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The Cleaning Lady Review Mother's Mission Season 1 Episode 6 The Cleaning Lady Review Mother's Mission Season 1 Episode 6

The Cleaning Lady

The Cleaning Lady Review – Mother’s Mission (1×06)

THE CLEANING LADY: L-R: ƒlodie Yung and guest star Betty Buckley in the ÒMother's MissionÓ episode of THE CLEANING LADY airing Monday, Feb. 14 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2022 Fox Media LLC. CR: Jeff Neumann/FOX



Is there a line Thony won’t cross to save Luca’s life?

On The Cleaning Lady Season 1 Episode 6, we learned that despite going above and beyond to save her son, there are just some things that Thony cannot justify. 

One of those things was operating on a child and removing their kidney. 

In a moment of desperation, Thony asked Arman to connect her with an organ broker. Obviously, getting organs from the black market is a dangerous game, but for someone who has exhausted all her other options, Thony was desperate. 

Mother Donna explained that her operation allowed illegal immigrants crossing over to sell an organ and pay their way to the American dream. 

While it wasn’t entirely terrible as the organs went to those in need, it was still absolutely inhumane no matter how Mother Donna tried to justify it.

These were people who didn’t have another choice, so of course, they would be willing to give up a kidney or liver. 

Thony had mixed feelings about it going in, but she was pushed over the edge when she saw the patient was a young girl named Lizzy. 

I found myself slightly conflicted on the situation. On one hand, I don’t condone what Mother Donna is doing, but on the other hand, it’s going to happen regardless. To ensure a good outcome, it would be beneficial to have a a good surgeon such as Thony on her side. 

However, Thony knew that she couldn’t risk another child to save her own. It wasn’t right, nor was it fair. 

It was incredibly powerful of Thony to walk away knowing what was on the line, especially as Mother Donna tried to guilt-trip her into performing the surgery by insinuating that if she didn’t do this for Luca she was a terrible mother.

Mother Donna surely had to be praying away all the guilt on that rosary.

But after giving up what seemed like Luca’s only shot at survival, what will Thony think of next?

She’s a fighter, so it’s unlike her not to come up with an alternative plan, but for now, she’s exhausted all of her means. 

A breakdown — after everything she’s been through — was warranted. 

Thony is carrying the world on her shoulders, and that’s a heavy burden. 

She felt safe enough to open up and cry it out in front of Arman, so I was really disappointed when he took advantage of her at her lowest and made a move.

Of course, it was two-sided since Thony got caught up in the moment as well, but I wish he pulled back out of respect for the fragile state she was in. 

Despite a few hiccups where his angry outbursts and lifestyle got the best of him, Arman has been nothing but kind and helpful. He’s with Thony every step of the way and is a shoulder to lean on when she feels completely alone. 

They act like kindred spirits, so it’s understandable that they finally acted on that chemistry, even if it was bad timing. 

The Cleaning Lady Review Mother's Mission Season 1 Episode 6

THE CLEANING LADY: Oliver Hudson in the ÒMother’s MissionÓ episode of THE CLEANING LADY airing Monday, Feb. 14 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2022 Fox Media LLC. CR: Jeff Neumann/FOX

But it’s more than that. Arman is taking the place of Luca’s father, Marco, who didn’t have a valid visa to come over to the states and help out. 

Aside from Fi, Thony has been weathering this battle all on her own, so it was definitely a decision made out of comfort. 

And though I was disappointed, I won’t deny that it was so hot. 

Arman and Thony are beyond feeling each other! The energy between them is palpable — it has been since their first meeting.

However, Thony put a stop to it the minute she realized what she was doing. A romance between them would only complicate their already complicated and delicate relationship. 

If they really want to pursue something, they have to do figure out all the other stuff first. And it has to happen when Thony isn’t completely falling apart and looking for someone to console her and make her feel safe.

Thony was so busy trying to get Luca a liver transplant, she didn’t even know that Arman pulled one over on her with his “intel” about Hayak’s guns being moved.

She fed Garrett that information thinking that it was a good bite, but Arman double-crossed her and moved Hayak’s actual guns so that when the FBI and SWAT raided the trucks, they found nothing more than produce.

