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The Resident Trial & Error The Resident Trial & Error

The Resident

The Resident – Trial & Error (2×07)

THE RESIDENT: L-R: Guest star Andy Milder, Emily VanCamp and Matt Czuchry in the "Trial & Error" episode of THE RESIDENT airing Monday, Nov. 5 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Guy D'AlemaFOX.



Pravesh, Pravesh, Pravesh.

You better call off that wedding as soon as possible.

The Resident has been building up the romantic tension between Pravesh and Julian for a few episodes now and they finally gave into temptation shortly after Pravesh found out Priya got a job off in San Francisco.

Instead of talking it out with fiancee, Pravesh decided to just cheat on her.

And though he and Julian both agreed that the kiss meant nothing, emotional cheating was a far was culprit here than the physical deed.

Pravesh is totally smitten with Julian and vice-versa.

We saw it when she offered to be a Beta tester for his watch prototype. He could have put an end to the flirtation right then and there by saying Priya was his first Beta tester but he went along with it because he enjoyed it.

They were already in the red zone when he decided to do the wedding dance with her at the karaoke bar, however, they crossed into the danger zone when they went in for the slow dance.

Everyone around them could feel the sexual tension. Way to not keep things a secret!

He cannot in good faith go through with marrying Priya.

Also, how fun was it for all of the doctors to just let loose and have fun? I thoroughly enjoyed watching every single one of them dance it out, Bollywood style.

This storyline is rather unfortunate because as I’ve said before, it’s completely out of character for Pravesh who was head over heels for his girl.

While he was conducting a trial run on his health watch, Conrad and Nic dealt with a messy clinical trial at  Chastain.

Nic was disappointed to find out her sister Jess joined a trial to make a few bucks and her disappointment only escalated when the side-effects from the clinical trial drug became deadly.

John, Jess’ rehab friend, was the first to pass from the trial.

And still, then, Kisic insisted it was Chastain’s fault for not being up to the health code.

Kisic had the nerve to argue with Conrad saying that the trial wasn’t to blame for all the patient’s getting sick, it was actually an outbreak of Sepsis.

I know Conrad and Nic proved him wrong but you damn well know a lawsuit is coming.

However, this time, it seems like Bell is going to have their backs because he also accused Kisic of manslaughter via a clinical trial.

We actually saw an ounce of humanity and emotion on Bell’s side when he had to deliver the news of John’s death to his wife and child — the reason John was in the trial in the first place as he was trying to make an extra few bucks to support the family.

It turns out, Bell is capable of thinking about feelings over money. It was a nice change of pace.

Nic’s relationship with her sister is complicated, but I hope that Jess realizes how lucky she is to have someone like Nic around and stops making poor life decisions.

Mina and Austin are finally on the same page. He’s always given her a hard time but finally, he was able to appreciate just how irreplaceable and badass she is.

I can totally see their writings taking their relationship down the romantic path, but I hope they don’t.

Sometimes, relationships work better when they are platonic and any romance would ruin the hilarious banter these two have going for them.

Voss blends with their dynamic seamlessly because she’s a spitfire who isn’t afraid to say what she’s thinking.

That kind of courage comes with age and many years of experience in a field.

She wasn’t afraid to call Bell out for being a good person but also “a bastard” on occasion. That’s what Bell needs in his life — someone to keep it real with him.

Do you see romance on the horizon for these two?

The Resident always does a really great job at following through on storylines, but this episode was so loaded with character development, they didn’t really get to address the cliffhangers.

What’s going on with Nic’s panic attacks? Will she tell Conrad about them? What’s going on with Conrad’s nightmares?

Where is Conrad’s dad? What’s happening with Bell’s multi-million dollar deal with Qua Vadis?

Leave your thoughts below and we’ll catch you in two weeks Residents!

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The Resident

The Resident Season Finale – Neon Moon (5×23)



The Resident Season Finale Review Neon Moon Season 5 Episode 23

Can I just say how grateful I am that there was a season finale that dished out happy endings all around?

The Resident Season 5 Episode 23 delivered its fair share of heartbreaking moments, but Chastain’s finest came out relatively unscathed at the end of it all. 

And some of those distressing moments in the ED actually gave some characters a new outlook on life.

Conrad found his mind wandering to the past, specifically to his first post-baby date with Nic, but he wasn’t entirely sure why.

Wise Winston informed him that he shouldn’t try to push away the memory because it was likely trying to teach him something, and sure enough, it was the pivotal moment Conrad needed to finally allow himself to move on romantically.

Conrad himself admitted to feeling guilty about even pursuing another woman, and it’s understandable. Nic was the love of his life, and she was taken too soon. I don’t think Conrad will ever actually move on from her, but he also deserves love and happiness. 

