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The Resident Flesh of my Flesh Review The Resident Flesh of my Flesh Review

The Resident

The Resident – Flesh of my Flesh (3×02)

The Resident/ FOX



The third season of The Resident keeps getting better and better.

The Mother of All Surgeries – This surgery was a team effort but one Cain thought was entirely doable. Maybe it was his interest in being TV famous (the surgery was being covered by Montel), or maybe it was just another accolade to boost his ego. Whatever it was, Cain was fully in while Kit had her reservations about removing so many tumors. The doctors are opposites, which impressively works in a group setting. Kit is meticulous and rehearses her surgeries to make sure everything goes off without a hitch; Cain goes in and just does it and it always works.

Dawn’s surgery was so risky, even Bell was skeptical at first underlining the fear that while the publicity was good right now, it would be a PR nightmare if Dawn didn’t pull through. Cain’s like the little devil on Bell’s shoulder who keeps pressuring him to do the things the newly reformed Bell wouldn’t dream of doing. And when Cain stroked Bell’s ego by telling him they’ll be teaming up for the surgery, well, he had him in the palm of his hand.

Ultimately, it’s unclear whether or not she’ll make it out alive from the surgery. After 17-straight hours of operating, Dawn was unconscious and recovering as everyone awaited the news. What do you think? Will she make it out alive?


Nic Makes the Move – Nic finally pulled the trigger on moving in with Conrad. Admittedly, it all feels a little bit rushed. We left them in season 2 in a rather broken state and following Jessie’s death, Nic was all in on the relationship. I do believe losing someone allows you to appreciate what you have and cherish it, but it could also be that she’s clinging on to Conrad for safety and comfort.

Everything about their relationship now is adorable, I just hope Nic is genuine in her decision-making. Her desire for a fresh start could lead her into making some hasty decisions that she’s not ready for. They have chickens to think about now!

Nic was also re-energized about her re-opening her clinic. She and Mina technically broke in to get things off the ground again, and when she got a little pushback from the higher-ups, she pulled a page out of Cain’s playbook and secured a segment on Montel highlighting how they give back to the disadvantaged with their free clinic. If there’s one thing Bell can’t resist its publicity. For now, Nic got her way, but it’s unlikely that it’ll stay that way.


Mina & Adaku – Mina’s best friend, Adaku, whom you’ll recall guest-starred last season when Mina and her mother operated on her to get rid of the breast cancer, comes into town with some big news: she’s pregnant. Mina isn’t entirely thrilled because pregnancy could potentially cause the return of cancer. Adaku agrees to get tested, but Mina goes a little too far when she judges her for her decision “not to play god” and test the embryo for the BCRA mutation.

The topic is heavy-handed and can spark tons of debates, but I think The Resident glossed over it too quickly to wrap up the storyline by the end of the hour. Mina apologized for being intrusive and all was well.


The Raptor’s Father – AJ met his biological father, or at the very least, the man who assumed he was his biological father, but things were off to a rocky start. For starters, Lamar ambushed AJ at work telling him he’s dying and that it could be hereditary. Conrad confirms that’s not the truth and the next time AJ sees his dad, they get into it. A screaming match ensues that ends with Lamar collapsing on the ground.

Turns out, Lamar had some clogged arteries so it was a good thing he collapsed when he did. Conrad tells AJ he’s the best person for the job, but with all the animosity against his father, AJ isn’t sure he’s up for the task. It’s deeply personal, which is often frowned upon.

However, after confronting his father and saying his peace, and hearing that his father regretted giving him away, AJ agrees to do the surgery. The whole story arc is immensely powerful and emotional especially because AJ doesn’t seem to have it in him to see his father again. The fact that he can get over something so heavy to save the man’s life speaks volumes to AJ as a person.


What did you think of the heart-pounding hour of The Resident?

