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The Cleaning Lady Review Legacy Season 1 Episode 3 The Cleaning Lady Review Legacy Season 1 Episode 3

The Cleaning Lady

The Cleaning Lady Review – Legacy (1×03)

THE CLEANING LADY: Adan Canto in the ÒLegacyÓ episode of THE CLEANING LADY airing Monday, Jan. 24 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2022 Fox Media LLC. CR: John Britt/FOX



The Cleaning Lady is like a punch to the gut, every single week. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good gut punch (if that sort of thing exists) as it serves as a reminder to appreciate what you have and that things could always be worse.

And for Thony, it seems like things just keep taking a turn for the worse. 

She’s so strong, but every time it seems like she’s coming up for air or turning a corner, the world starts caving in on her all over again. 

“Legacy” started off on a positive note as it was the day Luca was set to start his trial, but a series of unfortunate events led to a heartbreaking final moment that showed how far a mother, desperate to save her son, would actually go. 

First, Thony was told that Luca’s trial would be postponed because of his slightly abnormal liver results. She wasn’t pleased with the information considering the long road it took to get to this very moment, but with the encouragement of a fellow mother in her shoes, she accepted that this was just a momentary setback. 

Unfortunately, the retesting revealed that sweet little Luca was in liver failure and needed to get a transplant, which disqualified him from the trial. That’s not the kind of news any mother wants to hear. My heart broke watching her sit there and break down because she of how helpless she feels yet how badly she wants to make this go away for her little boy. 

And she’s been trying everything. 

She’s become a cleaning lady for a mafia after seeing a man get killed, and since then, she’s just seen more horrors at the hands of Arman, including a councilman getting waterboarded.

Just when she thought things couldn’t get worse, FBI Garrett Miller swung around to the trial clinic to ask her to be an informant, which is essentially signing your life away if you get caught. 

When she refused, he threatened to deport her and her child fully knowing that he’d be signing her son’s death sentence. 

It infuriates me that people continuously use the one thing women love most in the world — their children — as leverage. And it’s even lower coming from a man who has a child that’s almost the same age as Luca. His job might be on the line, but it seems as though he has no sympathy… and maybe walking a mile in Thony’s shoes just might be what he needs to get her to fully trust him and agree to become the woman on the inside. 

Naturally, Thony was against Garrett’s proposition not only because of the risk that came with it but also because she developed a loyalty to Arman. He might have mafia ties, but he opened up to her about what led him down his path, and he has never wavered in his help when she needed it. He’s the reason that Luca survived the adenovirus; in Luca’s eyes, Arman is a hero who drove him to the hospital in a cool sports car. 

Thony feels a sense of gratitude toward Arman, which is evidenced when she tells him that she’d like to take on more shifts to pay him back for his generosity. 

At that moment, Thony was coming from a sincere place. 

However, Arman and Thony do this tango every time, so the dynamic quickly changed when she saw him almost kill the councilman (thankfully, she’s a doctor and was able to save him). 

This was a turning point in their relationship. Up until now, I think Thony was in a bit of denial over who Arman actually is because she’s only seen the kindness he’s extended towards her in her time of need. I love that she sees this twisted side of him because it’s so easy to romanticize someone who is doing you favors. She knows he’s in really deep, but she wanted to believe that he was a good man so that she could justify what she was doing. 

But there’s no unseeing the darkness behind his eyes as he almost killed another man with his bare hands. She sees what he’s capable of now, and she realized that she’s painted him as a hero when he’s actually a monster. 

This moment is what swayed Thony into taking Garrett’s offer, unwillingly. When she approached Arman’s wife and asked her to help out at the wedding because she needed extra cash, she was no longer being genuine — she had an ulterior motive. 

Arman’s wife has sniffed out some kind of chemistry between him and “the help,” so she was easily manipulated by Thony And just like that, she was working the wedding. 