Melons, to be exact. Watermelons. 

Garrett was immediately flustered, and though his partner tried to shrug it off as a bad tip, he proved that he putting in a real effort into this case has been productive as he immediately figured out that he was being played — Thony was burned and thus, Arman was feeding him the information that he wanted.

Instead of pulling Thony out, however, Garrett decided to play the game right back and remain ignorant so that he could feed Arman false information.

At this point, it’s not only really complicated, but it essentially turns Thony into a mule between the two men who both want something from her. 

For her sake, I hope she doesn’t end up collateral damage because she has a good heart. 

Arman thinks he has the upper hand when in reality, the FBI is dealing the cards. Will they be able to fool him? Or will he figure it out just as fast?

It’s an exciting shakeup. That’s one of the things I love about this show so much — they aren’t afraid to take chance and blow things up to further along the story. 

Nothing is ever as it seems… not for too long at least. The stakes keep getting higher and the situations keep everyone on their toes. 

The question remains — why did Arman betray Thony?

Is he really trying to smooth things out with Hayak and prove his loyalty? Because it definitely seemed to work as Hayak informed him they would talk about him managing the club at a later time. 

Did he have a change of heart after Isabelle came to him asking about her father’s shady business? He seems to have a soft sport for Isabelle, so maybe he realized that by throwing Hayak under the bus, he would destroy her life as well. 

Or is this simply part of his plan to make Hayak think that Arman is trustworthy so he could feed the FBI additional intel?

Arman’s motivations remain uncertain when it comes to business, but one thing is certain — his feelings for Thony. 

How will their romantic slip-up affect their situation?

And how will Marco impact things? Thony never expected that she would come home and find her husband sitting there. We don’t know much about their marriage, but she was ecstatic to see “daddy” there because it alleviated the pressure of having to hold down the fort all on her own this whole time. Quickly, however, the guilt of her hook-up with Arman immediately set in. 

Will she tell Marco? Will her feelings for Arman prevail?

Obviously, Thony hasn’t been forthcoming with Marco about what she’s been doing behind the scenes to secure all this medical help for Luca, and I don’t really see him being too accepting of it if he were to find out. 

This will make Thony’s situation a lot harder as she’ll have to sneak around with both Arman and Garrett. There is someone with a personal interest watching her ever move. 

Arman also strikes me as a possessive kind of personality. He’s made a place for himself in Thony’s life. He likes her, he wants to help her, and he wants to help Luca. He’s invested and has made himself almost indispensable to her, so it’ll be interesting to see how his role will change now that Marco has arrived. 

Will he become jealous? Territorial? Or will Marco’s presence drive him away?

How do you foresee this love triangle shaping out?

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The Cleaning Lady

The Cleaning Lady Review – Smoke and Mirrors (310)



The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Episode 10 seems to getting its groove back—and best of all, it’s forcing Nadia and Thony into each other’s orbits. 

The latest development in the storyline brings them closer than ever before as they focus on a common goal of taking Sin Cara down.

As the episode declared, Thony found herself in a rather tricky situation, stuck between Ramona and the FBI. Neither was going to shake her, which is no way to live. Thony needed an out, quickly, and when it presented itself, she didn’t hesitate. Ramona said something to Thony that foreshadowed what was to come and illuminated her path forward—in every situation, even the powerless ones, Thony always looks for the power; the upper hand. 

So, when pushed into a corner, Thony found the power and did what she had to do, confessing that she knew Jeremy was FBI (he thought he was so slick—the poor man had no clue that his cover was long blown) and leveraging it to save Nadia’s life…. by killing her, temporarily, of course. Arman would be proud of the way they continue to have each other’s backs. 

It did seem as though Thony was going to make a full venture into the dark side when she offered to “take out” Nadia, but that wouldn’t be in line with the character—and her alternative actually allows her to walk back the line to freedom and innocence. She’s pushed the boundaries for so long for the sake of her family, but now, it’s done more harm than good. 