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The Resident

The Resident – Belief System (3×04)



The Resident Belief System Review
Halloween in Chastain (and Jeremiah, Georgia) ws terrifying… but so damn exciting.
Holiday-themed episodes are my favorite, but particularly when the story-arcs remain loyal to the series.
Nothing felt out of place during the Halloween episode, though it gave us a fresh look at Mina and the Raptor outside of their comfort zones in Chastain.
The mentor was supporting his mentee before her big speech when their car broke down in the middle of cornfields.
Cornfields in relation to Halloween never bode well. Neither do flat tires or radiator hoses burning out.
The mechanic that came out wasn’t overly helpful, and the obvious consensus was that he was a racist,  just like all the patrons of the mostly-deserted town.
Anytime side-eyes a person of color, it usually means one thing, but while there was a racist/white supremacist storyline in play, it wasn’t in this small town.
The townsfolk were mean-mugging Mina and AJ because they were doctors, specifically, doctors at Chastain now owned by Red Rock Medical, which purchased the small-town’s hospital and shut it down.
Red Rock continues to prove that it values profit over patients in an astronomical way.
Mina and AJ were quick to prove that their values didn’t match Red Rock’s, but the townspeople weren’t any more welcoming.
When they reverted to their chambers for the evening (look, I have to keep up the creepy factor), they both experienced some bizarre dreams.
Mina dream that the whole town was sawing her open only to find “she didn’t have a heart,” while the Raptor dreamt he was getting attacked by the cornfield voodoo scarecrow.
The scenes were spooky and fun and even led to a very romantic kiss between the Raptor and Mina that for a split moment felt REAL. Why wasn’t it real? Fans demand to know.
They even bickered like a real couple at the beginning of the episode.
The chemistry between these two is out of this world; not only do they play well off of each other but anytime they gaze into each other’s eyes, it’s magnetic.
The dreams weren’t just inserted to fill a Halloween quota either; they were a product of the water being contaminated by Red Rocks dumping all their drugs down the drains.
After successfully operating on the only waiter of color, who had a flesh-eating bacteria, Mina and AJ encouraged the town to sue their employer.
Mina made it to her presentation thanks to the Raptor who entrusted her with his baby, his prized-possession, his whip.
AJ told her to picture the only person that mattered to avoid getting nervous and you guys, she imagined he was sitting there cheering her on.
I’ve never shipped a couple more. If only she’d sent him the heart.
The cases at Chastain were also Halloween-themed as Pravesh’s patient “came back from the dead,” which was a direct result of practicing “vampirism.”
Of course, there was a non-spooky explanation for what was happening. The man had too much iron in his system which was effectively shutting down organs and causing arrhythmias that made him “dead” for a little bit.
The vampirism storyline was a bit of a stretch, but at the end of the day, when the man put his health above his “beliefs,” which he admitted he was only doing to please his girlfriend, she broke up with him because they were “fundamentally different.”
Though less extreme, Conrad and Pravesh also acknowledged that they are two very different people with opposing viewpoints and beliefs that are not willing to compromise.
They may have worked well in the past, but after seeing how far Conrad was willing to go to “do the right” thing and torture the patient on The Resident Season 3 Episode 3, Pravesh couldn’t get over it.
He viewed Conrad as a hypocrite while Conrad was acting very superior. They all have egos, sure, but Conrad’s never one to harp on someone when he hasn’t run his own diagnostics. And especially after he just had a patient die just last week who seemed to be fine.
Conrad’s attitude wasn’t acceptable — he of all people knows how difficult it could be to treat a patient that isn’t exhibiting outward symptoms.
It’s unclear whether they go separate ways. They’ve always made a great team and complimented each other, which I think is important. Their opposing viewpoints are beneficial, but not if they distract both of them from the ultimate goal: helping patients.
And, lastly, there was Cain’s nightmare.
Do you know what’s scarier than a monster? A white supremacist. Cain’s patient, Hades, was disgusting in every sense of the word. And what’s worse is he had a large number of followers that were eating up all the hate he was spewing.
Cain didn’t want to admit that Hades got under his skin, but it’s what impacted him to proceed with the operation without waiting for Hades’ psychological records.
Hades was showing signs of DID; Hades was terrible, but his counterpart was a tame twenty-something named Douglas Atwater who couldn’t stand sharing a mind with Hades.
Given the DID, it was difficult to figure out which personality was the dormant one, but since Cain didn’t think the situation was “real,” he didn’t wait around and proceeded with the surgery.
And, you guessed it, Hades was dominant.
Cain was reckless in his quest for revenge — he broke protocol, he broke a patient’s trust, and he refused to listen to anyone but himself.
Nic tried to warn him. but he undermined her.
All actions have consequences, and Cain singlehandedly released this evil onto the world by cutting out the only goodness left in him.
Will this be Cain’s lesson to learn? Will he start accepting responsibility? Will he try to become a better person?
The betterment arc will carry on for Cain, but when it comes to this episode, The Resident found a way to highlight a real issue in a way that resonates with people.
Bell also has an issue on his hands because he’s forced to cover for every mistake Cain makes since he’s a ‘self-proclaimed’ cash cow.
It’s an unfortunate situation for Chastain to be in because without Cain’s profits, the hospital seizes to exist and they can no longer help anyone.
Maybe Mina was onto something when she said: “I usually avoid weird people, especially on Halloween.”
>When Mina willingly walked into her own room, I told my husband that there’s no way I would have ever split up with the buff dude I was with. You take the couch, but I’m not staying alone!

