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The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer Theory – Who Is The Astronaut?

The Astronaut on The Masked Singer
The Astronaut on THE MASKED SINGER / FOX, 2020 All rights reserved



Astronaut goes head-to-head with Turtle on the April 8 episode of The Masked Singer.

This puts one of the two strongest male competitors in danger of elimination.

Before this comes into fruition, here’s my theory on who the Astronaut is:

[POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD for those who want to keep the reveal a surprise]

Astronaut has been a popular performer in the show this season, and most fans claim to know his identity based on his singing voice alone.

But that assumption alone amounts very little to convince anyone, so let’s look at the clues and the prevailing theories from the internet that support them.

I will be referencing things from the clue packages the Astronaut has had so far in the show, so here’s a link to his first one:


In his 1st clue package, some of the objects that stood out were:

  • Hawaiian lei
  • Skeleton foot (or a loose foot)
  • Broom, possibly made of hay
  • Tools / toolbox
  • He also says “Code Blue”

In the 2nd:

  • Constellation of Orion’s belt
  • Hologram of himself
  • He says “in the Wild”
  • French horn
  • He sings a song “from a dear friend” – Stevie Wonder

In the 3rd:

  • Coffee
  • Dice rolled to 10 (two 5’s)
  • Bridge

In the latest clue package:

  • It shows a vinyl record that breaks, which Astronaut says “means the world to me”


Hunter Hayes is the consensus guess over the internet on the identity of the Astronaut. (Notice how both use their right hand when they sing!)

So here’s how the clues line-up to Hayes according to fans:

  • The Hawaiian lei references his time in Hawaii where he performed, and toured on vacation.
  • The loose skeleton foot is a likely nod to his 2011 duet with Victoria Justice “Almost Paradise” which is featured on the Footlose re-make movie soundtrack.
  • The broom could either be a clever hint at Hayes’ publicly admitted crush on Harry Potter star Emma Watson, or a simple clue to his last name since the broom seems to be made of hay (Hayes).
  • Tools or toolbox could refer to his onstage performance with Charlie Worsham’s “Tools of the Trade,” or the fact he knows how to play over 30 musical instruments.
  • “Code BLUE” in the first package, and “Into the WILD” in the second might refer to his upcoming album called “Wild Blue
  • Orion, from the constellation clue, is called in Greek mythology as a “Hunter,” thus, is a clue to his name.
  • He once performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! with holograms of himself
  • The French horn signifies his ability to sing in French since he was young
  • He performed with his “dear friend”, Stevie Wonder, on Dancing With The Stars
  • He is a well-documented coffee lover
  • He was born in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana
  • And finally, he broke a world record for doing 10 shows in 24 hours (look at the dice clue!)

So there it is!

Hunter Hayes is most definitely the Astronaut.

There are just too many clues to ignore, but if you think otherwise then please let us know!

Who else could he be?

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The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer Recap – Broccoli Chopped In Group C Finals! (4 x 09)



The Masked Singer had its last set of finalists from Group C throwdown during its special Thanksgiving episode.

Comedian Jay Pharoah was on-hand to share his talent for impressions, which made it seem like there was more than one guest panelist on the show tonight.

The trio of finalists all had incredible showings, but Broccoli was eliminated and unmasked as Canadian music legend, Paul Anka!

Paul Anka on the Masked Singer season 4 episode 9

Robin Thicke was the only panelist to correctly identify Anka as Thicke mentioned that Canadians, like himself, will always be able to recognize each other.

Other panelists sort of honed in on Anka’s identity as well, however, as his game-changing clue of the night stated that he was born before the Microwave was invented, so the panelists hilariously scrambled to come up with names of people who were born before the 1940s.

Anka famously wrote “My Way” by Frank Sinatra and has been in the music business since he was a teenager.

For his final solo performance, Anka, as the Broccoli sang  “Old Time Rock & Roll,” by Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band.

Then during the Smackdown round with Mushroomhe sang “Take Me Down” by Alabama, against the Mushroom’s “A Song for You” by Donny Hathaway to determine the final contestant to join the rest of the Super Six.

Group C Finals Survivors: Jellyfish & Mushroom


Jellyfish had the best showing of the night and garnered the most votes, so she was immediately safe after Group C’s initial performances.

SONG: “Don’t Start Now” by Dua Lipa

GUESSES: McKayla Maroney, Charli XCX, and Kylie Jenner.

SPECIAL CLUE: “I’ve never performed on a stage quite like this before.”

She will be one of the frontrunners during next week’s Super Six episode where she’ll join the Mushroom to represent Group C.


Mushroom earned his way through the Super Six this week as he had to take down Anka in commanding fashion with his amazing display of vocals in the Smackdown round.

SONG: “Unconditionally” by Katy Perry

GUESSES: Taye Diggs, The Weeknd, and Jaden Smith

SPECIAL CLUE: “The name that I go by now was not my name when I first sprouted”

This was a huge clue for the panelists as it now makes sense why the Mushroom’s voice range varies so much as he could be someone who has transitioned at some point.


Now that all Group Finals have been settled, this season’s Super Six will begin the final rounds of competition next week.

Group A – Popcorn and Sun

Group B – Seahorse and Crocodile

Group C – Jellyfish and Mushroom.


The Masked Singer Season 4 new episodes air Wednesdays 8/7 central on FOX.

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The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer Recap – Ken Guesses Right & Is Brought To Tears! (4 x 08)



Whatchamacallit and Serpent

It was another crazy night of clues, guesses, masks, and of course singing as Ken Jeong makes a rare correct guess on one of the two eliminations from the Group B Finals.

Cheryl Hines (Curb Your Enthusiasm, I Can See Your Voice) was tonight’s guest panelist and may have been the lucky charm that Ken needed.

