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The Cleaning Lady Review Full on Gangsta Season 1 Episode 8 The Cleaning Lady Review Full on Gangsta Season 1 Episode 8

The Cleaning Lady

The Cleaning Lady Review – Full on Gangsta (1×08)

THE CLEANING LADY: L-R: ƒlodie Yung and Valentino/Sebastien LaSalle in the ÒFull On GangstaÓ episode of THE CLEANING LADY airing Monday, Feb. 28 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2022 Fox Media LLC. CR: Jeff Neumann/FOX



I cannot say enough good things about The Cleaning Lady

I’m hooked. It is — hands down — the best new show of the season. 

The characters are incredible, the drama is next-level, the stakes are so high which puts everything at risk, the romance is hot and heavy, and things change by the minute so you can’t ever get too comfortable because ever happy moment is fleeting and followed by a twist that only puts Thony and Arman in more danger. 

But most importantly, the writing is solid, which makes for realistic and suspenseful dialogue between characters. 

The writing matters. It can make or break a series, but for The Cleaning Lady, it makes the series stand out as one that deserves all the praise and attention it’s getting. 

The latest episodes delves much deeper into the complex world of crime in Las Vegas while managing to deliver a silver lining with Thony’s unwavering bravery and dedication to her son. She goes where no mother has gone before out of love and without much of a choice… which makes her, as the title episode notes, a “full on gangsta.”

And Arman is quick to follow, even if it doesn’t necessarily make too much sense and puts him directly in the line of Hayak’s wrath. 

I’ll start by saying that while I’m still very much annoyed with Marco and his ego, I am glad that he was sensible in his gambling and managed to save the $20,000 and add $5,000 on top of it. 

He cares about Luca, it’s obvious, but his actions were careless and almost put everything that Thony has worked so hard for (SO HARD FOR) in jeopardy. He has an addiction, and while some might turn a blind eye to a gambling addiction, it’s just as bad as any other addiction with the means to ruin a family. 

If he really wants to help Thony and Luca, he needs to seek out help and truly stay committed to his recovery. 

It has to be a terrible feeling to not have the means to help your son, but it’s also unfair to shame Thony and guilt her into seeking out help from another man that can help. 

Shouldn’t getting Luca a new liver be the number on priority? Once he’s better, they can deal with their marital issues! 

Of course, Marco isn’t completely wrong in thinking that Arman is only helping Thony because he has feelings for her. It’s absolutely true. 

As he confirmed to Nadia, he loves that Thony needs him and sees him as her hero. 

Thony doesn’t seem to mind either because Luca’s health and safety is top of mind. 

When Thony revealed that she needs to make her way to Mexico for the procedure, Arman couldn’t even fathom the idea of Thony making the trip with a coyote. 

And when she made it clear that if she left to Mexico, she’d never get back, he was vehemently against the idea. 

With Garrett, the FBI agent, clued into the gun sale, Arman and Thony saw Mexico as an opportunity for the both of them. She would get Luca his transplant, while Arman could finalize the gun sale away from prying eyes. It was a win-win. 

However, Arman shouldn’t have led with his heart here. He wanted to go to Mexico because he wanted to be there for Thony and Luca. That’s sweet, but it’s not a practical decision. 

The Cleaning Lady Review Full on Gangsta Season 1 Episode 8

THE CLEANING LADY: Adan Canto in the ÒFull On GangstaÓ episode of THE CLEANING LADY airing Monday, Feb. 28 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2022 Fox Media LLC. CR: Jeff Neumann/FOX

He could’ve made the gun sale away from Garrett and the FBI, but he tipped off Hayak. He left Nadia in charge, and while she had his back, she couldn’t necessarily fend off Hayak when he came to the house and informed her that he called Arman’s father who revealed that his aunt wasn’t dead. 

If Arman wanted to make that lie work, he needed to have his father on-board. He sorely underestimated Hayak, and his naivety cost him Hayak’s loyalty and exposed his whole plan. 

Why couldn’t he stay back and send Nadia in his place? Yes, the trip would’ve been awkward considering she’d be curious as to why Thony was there in the first place, but it would’ve still been better for them overall. 

Arman trusted Nadia enough to loop her into the plan, and she proved that she can get the job done, so she would’ve been just fine finalizing the deal in Mexico. 

If she questioned why Thony was with them, Arman could’ve simply told the truth, and she likely would’ve appreciated that much more than finding out that Arman was in Mexico with “the cleaning lady” from the FBI agent. 

And, of course, there wouldn’t be a target on their back when it came to Hayak. That is not one enemy you want to make. 

Now, Thony is essentially stuck in Mexico since Arman flew back with the private jet. 