A little snooping her and there allowed her to catch a glimpse of Arman counting cash, and she was able to snag a photo of that list so that she could deliver it to Garrett.

However, that never happened. The following day, she told Garrett that she wasn’t able to get anything while working the wedding, which is obviously a lie. 

My guess is that her encounter with Tarik — who accused her of stealing — and eventually, Arman, who lost it when he realized Thony was actually afraid of him, scared her into further secrecy… for now. 

She’s seen these people at their worst, she knows they can “take care” of any situation, and there’s no reason to cross them and put everything at risk. 

The Cleaning Lady Review Legacy Season 1 Episode 3

THE CLEANING LADY: L-R: Oliver Hudson and ƒlodie Yung in the ÒLegacyÓ episode of THE CLEANING LADY airing Monday, Jan. 24 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2022 Fox Media LLC. CR: John Britt/FOX

The fight between Arman and Thony was explosive and intense. There were a lot of emotions at play, including disappointment. She was disappointed that he wasn’t the man she thought he was, while he was disappointed that she was a hypocrite that was “leeching off of him” when she needed his help but also judging and criticizing the very reason he’s able to provide that help.

It pained me to think that Arman kind of had a point, but Thony is benefitting from the lifestyle, and using her son as an excuse doesn’t justify it. 

I understand her motivation, but it’s hard to point fingers when you’re also doing immoral things in order to gain something from it. 

Yes, Thony has a line she won’t cross, or so she thinks, but what happens when she hits yet another roadblock — as she has with the trial — and needs another favor?

As I said before, she’s such an impressive and strong woman that I hate for her to crawl back and ask for forgiveness because she needs his help again.

If she’s going to be involved in this, I want him to respect her and see her as somewhat of an equal.

And on some level, he likely does respect that she’s not afraid to stand up to him, call him out on his actions, want him to be better, and challenge him, but it just seems a little too soon in the game to be wanting to call the shots when you still need strings pulled. 

Of course, this fight happened not only after she saw him almost kill a man but also after she saw him make out with Isabelle, so she’s likely a little hurt by the realization that his kidness towards her was an act. 

Arman’s love life is messy and complicated. 

His dynamic with Nadia is strange; she seems to be in his corner with wanting to become Hayak’s partner, but she’s also taking advantage of the fruits of his labor. Hayak reduced Arman to nothing more than “the help” when he asked him to go fetch the councilman, and Nadia had no problem with it. 

Would I be far off base to say that Nadia is probably sleeping with Hayak? Or that she would leave Arman the moment Hayak propositioned it? She definitely seems to be interested in a legacy, and I don’t see Hayak wanting to give the keys to half of his kingdom away. 

Hayak also seems to like Arman more than his son, Tarik, who he announced at the wedding that he is shipping off to join the army (and this explains Tarik’s anger at the world — he just wants his father’s acceptance), but he also doesn’t seem to respect him. 

During Arman’s chat with Isabelle, we learn that the duo dated but she was forced to break up with him at her father’s behest because he’s not Armenian.

Then they kissed in public without even trying to hide it. I mean, come on!?! Anyone could’ve caught that — and Thony did. 

My guess is that Arman is going to be tired of being nothing more than an errand boy to Hayak, Nadia, and everyone else in his life, and eventually, Thony is going to help him see the light that his “family” isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Plus, on some level, he understands Thony as he’s been there; he’s been viewed as and called “the help,” so his soft spot for her is very much real and not something he’ll be able to shake. It’s the very reason why their fight was so emotional — that kind of heated argument only happens when feelings are involved. 

Can Arman save Luca while Thony saves him?

The fact that “once you’re in, you’re in” seems to be the motto is slightly concerning. Hayak obviously controls councilmen in Vegas, so getting free from his grasp doesn’t seem like an easy feat. 

Does the FBI even have what it takes to bring Arman/Hayak down?

