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Riverdale The Ides of March review Riverdale The Ides of March review

The CW

The CW Releases Updated Spring Schedule with ‘Riverdale,’ ‘The Flash,’ and ‘Supergirl’ Return Dates

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The CW has revealed when new episodes your favorite TV shows will officially return to round out the season!

While production on many shows remains postponed due to coronavirus, the network is allowing the shows to air the remainder of their episodes starting in April.

Nancy Drew will return on April 8 and will pick up after the major jaw-dropping reveal of the titular character’s connection to Lucy Sable. (Read the review now!)

Riverdale will air its highly-anticipated musical episodes channeling Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Wednesday, April 15.

Katy Keene and friends will be back Thursday, April 16.

The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow resumes later in the month on Tuesday, April 21.

And Sunday’s baddies Batwoman and Supergirl will air on Sunday, April 26. It’s unclear which shows will air shortened seasons.

Legacies was forced to end their season early — you can read the season finale review here!

Meanwhile, nothing has changed for Charmed, Dynasty, or Roswell, New Mexico and new episodes will air as previously scheduled. The 100 will premiere May 20!

You can check out this week’s (March 30) schedule right here!

Below, you’ll find the schedule for the returns:

Nancy Drew


Katy Keene
In the Dark (season premiere)

The Flash
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow


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‘Dynasty,’ ‘Roswell, New Mexico,’ ‘Charmed’ Among Shows Canceled by The CW



Dynasty Review Filled with Manipulations and Deceptions Season 4 Episode 22


This is the news none of us wanted to hear. 

The CW has made a final decision on the fate of several of its beloved dramas and, unfortunately, many of them won’t live to see another 

Variety reports that Charmed, Dynasty, Roswell, New Mexico, and In the Dark have been canceled. Additionally, Naomi and 4400 were also hit with the ax. 

Fans of Roswell, New Mexico and In the Dark will be able to watch one more season as the episodes have already been filmed. Roswell’s fourth and final season will air on June 6 followed by In the Dark’s fourth and final season. 

Dynasty is currently airing. Season 5 will be its final season.

No word on whether or not Legacies will score a renewal. The remaining three episodes of the season were dropped from the May calendar and pushed back to June.

‘Legacies’ Season 4 Finale Pushed Back to Summer – Here’s When the Next Episode Will Air

Other shows awaiting a verdict include Nancy Drew spinoff Tom Swift (premiering May 27) and Stargirl. 

Deadline reports that the network is currently in talks to be sold to station group Nexstar, which could explain the decision to slice its programing roster in half. 

It previously canceled Batwoman and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Back in March, the network gave green lights for several of its dramas: All American renewed for season 5, The Flash renewed for season 9, Kung Fu renewed for season 3, Superman & Lois renewed for season 3, Nancy Drew renewed for season 4, Riverdale renewed for season 7, Walker renewed for season 3.

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Riverdale Review – Angels in America (6×11)



Riverdale Review Angels in America Season 6 Episode 11

Pop’s is much more than a chocolate shoppe. 

As evidenced by Riverdale Season 6 Episode 11, it’s also the heart, soul, and anchor of Riverdale, the place for the resistance to gather, and Tabitha’s personal anchor. 

There have been many absolutely bonkers episodes of Riverdale, but “Angels in America” isn’t one of them despite the whole time-traveling with a guardian angel aspect of it. 

With several different and distinct timelines, the episode was actually the most cohesive, driving home a point and a mission that will guide the episodes to come. 

The whole season has seemingly been building up to this moment that, indirectly, gave us all the answers we’ve been combing for. 

Tabitha proved to be much more powerful and resourceful than Jughead, Betty, and Archie combined, and though she’ll need them for the war to come, she’s also faced off against the many faces of Percival three times over in different timelines. 

Her takeaway from all of them is that he’s a great evil always hoping to destroy all the good in Riverdale in hopes of bringing destruction. 

But throughout everything, she has always remained his biggest obstacle. Tabitha has the power to defeat the personification of evil, and she knows it. 

That confidence may be the most dangerous weapon yet. 

Her time-traveling journey started in the present-day when Percival decided he needed to eliminate Tabitha in order to get his railroad plans pushed through so that it could run through the heart of Riverdale.

One of his goons came and shot her. In the present, she was on life support in the hospital, but in reality, she traveled all the way back to 1944. 

Naturally confused, she found solace in a familiar face — Jughead. Only he wasn’t Jughead at all; he was her guardian angel, Raphael (who we’ve actually met before in a previous episode), there to guide her towards her mission.

