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The Bachelor Episode 2 Review The Bachelor Episode 2 Review

The Bachelor

Grab the Rosé: Play “The Bachelor” Drinking Game

The Bachelor / ABC



Peter the Pilot may be looking for his perfect match, but we all know that there will only ever be one true pairing for The Bachelor: a Monday night glass of wine.

So we’ve put together a drinking game that any Bachelor fan will enjoy– whether you’re with your loved one, at a massive slumber party, hanging out in Cleveland, or curled up on the couch all alone in your sweatpants eating dairy-free ice cream and questioning all of your romantic decisions, this game is for you!   

(Note: This specific season happens to pair especially well with champagne)



Take a drink every time someone says:

  • The Right Reasons
  • Blindsided
  • Falling in love
  • I’m all in
  • I’m sick of all this drama
  • Date card
  • Rose ceremony
  • Fantasy Suites
  • Chris Harrison


Take a drink every time:

  • There is a dramatic wide shot of Peter making out with someone (take two drinks if this precedes a commercial break)
  • Peter cancels a cocktail party
  • Victoria cries 
  • Someone’s ex appears on the show
  • You hear a pilot pun
  • Peter reminds you of a favorite movie character (possible answers: Harry Potter because of his forehead scar, Troy Bolton from High School Musical because he wears a basketball jersey, Maria from The Sound of Music because of his thing with windmills)
  • You remember that Peter has a scar on his forehead because he tripped and fell off of a golf cart
  • You miss the contestants from last season



Take a drink every time:

  • Peter does something that reminds you of one of your exes
  • One of the contestants does something that reminds you of something you did with an ex
  • Chris Harrison’s absence reminds you of your distant father



Take a drink every time:

  • The Bachelor makes you question the concept of marriage
  • The Bachelor makes you question the concept of love
  • The Bachelor makes you question the concept of life itself


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The Bachelor

Best Tweets from Tonight’s Hometowns on ‘The Bachelor’



Best Tweets from Tonight's Hometowns on 'The Bachelor'

The hometown dates are upon us on The Bachelor Season 25 Week 8! 

Of course, there’s plenty of great tweets floating around the web! 

See them below:

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The Bachelor

Who Went Home After Hometown Dates on ‘The Bachelor’ Season 25 Week 8?



Who Went Home During Hometown Dates on 'The Bachelor' Season 25 Week 8?

The hometown dates are upon us on The Bachelor Season 25 Week 8! 

Michelle scored the first date!

The teacher brought her hometown of Minnesota to Nemacolin, a remote location in Pennsylvania, to give Matt a little taste of her life. She put Matt to the ultimate test: a Q+A with her students via a Zoom call!

>Meeting Michelle’s parents is a positive experience — they play basketball, Michelle tells him that she loves him, and everyone seems happy. 

The second date went to Rachael, a graphic designer from Cumming, Ga., who has had a bit of off-screen controversy.

Prior to meeting the family, the couple had a whirlwind date that involved going skydiving and Rachael’s crash landing. That seemed to bring her down to reality because while they both admitted that they’re falling in love with each other — and the family meeting went well despite her father’s objections that things were moving too fast (has he ever seen the show?) — Rachael realized she wasn’t the only one in the running after sharing that was disappointed that Matt didn’t ask for her father’s blessing. 

Rachael, hunny, we still have two more hometown dates ahead of us!

The third date was with Bri, who previously revealed she quit her dream job as a communications manager.

Best Tweets from Tonight’s Hometowns on ‘The Bachelor’

She threw it back to the first date in which Matt “almost killed” her and took him off-roading! A taste of his own medicine! 

Bri was excited for Matt to meet her single mom and her infant baby sister, but her mom was skeptical and wanted to remind her daughter to be “honest” and “vulnerable” about her feelings.  

And finally, Serena P. introduced Matt to her hometown of Canada before allowing him to meet her family. It’s a must if you’re going to date a “proud Canadian.”

However, during the meeting, her sister said she thinks “something is missing” and Serena doesn’t seem smitten, which kind of ruined the whole mood and made Serena realize she has a lot of doubts about the relationship. 

She wanted the hometown to get her to the point where she’s certain, but instead, it left her more confused about the situation. 

When the two sat down for a one-on-on, Matt tried to smooth things over. While Serena P. said that she initially thought it was fear, she later admitted to herself that she can’t go through with it because Matt’s not her person.

“I’m just not there, and I don’t know why,” she informs him. Despite the heartbreak, Matt took it like a champ and asked Serena P. to walk him downstairs. What a role-reversal! Is Serena P. The Bachelor now?

“I’m just disappointed because that’s not how I saw our journey ending,” he said.

And thus, the final three women moving onto Fantasy Suites are….

Rachael, 24, a graphic designer from Cumming, Ga.

Bri, 24, a communications manager from San Francisco, Calif.

Michelle, 27, a teacher from Edina, Minnesota

But which woman was the second choice had Serena P. not backed out?! I guess we’ll never know… XoXo. 

Ahead of tonight’s episode, Matt James also issued this statement on Twitter about the controversy surrounding Rachael and Chris Harrison. He explained he’s learning about these “incredibly disappointing” photos in “real time,” which leads me to believe the winner is Rachael but the duo broke up because of what transpired off-screen. 

He also condemned Harrison’s behavior. 

Check out his tweet below:

What do you think? Who will Matt choose? What did you think of that statement?

Let us know in the comments section! 

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Here are the best tweets from The Bachelor Season 25 Week 7.



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