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The Resident Season 6 Finale Episode 13 All Hands on Deck The Resident Season 6 Finale Episode 13 All Hands on Deck

The Resident

The Resident Season Finale – All Hands on Deck (613)

THE RESIDENT: Matt Czuchry in the "All Hands on Deck" season finale episode of THE RESIDENT airing Tuesday, Jan. 17 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2022 Fox Media LLC. CR: Tom Griscom/FOX



Can someone pass the tissues because that was one emotional season finale?

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if The Resident Season 6 Episode 13 ended up being the series finale because it felt so final. After a tense hour where two lives hung in the balance as Chastain’s finest attempted to figure out the mystery illnesses ailing them, everything came up roses.

The final moments of the episode featured happy endings for all of our favorites. And while I don’t doubt that the creators/writers have plenty of material to continue with a seventh season, if FOX doesn’t renew the series, there are no cliffhangers or loose ends to tie up. It all just makes sense. 

Conrad and Billie exchanged “I love yous,” which brought into perspective Billie’s prior conversation with Cade where she informed her that he’s never said the L-word. Regardless of your personal opinions about Billie, it was a beautiful and pivotal moment for Conrad, who spent years trying to find his way after Nic’s death and felt as though he would never love again. The fact that he was brave enough to open himself up to the possibility and pursue the woman that made him feel again was huge. And Gigi ships it, which means so do it. The cherry on top was that they now made up this perfect family with Gigi. They never forgot about Nic, and I’d argue that with Billie around it’s easier to keep her memory alive, but it was bittersweet to see their bliss knowing that Nic got robbed of it, which also speaks to the realities of life itself. It’s cruel and beautiful in the same breath. 

Dr. Bell finally passed the torch, and while Conrad was responsible for teaching the best intern at Chastain, Bell was responsible for crafting one of Chastain’s best doctors as Dr. Devi proved she was ready to graduate from resident to attending. Leela always had the skills and the smarts, but she needed that little push to believe in herself, which actually came from AJ Austin and his brilliant metaphor about being fearless like Michael Jordan. Once she “took the shot,” Devi was unstoppable, and Bell felt comfortable leaving Chastain’s most important patient, Gov. Betz (most important because he had the funding to see the hospital), in her hands. 

Despite his progressing MS, Bell suited up for the surgery, but unlike so many other times in the past, he wasn’t hiding his diagnosis or the fact that it was interfering with his ability to perform the job. Bell accepted the realities and finally felt comfortable leaning on his team—the best team Atlanta has to offer. And it made me tear up to see how they all rallied around him and extended a helping hand when they realized he was having a flare-up. 

It was also a huge moment for Bell to simply accept that he couldn’t fight through this one, no matter how much he wanted to. Bell has been dedicated to getting better for some time, so he took a necessary leave of absence to participate in Devon’s clinical trial, which will hopefully provide him with a full cure. There were a lot of full-circle moments where the mentor became the mentee and, in this case, Bell put his faith completely in Devon. And truly, there’s no better person than Devon, who is passionate about finding a cure with his trial. 

Bell handed over the reins—his stethoscope from when he became an attending—to Leela, and while it was already a joyous moment for her, it became the best day of her life when Devon got down on one knee and propped. It’s about damn time, Devon. His love life has been quite a rollercoaster throughout the seasons, but Leela has been his one constant. I want the show to get renewed solely so we can see this wedding! 

Bell also had a chat with Dr. Ian, who slightly redeemed himself by coming clean about his addiction prior to Sammie’s surgery and accepted the job again after Kit informed him that she was willing to take the risk to have him back on the staff. It was genuinely important that she highlighted that addiction was a disease and not a moral failing, and while he made some questionable and potentially dangerous decisions, it happened while he was under the influence. 