Why do you think Thony didn’t bite with Garrett? Do you think Garrett’s decision to divulge his personal life with his former wife and child was a bit too forthcoming with an informant? We know that he previously got a slap on the wrist for sleeping with an informant and getting Theo killed, so maybe he just doesn’t understand personal boundaries in the slightest?

Will Fiona figure out that Thony is consistently lying to her since she caught her in a lie about a job? And how will that go over in a household embracing a “no lying” policy?

What’s Thony’s next step when it comes to Luca?

What did you think of the episode and how are you enjoying The Cleaning Lady on FOX so far this season?

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The Cleaning Lady

The Cleaning Lady Review – Arman’s Velorio (3×07)



The Cleaning Lady Review - Arman's Velorio (3x07)

With each passing week, The Cleaning Lady makes audiences feel the weight of Adan Canto’s passing more and more. 

The mark that Canto made on the series is evident—and moving on without him hasn’t been easy. We all feel cheated from a storyline that we deserved, but, as with loss, all we can do is relish in the moments that we carry in our hearts and grieve alongside all those he touched. 

Thony and Nadia are affected the most on the series as they were the two women that were closest to him. 

Thony feels responsible for his death, considering that he risked his life to save hers in the hide speed chase in the desert. She also feels the heaviness of the words left unsaid, a reminder not to hide your feelings from the person who means the world to you.

But even though we were all rooting for a Thony and Arman relationship, it’s hard not to feel for Nadia, who lost the love of her life for the second time. She didn’t get closure or a chance to say goodbye, which some might say Thony got through that brief exchange with Arman right before the car plunged off the cliff. 

As Nadia also admits, she lost Arman a long time ago when Thony entered their lives—and nothing she did was able to bring him back and restore their lives to how they once were. But she held onto that hope for so long, with his death now making his absence permanent. 

She might hate Thony, but in a way, they are also bonded for life as the women who knew Arman best. They share a connection, and now, with the uncertainty of who can be trusted lingering at every corner, I think they’ll be forced to rely on each other more than ever. Grieving together to keep Arman’s memory alive, while working together to keep each other safe. 

Arman’s family, Jorge and Ramona, can’t be trusted. It’s unclear where they stand with each step. They believed Thony when she showed them that Dante was responsible for Arman’s abduction—and Ramona even proved how ruthless she was when she executed her lover on the spot—however, after Arman’s parents arrived at the velorio and called her Marina, Thony realized it was the name Arman wrote on the table where he was held captive. This can only mean that his aunt was involved in his kidnapping, though it’s unclear if Jorge was also involved or if he’s being kept in the dark. 

Did Ramona kidnap Arman to get money from Nadia? And who called the feds ahead of the exchange? Was it Dante and Ramona? Did she ever actually care about her nephew or was it one big act?

And then there’s the Thony problem. She was handed an out on a gold platter—and she still refused to take it. Hasn’t she learned her lesson? You’d think after all that’s transpired, she’d call it quits on this lifestyle and prioritize taking care of her child. 

Instead, she feels the need to avenge Arman’s death by making the people responsible pay, which, in the process, is going to cost her and her loved ones. She just can’t let it go, but it’s such a dangerous situation to keep putting yourself in. 

Upon Arman’s death, the finger-pointing started immediately, and there’s no telling how far Jorge and Ramona, specifically, are willing to go to protect themselves. 

While some of the family and the “who called the feds” drama took away from Arman’s memorial, the creative forces still managed to pay their respects to the character that Arman built over the course of two seasons—the hero to Thony and her son. It’s why Thony feels responsible and like she owes him because he always saved her, up until the very end, never once hesitating even if it made things inconvenient for him. The significance of Thony wearing all white to his memorial—while everyone dressed in black—was also crystal clear as she was his guiding light in life, the one who tried to pull him out of the darkness that continuously enveloped him and, as a result, her. 

