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The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer Recap – T-Pain Returns as Guest, and Taco Is [SPOILER] (3 x 6)

"Taco" performing / The Masked Singer / FOX
© 2020 FOX MEDIA LLC. CR: Michael Becker/FOX.



[SPOILER ALERT: Please read at your discretion if you haven’t seen the episode; the identity of the latest eliminated celebrity is revealed ahead.]

Last week on The Masked Singer fans were treated to another awesome reveal when musical legend Dionne Warwick was unmasked as the “Mouse.”

So naturally, expectations were high for this week’s episode because of the level of star power so far this season: Lil’ Wayne, Drew Carey, Chaka Khan, and Tony Hawk have all been revealed and it’s only just begun!

The show started with host Nick Cannon announcing that this week had a “Friendship” theme, so he introduced the remaining singers from Group B: Kitty, Taco, Banana, and Frog. And together, they performed the Backstreet Boys hit single Larger Than Life” to open the show.

In the spirit of the Friendship theme, each singer’s new CLUE PACKAGE featured a “mystery friend” who narrated their video and were also asked to give a friendship bracelet with a personalized clue to one of the panelists.

Speaking of which, season-1 winner T-Pain (formerly known as “The Monster”) was the guest panelist on-hand to take his shot at guessing who the celebrities are behind the masks.




Kitty introduces her package by saying her “BFF” is about to dish out some “gossip” (as in Gossip Girl, maybe?).

The video starts with the mystery friend, wearing a “Rapunzel-like” green wig over her face, standing on a balcony surrounded by subtle Christmas lights and decorations.

She gave HUGE clues by saying Kitty is special because,

“Whether she’s writing poems or directing horror movies we would star in, she’s always had a flair for the dramatic.”

And that Kitty would also “see ghosts” when they were younger, and that she has a “dark side.”

There was also a Faberge egg and a candlestick holder that were focused-on.


“Mama’s Broken Heart” by Miranda Lambert


Kitty gave her friendship bracelet to Robin Thicke and left the clue “FIREWORKS” and commented that the first time she and Robin met was “LIT.

T-Pain jumped at the chance to take his guess and came to the conclusion that Kitty is Christina Ricci because he picked up on the clues regarding “horror” genre and “ghosts,” since Ricci played Wednesday Addams and was also in Casper.

Other guesses –

Ken Jeong : Kristen Bell

Jenny McCarthy: Hailey Duff




Taco introduces his mystery friend who “[we] all know” (hinting he’s very famous), a SHRIMP PLATTER, to “spill the beans” (sensing a food trend, here?) to narrate his video.

The video starts with a restaurant menu (of course!) which has the letters “ME” (as in Emmy?) in bold golden font, and a washboard was highlighted as well.

In it, Shrimp Platter says he and Taco have many things in common including:

“We always find the humor in everything.”

“We both love our children… our ‘little shrimps'” (Ha!)

Mr. Shrimp Platter then ends his speech by saying,

“…doing what he does best: entertaining you, America. Cheers!” (Like the show? Hmm…)


“Can’t Help Myself” by The Four Tops


After Taco’s performance, Nicole Scherzinger said  “I love Taco […] and Taco makes me so happy.

And then she guessed Barry Manilow, incorrectly, as we find out later (See Reveal at the Bottom).

In return, Taco gave her a clue through the friendship bracelet with the word “KISS,” and that the first time he saw her she was “PERFECT.”

Other guesses –

Ken: Martin Short

Jenny: Jerry Springer

Robin : Howy Mendell / Martin Short

T-Pain: Kelsey Grammer




He introduces his package by saying he’s a “real DRIVEN banana” as he introduces two “lovely ladies” in banana costumes who said that Banana:

“…taught us how to drive by getting us Go Karts”

“Built a race track in our backyard”

and that even though he’s had a lot of heartbreak he always found the humor in things.

There’s also jar of jam, car repair tools, and a number of clues pointing to racing.


Lean On Me” by Bill Withers

On a sad side note, Banana reveals that his father had recently passed, and that this song was dedicated to him.


Banana gave his friendship bracelet to Jenny McCarthy with the message “90’s Love,” and that he and Jenny had a chance to “hang as friends” in the 1990s.

After receiving the bracelet and focusing on the racing clues, Jenny thinks that Banana is Michael Andretti.

However, Banana reveals that the clue “threw off” Jenny’s guess, and he’s “peeling” very good about it.

Other guesses –

Ken: Larry The Cable Guy

Nicole: Brad Paisley

T-Pain: Johnny Knoxville




Frog introduces his mystery friend as a woman who was “instrumental, but barely seen” during his career.

“The Invisible Woman” then says she’s known him since he was a tadpole (So, a child star, perhaps?), and knew even then he would be a superstar.

When he was in L.A., the woman also said he always had an entourage and needed to be accompanied at late-night talk shows past his bedtime.