It was nice to see Bell and Ian so transparent about their diseases because, as they pointed out, in many ways, they are alike. They’ve both operated when they shouldn’t have while believing that they have a handle on whatever it is, however, the difference between them both is that Bell has always come from a place of arrogance while Ian’s was motivated by fear. The distinction was important because it shows that different influences can often lead to the same outcome, and Ian shouldn’t be looked down upon while Bell is praised as a hero. 

During their talk, Bell seemed to quell any concerns that he’s leaving the show by explaining that while he will be taking some time for himself, and his priority will be Kit and his family, he’s still going to be around to mentor the interns. I can’t think of a better way to have him involved. 

Bell could also understand Ian in a way no one else could as they both had a very strong work ethic, with work becoming their reason for existence at one point. Bell could relate because it’s how his life used to be before he met Kit. I think that he might be a solid influence on Ian while also being a person who keeps him accountable and always striving to be better. Of course, Ian has to do the work to remain sober and not fall back into old habits, but I think it’s good that he has people in his corner who believe in him and want to help him.

The Resident Season 6 Finale Episode 13 All Hands on Deck

THE RESIDENT: L-R: Bruce Greenwood and Andrew McCarthy in the “All Hands on Deck” season finale episode of THE RESIDENT airing Tuesday, Jan. 17 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2022 Fox Media LLC. CR: Tom Griscom/FOX

There was even a happy ending for Cade and Yamada who realized that as two childless adults, the world was their oyster. There were no limits—they could live it up, travel, enjoy each other, and live a carefree life. As amazing as it sounds, I loved that it was juxtaposed with Billie and Conrad’s family moments. No path is better or right—everyone finds what’s truly meant for them, and there’s a reason Cade never fully fit into Conrad’s life.

As for Padma, she got the treatment necessary for postpartum depression, which, as AJ pointed out, can affect anyone, and was on a path to bliss with her newborns. This doesn’t mean there won’t be hard days, but she finally has the tools to be the mom that she wanted to be for her adorable little boys. AJ’s comment that they are that adorable because they look like him was very on-brand for the character. In a way, Padma and AJ needed each other—and their family—more than they even realized. It’s nice to see a series acknowledge that two people who are not romantically involved can be a happy family. A modern family for the win. 

The title “All Hands on Deck” wasn’t used lightly as the episode required everyone to be on their A-game to help Betz and Sammie through their rough patches. And they hit quite a few of them. 

Betz’s heart transplant was successful, but his body began rejecting it for unknown reasons. It wasn’t lost on me—or Bell—that Betz needed the same procedure as the patient at the helm of the lawsuit that kicked this rivalry into high gear in the first place. Full circle… karma… it was all of it. 

Meanwhile, Sammie came in with a collapsed lung that led to an effusion, which gave everyone a scare that her cancer came back. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case, and it was actually Gigi (a little Nic) who pointed out the red tongue that led to the Kawasaki diagnosis. They caught it right in time and were able to operate and help the sweet girl. 

I wish the series addressed the role Gigi played in saving Sammie, especially as Conrad and Devon went back to the whiteboard a handful of times and couldn’t figure it out!

With Sammie on the mend, Gigi was able to have her birthday party after all, even if it was in a hospital room. All of her favorite people were on hand to celebrate, so she wasn’t even phased. And she has such a heart of gold, she even gave Mr. Giraffe to Sammie to make sure he takes care of her and she doesn’t get sick again. Conrad really lucked out with Gigi because she’s so pure. 

As for Betz, he pulled through and made good on his promise to restore the funding to Chastain. The hospital’s services did save his life after all. And the funny thing is that they would have tried equally as hard even without his promise to save the hospital, but it was necessary that he came around and finally saw the benefit of healthcare for all… even if he did cheat his way to the top of the transplant list. Maybe his stone-cold heart was finally warming up. Let’s hope. 

What did you think of The Resident Season 6 finale? Did you think they wrapped up all the storylines succinctly? Are you happy that Chastain lives to see another day?

