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The Cleaning Lady Review Legacy Season 1 Episode 3 The Cleaning Lady Review Legacy Season 1 Episode 3

The Cleaning Lady

The Cleaning Lady Review – Legacy (1×03)

THE CLEANING LADY: Adan Canto in the ÒLegacyÓ episode of THE CLEANING LADY airing Monday, Jan. 24 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2022 Fox Media LLC. CR: John Britt/FOX



The Cleaning Lady is like a punch to the gut, every single week. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good gut punch (if that sort of thing exists) as it serves as a reminder to appreciate what you have and that things could always be worse.

And for Thony, it seems like things just keep taking a turn for the worse. 

She’s so strong, but every time it seems like she’s coming up for air or turning a corner, the world starts caving in on her all over again. 

“Legacy” started off on a positive note as it was the day Luca was set to start his trial, but a series of unfortunate events led to a heartbreaking final moment that showed how far a mother, desperate to save her son, would actually go. 

First, Thony was told that Luca’s trial would be postponed because of his slightly abnormal liver results. She wasn’t pleased with the information considering the long road it took to get to this very moment, but with the encouragement of a fellow mother in her shoes, she accepted that this was just a momentary setback. 

Unfortunately, the retesting revealed that sweet little Luca was in liver failure and needed to get a transplant, which disqualified him from the trial. That’s not the kind of news any mother wants to hear. My heart broke watching her sit there and break down because she of how helpless she feels yet how badly she wants to make this go away for her little boy. 

And she’s been trying everything. 

She’s become a cleaning lady for a mafia after seeing a man get killed, and since then, she’s just seen more horrors at the hands of Arman, including a councilman getting waterboarded.

Just when she thought things couldn’t get worse, FBI Garrett Miller swung around to the trial clinic to ask her to be an informant, which is essentially signing your life away if you get caught. 

When she refused, he threatened to deport her and her child fully knowing that he’d be signing her son’s death sentence. 

It infuriates me that people continuously use the one thing women love most in the world — their children — as leverage. And it’s even lower coming from a man who has a child that’s almost the same age as Luca. His job might be on the line, but it seems as though he has no sympathy… and maybe walking a mile in Thony’s shoes just might be what he needs to get her to fully trust him and agree to become the woman on the inside. 

Naturally, Thony was against Garrett’s proposition not only because of the risk that came with it but also because she developed a loyalty to Arman. He might have mafia ties, but he opened up to her about what led him down his path, and he has never wavered in his help when she needed it. He’s the reason that Luca survived the adenovirus; in Luca’s eyes, Arman is a hero who drove him to the hospital in a cool sports car. 

Thony feels a sense of gratitude toward Arman, which is evidenced when she tells him that she’d like to take on more shifts to pay him back for his generosity. 

At that moment, Thony was coming from a sincere place. 

However, Arman and Thony do this tango every time, so the dynamic quickly changed when she saw him almost kill the councilman (thankfully, she’s a doctor and was able to save him). 

This was a turning point in their relationship. Up until now, I think Thony was in a bit of denial over who Arman actually is because she’s only seen the kindness he’s extended towards her in her time of need. I love that she sees this twisted side of him because it’s so easy to romanticize someone who is doing you favors. She knows he’s in really deep, but she wanted to believe that he was a good man so that she could justify what she was doing. 

But there’s no unseeing the darkness behind his eyes as he almost killed another man with his bare hands. She sees what he’s capable of now, and she realized that she’s painted him as a hero when he’s actually a monster. 

This moment is what swayed Thony into taking Garrett’s offer, unwillingly. When she approached Arman’s wife and asked her to help out at the wedding because she needed extra cash, she was no longer being genuine — she had an ulterior motive. 

Arman’s wife has sniffed out some kind of chemistry between him and “the help,” so she was easily manipulated by Thony And just like that, she was working the wedding. 

A little snooping her and there allowed her to catch a glimpse of Arman counting cash, and she was able to snag a photo of that list so that she could deliver it to Garrett.

However, that never happened. The following day, she told Garrett that she wasn’t able to get anything while working the wedding, which is obviously a lie. 

My guess is that her encounter with Tarik — who accused her of stealing — and eventually, Arman, who lost it when he realized Thony was actually afraid of him, scared her into further secrecy… for now. 