Hayak clearly found out about Arman’s betrayal — and didn’t take lightly to it as he killed his lackey and blew up Arman’s car, which means that Arman has been cut off and likely doesn’t have access to the jet anymore. 

I love Arman, but it’s unattractive when people can’t keep their promise. And while some might argue that this was beyond his control, he had to know that this was a possible worst-case scenario. He had to consider that Hayak would figure it out and retaliate. All of his moves on the chess board are not without repercussions. 

The blast that rocked the final moments of the episode was intense, and admittedly, I found myself shouting “Arman, watch out!”

Physically, I think he’ll be fine except for a few cuts and bruises, but emotionally, it’ll take a much bigger toll on him as he looses the only stability he had in his life, his power, and the means to do whatever he wants without zero regard for others. 

We’re going to see a new side of Arman that we’ve never seen before. 

Of course, we’ll also see Arman fight for Thony in a way he never has, so honestly, I’m just really excited for more episodes. That’s my way of saying FOX, please renew this show immediately… what are you waiting for?!

Back in Mexico, Thony was being the usual badass that she is. When she found out that Luca’s surgery was bumped because of some “exclusive client” who paid way more than she could ever afford, she was furious. 

Some people would just take the punches as they came, but Thony is done being the punching bag. She’s tired of the system and of being on the losing end. She’s tired of the rules that are set up to fail people like her and Luca. 

Is what Thony did unethical? Maybe. But is there a place for ethics when an innocent child’s life is on the line? Absolutely not. 

Thony finally took control and ensured that her son was given the treatment that she paid for. 

And when they tried to tell her there weren’t enough doctors to perform the surgery, Thony did it herself like the boss lady that she is. 

Again, there’s a reason why family members aren’t allowed to operate on loved ones, but in this case, Thony was able to put her emotions aside until the surgery was done. 

Luca was dying, and she was his only chance at survival. How could she not pull herself together long enough to complete the surgery? There’s plenty of time to break down later. 

Thony is the strongest person ever, and Luca is beyond lucky to have her in his corner. Children never fully understand how much their parents do for them, but man, it’s a lot. They’d move mountains if they could.

For now, it seems that Luca is in the clear. It’s possible that his health could deteriorate over time or his body could refuse the liver, but for now, Thony bought him some time. We have the celebrate the wins as they come! 

Thony won’t be celebrating for long once she realizes she’s stranded in Mexico, but that’s a concern for a different day. 

It’s unfortunate that Arman couldn’t be there for her in this joyous moment, but it just speaks to Thony’s journey overall — she’s always had to rely on herself first and foremost. 

Despite everything that transpired throughout the episode, there were some key Arman and Thony moments that could make even the coldest heart melt. 

The first moment was Arman encouraging Luca to travel on his own spaceship when he was feeling uncertain about the trip. Not to mention that Thony trusted Arman enough to have him hold Luca as they boarded. If anything was going to upset Marco, it definitely would’ve been that moment!

And there is, of course, the kiss! The first kiss was hot and passionate, but in the heat of the moment when Thony was at her lowest. 

The second kiss was much different. It was sweet, soft, and romantic. It was between two people who were totally aware of what they were doing and wanted to do it in that moment. There was full control. The lust, oh, the lust. 

This was the kiss that mattered. And the way he looks at her… someone fan me. 

They both realize that there are genuine feelings there — they care about each other and fill a void. 

What does it mean for their future now that Arman has been ousted from his mafia life? Will he willingly cooperate with Garrett in exchange for protection?

What are your thoughts coming off of the episode? Share them with us in the comments below! 


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The Cleaning Lady

‘The Cleaning Lady’ Renewed for Season 2 on FOX



The Cleaning Lady Season Finale Review The Crown Season 1 Episode 10

We’ll get more intense chemistry between Thony and Arman on The Cleaning Lady because FOX just renewed the drama for a second season! 

“This heart-pounding, emotionally driven story has captivated audiences across all platforms with its empowering, suspenseful narrative about an undocumented worker forced to navigate the criminal underworld to save her ailing son’s life,” said Michael Thorn, president of Fox Entertainment.

The Cleaning Lady bravely and unapologetically takes on many of today’s most important social issues — something we’re proud to say is one of Fox’s long-time calling cards — and it’s all brought into sharp perspective by the powerful performance of our lead, Élodie Yung, and the entire cast. Thanks to the incredible talent of [executive producers] Miranda [Kwok] and Melissa [Carter] and our outstanding partners at Warner Bros., audiences have embraced this story and can now look forward to finding out what comes next for this devoted mother and her son when our show returns for its second season.”