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    ‘The Resident’ Canceled at FOX After 6 Seasons – Read the Statement



    The Resident Recap The Chimera Season 6 Episode 7

    The Resident aired its sixth season finale on Monday, January 17, and unfortunately, it will also be the show’s last. 

    On April 6, TVLine confirmed that FOX officially canceled the medical drama, which has been on the air since 2018. 

    In my review of the season finale, I pointed out that while I’m gunning for another season as I love the cast and all the drama that goes down at Chastain, it did feel as though the writers weren’t confident that they would get another season as every loose end got tied up and all the characters essentially found their happy ending.

    In fact, TVLine asked creator Amy Holden Jones if it was intentional on their part, to which she responded, “We do this every year. Last year’s worked as a series finale also, but thankfully, it wasn’t to be. We left open questions and put new character arcs in place to launch us into Season 7.”

    So what are fans missing out on since the series wasn’t renewed? Jones told the outlet that Season 7 would’ve featured Devon and Leela’s wedding, along with the “continuation of Conrad and Billie’s romance” and a mix of Bell being a patient and a doctor, in addition to his relationship with Kit.

    While it’s a bummer that we won’t get to see any of that, it’s comforting that fans got a proper conclusion to the storyline with an ending that served as a suitable sendoff. 

    You can catch up on all of our The Resident reviews here—and CraveYouTV thanks everyone involved in the show from the bottom of our hearts for six incredible seasons! 

    Did ‘The Cleaning Lady’ Get Renewed for Season 3? You Betcha!

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    The Resident

    The Resident Review – All the Wiser (6×12)



    The Resident Season 6 Episode 12 kicked off the fight for Chastain’s life, which is, unfortunately, tied directly to Gov. Betz. 

    In the penultimate episode, Betz was forced to rely on Chastain’s finest for help following a helicopter accident. 

    We already knew Betz was a terrible man after refusing to give Chastain their annual budget and trying to ruin Dr. Bell’s image, but the fact that he made a chopper pilot risk everyone’s life by flying in bad weather sealed the deal.

    Thea’s parents made a remark about how terribly Betz treated her while she was employed for him, and because of him, her life was hanging in the balance. 

    His situation wasn’t any better as he suffered a heart attack while throwing an adult-sized tantrum about how he wanted to be transferred to another “top tier” hospital. It was pathetic. You’d think he’d be more concerned with staying at the hospital that could provide him the best level of care, but that would require Betz to be a decent human being.  

    However, he began to change his tune when he realized it could work in his favor, so he attempted to strike a deal to get to the top of the transplant list. Apparently, that was the only reason that would persuade him to reconsider restoring the money from the discretionary fund that he initially pulled, which caused staff shortages and depleted resources at other hospitals that had to take on the overflow. 

    Of course, his offer came with a catch—an eye for an eye, if you will. The money would only be given to them if they promised that they would make his transplant a priority and if he survived the surgery. He couldn’t even do the right thing out of the goodness of his weak heart, which is truly the most telling. 

    I’m not entirely sure why Betz didn’t go to Kit Voss with the offer, and I’m not sure why AJ and Conrad decided to go above her head when they agreed to the deal, but the important thing is that everyone seemed to be on the same page and in agreement. 

    When AJ first considered Betz’s offer, Conrad was slightly shocked that he would compromise his integrity to make a deal with the devil. I love that AJ called back to Conrad’s humble beginnings as a renegade doctor who broke all the damn rules, wondering what that guy would have done in this situation. It helped to reframe Conrad’s present-day mindset by showing him that he used to be more willing to take risks if the payout was worth it. While knocking someone else off the transplant list is never ideal, the money that Betz promised could end up saving a lot more lives. ‘Do a little bad for a lot of good” seems like a decent motto to live by. 

    In a way, they couldn’t risk losing the deal. That’s something I think Kit would’ve understood if they had just presented her with all the facts outright. She’s always made Chastain and the patient’s priority number one—she was even talking to Bell about needing a “parachute” for saving Chastain at the beginning of the episode. It may be a poor choice in light of the tragedy, but it was a fitting analogy nonetheless.