She’s seen these people at their worst, she knows they can “take care” of any situation, and there’s no reason to cross them and put everything at risk. 

The Cleaning Lady Review Legacy Season 1 Episode 3

THE CLEANING LADY: L-R: Oliver Hudson and ƒlodie Yung in the ÒLegacyÓ episode of THE CLEANING LADY airing Monday, Jan. 24 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2022 Fox Media LLC. CR: John Britt/FOX

The fight between Arman and Thony was explosive and intense. There were a lot of emotions at play, including disappointment. She was disappointed that he wasn’t the man she thought he was, while he was disappointed that she was a hypocrite that was “leeching off of him” when she needed his help but also judging and criticizing the very reason he’s able to provide that help.

It pained me to think that Arman kind of had a point, but Thony is benefitting from the lifestyle, and using her son as an excuse doesn’t justify it. 

I understand her motivation, but it’s hard to point fingers when you’re also doing immoral things in order to gain something from it. 

Yes, Thony has a line she won’t cross, or so she thinks, but what happens when she hits yet another roadblock — as she has with the trial — and needs another favor?

As I said before, she’s such an impressive and strong woman that I hate for her to crawl back and ask for forgiveness because she needs his help again.

If she’s going to be involved in this, I want him to respect her and see her as somewhat of an equal.

And on some level, he likely does respect that she’s not afraid to stand up to him, call him out on his actions, want him to be better, and challenge him, but it just seems a little too soon in the game to be wanting to call the shots when you still need strings pulled. 

Of course, this fight happened not only after she saw him almost kill a man but also after she saw him make out with Isabelle, so she’s likely a little hurt by the realization that his kidness towards her was an act. 

Arman’s love life is messy and complicated. 

His dynamic with Nadia is strange; she seems to be in his corner with wanting to become Hayak’s partner, but she’s also taking advantage of the fruits of his labor. Hayak reduced Arman to nothing more than “the help” when he asked him to go fetch the councilman, and Nadia had no problem with it. 

Would I be far off base to say that Nadia is probably sleeping with Hayak? Or that she would leave Arman the moment Hayak propositioned it? She definitely seems to be interested in a legacy, and I don’t see Hayak wanting to give the keys to half of his kingdom away. 

Hayak also seems to like Arman more than his son, Tarik, who he announced at the wedding that he is shipping off to join the army (and this explains Tarik’s anger at the world — he just wants his father’s acceptance), but he also doesn’t seem to respect him. 

During Arman’s chat with Isabelle, we learn that the duo dated but she was forced to break up with him at her father’s behest because he’s not Armenian.

Then they kissed in public without even trying to hide it. I mean, come on!?! Anyone could’ve caught that — and Thony did. 

My guess is that Arman is going to be tired of being nothing more than an errand boy to Hayak, Nadia, and everyone else in his life, and eventually, Thony is going to help him see the light that his “family” isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Plus, on some level, he understands Thony as he’s been there; he’s been viewed as and called “the help,” so his soft spot for her is very much real and not something he’ll be able to shake. It’s the very reason why their fight was so emotional — that kind of heated argument only happens when feelings are involved. 

Can Arman save Luca while Thony saves him?

The fact that “once you’re in, you’re in” seems to be the motto is slightly concerning. Hayak obviously controls councilmen in Vegas, so getting free from his grasp doesn’t seem like an easy feat. 

Does the FBI even have what it takes to bring Arman/Hayak down?

Why do you think Thony didn’t bite with Garrett? Do you think Garrett’s decision to divulge his personal life with his former wife and child was a bit too forthcoming with an informant? We know that he previously got a slap on the wrist for sleeping with an informant and getting Theo killed, so maybe he just doesn’t understand personal boundaries in the slightest?

Will Fiona figure out that Thony is consistently lying to her since she caught her in a lie about a job? And how will that go over in a household embracing a “no lying” policy?

What’s Thony’s next step when it comes to Luca?

What did you think of the episode and how are you enjoying The Cleaning Lady on FOX so far this season?

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The Cleaning Lady

The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Premiere – Sins of the Father (2×01)



The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Premiere Episode 1 Sins of the Fathers

Woooo—I know I had several months to prepare for the return of The Cleaning Lady, but I was not ready for all that to happen in the very first episode of the season. 