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The Resident

The Resident – Saints and Sinners (3×03)



The Resident Saints and Sinners Review

The Resident has tapped into its strongest, most developed season, and yet, the show continues to be criminally underrated.

The series offers up the kind of content that’s missing from primetime television, and the cast’s dynamic is what makes it stand out from other medical dramas, and still, ratings keep dropping to the point where the show faces the threat of cancellation.

Come on everyone, The Resident deserves more love. Tell your friends about it, tell Revenge lovers, tell Gilmore Girl lovers, tell everyone!

Too many good shows get trimmed from lineups because they aren’t getting the recognition they deserve; we’re leaving good television on the table.

Here’s the gist of “Saints and Sinners.”


Dr. Bell –  Leave it to Bell to remind us that despite his glow-up there are, and always will be, parts of him that are self-serving. He refused the supplements under the guise of Chastain not being a good business partner, but really, he wanted to elevate himself into a household name a la Dr. Oz.

Bell’s ego falls below the Cain and AJ Austin threshold, but it’s still there and it creeps up enough to get him looped into mess after mess. Egos, they’re a tricky thing.

Bell agrees to get into the supplement business even though he doesn’t believe in it. The fact that people are eating it up is all he needs to see those money signs.

As a doctor who *usually* puts patient care first, it’s frustrating that he’s fine with selling a product he doesn’t believe is anything more than a placebo to an uninformed public simply to line his pockets and propel himself to further success. We took two steps forward with Bell’s character, and now, we’re taking a few steps back.

Bell’s so desperate for recognition that he turns to Grayson’s father and his handsy mother for capital. Now, that’s what you call an awkward love triangle.

However, Bell is still a better person now than he was when the show started and his dynamic with Grayson (having to spell out the rich person in his life) continues to be comedic gold.


Mina – Where you at girl? There was a void that no one could possibly fill with Mina absent. She should have been at the Cain vs. Raptor ego showdown.


The Showdown – Which brings me here to the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Raptor vs. Cain. It was easy to start placing bets as the two quibbled during pre-op, and it was even funnier to see Nolan uncomfortably wedged right between them suffocating under all the egos. But all of that should have been left outside of the operating room.

There’s a lot of silliness that goes on within Chastain that the doctor’s credit with helping them during surgery. Listening to “Old Town Road” is fine if it gets the job done. But competing for the top spot and putting a patient in danger should have no place in the operating room.

It took the patient experiencing problems for the Raptor and Cain to put aside their difference and work together. Maybe this will be the end of their toe-to-toe, but knowing their competitive nature and God-like personalities, it’s only just the beginning.


Blame it on the Dialysis – Conrad was having a really rotten day after his patient, who he was getting ready to discharge, dropped to the ground and coded. The empathetic doctor wracked his brain trying to figure out what happened and what he did wrong. Turns out, it wasn’t on him at all.