He feels like he owes it to her to stay single forever just to prove how much he loves her, but the truth is, Nic would’ve never wanted it. 

We always knew that, but now, after Conrad worked through his memories, he also knows it. She said so herself. 

I never knew how much I missed Nic until I saw Emily VanCamp back on my screen. It felt right. It felt like home, which is exactly how Conrad must feel whenever he gets pulled back into one of these memories. 

The specific one his brain kept going back to was the first date after they became parents where Nic got jealous after seeing Conrad hug another woman at a bar. I don’t know why Nic would ever think Conrad would be stepping out on her since 1. that isn’t Conrad and 2. jealousy isn’t her look, but let’s blame those baby hormones. Plus, it explains why he feels so guilty about even considering it. 

The moment led to an open discussion about death, and though Nic didn’t want to think about it, Conrad informed her that he bought out a life insurance policy in case anything ever happened to him. 

He then gave her permission to move on with someone that loved her and Gigi unconditionally. Nic promised to do so only if Conrad vowed to do the same if the tables were turned. It was a gut-wrenching scene to watch simply because you know that this conversation isn’t hypothetical and it’s actually Nic who doesn’t live to see her daughter grow up. 

While Conrad didn’t immediately make a decision between the two ladies completely smitten with him — Cade and Billie — (at least not openly), he did acknowledge that he was ready to finally let love in. 

Who will his heart settle on? It’s unclear for now, but my money is on Cade. 

Billie continues to give me best friend vibes, plus, they haven’t even had any scenes together in a minute. Meanwhile, he’s basically out here helping Cade heal from her shooting, patch up her relationship with her dad, and she even has a connection with Gigi. The woman that loves Conrad as much as he loves her is Cade. There’s no question about it. 

Cade and Conrad also have a good groove going. They definitely feel like the same person — Cade is the female version of Conrad. 

Even their daddy issues are similar. And Conrad, who has rebuilt his relationship with his father by acknowledging that it was a two-way street and one that needed a little bit of TLC and understanding, is the perfect person to guide Cade through it. 

When her father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, he knew exactly what to say and how to help her navigate. 

And while I don’t think Cade and her dad are completely healed, I do think they made a lot of progress, especially as she worried that he might not make it out of the OR. 

He’s tough, so he did, and virtually cancer-free. Though, he definitely had help from some incredible doctors, including Bell and Leela, who performed her first Whipple. 

Bell isn’t blind, thank god, and the eyesight issues were a temporary MS flare-up. Terrifying? Yes, but not the end of the world or his career. He has a huge cheerleader in his corner with Kit, but Bell is also a realist, so he’s training Leela as his replacement. 

Leela took on quite a lot this season as she attempted a double specialty, but she quickly learned that overdoing it wasn’t the key to happiness. 

Instead, she figured she was going to be a general surgeon, which would allow her to flex her muscle on a variety of different patients and procedures. It sure does feel like the best of both worlds, but it also frees her up to have a personal life. 

And a personal life is much needed if she plans to course-correct her relationship with Pravesh.

Leela didn’t have a change of heart about her stance on children, but she also didn’t shoot down the idea of it in the future either.

And Pravesh, who was leaving Chastain for a position with the research hospital in Baltimore, realized that he wanted to give their relationship another try.

I don’t want Pravesh to give up his dream of having a family, but it’s hard to argue with the logic that he’s giving up on the woman he loves for a hypothetical child. 

The Resident Season Finale Review Neon Moon Season 5 Episode 23

THE RESIDENT: L-R: Guest star Kaley Ronayne and Matt Czuchry in the season finale “Neon Moon“ episode of THE RESIDENT airing Tuesday, May 17 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2022 Fox Media LLC Cr: Nathan Bolster/FOX

The realization came to him after a patient ignored his and AJ Austin’s orders to terminate a pregnancy that was putting his wife’s life at risk.

I know that no one ever wants to hear that they have to kill their unborn child to save their wife, but in this case, the options weren’t stacked in Trini’s favor. And it seemed careless to choose the option with the most risk simply to save an unborn child over the wife and mother of your actual child. 

The husband’s decision was the one he’ll regret for the rest of his life. The pain of losing an unborn child would’ve been there regardless, but it wouldn’t have been nearly as traumatizing as losing Trini. 

Trini deserved better. The doctors would have saved them both if they could, but the options simply weren’t there. Instead of saving one patient, they lost them both. 

And honestly, my heart aches the most for the young boy who had no say and watched his mother die in front of him. 

I won’t ever understand why someone would willingly do that to their child. 