    Of course, even though they may have secured a heart for him, the deal still hinges on his survival. You’d think the man would simply be grateful for everything the hospital was doing to save his life. If this is how they treat their enemies, just imagine how good things must be for the everyday patient!

    Doing things for the “greater good” was a common theme in the episode as Leela convinced Pravesh to accept Marko’s offer in exchange for more funding for his MS clinical trial, which could be Bell’s saving grace. 

    I love that Pravesh made the sacrifice for Bell as he definitely didn’t believe in anything Marko was putting down, though I cannot say that I’m into this storyline. I hate to see Pravesh investing so much energy into something that doesn’t bring him joy. 

    He’s always been such an inspired doctor, and it’s unfortunate that at the end of the day, everything boils down to money. 

    Billie and Cade teamed up to provide next-level care for Thea, whose expert piloting skills saved a lot of lives, including her own and Gov. Betz’s. No one would have been able to accept an outcome where Thea died and donated her heart to keep Betz’s beating, so it was a relief when she finally woke up following surgery to stop her brain bleed and reduce the swelling. 

    There’s a lot happening in Billie and Cade’s personal lives, but they never let that get in the way. They were able to put all of that behind them and see each other as talented, skilled, and incredible medical professionals. It would have been so easy for these two women to put each other down and make a hostile work environment, but instead, they were showering each other with compliments. It was sweet. 

    The “no-hard feelings” attitude seems to stem from the idea that everyone ended up right where they were supposed to be. 

    Billie and Conrad were thrilled to finally give into their feelings for each other as it felt “right,” while Cade and Takeda found common ground after being “dumped.” And while they promised to keep it casual and not clingy, I think these two are already way more smitten with each other than they’d like to admit. 

    Also, Irving’s “musical chairs” comment was so perfect and provided a bit of levity during a pretty intense moment in the episode. 

    Love is messy, baby, what can they say?

    Cade’s father, Ian, finally returned to the hospital, but it was a short-lived comeback as he resigned after being faced with the reality of having to come clean about his addiction. He didn’t want the “addiction stigma” to cast a shadow on his incredibly successful career, and while it’s a bummer to see him go—and a huge loss for Chastain—I get where he’s coming from. Ian worked so hard to build up his reputation, and he personally wouldn’t be able to recover if he lost the respect of his peers. I don’t ever want anyone to feel ashamed of their addiction, or even defined by it, but he’s so early in his recovery stages that it makes sense that he wants to keep it private. 

    The most important thing is that he got the help he needed, kicked the addiction to the curb, and began making amends with himself and Cade. 

    Speaking of getting necessary help, there was a brief update about Padma, who is doing really well in the treatment facility following her PTSD diagnosis. Leela’s concerns that the feelings will bubble up again once she gets into the swing of motherhood are valid, but hopefully, she’s being given the tools to cope and manage when the time finally comes. It seems as though AJ and Padma have not been in contact, though we’re to believe he’s holding everything down in the interim. It hasn’t been easy for these two, but the truth is—parenthood never really is. There are plenty of ups and downs, and the important thing is that you learn to navigate them, have respect for the person you’re in it with, and have a village around you that you can lean on. It seems as though all those things apply to Padma and AJ. 

    And finally, leading into the season finale, which will focus on Chastain’s finest coming together to save Sammie, Bell’s granddaughter, who is in town with her dads for Gigi’s birthday. In the final scene, Sammie spiked a high fever and experienced abdominal pain during the flight—and since she’s had quite the medical history, we have our fingers crossed that it’s nothing major. 

    The two-hour finale was set to air this week with two back-to-back episodes, but FOX decided to split them up and air the final episode of the season on January 17. I can’t say I’m mad as that just means we get one extra week with all of our favorites. 

    What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments! 