The patient died of a pulmonary embolism. While that’s nothing out of the ordinary, the fact that 5 other dialysis patients died of a PE within a few weeks of each other is no coincidence. It sounds more like another Lane Hunter situation.

One of those patients was obviously Nic’s sister, Jessie. Nic has been blaming herself for the death and for convincing Jessie to undergo surgery, but it may not be her fault at all. Kyle’s gut feeling about something being amiss may have been right. He could stand to win this lawsuit.

Chastain has an abnormal amount of malpractice issues. Though this dialysis situation is shaping up to be another Lane Hunter situation, I doubt the doctor responsible is aware. It’s unlikely they’d attempt the same storyline again.
The fact that Conrad told Nic about it right away is a solid sign for their relationship. They’re doing it right and trusting each other no matter how difficult the situation may seem. Oh, and the whole sock thing with Conrad, SO ACCURATE. Is that a typical male trait? My husband does that all. the. damn. time.

Cain You Believe Him? – Cain is one frustrating character, but nothing was more frustrating than listening to him complain about how much money he lost after being forced to pull a surgery that was unnecessary to begin with.

I don’t care if Cain’s the best surgeon in all the land, I’m not going to someone who will make me go through procedures just to rake in the big bucks. Sha-dy.
Thank goodness for Nic and her vigilant eye. I think she’ll take the position working alongside Cain simply to keep him in check. He’s a good person to have in your corner, but he also needs to be observed. Nic doesn’t trust him or his business practices, and neither do I.


Doing What’s Right vs. Doing What’s Necessary: Conrad and Devin came to a crossroads during a disagreement that saw Conrad bend the law in order to lay down the law.

Conrad connected with the detective hellbent on saving his suspect, Rob, simply because he wanted to find his crew and save the innocent man they kidnapped.

The detective’s dedication to his job was admirable, and the lengths he was willing to go to do the right thing resonated with Conrad. They connected on their passions and saw eye-to-eye. It helped that they both spent time serving.

After the detective survived his risky surgery, Conrad offered to cross a line to get the job done by cutting off Rob’s morphine and essentially torturing him.

Devon stepped in the way and urged him to stop because it wasn’t ethical, and while he’s right, Conrad believes in getting stuff done. The only way to save the hostage was to rough up some feathers. Devon stuck to what he believed in, and I’m glad.  His viewpoints are valid and necessary to keep Conrad, who isn’t afraid to test the limits, in check.

But I’m glad Conrad wasn’t deterred by Devon either. They don’t see eye-to-eye and that’s okay, as long as they respect each other. Conrad heard him out and owned up to what he was going to do.

Conrad’s torturing methods worked and they successfully saved the hostage, but I was surprised we didn’t get to see it go down. Maybe it would have made us look differently at him. Maybe some things are better left unseen?

We know Conrad’s does the right thing and that’s all that matters — it doesn’t matter how he gets there.

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The Resident

The Resident Season 3 Premiere Review – From the Ashes (3×01)



The Resident From the Ashes Season 3 Premiere Review

Time away from Chastain was necessary only to realize how much we’ve missed everyone and how much we appreciate the show.

The Resident Season 3 premiere was explosive putting three patients, including Conrad Hawkins, in harm’s way.

It’s almost counterintuitive to say that everyone was lucky, but somehow, thanks to dedicated doctors and medical miracles, they made it out alive.

Here are the biggest takeaways from the season 3 premiere:

  1. Goodbye Jessie: The Resident season 2 cliffhanger was resolved almost immediately. During the season finale, two lives hung in the balance: Nic’s sister, Jessie, and her father, Kyle, were both fighting for their life. As Nic sits in a field of dandelions, it’s revealed she was reminiscing with Jessie about the good old days with their dad. But as anyone who’s ever seen a TV show before, it was very obvious that it was a dream sequence, and revealed that Nic was in the field with Conrad and Kyle mourning Jessie. Since her death almost a month ago, caused by a massive blood clot, Nic hasn’t been able to return to work or say goodbye by spreading her sister’s ashes. Eventually, through events that transpire during the course of the premiere episode, Nic learns that she cannot put her life on hold because something bad happened. She has to mourn her sister and take her memory with her as she continues to help people. And that probably means she and Mina will find new funding for their recently shuttered free clinic, which could help patients who are being failed by a system that’s broken and offers treatment only when it will benefit them and bring in enormous cash flow.
  2. The explosion – As Conrad enters the radiation area to find a patient that ran away from his treatment room (it should NOT have been that easy to wander into such a dangerous area), he smells gas and an explosion erupts injuring him, his partner, Annie (played by Moira Kelly aka One Tree Hill’s Karen Scott), and the little boy, Jonah. Conrad miraculously makes it out with a broken or fractured ankle and some bruises. Jonah’s spine becomes dislodged from his skull, a rare condition impressively repaired by Dr. Kit. Meanwhile, Annie’s injuries lead to the discovery of a brain tumor they probably wouldn’t have found otherwise. Dr. Bell brings in Red Rock Medical’s newest hire, Dr. Cain, to operate, and though his skills are impeccable, no one is impressed with how hastily he performs the surgery.
  3. Dr. Cain – Which brings us to the newest character addition, Dr. Cain. Dr. Cain has an ego the size of Texas, which doesn’t sit well with anyone at Chastain. He has the same energy that Dr. Austin had when he first joined the team. I mean, the guy listened to Old Town Road while removing a brain tumor. That says everything you need to know about him. But, the reality of our current world is that hospitals are a business and someone like Dr. Cain, who bills 80 million a year compared to Kitt’s measly 2 million a year, is good for business. Basically, the team at Chastain is dedicated not only to the profession but also to genuinely helping patients while Cain seemingly sees them as nothing more than a conquest. Does he impressively remove a brain tumor? Yes. But he’s not as diligent about it, he doesn’t take his time, he doesn’t even make sure that everything has been removed. It’s half-assing because he can. And when Dr. Bell tells Kitt that she needs him as an ally to stick around Chastain, it doesn’t sit well with her. She immediately knows what kind of man Cain is because a man who bills that much “runs multiple ORs and overtreats.” My guess is that Cain won’t fall into the group chat as easily as the Raptor did and he’ll force Dr. Bell to have multiple moral crises.
  4. Dr. Bell’s Glow Up –For the most part, Dr. Bell has had impressive growth since The Resident Season One. He stood up to the board member who told him he should be meeting with Cain instead of championing his doctor’s after tragedy struck by telling her that Dr. Kitt just performed nothing short of a miracle. He’s no longer driven by money solely, which is a huge shift, but he’s also not naive to think that simply wanting to help people is enough to run a hospital. He straddles the line brilliantly, and we see him struggle with his emotions and decisions as they weigh heavily on him. He wants to bring Dr. Cain onto the team because he’s good for business, but will he be able to ignore all that growth? Bell’s interacted with people like Cain before and it’s never turned out good. What’s to say this will be any different?
  5. Conrad and Nic Back Together – The couple is back and stronger than ever and hopefully, it’ll stay that way. They both care about each other. Nic’s learned that life is fleeting and realized what it would mean to lose Conrad when she saw him injured in the explosion. My hope is that this relationship moves forward and not backward this season.
  6. Kyle’s Conspiracy – Kyle begs Conrad to look into Jessie’s files and make sure that whatever happened to her wasn’t premeditated. Nic brushed him off, but it seems like Conrad will do the necessary digging to see what happened. Kyle claims it isn’t about money, and I’m inclined to believe him. He has survivors guilt, he wishes he could have done something to help Jessie, and he needs to put his mind at ease. Or, at the very least, find out the truth.
  7. Eloise – Remember her? She was one of the miracle patients from last season who received a triple transplant. Well, she’s Pravesh’s newest sub intern. And though everyone is scared about exposing her, she’s of the mindset that she got another chance at life and she’s going to live it to the fullest. Something tells me she won’t make it past one full season, but her will to live is already inspiring.

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