And getting out isn’t as easy as one might think. She tried reasoning with Ramona to cut her loose after she proved her loyalty, but the problem was always that, just as everyone before her, the leader of Sin Cara saw what Thony was capable of and deemed her to be valuable, and thus, she would always dig herself in deeper. 

But now, after essentially blackmailing Jeremy into helping her pull off Nadia’s death to the world, Thony has a chance at finding some normalcy. As does Nadia, even if the initial shock has her blaming Thony for “taking her life from her.” It’s almost like she doesn’t realize she didn’t have much of a choice—either she faked her own death or she actually died. She may not be “free” while she’s hiding out in a basement, but at least she’s alive, an once they finally take down Ramona, she will be able to get that second chance to really live. 

It’s unclear if the goal is to take down Jorge as well. Nadia was about to enter into a lucrative partnership with him, however, once he realizes that Thony and Nadia are behind the attack on his sister, I think it will prove once and for all that his loyalties lie with his blood family. There’s no way Ramona goes down for running the Sin Cara cartel and Jorge still strikes a deal with Nadia—he’s opportunistic, but not naive.

However, if you really think about it, Nadia doesn’t need him for the new luxury business venture. He needs her way more as she’s the one who has built a name for herself and developed a high-profile clientele. The only benefit of Jorge was that he had the means to unlock all of Kamdar’s money—and I’m sure she’ll find a way to leverage her link to the FBI now to get what she wants. In fact, with The Cleaning Lady renewed for another season, I think that’s what I’d be most interested in seeing—Thony and Nadia working together to open up their own business that allows them to launder money in the background. Be their own bosses!

Thony is now in the best position she can be in—she’s proven her loyalty to Ramona tenfold; she saved her life with the rogue surgery, and then killed Nadia, something that Ramona thought she didn’t have in her. She was quick on her feet, as usual, coming up with a solution that benefitted them both. Never underestimate a doctor! 

Thony is now Ramona’s greatest asset, and she doesn’t suspect her of working with the feds at all. None of those emergency protocols will matter when there’s someone on the inside feeding information that’s going about undetected (which will also come in handy with finding where they moved. Camila!). 

Plus, she has protection with Jeremy in her corner while feeding him information that can bring down Ramona and eventually buy her and her family freedom. And it doesn’t seem like Russo knows anything at all, which means there’s less likelihood of word getting out about Thony’s double-agent duty. 

It is a good pivot for The Cleaning Lady after wrapping up the storyline on Arman Morales, all while restoring agency to the female characters who have proven they can weather any storm. 

What did you think of the episode?

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‘The Cleaning Lady’ Renewal News That Left Fans Seriously Shocked



The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Premiere Review - Arman

The Cleaning Lady has officially been renewed for a fourth season—but while TV show renewals tend to elicit excitement from fanbases, the Fox renewal is snagging some divided reactions.

Mostly, fans are expressing their shock that the show scored yet another season in light of Adan Canto’s real-life death, which heavily impacted the direction of season 3—and, according to many fans, not in a good way (though the creative forces behind it are trying their best to navigate a tricky situation). 

“This really surprises me. I miss Adam Canto but thought they did a good job this season. Thought for sure it would end its run this spring,” one fan wrote of the series getting the green light.

“Really? Why?” another simply pondered.

Someone else chimed in noting: “Surprising and yet not surprising, either. It was renewed for a season 3 with low ratings, so it’s not really surprising that it was renewed for a season 4 with even lower ratings. That being said, I thought they’d just end it this season after Adan Canto’s death. Not sure if this is a good idea or not.”

“The show is not very good this year,” someone else said, while elsewhere a fan mused that they thought there was “no chance.”

The surprises only continue as The Cleaning Lady is not part of Fox’s fall lineup, being held for the midseason instead. 

And in even more shocking news, Miranda Kwok, who developed the series, and Jeannine Renshaw, who was the showrunner during the third installment—taking on the difficulties of navigating a show without Canto’s Morales—will not be returning for the fourth season. If the person behind the show’s inception isn’t on board, it is surprising that the network has so much faith in a series currently averaging 2.2 million total viewers and a 0.2 demo rating.