The renewal is everything that fans have been hoping for as the season 1 finale found Thony and Arman teaming up and pulling one over on both the FBI and Hayak. In the final moments, Thony arrives home to realize that Marco fled Vegas with Luca, who she spent the whole season saving by going above and beyond to secure him a kidney transplant. 

Congrats to the cast and crew! We can’t wait for more episodes. 

Until then, you can re-watch season 1 and read our reviews here! 

7 Hottest Moments Between Thony and Arman on ‘The Cleaning Lady’

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7 Hottest Moments Between Thony and Arman on ‘The Cleaning Lady’



Arman and Thony have an intense and electric bond on The Cleaning Lady

While they let the passion get to them on a few occasions, they’ve mostly kept things PG. So, how can there be so many “hot moments” between them, you ask. Well, good question!

When it comes to these two, it’s not only about the physical connection but the emotional as well. It’s about every longing gaze, stolen glance, and forbidden touch. It’s about all the times Arman helps Thony at his own discretion, and in turn, it’s the loyalty and support she extends to him. 

Here are the hottest and steamiest moments between Arman (Adan Canto) and Thony (Elodie Yung) on The Cleaning Lady Season 1! 


Season 1 Episode 1

Not only does Arman spare Thony’s life, but he “hires her” as the cleaning lady in order to justify keeping her alive. He sees something in her that not only piques his interest but also reminds him of himself. When Thony stands up to him at the airport hangar for the first time, she’s setting the scene for their season-long tug-and-pull dynamic. Arman acknowledges that she’s a woman that “commands respect” while noting that he’s “offering that to her.” He also reminds her that as immigrants, they need each other, and she needs him as he can play a huge role in keeping her son alive. It’s a key scene in order to establish the ground rules between these two power players — even if they are told at every turn that they have no power. 

THE CLEANING LADY: L-R: …lodie Yung and Adan Canto in the ìTNTî premiere episode of THE CLEANING LADY Monday, Jan. 3 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2021 Fox Media LLC. CR: Ursula Coyote/FOX


Season 1 Episode 1

When Arman risks his own life to save Thony’s after he realizes he’s basically walked her into a trap, it’s one of the first moments where he admits, subconsciously, that he cares for her. After the explosion, she pays him back for saving her life by saving his, which is when she reveals that there’s much more to her than meets the eye. Arman is impressed with how well she works under pressure, but Thony once again reminds him that it’s a give and take relationship. “You want me to work for you, protect me. Give me the respect I deserve. And if anything happens to me, swear my son will be protected.” He gave her his word… and he never lied. 

THE CLEANING LADY: L-R: Élodie Yung, Adan Canto and guest star Alonzo Ortega in the “TNT” premiere episode of THE CLEANING LADY airing Monday, Jan. 3 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2021 Fox Media LLC. CR: Ursula Coyote/FOX


Season 1 Episode 2

With Luca dying in her arms, Thony realizes she’s out of options and seeks out Arman and the club, who rushes to her aid and brings her to a private doctor that’s paid off by Hayak. Arman doesn’t just drop Thony off — he carries Luca inside, takes her burden, and sticks around to make sure that she’s okay. While he’s offering a shoulder to cry on, he realizes that he trusts her enough to open up about his past, which reveals that he understands Thony’s predicament all too well as he’s done the unthinkable to protect his family, too. The moment humanizes him in Thony’s eyes and the eyes of the audience. And when he sees that she looks at him with judgment for the career that he chose, it almost seems like he wants to become a better man for her. 

THE CLEANING LADY: L-R: ƒlodie Yung and Adan Canto in the ÒLionÕs DenÓ episode of THE CLEANING LADY airing Monday, Jan. 10 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2021 Fox Media LLC. CR: Michael Desmond/FOX


Season 1 Episode 6 

When Arman notices that Thony is upset about Luca’s procedure, he comforts her. He allows her to have a full-on breakdown (one of Thony’s only moments of weakness in the series) and cradles her in his arms. And all those heightened emotions lead to a very unexpected yet passionate kiss. I mean… really passionate. You cannot fake that kind of chemistry! Thony stops things before they escalate to the point of no return, but it’s enough to satiate all the fans that have been long shipping the couple. 


Season 1 Episode 7

When Thony informs Arman that she can’t afford the surgery and the liver donor, Arman offers to pay for the surgery, assuring her that he couldn’t have secured a huge deal with Thony’s intel from the FBI. “I’m in too deep now,” he says with an adorable smile, which definitely implies that he’s not just doing this for Luca. However, when Thony mentions that she’ll have to “talk to her husband” who has arrived in the U.S., Arman’s whole demeanor changes. The guy has absolutely no poker face, but it’s because he simply can’t hide himself or his emotions in front of the woman he loves. And while the moment isn’t exactly “hot,” it does reveal just how bad Arman has it for Thony. Plus, he’s still willing to pay for the surgery even with Thony’s husband in the picture, which is admirable. 