The moment when Thony gave Luca the model car belonging to Arman—which he held onto for all these years—and asked him to keep it safe is what really broke me. It was such a simple yet effective scene, paired with Arman’s final ride into the sunset, a scene from the season 2 finale that set up Thony and Arman’s power couple arc, a storyline that we also had to mourn and say goodbye to. 

There’s also the new men in Thony’s life that are a bit concerning. Jorge, of course, for many obvious reasons, but Jeremy, who was part of the chase that led to Arman’s death and who still has plenty of questions about what transpired. He’s the only one who can place Thony at the scene—and I’d imagine Nadia wouldn’t be pleased to find out that Arman might’ve survived if he wasn’t one again playing hero for Thony. I also don’t trust Jeremy’s intentions with the security cameras. Does it give him access to see what’s going on in Thony and Fi’s household?

What did you think of the episode?

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The Cleaning Lady

The Cleaning Lady Review Season 3 Episode 5 – All of Me



The Cleaning Lady Review Season 3 Episode 5 - All of Me

The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Episode 5 thrives on keeping us—and Thony—in a state of constant anxiety.

Not only is it nerve-racking that she has a court date that will determine whether or not she can keep Luca, but when her interview with CPS’ Susan nears, Luca is nowhere to be found. 

Thony tries to play it off as though he’s just running late, but when Fi and JD return home without him, it’s pretty clear that something else is going on. Susan is not easily fooled, and she quickly catches onto the fact that Luca has gone missing. 

While finding Luca was Thony’s top priority, she knew that jumping the gun and putting out an amber alert would come with grave consequences—not only for her court case but also for her relationship with the cartel.

JD’s call to tell Susan about Dante, the man who picked Thony up earlier in the day, came from a good place as he thought he had Luca’s best interests at heart. It’s hard to be mad at him when he was just following his gut, but man, when he gave Susan all the information, as someone who understands the kind of people that Thony is in bed with, you knew that it wouldn’t end well for her.

Thankfully, Thony is like a cat with nine lives, and she always lands right-side up. She was able to find Luca at the aquarium (he previously said he wanted to be like a turtle and hide in his shell), and was able to convince Jorge to expunge the amber alert so that it couldn’t be used in court and against her. 

Jorge is proving to be a lot like his cousin—he has a soft spot for Thony and is swooping in to save her at every turn, even though she doesn’t exactly deserve it. She’s more trouble than she’s worth, quite frankly, but men can’t seem but to get invested in assisting her. 

Fiona, Jaz, and Chris all took the stand to attest to how good of a mother, aunt, and friend Thony is, but it was her own testimony about going to great lengths to save her son that pulled on heartstrings. 

The judge agreed to let Luca stay with his mother, with continually CPS supervision, which was a huge win. 

But one thing that really bothers me is that the court wasn’t there when Thony was running out of options for her dying son. The judge didn’t care that she didn’t have money for treatment, nor did anyone care that he would’ve died without it. It’s so easy to look at something after the fact and deem it wrong, but how can saving your child’s life at any cost be wrong?

Thony will never apologize for what she did because if she didn’t do it, Luca wouldn’t have been here. 

And the only reason Luca ran away in the first place was because he didn’t want to be taken from his mother. The court might think they are doing their due diligence, but look at the stress that this whole situation has placed on him.

It may have been a huge victory for Thony, but it also came at a potential price as the amber alert meant that Dante was in a prison cell when the call for a ransom exchange came through, meaning that they lost their shot at getting Arman back—and no one seems to know if he’s dead or alive at this point. 

Though, I have to say I agree with Jorge more than Ramon—giving into the ransom seems weak, so I hope she has a bigger plan in place for getting her nephew back.

I also find it strange how Fiona is constantly surprised upon finding out who Thony is working with. How did she think Thony managed to arrange her transport back to the States? Wouldn’t she assume that the cartel—or someone equally as dangerous—had to be involved? Thony has a lot of pull and resources at her disposal, but it comes at a price. 

Whether that price will prove to be worth it in the end, well, only time will tell.