The video also focused on a hairbrush, shampoo, a bow tie, and a blue flower.


You Dropped A Bomb On Me” by The Gap Band

After his performance, Frog says:

“I lost my love for music. I wanted to quit. I believe that timing is everything and being the Frog has reignited the love that I have, and I got a lot of stuff to say.”

Which was met with cheers and applause from the audience and panel.


Frog gave his friendship bracelet to guest panelist T-Pain, much to the dismay of Ken Jeong who did not receive one at all, with a clue saying “All We Do Is Win,” to which a flabbergasted T-Pain reacts:

“I don’t know, man. Maybe Ludacris is doing something weird. I don’t know”

Other guesses –

Ken: Tommy Davidson

Robin: Omarion



TACO is none other than TOM BERGERON!!!

So let’s break it down…

  • VHS tapes in clue package – America’s Funniest Home Videos (In hindsight, the ‘NO DUH’ CLUE)
  • Bob Saget is revealed to be his “mystery friend” in his final clue package
  • Berguron calls out Jenny because she wrote the blurb in his book
  • Robin and Nicole were both in Dancing with the Stars, and he further explains the friendship bracelet he gave Nicole by revealing that the first time Berguron saw her she had a PERFECT score while dancing to a song by the band KISS.

Yet another mind-blowing reveal!

This completes the second group of celebrities to move on.

So next week, Group C, a whole new set of six celebrities will compete for the last three spots on the Super 9.

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The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer Finale Recap – All Masks Are Off As Season Champ Is Crowned!



Season 3 Finalists Turtle, Night Angel and Frog / FOX.

On the season 3 finale of the Masked Singer, Frog, Turtle, and Night Angel performed for the last time for a shot at winning the coveted Golden Mask trophy.

After weeks on a long journey performing and concealing themselves week in and week out, the finalists were finally unmasked.

In the end, Night Angel received the most votes and became the first woman to win the competition.

The Turtle was the runner-up and Frog had the least votes of the evening.



Frog performed first at the top of the show as he dazzled and electrified the crowd with his usual flair and stage presence in his rendition of “Bad Boys For Life” by P.Diddy et al.

He rapped and choreographed his way into the finals, and he did not disappoint in his last showing.

The judges figured out his identity (as did we, on our Masked Singer theory) as Robin and Nicole both guessed correctly before he was unmasked.

Bow Wow / Shad Moss was revealed as the Frog who was arguably the fan-favorite pick to win it all this season.

Moss showed different sides of his musical talent and performance capabilities on the show and hopes to incorporate a little bit of what he picked up while performing as the entertaining amphibian.

He repeatedly mentioned a reinvigorated love for music and as a fan, I can’t wait to see how his music evolves from this experience.


The season began with a performance from Turtle, and it almost ended with him being crowned as the champion.

For his finale performance, Turtle sang “Before You Go” by Lewis Capaldiwhich brought Nicole, Ken, and a number of audience members to tears.

Alas, he was edge-out by Night Angel during the final voting and had to unmask as he fell short of winning the Golden Mask trophy.

Jenny and Nicole were able to guess his true identity (Which makes it 2 for 2 in our theories as well).

Jesse McCartney was a recurring guess periodically by the panelists all season, and the clues all came together on the very last night.

McCartney was the strongest male vocalist in the competition this season, and in his own words, said that the experience was:

Turtle-y awesome.”



Night Angel had  – HANDS DOWN – one of the strangest and scariest-looking costumes the show has ever had.

Lucky for her, she also had one of the most powerful and soulful voices to ever grace the show and a signature vibrato that could not be ignored.

She sang “River Deep Mountain High” by Tina Turner, which showcased her full vocal range during the finale.

As the Golden Mask trophy came down to her and Turtle, she got the most votes and won the competition.

Finally, she was able to rip off that creepy-looking mask, and her identity revealed.

Panelists Jenny and Robin were able to trace the clues back to this amazing artist when they locked in their final guesses. (We also got a sweep for the finalists’ identities in our theory for Night Angel)

Kandi Burruss was crowned the champion of season 3 as she admits to regaining her confidence in singing during the show, which she had lost ever since she stopped pursuing her music career.

This was an unbelievable revelation for the judges and audiences alike because Burruss, as the Night Angel, constantly killed during her performances every week, and was nearly perfect this season.

Burruss, however, admitted to being intimidated by several of her peers in the show and even looked up to a couple of them who were personal idols for her.


“How am I going to get to the end with such incredible people on this show?” she said while reflecting on her time on the show.

Tonight, she proved to everyone and more importantly to herself that she belongs among those incredible people as the first woman champion of the Masked Singer!