The season 2 premiere came out swinging in its determination to entertain all the while telling the important and timely stories. 

Over the span of an hour, everything we thought we knew was flipped right on its head as Thony, Fi, and Arman found themselves in an even bigger mess than before. You thought season 1 was intense? Get ready, and strap on in, baby, because I feel like season 2 is going to be a wild ride.

Through all the hardships and struggles that have been thrown their way, the one thing about Thony and Fi is that they’ve always stuck by each other. And that’s mostly because of Thony’s loyalty to the ones she trusts, which, in this case, includes Arman. At the end of the day, this is a group of fighters with an “it’s us against the world” mentality that found common ground and a common goal of survival in a world that’s hellbent on bringing them down and destroying them. 

Garrett tried his best to get everyone to talk and flip, even attempting to exploit Thony when she was at her most vulnerable (as a mother worried about her child and desperate for his help) and trying to lure answers about Hayak’s money out of Arman by dangling doughnuts in front of him (does that man look like he eats doughnuts?!), but neither of them cracked. 

Even while focusing on saving Luca after he was dadnapped by Marco, Thony remained committed to the plan that she and Arman concocted. When Fi briefly attempted to throw a wrench in those plans, Thony knew that without the money that was promised to them and without Arman’s help, everything else was a pipe dream. Their situation does not afford them the luxury of being picky; they have to choose the lesser of two evils, and, in this case, Arman is the lesser and the one that they can rely on. Garrett has been a huge help, sure, but his help comes with strings attached, and, in a number of ways, his hands are tied by the rules from up above. 

A life of crime might not be ideal, but it’s their only way out to get to the other side and provide a good living for themselves and their children. And naturally, we have to anticipate that it’ll spiral out of control before it gets better.

Fi is a ride-or-die, which is why it was frustrating to see her bash Arman when he was the only one who helped Thony when it came to Luca; he went to bat for that child every single time, and he still would, even from his jail cell. Her fears are understandable considering Arman’s criminal ties, but it would be nice if she would at least acknowledge the good that Arman has done while questioning the root cause of Thony’s involvement with him. Because, at the end of the day, Thony is sticking around because she’s personally invested. She might be fine with ignoring the true nature of her feelings for Arman since she’s not ready to admit that she’s in love with a criminal, but she’ll have to face it sooner or later. Everyone around her can see it, including Marco, which is what stemmed his actions with Luca in the first place. 

Her loyalty is rooted in something very complex; she believes in the man that she thinks he can be. And that Arman is in there somewhere, I just don’t know if we’ll see him come out to play in the near future considering Hayak launched a full-scale attack on him. Now is not the time to get soft, but more on that in a minute. 

The Cleaning Lady Season 2 Premiere Episode 1 Sins of the Fathers

THE CLEANING LADY: L-R: Sebastien/Valentino LaSalle and guest star Ivan Shaw in the “Sins of the Fathers” season two premiere episode of THE CLEANING LADY airing Monday, Sept. 19 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2022 Fox Media LLC. CR: Jeff Neumann/FOX

It was also frustrating to see Fi go to bat so hard for Marco considering everything he’s done. Her alliance was being pulled in two different directions as she didn’t know if she should support her brother or her sister-in-law, but it’s clear that blood relations aren’t always stronger. Fi was defending a man who didn’t hesitate to belittle her existence and lifestyle. When Fi and Chris supported Thony and confronted Marco on the stairs at the motel, it was clear what he thought about his “family” and that he felt superior to them.

Marco was a grade-A asshole who wasn’t even attempting to take Luca back to the Phillippines because he thought it was the best for his child. He hoped that his actions would give Thony no other choice but to move back to their home country so that they could all be this happy little family and pretend nothing ever happened, which simply wasn’t realistic. There were plenty of reasons Thony didn’t want to go back to the Phillippines, and yes, Arman may have been a small part of it, but mostly, she could no longer envision a life with a man who would be so hurtful as to take her own child from her—the child whose life she single-handedly saved. The trust was broken. And for those who don’t know (because I didn’t!), divorce is illegal in the Phillippines, which means Thony would’ve been trapped with a man who, may I remind you, also gambled away the money she worked so hard for and who didn’t really contribute much to obtaining Luca the medical care that he needed. It was never about Luca for him, which is upsetting because, in his own selfishness, he didn’t even stop to think that if Luca ever needed another medical procedure or intervention, being in the U.S. would’ve been beneficial. 