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The Cleaning Lady

The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Episode 4 Review – Agua, Fuego, Tierra, Viento



The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Episode 4 Review - Agua, Fuego, Tierra, Viento

The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Episode 4 concluded Fiona and Chris’ (and Camilla’s) grueling journey back home—but not before putting them through the wringer. 

The trek to America is not for the faint of heart, especially when you get kicked out of the transportation truck in the middle of the desert. Things weren’t looking good for Fiona and Chris, however, their guardian angel (because as annoying as some of her reckless behavior might be, she also goes above and beyond for the people she loves) was looking out for them. 

If it wasn’t for Thony’s determination to find her family, things might’ve turned out quite differently, but her efforts paid off, even when it seemed like she was looking for a needle in a haystack. There were times Thony was close to giving up, but she persevered, likely because she had Jorge’s assistance. The dynamic between the two of them is, questionable, to say the least, as it’s unclear where his alliances lie—and he’s made it clear he has no qualms about killing her at any moment—but he’s also softened up a bit after seeing her vulnerable side. In a lot of ways, he sees himself in Thony, especially being a single father who is trying his best to protect his offspring. 

That, of course, doesn’t mean he’s a decent human being, as he even tells Thony herself at the end that he’s not the kind of man she thinks he is. Thony is always drawn to these wounded birds, but this is different than Arman—Jorge seems to be a terrible human who may be behind Arman’s kidnapping. I think his warning to Thony was indicative of that (I think the devil’s breath was his), plus, he’s not as redeemable as Arman was. It’s clear he’s going to be Thony’s next love interest—and the one who helps her through all the tough moments, while being the one who pushes her—but I don’t know if that’s necessarily a good thing for her. It keeps her in this lifestyle and in this cycle of chaos that she just can’t seem to free herself from. 

Now, back to Fiona and Chris, who went through it to make their way back home to Jaz and JD, including Chris’ sprained ankle, dehydration from a lack of water, and nearly suffocating to death from engine smoke inhalation. But they showed that they had the strength and willpower to survive, with this experience bringing mother and son much closer together, along with Camilla joining the family as his future significant other. Something beautiful is formed from the darkness is a great takeaway. Plus, Chris was finally able to see all that his mother sacrificed for him to have a better life, so I hope he shows his gratitude for a long time.

The reunion was a little breath of happiness during a very gritty episode—and it’s important to keep the balance to not lose viewers. No one can take so much tragedy, loss, and anxiety every week without getting a bit of reprieve at the end to prove that it’s all worth it. 

As Thony focused her efforts on finding her family, Nadia remained committed to her search for Armando, but she very quickly learned that she was running out of options. Her partnership with Russo (or Auntie Kate) fell apart almost instantly as she was never truly on Nadia’s side. She froze Kamdar’s assets the moment she got wind that Nadia was operating the money to find Arman. When her headhunter, Logan, went MIA, she essentially had no choice but to put all of her trust in the cartel—they are family after all. 

Ramona proved her loyalty by helping her get the money needed to save Arman by (from my understanding) blowing up La Habana so Nadia could cash in on the insurance money. There’s definitely something that the Sin Cara cartel isn’t telling us about Arman, but Ramona swears she’ll do anything to protect him, so I guess for now, our only choice is to trust her. That one swift move, however, ensured that Nadia is indebted to her, so both Nadia and Thony are in deep now—and I hate that for them. If they’d just stuck together, maybe there would’ve been another way out of this mess. 

Thony’s celebrations will be short-lived as the next step is to face CPS and prove that she deserves custody of Luca. 

The Cleaning Lady has found many ways to keep Arman’s spirit alive by dragging out the search for him and connecting Thony and Nadia with his family, but one of the best moments of the episode was when Nadia drove in on a motorcycle in a leather jacket. It was as if Arman was close by—and we know he’d be damn proud. 

What did you think of the episode?

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