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The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer Reveal – Rhino Unmasked and Ken Jeong Makes Lucky Guess (3 x 15)



Rhino on THE MASKED SINGER "A Day in the Mask: The Semi Finals" Season 3 Episode. Courtesy of FOX TV / Photo credit: Michael Becker.
Rhino's last performance on The Masked Singer / FOX.

On the May 13 episode of The Masked Singer “A Day in the Mask: The Semi-Finals,” Rhino was eliminated from the competition.

Jay Pharaoh was on hand as the guest panelist for this episode.

Rhino, as Ken Jeong put it, was the “sentimental favorite” among the final four remaining contestants, and he remained true to this until the end.

He sang “Humble and Kind” by Tim McGraw in his final performance as he moved judge Nicole Scherzinger, among others, to tears.

He, however, fell short on getting votes against Night Angel, Turtle, and Frog, so he had to take off the mask and reveal himself.

Before his unmasking, the panelists took their final guesses and Ken went on one of his usually incoherent rants about Rhino’s identity and seemed to just be making fun of Jenny McCarthy’s guess from a few weeks prior.

Per usual, HE KNEW EXACTLY WHO THIS IS as he stretched the clues to connect to the TV show JAG and made it fit toward his guess: Barry Zito. (Which was also our guess in our Masked Singer Theory)

However, he surprised himself and the rest of the panel when it turns out, as Jenny originally guessed with a more convincing and logical line of thinking – despite Jenny’s reluctance to agree with Ken – the two of them were spot on.

(Watch the video of the unmasking below as Ken celebrates by rushing to give Zito a hug.)

This is Ken’s first correct guess of the season, and it came just one episode prior to the finale. Which is pretty good for his standards.

And it turns out, Zito, after being unmasked, admitted to actually making a guest appearance on JAG, which surprised even Ken– who made-up the connection in the first place.

Even though Zito had to leave the show, it came at good timing as he revealed that he and his wife just had a newborn baby just three days prior to this episode.

Here is his reflection on his time on the show, and how it has affected him moving forward in his career.

And also, a pretty good breakdown of his clues during his run on the show.


The remaining finalists – Night Angel, Frog, and Turtle – will return next week to compete in the season 3 finale for the coveted Golden Mask.

And more importantly, every one of them will finally be unmasked!

The Masked Singer airs on FOX 8/7 central on Wednesday, May 20, 2020.

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The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer Reveal – Kitty Nipped In Quarterfinal (3 x 14)



The Fab Five singers from season 3 / The Masked Singer on FOX

Kitty was eliminated on the May 6 episode of The Masked Singer “A Quarter Mask Crisis: The Quarter Finals,” and the woman behind the mystery was revealed to be Jackie Evancho.

Until the last second, nobody could pinpoint who Kitty was all season, and so when Evancho was about to be unmasked NONE of the judges was able to guess correctly.

(We, of course, have another one of our Masked Singer Theories proven true.)

Comedian/actor Jeff Dye (Extreme Makeover: Home Edition) was the guest panelist for this episode.

Evancho is most famous as a child opera singer, which is precisely the reason she wanted to join the contest, so she can show a different side of herself.

She first gained worldwide fame when she finished second place on the fifth season of America’s Got Talent, and this YouTube video in 2019 sums up her journey as a young performer:

Coincidentally, Nick Cannon happened to be the host of AGT when Evancho was competing. (See at ~0:28 mark.)

Also, at about the 1:40 mark of the video above, Evancho sings in opera-style, which is a far cry from the music she’s been covering during her run on The Masked Singer.

This is probably why her voice is nearly unrecognizable to almost everyone watching the show, and why she eluded the right prediction from the panelists.

She drew guesses from Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Anna Kendrick, Lea Michele to the Olsen twins from the panelists, who of course, were in awe after she was revealed.

Her final performance was a rendition of “Back to Black” by Amy Winehouse, which on any other day would have been enough to rock the house.

However, the competition to crack the Semi-finals was stiff tonight as every contestant brought their A-game.

Nevertheless, Evancho was gracious during her unmasking and was grateful for her time on the show as the judges praised her courage to step out of her comfort zone as an artist.

When Cannon asked, “Why ‘The Masked Singer’?

Evancho answered:

I wanted to show a different side of myself.  I have been stuck in this stereotype of a 10-year-old girl since I was 10 years old, and now I’m almost 20, and I’m glad that this experience has given me the chance to kind of break out of that.

She then turned to the judges and added:

I want to say thank you guys so much because without you I don’t think I would’ve discovered where I want to take my career, and who I want to represent myself as in the future.

Certainly, as she has showcased in The Masked Singer, Evancho can most definitely break into any genre of music her heart desires as she’s always had a natural gift – the voice of an angel.


Here is Evancho’s heartfelt post-interview after she was revealed, where she provides insight into her soul-searching journey on the show as an artist and a person:


Next week, the Semi-Finals are going down as the Final Four: Frog, Turtle, Rhino, and Night Angel square off.

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