When the dust settled, the Whatchamacallit and Serpent were unmasked at the end of the show, while Seahorse and Crocodile move on to the Super Six.


The first to get chopped was Lonzo Ball from the New Orleans Pelicans and the only panelist to guess his identity was Ken.

This wasn’t the first time Ken has guessed an NBA player on the show as he was also the only one who got Victor Oladipo of the Indiana Pacers as the Thingamajig in season 2.

Ken struck gold again and literally jumped on the panelist table with excitement after Ball was revealed.

Ball rapped his way up to this point in the competition this season as he bowed out with his performance of “Lean Back” by The Terror Squad that had everyone well… leaning back and dancing to the music.

Coincidentally, tonight marked the 2020 NBA Draft where Ball’s brother LaMelo Ball was selected with the 3rd pick by the Charlotte Hornets. So it was definitely a big night for the Ball family, to say the least.


The second elimination from tonight was Dr. Elvis Francois AKA the Singing Surgeon, who went viral earlier this year after he performed his rendition of John Lennon’s “Imagine.”

Ken was brought to tears after Dr. Francois was revealed as he emotionally reminisced the difficult times during the early onset of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, and how the Singing Surgeon was one of the shining lights that brought positivity to the world, and for Ken personally, during those grim times.

Nicole Scherzinger was the only panelist to guess Dr. Francois as the clues that tipped her off was that the Serpent became “recently famous” and performed with Scherzinger before, which he did on The Masked Singer: After The Mask.

For his final performance, the Serpent sang “Cool” by the Jonas Brothers that showcased his signature smooth, soothing, and inspirational tone of voice that brought everyone to their feet.

Group B Survivors

As for the last two surviving contestants from Group B, the Seahorse and Crocodile were the top 2 vote-getters for the night and are set to move on to the Super Six where they will join Sun and Popcorn from Group A, and two other finalists from the upcoming Group C eliminations.


The frontrunner from Group B was strong as always as she rocked the Brittney Spears hit “Baby One More Time.”

Special Clue: The big clues were delivered tonight by Masked Singers from the past, and Seahorse’s was from the Astronaut (who was revealed as Hunter Hayes in season 3) who showed a clue that read “Seahorse was never in a girl group” which actually helped the panelists since they’ve been guessing singers from a bunch of them.

Guesses: Kesha, Kellie Pickler, and Sia.


The Croc made it by the skin of his teeth as he edged out the powerful voice of the Serpent.

He likely won over some votes with his stage presence and swag as he sang “Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis to swoon the audience and panelists.

Special Clue: Croc’s clue was delivered by the Bee (Gladys Knight from season 1) and read “Croc was in a huge cult classic movie,” which really got the panelists’ brains churning.

Guesses: Jared Leto, Jordan Knight, and Justin Guarini.


The Masked Singer Season 4 new episodes air Wednesdays 8/7 central on FOX.

EDIT: The Masked Singer aired on Thursday during Thanksgiving week.

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The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer Recap – Snow Owls Eliminated In Group A Finals (4 x 07)



The Masked Singer had its first double elimination this week when the Snow Owls, the first duo to join the show, were eliminated.

The Snow Owls have been dubbed the “heart” of the show this season as they constantly showed their chemistry on the mic as well as on stage when the male Snow Owl’s goofy presence served as a contrast to the grace of the female Snow Owl. Plus, their performances always drew praise from the panel and seeing them exit the show is truly a loss.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end as the snowy songbirds lost their Smackdown round to Popcorn in an unprecedented showcase of dueling love songs.

In the end, the Snow Owls were unmasked as country music power couple Clint Black and Lisa Hart Black.

Clint and Lisa Hart Black. Image c/o FOX

Nicole Scherzinger was the only panelist to correctly identify the duo as she cited Clint’s voice during their final performance as the factor that made everything click for her.

Robin Thicke and Jenny McCarthy incorrectly guessed Amy Grant & Vince Gill, while guest judge Niecy Nash (RENO 911!) also missed the mark with Harry Hamlin & Lisa Rinna.

Per usual, Ken Jeong made a joke guess of Danny DeVito & Rhea Pearlman after it was clear that he couldn’t figure out who the masked songbirds were.

Group A Finalists

After their initial performances, the Sun was safe from the Smackdown elimination which Popcorn won against the Snow Owls, so the two will be moving on to the Super Six where they will meet the survivors of other finalists from Group B and C.


The Sun sang “Piece Of My Heart” by Janis Joplin this week and remains a strong contender for the Golden Mask.

Panelists guesses included Katharine McPhee and Demi Lovato this week, which are names that have been previously tossed around. However, guest panelist Niecy Nash felt a vibe with the Sun’s performance and threw in Jewel’s name into the mix.

Each singer had a guest friend narrate their clue package this week and virtually delivered a huge clue for the panelists.

Special Friend Clue: “The Sun is actually golden. She has at least one single that was certified gold.”


Popcorn sang “Domino” by Jessie J this week, but barely survived her Smackdown against the Snow Owls, so she has a lot to prove against Sun and the rest of the finalists in the Super Six competition.

Panelists continue to struggle to pin down her identity as a set of new guesses were thrown at Popcorn which included Taylor Dane, Cyndi Lauper, Anita Baker & Anika Noni Rose.

However, Popcorn’s guest friend made a startling revelation as she said that she’s been on the show before, whether as a guest panelist or contestant was left up in the air, but it helps narrow down the field somewhat and that the panelists have guessed Popcorn before toward other contestants.

Special Friend Clue: “To my friends up there, not only have I been here before, but in the show’s history, one of you have guessed Popcorn.”

My mind immediately goes to Ken guessing Bjork, but that would be a long-shot at best.


The Masked Singer Season 4 new episodes air Wednesdays 8/7 central on FOX.

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