Season 1 Episode 8

The kiss right before Luca’s surgery was perfection. Unlike their first make-out session, this kiss was rooted in trust, honesty, and longing. Arman risked everything to get Thony and Luca across the border in a private jet because he cares about her so much and knows he might not have her around for much longer. The kiss is prefaced by a sweet talk where Thony reveals so much happened in Vegas that she’d like to forget, which prompts Arman to suggest, “hopefully, not everything.” “Not everything,” Thony admits. 


Season 1 Episode 10

Arman and Thony are like the modern-day Bonnie and Clyde. In one fell swoop, they worked together to take down Hayak and stole the $6 million from the gun sale after agreeing to help the FBI make the arrests. The action-packed episode didn’t allow for any real romantic moments, but the very fact that they trust each other enough to get into bed with the FBI while pulling one over on FBI at the same speak volumes. 

Also, the longing gaze and hang caressing while Thony visits Arman in jail is enough to make fans go crazy waiting for more #Armony (should we make that a ship name?). 

The Cleaning Lady Season Finale Review The Crown Season 1 Episode 10

THE CLEANING LADY: in the ÒCrownÓ season finale episode of THE CLEANING LADY airing Monday, March 14 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2022 Fox Media LLC. CR: Jeff Neumann/FOX


Come on, FOX. Give us a second season!

I’m sure there are plenty of other moments I could’ve mentioned — which ones would you add to the list? Weigh in in the comments below! 

You can read all of The Cleaning Lady reviews right here! 

13 Steamiest Moments Between Rio and Beth on ‘Good Girls’

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The Cleaning Lady

The Cleaning Lady Season Finale Review – The Crown (1×10)



The Cleaning Lady Season Finale Review The Crown Season 1 Episode 10

Now, that’s how you deliver a season finale. 

Just when I thought my heart couldn’t ache any more for Thony, Marco goes and does something so incredibly stupid and reckless, I don’t even want to imagine Thony’s wrath next season. 

That woman moved mountains to save her son and give him another shot at life. She quite literally risked everything so that she would never have to lose him, so it’s ironic that she loses him at the hands of her irresponsible husband. After everything she’s been through and the obstacles she’s pushed through, nothing can stop her. She’ll fight twice as hard to get him back; Marco doesn’t stand a chance. 

And now she’ll have Arman in her corner. 

Marco’s move was inspired by the same move that Thony pulled a year ago when she essentially kidnapped Luca and took him to the U.S. without Marco’s permission. However, the situation was much different because she was doing it to save her son. In the present-day, Marco is doing it out of spite and for is own selfish reasons. The least he could’ve done was wait to have a real conversation with her and understand where she’s coming from. 

And no, rushing the conversation when she wasn’t ready to talk wasn’t fair either. Marco kept insisting they go home even as Thony informed him multiple times that she literally couldn’t because of her deal with the government. If she didn’t comply or even attempted to leave the country, she would’ve been arrested for a very long time. And all of that because she sacrificed and risked everything to save her son. 

How is Marco so ignorant in all of this? Also, I hope he has to right medication for Luca because he is still recovering! 

After being caught up at the Mexico/US border, Thony was only let go if she helped the FBI, so she didn’t really have time to listen to Marco’s whining. She had a small window to make some very necessary moves to secure her freedom. 

Marco’s self-righteous attitude was also very off-putting. He thought he was better than everyone, including his own sister who is a “TNT.” However, the reality is that his situation isn’t any better. He came to the states with nothing and wouldn’t have been able to secure Luca the necessary treatments because he doesn’t have the backbone.

He has absolutely no right to point the finger at anyone when what he really needs to do is take a long, hard look at himself in the mirror.

But enough about Marco because, as always, this episode was showed off just how incredible Thony and Arman are when they work towards a common goal. 

Thony had no choice but to cooperate with the FBI, but that didn’t mean she had to do everything they asked. She definitely trusted Garrett, but her loyalty was first and foremost to Arman. After all, she said it herself — Luca is alive because of Arman — so, she kind of owes him everything. 

When the FBI wanted her to take Arman down, she openly refused and suggested that they make a deal with him instead and go after Hayak. 

And it was a solid plan as it was a win-win-win for everyone. The harder part was getting Arman to agree to essentially work with the enemy. 