It’s not the same, but as Pravesh explained, Trini would one day be able to have another child. The family could’ve been whole again, but now they will forever have a hole in place of Trini. 

But if one good thing came out of it, it was Pravesh and Leela’s reconciliation. 

Then there are soon-to-be parents AJ and Padma, who are expecting twins. I’m over the moon about this, and I can’t wait to see AJ in the role of a loveable and gentle father. 

All the love in the air was fitting considering everyone was at an engagement party for Kit and Bell. 

Say what you want but it finally feels like everyone at Chastain is getting a much-deserved break. 

Did you like the season finale? Who will Conrad choose as his romantic partner? Or will it be neither of his co-workers? Marion did make a little appearance there, and Nic sniffed out a crush. Maybe it’s always been Marion! 

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The Resident

The Resident Review – The Proof Is in the Pudding (5×22)



The Resident Review The Proof Is in the Pudding Season 5 Episode 22

Even the best fall down sometimes. That much became evident on The Resident Season 5 Episode 22 when Cade, Ian Sullivan, and Dr. Bell all took a turn for the worse and found themselves doubled over in pain at some point throughout the evening.  

Cade was recovering from her near-death experience at the hands of the mob. The good news is that she’s doing much better and is in great hands, mainly Conrad and Gigi’s. 

The bad news is that while she’s on bed rest, she’s forced to deal with PTSD and the trauma of her past at the hands of her previously absent father but incredible pediatric surgeon, Dr. Sullivan.

Sullivan is definitely a mixed bag. He’s one of those men that put his career first, which meant that his family fell to second place and wasn’t a priority because it didn’t stroke his ego. 

As Cade reveals, she pretty much had to raise herself — the silver lining is that she became all too self-reliant and the badass that walked into Chastain and left a mark on everyone. 

And that self-reliance is what lead to her fall when she decided to finally go for a walk for the first time following the shooting by herself. When her legs buckled under her, she hit her head, tore her incision, and laid there in a pool of blood. Brutal. 

To no one’s surprise, instead of being by her side, her father was taking a meeting with Kit Voss to talk about potentially accepting a job as a pediatric surgeon. 

When Cade got word of his potential plans, she realized that even though he came to save her, he somehow found a way to make the trip all about himself.

Their fight came after a strongly worded between Conrad and Sullivan. And you know it says something when Conrad, an exceptional doctor and father-of-the-year is calling you out.

And yet, I don’t hate Sullivan. 

There are plenty of red flags about Sullivan, sure, but he also doesn’t strike me as someone that’s beyond fixing. Bell has come a long way from the corrupt man he once was at the kickstart of the series, and I don’t Sullivan is nearly as bad as that. 

Not to mention that adding another ego-driven doctor to the team who is all too aware that he’s god’s gift to mankind could make for some great television. And I’m not opposed to seeing his relationship with Cade pan out either. 

Kit acknowledged that Sullivan was an impressive man, but I love that she remained impervious to his charms. 

Of course, Dr. Sullivan is also not being very honest about what’s ailing him. At the end of the episode, he doubled over in pain and pretty much fell unconscious on his hotel floor. I’m not a doctor, but I think it’s definitely much more than a pulled muscle. 

It’s so funny how some of the best doctors don’t actually know how to take their own medical advice. 

I’m sure Sullivan will be alright, but he’s likely going to need a stay at Chastain as a patient rather than the hero. 

Kit’s going to have her hands full with Bell, who admitted to pushing himself too hard and causing an MS flare-up that has affected his vision.

It’s definitely a concerning situation, but I’m hoping for the best possible outcome. There needs to be a Kitbell wedding — I’m not letting a disease stop us from getting that epic moment.

Conrad spent much of the episode waiting on Cade and making sure that she had everything she needed.

He pretended that he was simply acting as Cade’s doctor, but it’s obvious that he has it bad for her.

Conrad hasn’t allowed himself to enter a serious relationship with anyone since Nic’s passing, but Cade might be the one who breaks through the wall that he continues building up.

Of course, that’s not ideal for Billie, who just admitted that she has feelings for Conrad. 

AJ Austin didn’t even need her to name names because he knew exactly who her heart was pining for. It’s obvious Billie.

But as the saying goes — you snooze, you lose.

The series is obviously trying to build up a love triangle here between Conrad, Billie, and Cade, but honestly, there’s no reason for it. 

We haven’t walked the romantic road with Billie and Conrad too far, and I say, leave it be. Conrad and Billie will forever be connected because of their love for Nic, but it doesn’t have to become anything more than a genuine and good friendship. 

She can be auntie Billie without being stepmom Billie.