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    The Resident

    The Resident Review – What Happened to Padma? (6×11)



    The Resident Midseason Premiere Recap Season 6 Episode 11 All in

    The Resident went all in for its midseason return, though, it feels a little strange to call it that considering the drama will be airing its two-hour season finale a week from today. It’s unclear why FOX chose to break up the episodes in such a strange way, but that’s neither here nor there because this episode was so good from beginning to end.

    It tackled all the lingering midseason finale storylines head-on—and the impact was felt all around and through the halls of Chastain. 

    Two that were top of mind included Padma’s postpartum depression and the kiss between Conrad and Billie. 

    Padma’s storyline was most important because of how common and prevalent PPD is for new mothers who may feel inadequate and overwhelmed with the realities of motherhood. It’s something that can happen to anyone—from the mother who was on the fence about having kids to the new mom who always dreamt of them and went above and beyond to make that dream a reality.

    There were many outcomes for Padma’s storyline, including a very grim ending, but thankfully, Leela’s text came through at the right time and made her realize that she needed to reach out to her loved ones and ask for help. 

    Upon reading Leela’s S.O.S text, Padma stepped off the bridge and drove to her sister’s so that she could get the treatment she needs. While this isn’t what she hoped for when she welcomed her twin babies, at least she’s acknowledging that there’s an issue and starting her path to recovery. 

    Leela knew something was off, so I’m glad she trusted her twin instinct instead of letting everyone else tell her that she was overreacting. She still felt a sense of guilt for not seeing how bad the situation was, but it’s also important to underscore that people going through PPD may hide it from their loved ones. And since the signs of PPD are so similar to the regular anxieties of being a new mother, it could be hard to tell the difference sometimes. Thankfully, The Resident is raising awareness of a very important issue. 

    AJ seemed to take it the hardest, and his reaction was a little concerning. I know he’s worried about Padma and the babies, but as a doctor, he should know that in many cases, PPD is treatable. He didn’t have to come off so dismissive by suggesting Padma might never be a good mother to the twins. It doesn’t help anyone to go to the worst-case scenario, and it’s especially strange for a man who remains cool, calm and collected throughout the most intense of surgeries. He works miracles in the O.R., and though this might be a mental health situation, he should understand that it’s something that can have a positive outcome. I truly hope that we see AJ offer his support and help Padma work through this. Padma is going to need everyone on this journey—and if the father of her children loses hope, it’s going to make her feel as though all those feelings of inadequacy were somehow accurate. 

    Right off the bat, the series also addressed the kiss, with Conrad coming clean to Cade about his feeling for Billie. His honesty was somehow suprirrisng and expected at the same time. Cade was shocked while also completely acknowledging that “everyone” could see that there was something between Billie and Conrad. I guess sometimes, you’re the last to know when it comes to your own relationships. I don’t think she was even as mad about losing Conrad as she was about being made the fool, and it was the reality that she never had Conrad in the first place that hurt the most. 

    Many fans weren’t pleased that the series introduced a cheating storyline, especially since that isn’t Conrad’s nature, but at the same time, love makes people do crazy things. I think it was actually realistic in terms of how life pans out sometimes. Conrad kept his heart guarded after losing Nic and struggled to open up again. It was easier to let Cade in than it was to let Billie in because the latter was so close to Nic, and he felt as though it was a betrayal of trust.

    However, seeing Billie in the line of danger forced Conrad to confront those feelings that he didn’t even know he had—and that were buried so deeply inside—and while it would’ve been better if he told Cade the truth before he kissed Billie, he simply acted on impulse. 

    The fact that Conrad immediately told Cade the truth because he didn’t want to lead her on or have her find out some other way is proof that he never intended for any of this to happen, nor did he intend to hurt anyone. 

    I love that Conrad didn’t sugarcoat any of it or try to minimize the situation either. Billie also stepped up and confronted Cade because she wanted to address the elephant in the room since they’d all be working together.  