Thony didn’t see a solution to their marital woes in the Phillippines, and you can’t blame her for not wanting to go back. 

Admittedly, she shouldn’t have ignored Marco’s attempts at talking about their situation and future, but he should’ve realized the consequences of his actions and maybe tried a different approach to get through to his wife. They were still in a place where they could have salvaged the relationship, even as friendly co-parents, but once he pulled that stunt, there was no going back.

When they finally did talk, Marco wasn’t willing to listen and things escalated to one of the tensest moments on television. When I saw Chris and Marco get into a scuffle near a staircase (Marco should’ve been the adult here), my stomach dropped because I knew what was coming. Chris accidentally pushed his uncle down the stairs, which resulted in his death.

This is a game-changing moment for everyone involved. Chris is going to have to live with this every day for the rest of his life, and while it’s great that he’s becoming more involved in the storyline, I wish it was another way. If what happened ever got out, it would ruin his life as no one would ever believe an undocumented immigrant claiming self-defense or that it was an accident.

The only positive thing I will say is that I love how much Chris loves Luca and I’m glad the roles weren’t reversed and he wasn’t the one that was pushed.

Fi will have to be strong to support her son while dealing with the grief of losing a brother and likely lying to her parents and family back at home about what happened. 

As for Thony, well, her feelings about Marco were complicated, but they still loved each other, so I can’t imagine it’s easy to process when you’re always trying to decide if you should put your skills of cleaning up dead bodies to use or report the accident without incriminating yourself.

Unfortunately, she was spotted by a shoddy motel manager, who she convinced to call 9-1-1. When she got the call from Garrett that they found Marco and Luca, the manager immediately recognized her and went to pull the security footage, which I’m surprised wasn’t confiscated by the police. I’m also wondering why Thony didn’t think to ask for it.

From the video, it’s clear as day that it was an act of self-defense, but from the looks of it, the manager is an opportunist that’s going to want to extort Thony and her family for everything they have, which adds yet another headache into the mix. When one problem withers away, another one comes to light. 

There wasn’t much time to process Marco’s death, but it did feel a bit premature. 

The sad truth, however, is that Luca is the one who will suffer the most. It was a heartbreaking sight to see him walk out of the motel room in his pajamas all confused and surrounded by police lights. 

Thony has done everything to shield, cure, and protect that boy, but he’s inadvertently involved in all these terrible situations. He was visibly scared and concerned at the airport, and waking up at a crime scene (where your father just died, no less) is traumatic, even if you are reunited with mommy. And he’s likely going to see a lot more now that Thony and Fi are wrapped up with the crime syndicate. 

All of this brings me to poor Arman. A life of crime always looked good on him, but he was not made for prison. Prisoners eat up a pretty face like that, and while he’s not above getting his hands dirty and knows how to handle himself, it’s not possible when it’s an unfair fight. While Arman was still in Hayak’s good graces, he was treated to a VIP lifestyle in prison, but once Hayak, who somehow found a way to wrap people around his finger in prison, realized that Arman was the mole, things got pretty ugly. 

It’s an unfortunate turn of events considering Arman was so close to pulling it all off and walking out as a free man with all the money.

Instead, Hayak had the accounts drained  (you would think Arman would somehow ban his access) and then sent two goons to dish out what he believed to be justice on the traitor. Arman fended them off, impressively, I might add, but he was also stabbed multiple times in the process. 

There was some really fantastic imagery throughout the episode, including the opening scene that shows Arman cleaning instead of Thony. However, it was pure greatness to juxtapose the scenes of Marco’s death with Arman’s near-death incident in order to really capitalize on the intensity of these moments.

It’s clear Arman isn’t going to die (are you kidding me, fans would riot!), but it does flip the script for everyone as they now don’t have Hayak’s money or protection. What happens to the casino? The Nadia? To Thony and Fi’s business dreams? How do they get him out of prison without the crypto cash to wash? Will Nadia become Thony and Fi’s new BFF? Thony and Arman are typically good when it comes to dealing with high-stress situations, so I have no doubt that they will conspire to find a way out of this, but I’m also totally content with seeing them freak out and lose it for a minute. I would! 