Let’s not mess with this, especially because Billie was Nic’s best friend. It would make sense as a storyline if there was no one else that Conrad had chemistry with, but that’s not the case, so there’s no point in forcing this for the sake of a love triangle.

Though, I did really love the heart-to-heart between AJ and Billie. This isn’t the first time I’ve found myself rooting for them as a couple, but I know it’s not going to happen since he’s having a baby with Padma, so it’s a bummer. 

In addition to their heartwarming moment, the two top surgeons worked together on a case of a boy with a rare disease that caused his bones to break. 

His mother refused surgery because of the potential risks, but it was almost like a ticking time bomb. 

Doing the surgery was risky, but not doing the surgery was riskier. She allowed fear to cloud her judgment, and it almost led to a bigger disaster than had she simply listened to the medical advice of the experts and opted for the surgery. 

Marco’s mother didn’t know how to let go. She was what some might call a helicopter parent but for good reason — she was trying to protect her son in the best way she knew how. 

Eventually, she had to push all those fears aside and trust that the doctors knew what they were doing, and it allowed for the best possible outcome. 

Marco may even have a shot at a normal life one day, which sounds incredible after 15 years of watching his every move. 

An overbearing and overcaring mother was an interesting storyline choice to parallel Cade’s complex relationship with her father. 

Neither case was ideal because they were both so extreme. There was no middle ground. Marco’s mom didn’t let him live his life, which made him resentful. Meanwhile, Cade knew she could never rely on her father, which forced her to become resentful and independent. 

If there was a takeaway here for AJ, it’s how not to parent. But Conrad — role model!

Pravesh spent the episode interviewing for a job. His career is accelerating, which means he’s a wanted man. And it also means Chastain is terrified of losing him. 

But what’s Pravesh going to do now? Will he accept the “dream job” offer? Or will he stick around and continue being loyal to the hospital that “made him.”

I don’t think any of his friends gave him the right advice. While Conrad was understanding and told him he’d support him regardless, he also asked him not to break up the team, while Leela pretty much made him think that because Chastain gave him a start, he couldn’t pursue any other avenues. 

I know Pravesh will eventually decide to stick around because this is his home and it’s what makes sense for the show, but if this was a real-life situation, I’d encourage him to take the risk and become a director at a new center for rare diseases! Why not? Some people outgrow jobs, and it’s perfectly okay. In fact, it’s normal and healthy to move on to new things while remaining grateful for what once was. 

I wish Pravesh’s loved ones would be happy for him and encourage him to follow his heart. 

Of course, while chatting with Leela, their relationship also came up, and it’s playing a big role in Pravesh’s decision. 

It’s difficult to work with your ex, especially an ex you still love. However, they clearly don’t see eye-to-eye on the idea of starting a family. 

I’m almost annoyed that their conversation happened because it only reiterated what we already knew — she doesn’t want kids, and he does. There’s no middle ground or way to make this work if two people aren’t on the same page. Leela used to be one of my favorite characters, but this season has done her no favors. It’s her way or no way, and if that’s how she’s going to carry on, it’s probably best that Pravesh drew the line and called it quits. 

What did you think of the episode?

Will Pravesh accept the new job? Is Bell alright? What’s ailing Dr. Sullivan?

Will Conrad get pulled into a love triangle?

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The Resident

The Resident Review – Risk (5×21)



The Resident Review Risk Season 5 Episode 21

The Resident Season 5 Episode 21 put Cade and Conrad through the wringer, and though we knew it was coming, it didn’t make things easier. 

After bringing down the mob for medical fraud, Cade had a target on her back, which is why it made sense that she decided to pick up her life and get out of town. 

While she came to love the people at Chastain, including Conrad, she never put down any real roots here because she knew she was on borrowed time. 

Still, it didn’t make leaving any easier either. 

After sharing her goodbyes, Cade got in a car seemingly headed for the airport, which is when the mob’s hitman shot several bullets into her vehicle. 

I know this needed to happen for the sake of the storyline, but did they really just send her on her way with one police escort knowing how dangerous the mob actually is?

And then the one agent assigned to her case was completely useless. Conrad lept into action quicker than the agent!

Of course, Conrad’s motivations were personal as he had developed an emotional connection to Cade. 

They never acted on their feelings, but they were there bubbling right beneath the surface. Frankly, I thought he was going to plant one on her when she was leaving, right after she got shot, and when she woke up. 

Of course, there’s a lot more holding Conrad back than the fact that Cade didn’t want to get attached. 

He’s still reeling from losing Nic, and he’s too scared to get close to anyone and lose them again, plus, he feels like he’s cheating on her. 