    It was all very mature for every party involved—no one was catty or petty about it, which was nice to see.

    Cade was obviously hurt, but she was also an adult who realized that this relationship wasn’t meant for her. She knew that she deserved better—and I loved it when she said she deserved someone who loved her, not someone working overtime to deny they love you. I wasn’t really on team Cade prior to this moment, but I have a newfound respect for the woman. 

    She’ll be just fine, just like Dr. Yamada will be just fine. As he told Billie, his heart is intact, and I love that despite their brief fling, they remained friendly and professional. He acknowledged that the heart wants what it wants, and you can’t fault people for it. In fact, being the two people at Chastain who didn’t stand a chance against Billie and Conrad’s feelings for each other somehow brought him and Cade closer together. And I don’t hate it. There wasn’t an immediate spark, but if you think about it, they kind of make a lot more sense in the long run. 

    And who knows what will happen when they bond over shared heartbreak and stiff margaritas? 

    THE RESIDENT: L-R: Malcolm-Jamal Warner and Anuja Joshi in the “All In” winter premiere episode of THE RESIDENT airing Tuesday, Jan 3 (8:00-9:02 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2022 Fox Media LLC. CR: Tom Griscom/FOX

    Also, I squealed with delight when Conrad reached to hold Billie’s hand in the elevator. It was a long time in the making, and we haven’t seen Conrad this genuinely happy in so long—I’ve missed that smile. The symbolism of the hand was more powerful than any kiss would have been at that very moment because it was so innocent and genuine. 

    Yamada had a pretty tough day after treating and losing her mentor, Dr. Perry. It was the Leonard Perry to everyone else as he was a renowned thoracic surgeon, and honestly, one of the most unique patients the show has ever had. Perry knew what was wrong with him before they even ran any tests. 

    When his odds of survival were 50-50, he decided not to let fear guide his judgment and put his fate into the hands of Dr. Austin. I’d trust him with my life, too. And while Perry didn’t die on AJ’s operating table, he suffered post-op complications that were out of anyone’s control. 

    The Resident has perfected the art of delivering a scene that gets the audience in their feels. We didn’t know Dr. Perry for long, but man, his death was a straight gut punch. And it was so beautifully presented—as the end neared, he saw himself, in his prime, teaching all of his interns, who he considered family. Next to him was his star pupil, Yamada, who took the lessons he learned in Perry’s class and applied them to a real-life scenario with grace. It was truly a touching moment, and it was a nice change of pace to see someone other than Conrad deal with a high-profile patient at Chastain. 

    I truly thought that Perry was going to leave Chastain a lump sum of money in his will that would go toward helping the hospital with its financial crisis, but that would’ve been a bit far-fetched. 

    Conrad kind of bounced around in the episode, helping everyone with everything, including Pravesh, who treated an elderly woman who was brought to Chastain after fighting off a mugger. She didn’t seem to remember much, and while surgery was a risky decision, they all agreed that they owed it to the woman. Billie’s risk aversion made sense considering the near-death experience with her last patient’s family. She didn’t want to lose anyone else, but Kit assured her that they were doing more good by attempting to help Lilian. And thankfully, it was the right decision as she pulled through, proving to be feistier than anyone could’ve imagined. Honestly, she may be my spirit animal. 

    And her willingness not to give in to the bullies—out of principle—inspired Kit to fight back against Gov. Betz rather than let him win by shutting down the Trauma 1 unit. It’s a small victory for Chastain as she didn’t have a plan in place to actually get the funding when she made the decision, but it’s nice to see the fire lit and her determination to save the hospital. 

    Of course, the promo for the upcoming 2-hour finale reveals that Gov. Betz will need Chastain’s help when he suffers a medical emergency. How convenient, right? People like him always want to defund the hospital until they actually need the services that it provides, and then they’re singing a whole new tune. 

    What did you think of the episode? Are you upset that the series returned only to announce its finale?

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