And just because Arman survived this time, doesn’t mean Hayak isn’t going to attempt finishing what he started. Arman needs to watch his back and get out of there ASAP. 

Arman’s new situation likely also allows the writers to focus on the character instead of trying to appease wagging tongues with an Arman and Thony relationship, which simply doesn’t seem to be in the cards right now. There are way more pressing things to deal with, and the heart can get what it wants a little bit later. 

Will Thony be forced to finally fess up to Garrett and make a deal to save Arman’s life?

What are your thoughts? And what did you think of The Cleaning Lady Season 2 premiere?

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The Cleaning Lady

What We’re Hoping to See on ‘The Cleaning Lady’ Season 2



The Cleaning Lady Review Kabayan Season 1 Episode 4

The Cleaning Lady was the breakout series last fall, which wasn’t exactly a surprise. It had everything that ensured a promising series—crime, drama, bad guys, a mother willing to go above and beyond to save her son, and intense chemistry between two leads. 

Audiences—including myself—were hooked from the pilot episode and beyond. 

Each episode provided a deeper and emotional look into the plight of immigrants in America as they are faced with difficult decisions and forced to do whatever is necessary to survive. The lines between good and bad were blurred, both in actions and in people. Is the bad guy really that bad if he’s using his newfound success to help someone in need? 

And it ended its inaugural 10-episode run with an explosive finale and promising cliffhanger that left fans hanging on and wanting more.

That being said, here’s what we’d like to see when The Cleaning Lady Season 2 resumes:


Thony Saving Luca 

First and foremost, momma needs to get her baby back! And she needs to put an end to her marriage with Marco because that fizzled out a long time ago. The series has explored many themes, but it’s never lost sight of the fact that it’s about a devoted mother who will do whatever it takes to save her child. Thony would go to hell and back for that boy, and the moment she was finally able to get over all the obstacles and bumps in the road to get him the life-saving surgery, Marco took Luca and disappeared. He’s likely attempting to return to the Philippines as he believes that’s where their life is now that the health situation has been sorted out, but he’s going about it the wrong way. Thony technically kidnapped Luca first, so in his mind, he’s simply “returning the favor,” but just because she did it once doesn’t make it right. Thony has only ever acted from a place of love, so taking her child away from her is pure cruelty. 

I can’t wait to see what hell Thony will raise to get her boy back. Will she leverage her connection to the FBI? Will she turn to Arman?  I hope once she does have Luca safely back in her arms, she can start to breathe again and simply enjoy all the tender moments of being a mom and watching your son grow up. 


Arman Getting Out of Prison and Finally Figuring Out What He Wants

There’s no denying that Arman is in a less-than-ideal situation behind bars when the series concluded. But, on the plus side, he has gained Hayak’s trust and thus, the bank account numbers, so he’s technically in charge of the whole operation along with Thony. In his professional life, Arman has just attained what he’s always wanted, but he has a lot to sort through in his personal life, particularly, the romantic side. 

Arman is torn between two women — Nadia and Thony. The first choice is easy and convenient, while the second one is difficult and unexpected. And it’s just as hard to accept someone that challenges you on a daily basis as it is to shake them.

He loves them both for different reasons, but he simply can’t pull away from Thony as she reminds him of the good parts; of who he could be rather than the man he is. He’s always regretted walking down this dark path, and Thony proves that his choices don’t have to define his future. I hope we see Arman work through these complex feelings and figure it all out before making any more moves on Thony, however. As much as Nadia supports him (and it often feels like they are just friends in business together), it isn’t fair to either woman to be with a man that has one foot out the whole time. 


More Arman and Thony

And not even in the hot, romantic way, although, they have an undeniable chemistry and sexual attraction to each other that’s becoming harder to deny. However, what makes them so compelling together is that they have a deep understanding of each other; there’s respect and trust. They are partners in this upside-down rollercoaster world. Thony pushes Arman to be a better man (and he wants to be for her), while he pushes Thony out of her comfort zones to believe in herself and understand her power and influence. They’re electric together even if they aren’t in a relationship, which is honestly just an added bonus. I want to see them on the same page and working through this new venture that they have going. I want them to tackle conflicts and problems head-on together. I want their friendship to deepen and their love to grow — and I’m open to the slow burn, baby. I know settling for stolen glances and accidental touches will all be worth it in the end. 