The feelings are understandable, especially as his fears of losing Cade brought up the same fears he had when Nic was brought to the hospital. 

It couldn’t have been easy seeing the life of someone he cared about hanging in the balance again. 

The PTSD from losing someone is real. 

However, it also motivated him. He couldn’t save Nic, but he could try his best to save Cade. They weren’t out of options, and though things looked bleak when she began rejecting the blood transfusion and they realized she had a very rare blood type, Conrad’s desire to bring Cade out of this was a key factor in saving her life. 

Pravesh seemed skeptical that Conrad could rewrite the end, so to speak, but he did. 

It would’ve been too cruel to see Cade suffer permanent brain damage considering the nature of Nic’s death. 

You can’t put a man through all of that. 

Even if Conrad doesn’t end up with Cade — because it definitely seems like Billie’s throwing her net — I’m glad she’s alive. 

At the risk of sounding nitpicky, I was a little upset with how the whole blood-type situation went down. 

Cade knew that she could be killed at any moment, so why didn’t she tell anyone that she had a rare blood type? Why wasn’t it in any of her files?

Why did they have to waste so much time trying to acquire her backup blood? This is one of the things that should’ve been on Conrad or Kit’s radar. 

Being a whistleblower is dangerous, but Cade knew the risks going in. 

They didn’t need to keep it a secret anymore, and admittedly, it was hilarious to see everyone’s reactions when Conrad just blurted it out. 

It’s hard to believe that sweet and spunky Cade singlehandedly took down the mob. 

My guess is that they will no longer be a problem, though, it probably wasn’t wise that Kit did a press release and informed the public of Cade’s health status. 

If they wanted her dead, why would she go out there and tell people she was in critical condition?

At that point, someone might have just come through to finish the job. 

I don’t think Cade will ever be truly safe until she gets out of town and changes her name. Maybe her hair color too so it isn’t so distinguishable. 

And clearly, that squashes any potential romance storyline for her and Conrad. 

The Resident Review Risk Season 5 Episode 21

THE RESIDENT: L-R: Matt Czuchry and guest star Kaley Ronayne in the “Risk“ episode of THE RESIDENT airing Tuesday, May 3 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2022 Fox Media LLC Cr: Nathan Bolster

Cade’s father, Dr. Ian Sullivan, also arrived at Chastain to be there for his daughter. He was a little late but better late than never I guess. 

It probably isn’t fair of him to say that he’s here to “save her,” but Sullivan seems to be an ego-driven personality. It’s been a while since we’ve had one of those around here. 

Since the trailer teases that his expertise might come in handy and land him a job at Chastain, I assume Cade will also be sticking around. 

It was nice to see the team rally to save Cade. They went above and beyond to find a solution for her, and there’s no better than Bell, AJ Austin, and Leela. I’d trust those doctors with my entire being. 

While they waited to see if Cade would pull through, Pravesh and AJ got a little bit of a distraction with their patient, Jimmy Miller, a popular podcast host and known anti-vaxxer. 

Honestly, Jimmy was annoying, and it was hard to have any sympathy for him. 

He built all of his success on a lie because when push came to shove and he was lying on his death bed, he admitted that he was actually vaccinated, which made him eligible to be put on the donor’s list. 

Jimmy figured that he could get a lot of followers and listeners by tapping into the anti-vax movement, but he didn’t realize he was influencing a lot of people and preventing them from getting necessary vaccines.

He was a hypocrite who kept himself safe but purposefully put the public in danger. 

Pravesh and AJ couldn’t reveal Jimmy’s medical history, but they didn’t have to stand by the fact that they “made an exception”, so Jimmy’s wife pieced it together and emerged furious. 

I would be too if I knew my husband was a fraud whose decisions meant that his family also didn’t get vaccinated and almost died. 

That’s what I call a selfish man who got everything he deserved. In the end, AJ informed him that while he qualified to be added to the transplant list, they suggested getting it somewhere else as one of the stipulations was that he needed to have someone who would care for him for a year. And since his wife left him immediately upon finding out the truth, Jimmy was all alone. 

The episode was jam-packed with life-saving action, but there was a brief conversation between Pravesh and Leela about figuring out how to work alongside each other. 

The breakup is still very fresh, so they’ll need some time to adjust, but I think they are both mature adults who won’t let their emotions cloud their judgment. 

It’s unfortunate because man, I really loved them as a couple. And it’ll be weird to see them dating other people in the future, but since they made a huge deal about breaking up because of children, I think it’s only fair that Pravesh gets a real love interest that is on the same page as he is! 

What did you think of the episode? Did Cade’s “will she or won’t she die” storyline keep you on the edge of your seat?

Are you shipping her and Cade? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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