Arman was hesitant, but he eventually agreed as long as Garrett also agreed to let Thony walk free. When he only needed to think of himself, he still put her first. The love! 

Cooperating with the feds wasn’t ideal, but it allowed him to finally get rid of Hayak and take over the business. Meanwhile, Thony paid off her debts to them, while Garrett was able to clear his name and keep his job.

Their collaboration was fruitful for everyone! 

The whole plan hitched on securing the gun sale and ensuring that the FBI was there when the transaction was happening. 

Once they barged in, Noah turned a gun at Hayak, but Arman jumped in and saved his life, which further convinced Hayak that Arman was still his right-hand man and trustworthy. It also cleared Arman from looking like had anything to do with the raid. Arman knows how to work the situation in his favor, that’s for sure.

The Cleaning Lady Season Finale Review The Crown Season 1 Episode 10

THE CLEANING LADY: Oliver Hudson in the “Crown” season finale episode of THE CLEANING LADY airing Monday, March 14 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2022 Fox Media LLC. CR: Jeff Neumann/FOX

On the way to prison, Hayak was grateful for Arman’s loyalty and told him he’d get him out while handing over all of his account numbers.

Arman may have gotten into bed with the FBI, but he didn’t trust them to keep their end of the deal, so when the raid happened, he stole the drive with the $6 million from the gun sale and tossed it into a cleaning cart that Fi scooped up. 

Thony and Fi walked out with the money in cryptocurrency like the boss babes that they are… and Garrett had no idea that they played him while helping him in the process. 

It’s a clear lesson of always looking out for yourself and ensuring the best possible outcome. 

Arman also set the scene well as he used ensured that Hayak would no longer be a problem by telling Isabel the truth and having her turn on her father. 

When she went to the FBI and handed over his books and everything else, she pretty much guaranteed that he would stay locked up for a very long time as there was now irrefutable proof tying him to the crimes. 

He orchestrated this master plan to take down Hayak while protecting himself and his loved ones in the process. And the best part is that Hayak was completely clueless to it all. He underestimated Arman, and this was his well-deserved punishment. 

Come season 2, I think maybe Hayak’s son, Tarik, might come back into the picture and pose some problems for Arman, but it’s nothing he can’t handle. He’s proven that much. 

The scene between Arman and Thony in prison was so good. They’re so connected that they can communicate through longing gazes and forbidden touches. It’s electric. 

How is it possible that the man looks just as good in a jumpsuit as he does in a business suit?

Once Thony secured the money, she handed Nadia her envelope. Nadia and Arman might not be end-game, but she was vital in encouraging Noah to go through with the deal as she vouched for Arman’s character.

Arman truly is a “man of his word” and ensured that his wife was taken care of in the end. But of course, Nadia’s ego wasn’t able to accept that “the cleaning lady” who won over her husband was more powerful than her. 

The “you still work for me” comment underscored just how pathetic and powerless she truly is now. 

Honestly, good on Thony for being the bigger person. 

The spark between Thony and Arman — and their partnership moving forward — makes me excited to see their relationship progress next season. 

I would’ve loved to see more steamy moments between them this season, but I get why they would hold off on that. There was too much going on and neither of them were truly available. Plus, there was also the aspect of Arman being in control of her whereas now, the playing field has been slightly evened. She’s no longer just the lady cleaning up his messes — she’s the lady washing his cash. 

In my reviews of the first few episodes, I noted that the show, and the chemistry between Arman and Thony, reminded me of Good Girls, and now, with Fi and Thony washing the money, it’s come full circle. I’d love to have Good Girls back on TV, but if I can’t make that a reality, at least I have this show to fill the void! 

There are many things keeping Thony in the U.S., including Arman and Fiona, but mostly, it’s her desire to help people who find themselves in her situation. 

7 Hottest Moments Between Thony and Arman on ‘The Cleaning Lady’

Thony is well-aware that she got lucky with Luca. I don’t know if anyone would necessarily consider a job cleaning for the mob as being lucky, but without it, and Arman, Luca would’ve likely died. 

She knows that if she can help people in need, particularly those who are undocumented and need to see a doctor, she has to do it. 

And honestly, it’s admirable. This is one of the reasons why we all fell in love with Thony. This is why Arman fell in love with Thony. She’s caring, loving, resourceful, and giving. 

Arman and Thony make a good… no, they make a great team. Their loyalty is unmatched and they aren’t scared to go all the way in order to ensure results. 

What will their adventures bring come season 2?

Season 1 has been a whirlwind of emotions, and I’m ready for more, so this is the public plea for Fox to officially renew the series! 

Share your thoughts about the finale in the comments now!

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