7 Hottest Moments Between Thony and Arman on ‘The Cleaning Lady’


Thony Running Things

Arman basically handed Thony the keys to the kingdom. He trusts her completely, and honestly, she’s made for this. She’s proven time and time again that she has the wits to do this job—she’s cunning and resourceful and knows how to outsmart anyone. And she’s not losing herself in the process either. Thony has always taken every situation and made the best of it. By opening up a clinic to help those in need, she’s ensuring that she’s using this new platform to do good while still promising to help Arman out by washing his cash. Arman helped her out, so she’s returning the favor. She’s putting her skills and connections to good use to give back to the community. We know Thony can navigate any situation she finds herself in, and she’s being thrown right into the fire, so let’s see what she’s got! 


A Path Towards Citizenship

Illegal immigration is a huge aspect of the series, painting a realistic picture for those who may not be familiar with the hardships and roadblocks that immigrants in America face. In Thony’s case, she’s an immigrant forced to take any and every job to make ends meet while fighting a broken system to get help for her son. And the path towards citizenship isn’t easy — it’s pretty much impossible for Fiona and Thony to become “legit.” But as I’ve said before, Thony can do whatever she sets her mind to, not to mention she has some pretty powerful FBI connections. She may have pulled a fast one on Garrett, but I’m sure their paths will cross again, and when they do,  she will hopefully use him to figure out a way to fix her status and help Fi. However, until then, it’s nice to simply see immigration at the forefront of a storyline. 


Plenty of Conflict

Thony and Arman vs. the FBI, Arman vs. Hayak, Arman vs. Nadia, Nadia vs. Thony, Thony vs. Marco — there’s no shortage of potential conflicts awaiting this core group of characters, who are now intertwined with each other in ways they never imagined.  There’s a lot of heart on The Cleaning Lady, but the drama is also grade-A and juicy. The freshman season kept us on the edge of our seats and on our toes with unexpected twists and turns, and I hope there’s no shortage of that come season 2. Arman and Thony may have won… for now, but in this business, allegiances are wavering, and there’s always someone lurking around the corner ready to pounce. The matters of the wallet, the family business, and the heart are all breeding grounds for chaos. And I’m here for it all!


What are you hoping to see on The Cleaning Lady Season 2? Let us know in the comments!

Recap all of our previous season 1 reviews and tune in for the season 2 premiere on September 19 on FOX! 

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The Cleaning Lady

‘The Cleaning Lady’ Renewed for Season 2 on FOX



The Cleaning Lady Season Finale Review The Crown Season 1 Episode 10

We’ll get more intense chemistry between Thony and Arman on The Cleaning Lady because FOX just renewed the drama for a second season! 

“This heart-pounding, emotionally driven story has captivated audiences across all platforms with its empowering, suspenseful narrative about an undocumented worker forced to navigate the criminal underworld to save her ailing son’s life,” said Michael Thorn, president of Fox Entertainment.

The Cleaning Lady bravely and unapologetically takes on many of today’s most important social issues — something we’re proud to say is one of Fox’s long-time calling cards — and it’s all brought into sharp perspective by the powerful performance of our lead, Élodie Yung, and the entire cast. Thanks to the incredible talent of [executive producers] Miranda [Kwok] and Melissa [Carter] and our outstanding partners at Warner Bros., audiences have embraced this story and can now look forward to finding out what comes next for this devoted mother and her son when our show returns for its second season.”

The renewal is everything that fans have been hoping for as the season 1 finale found Thony and Arman teaming up and pulling one over on both the FBI and Hayak. In the final moments, Thony arrives home to realize that Marco fled Vegas with Luca, who she spent the whole season saving by going above and beyond to secure him a kidney transplant. 

Congrats to the cast and crew! We can’t wait for more episodes. 

Until then, you can re-watch season 1 and read our reviews here! 

7 Hottest Moments Between Thony and Arman on ‘The Cleaning Lady’

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