In 1994, she stopped Percival from successfully turning Riverdale into a sundown town while helping a young family, Tracy (Toni), Flynn (Fangs) and baby Annie, get back to safety. 

And Raphael showed his true form and literally made Percival and Kevin Keller go insane. 

When Percival shot her again, she jumped to 1968, the night before Martin Luther King Jr.’s shooting. 

This was one of the best moments of storytelling on the series, and Erinn Westbrook acted with her whole soul. 

She was everyone’s shoulder to cry on when the inevitable happened — Raphael, manifesting as Toni, informed her that she couldn’t stop this moment in history because it was too critical to the fabric of time. 

She fought for Pop’s to be a place for those who were grieving to come and gather to pray, to sing, and to find comfort in the togetherness. 

When Percival threatened to shut it down by banning gatherings, Tabitha managed to connect to Director Hoover and used her knowledge from the present to blackmail him into “muzzle” the FBI agent and fire him. 

When she found a bomb placed at the diner, she jumped just before she could get injured and landed in 1999 where she realized Percival was hypnotizing children to commit hate crimes in order to push an agenda of hatred yet again. 

At this point, her angel, this time appearing her friend and confidant, Betty, suggested that Tabitha try to find a tether to return to her reality. 

And what better a tether than the actual Holy Grail, which she was able to steal from Percival’s “curiosity shop” right outside of town. 

They came to a face-to-face there, and there was an unnecessary terrifying scene the showcased what Percival looks like in his true form. 

And we were right — he’s a demon! 

At this point, Percival knew that Tabitha wasn’t going to be easy to defeat, but she gained the confidence that she always needed. 

Betty the angel then poured a milkshake into the literal Holy Grail and I’ll be damned if this isn’t the greatest show on television sometimes. 

Tabitha made it back to the present where she was able to anticipate the goon before he shot her and knocked him out with a can of tomato soup. Fitting!

Jughead was understandably confused, and this time, it was Tabitha who had some explaining to do… mainly that she’s a chrono-kinetic who is able to turn time into a weapon. And that has to be the coolest power amongst the group. 

She then shared her secret with Archie, Betty, and Cheryl, who are all going to play a huge role in brining Percival town and saving Riverdale. 

Pop’s is important because it always has been and always will be a safe place to defeat the forces of evil. If it is eliminated or destroyed, any chance of saving Riverdale goes with it. 

The episode provided a good way to bring everyone up to speed and into each other’s orbits, I just wish the Veronica was also involved in this. Why doesn’t she have a power? She’s one of the core four, so it doesn’t feel right without her! 

She’s always been ride-or-die for Riverdale, so she would make the perfect ally in this war. 

Plus, she’s been able to dodge Percival’s manipulations throughout, so it doesn’t make sense that she isn’t even included. 

Let’s hope she gets roped in soon because Tabitha’s jump to the future revealed that the town will be an empty shell — completely destroyed — if Percival gets his way. 

And we know he’s relentless and won’t let up. It’s not a coincidence that a fog is coming to cover Riverdale in the upcoming episode.

With Tabitha’s abilities, we’re now more center than ever that any apocalypse is coming and it’ll boil down to a battle between the forces of good and evil.

What did you think of the episode? Did you enjoy an episode fully dedicated to Tabitha’s personal evolvement? Are you happy she’s right in the thick of everything?

And did you like a little historical trip through time through the confines of the diner?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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WATCH: ‘Nancy Drew’ Season 3 Trailer Teases Nancy and Ace Romance



WATCH: 'Nancy Drew' Season 3 Trailer Teases Nancy and Ace Romance

The season 3 trailer of Nancy Drew is finally here, and we’ve never been more excited for October 8! 

In addition to a possible Nancy and Ace romance (there’s so much chemistry there, it’s insane), the trailer picks up a week after the Nancy Drew Season 2 finale.

Fans can expect plenty of new dark mysteries and murders to continue haunting Horeshoe Bay, along with a deadly new game brought upon by the spirit of Nancy’s relative Temperance Hudson, who is all too eager to cause mischief. 

The rest of the Drew Crew —  including Nancy’s biological father, Ryan Hudson, and her adoptive dad, Carson Drew — can expect to be dragged into the cursed world of the supernatural. 

Watch the trailer below and get ready!  

Best ‘Nancy Drew’ Season 1 Twists

QUIZ: Which ‘Nancy Drew’ Character Are You?

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