arman risked his life for Thony every single time she needed it. Even when he was mad at her, if she called and needed help, he dropped everything. And though she may have put him in some danger, Thony stuck around because of Arman and her desire to help free him, even when it would’ve made sense to go back to the Phillippines and give Luca a good life. They did all of this for each other, and that’s more romantic than anything else. And while I would’ve loved a steamy kiss, I’m kind of enjoying the slow burn because when they do finally admit it to each other, it’ll be that much more rewarding.  

    As the first half of the hour found Thony scrambling to save Luca, the second half of the hour focused on the fallout of crossing Kamdar and Thony’s need to make everything right. She didn’t listen to the FBI when they told her to lay low because she was burned, and though she managed to do exactly what Garrett wanted—deliver Kamdar on a golden platter—it came with some real consequences. 

    However, there was definitely some kind of happy ending, including Thony and Arman riding off into the sunset together after finally arriving on the other side of everything, and if Fox chooses not to renew the series (which would be a very big mistake), this would suffice as a series finale. I’m almost certain that’s why they chose the two-episode finale so that they could wrap up all the lingering storylines while leaving the door slightly ajar in the event that Fox decides to give them the green light. 

    And listen, while Kamdar’s reign came to an end, there’s plenty more to explore in the criminal underbelly of Las Vegas, not to mention within the new hierarchy and in the personal dynamics.

    The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Finale Recap

    THE CLEANING LADY: L-R: Valentino/Sebastien LaSalle and Élodie Yung in the first hour “Sanctuary” episode of THE CLEANING LADY 2-hour season finale event airing Monday, Dec. 12 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2022 Fox Media LLC. CR: Jeff Neumann/FOX

    I want to see Thony’s boss era. She’s been calling the shots and doing it all this whole time, but now, there’s nothing hanging over her head—no one she’s running from or cleaning up for. And

    On The Cleaning Lady Season 1 finale, Arman and Thony thought that they finally achieved success, but things took a nasty turn rather quickly, but this time around, there’s not much stopping them. They’re at the very top, with Nadia as an ally, not a foe.

    We could see a new side of Thony, we could see Thony and Arman continue to explore their personal and professional relationship and run a business together, we could see Thony finally open up her clinic to help people, we could see Fi’s return, and how she and Thony move on from what happened, and we can hopefully finally see Fi getting her slice of happiness and prioritizing her own family. 

    The focus has so far been mostly Thony as a loving mother who will do anything for her child, but I’m glad that we got to see Fiona finally realize that she has kids to think about as well. They might not be in the same predicament as Luca, but they need their mom, and she needs to start putting them first. And JD helped remind her of that. She saw just how easily she lost everything that mattered, and I think that will have a profound impact on her relationship with Thony, even if she did do everything to bring her back. 

    Fiona’s chat with Chris was so heartbreaking but also so authentic and reflective of the plight of immigrants and the undocumented, highlighting all the sacrifices that they make day in and day out so that their kids can have a better life. They are truly the unsung heroes in this story.

    Thony may have lost herself a bit in a scramble to save her son and free herself from Kamdar’s grasp, and though she burned bridges left and right, at the end of the day, she tried to make it all better, which is why we were rooting for her in the first place.

    Again, I’m really hoping Fox gives us a third season so we can see just how far things can go. 

    The writers and creators of the series have proven that they know how to tell a story, and they know how to tell it well. There’s an endless amount of possibilities, and I’m sure there are even more bad guys to create conflict.

    The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Finale Recap

    THE CLEANING LADY: L-R: Élodie Yung and Adan Canto in the first hour “Sanctuary” episode of THE CLEANING LADY 2-hour season finale event airing Monday, Dec. 12 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2022 Fox Media LLC. CR: Jeff Neumann/FOX

    Other Stray Musings

    •  Thony stayed in this lifestyle to save Fi, but after her sis-in-law is back in the states, how will she justify her decision to continue working alongside Arman?  JD will definitely have an opinion about it, and if Fi wants him in her life, she’ll still be required to make an impossible choice.
    • One thing I couldn’t shake was how easy it was for Thony to do anything when Kamdar’s men were supposed to be watching her. How did she keep evading them?
    • Nadia may have hated Thony this whole time, but she gave her the hint about the Caymans, so on some level, she had to trust and respect her.
    • I love how much time they dedicated to Garrett’s funeral. He didn’t deserve to die, but he definitely deserved a proper sendoff. 

    What did you think of the season 2 finale? Are you happy everything was buttoned up? Do you think we’ll get a season three renewal?

    Is ‘The Cleaning Lady’ Canceled or Renewed? Here’s What We Know

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    The Cleaning Lady

    Who Died on ‘The Cleaning Lady’ Season 2 Finale?



    The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Finale Recap

    The Cleaning Lady Season 2 finale was an action-packed installment that provided a resolution to the Robert Kamdar problem. 

    But it wasn’t without its casualties, unfortunately. 

    After a very long attempt to bring Kamdar, Garrett Miller (Oliver Hudson) was finally successful, though he didn’t live to see a Kamdar-free world.

    When Thony (Elodie Yung) and Arman (Adan Canto) were burned as informants, the FBI told both of them to lay low as they made a play for the drug shipment that Thony helped Kamdar bring in from the Phillippines containing fentanyl.

    Arman took the hint, but Thony didn’t listen, hoping that she could still convince Kamdar to trust her and make a deal with him. She waltzed over to his suite at Caesar’s Palace (right after he almost killed Nadia (Eva De Dominici) and basically begged him to accept her deal, which he did, promising to give her Luca’s meds. But things took a dangerous turn when he took her to the junkyard where his buyer was waiting. 

    The Cleaning Lady Review Mother's Mission Season 1 Episode 6

    THE CLEANING LADY: Oliver Hudson in the ÒMother’s MissionÓ episode of THE CLEANING LADY airing Monday, Feb. 14 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2022 Fox Media LLC. CR: Jeff Neumann/FOX

    Kamdar was already onto Thony this whole time, and once he got her to the location, he informed her that he found it strange that she knew exactly what to do when he went into cardiac arrest and insinuated that she was the one who poisoned him. Despite her best efforts to deny the claims, Kamdar already made up his mind, noting that she lied to him one too many times and needed to be punished. 

    He ordered his men to shoot her, but thankfully, Garrett’s men were staking out Kamdar’s suite, so they were able to track Thony’s movements all the way to the junkyard. He also called Arman, who arrived on the scene just in time. Though they didn’t see eye-to-eye—especially after Garrett found out that Arman killed Maya at Kamdar’s request—they put aside their difference to be there for Thony. 

    When Kamdar ordered his men to kill Thony, they both started firing away, and a shootout erupted. Bullets were flying everywhere, and by the time Garrett and Arman got Thony to safety, Garrett realized he had been shot. 

    Thony did her best to try to stop the bleeding, but it was too late—there was extensive damage as Garrett began slipping away. 

    “You did it,” he told Thony, as she informed him, “We did it.”

    Garrett got the big fish but because of Thony’s reckless decision, he lost his life. 

    Russo (Liza Weil) arrived mere moments before Garrett took his last breath, and let’s just say, she definitely wasn’t in the mood to forgive Thony as she made it clear that the only reason Garrett was dead was that she defied orders and went against everything they told her to do. 

    Obviously, Thony didn’t intend for any of this to happen, but her actions have real consequences. With Garrett’s death, she lost any leverage and protection within the FBI, not to mention she also lost a good friend. 

    She attended Garrett’s beautiful service to pay her respects and mourn the man who helped her countless times. 

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