Either way, there are plenty of fans who are surprised yet happy by the renewal as it allows the series to explore the future of the characters they love, like Thony and Fiona, without the added focus on Arman’s whereabouts. This season heavily tied into the grief of losing him, but hopefully, the slate is cleared next season and allows the storyline to flourish, with Thony making better choices and finding her groove. 

The renewal is said to be for 12 episodes, which will debut sometime in the spring lineup.

You can catch up on all of our The Cleaning Lady reviews right here!

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The Cleaning Lady

The Cleaning Lady Review – From the Ashes (309)



The Cleaning Lady seemed like it was gaining its momentum back with the twist on Jeremy last week, only for The Cleaning Lady Season 3 Episode 9 to fall flat once again. 

It pains me to say this, but I can’t get into Ramona and Jorge being the new big bad, on the heels of an actually terrifying man like Robert Kamdar last season. They just aren’t compelling enough, even as the series aims to remind us that Ramona is cutthroat and will kill when pushed up against a wall. 

Thony wanted to find a way to remain resourceful to protect herself and her family, and thus, she began looking into Ramona’s health. It wasn’t long before she found what no other doctor was able to figure out–she was not in kidney failure, she’s suffering lead poisoning from a lodged bullet from years ago. 

Moments after her discovery, Ramona was on the makeshift operating table as Thony dug out fragments and attempted to make the most out of this second lifeline. It all just felt a bit too rushed for my liking—the whole season kind of feels like they can’t wait to get to the next big thing, all while simultaneously giving the vibe that not much is happening when it comes to momentum. 

The Sin Cara cartel is dull—and nothing compared to what Thony previously dealt with. 

And it took her absolutely no time to also figure out that Jeremy was snooping around her house and not to be trusted. From those flashbacks, it’s unclear if she thinks he’s the cartel’s enemy or if she’s aware that he’s an FBI plant, but either way, Thony is not pleased that yet another person has been lying to her. 

Jeremy seemed like a promising agent at first as he figured out a way to get close to Thony and solved the big mystery at hand that Sin Cara is a woman. He was unassuming and was able to ask questions without it coming off too suspicious or nosy.

But then he made such a rookie move. He’s not the kind of person to underestimate Thony, so why wouldn’t he assume that she would check the cameras/notice that a chunk of time was cut out? 

But what now? Will Thony confront him and take his deal to work with the FBI and bring down the cartel? It’s a dangerous option for sure, but it might be the only way she washes her hands of everything and moves on. Having Ramona and Jorge in her life has only proven problematic, plus, bringing them down while working with the FBI would be the best revenge for Arman. 

However, Thony is so engrained in this lifestyle, I don’t think she’d ever openly trust the FBI either. She likes to do things herself and for herself, and I’d assume that would play a key role in her decision-making.

The whole cartel storyline is also getting quite muddled as now Jorge has set his sights on Nadia, and is hoping to leverage her power and money into creating his own dynasty, apart from his sister’s since he thinks she’s “holding him back.” When confronted, Jorge made it seem like Ramona was still holding the reins, so he’s playing on both fronts and likely seeing if he’s better off with Nadia or Ramona in his corner. Either way, I can’t say I’m too invested in this and simply want to see Nadia out of the game for good, right along with Thony. 

As for Fiona and Chris, it definitely seems like they don’t know how to include them—and that’s a shame since they had such prevalent storylines at the beginning of the season as we learned more about Fi’s past—so they are now on this goose chase to find Camila. 

It’s possible finding Camila will open the door to a corrupt part of Ramona’s business, and that will be a way to take her down. And hopefully, Chris doesn’t have to suffer the loss of a woman he loves in the process. 

“From the Ashes” surely felt like a filler episode more than anything, but we are also seeing Thony once again prove her resourcefulness and rise up from the pain and suffering of losing Arman. She’s gained Ramona’s trust—which has to mean something—and must leverage that to free herself from this mess. I guess knowing that Luca is thriving in school due to all the sacrifices she made and all the hoops she jumped through is proving to her that there’s a reason for everything. 

What do you think of the episode? Are you enjoying this season thus far?

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