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The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Episode 7 Review Love Affair The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Episode 7 Review Love Affair

The Summer I Turned Pretty

The Summer I Turned Pretty Review – Love Affair (207)

Credit: TSITP/ Prime Video



Summer love is blooming once again, but this time, with the other Fisher brother on The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Episode 7.

As much as Jeremiah claims that Conrad and Belly were inevitable, from the outside looking in, Jeremiah and Belly were also inevitable. I don’t envy her for being torn between both brothers because no matter what you do, you’re always going to be hurting someone, and a reason for their feud, and that’s never an ideal situation. 

Belly has a unique connection with both the brothers; with Conrad, they have a cosmic connection that is undeniable and hard to shake, particularly since it’s also her first love. There will always be something between them, no matter how much distance they put between each other. Romantically, it’s much stronger than what she has with Jeremiah, which is why Steven picked up on it and told his buddy he’s rooting for him. 

When it comes to Jeremiah, their relationship is rooted in a friendship… much deeper than the one she ever has with Conrad, and it’s mostly because Jeremiah is such a good human. He loves her unconditionally and truly cares about her; he’s always there, ready to be her rock, support system, or escape from reality. He never lets her down, and he knows exactly how to cheer her up. He’d be the perfect—ideal—boyfriend.

And given his sunny disposition at all times, it’s why they’ve always been so close and affectionate with each other, and why no one picked up on their recent flirtations becoming less and less innocent. 

A lot was bubbling under the surface between them that surpassed friendship, with Jeremiah fighting those feelings at every turn and refusing to let himself get caught up in the moment out of fear that he’ll get hurt again. It’s a valid concern, especially as he’s aware of just how much was still unexplored between Belly and Conrad. 

However, he eventually allows himself to believe her when she says that she wants him, that things with Conrad are over, and that they are “friends.” And a pretty steamy makeout session follows. It might not sound like I’m on team Jeremiah, but trust me, I am. I think he deserves happiness, I think he deserves a fair shot, and I think that Belly deserves to be loved in the way that she’s always wanted to be loved. On paper, it makes sense, but long term, I don’t think it’s going to work out; it’s like a summer fling hinged on so many hopes and dreams and possibilities of what could be. There’s so much optimism surrounding it, which is also a huge change of pace for Belly, who was used to Conrad’s mood changes steering the course of their relationship. 

When Belly tells Jeremiah “I’m ready for something real,” I think that what she really means is that she is ready for a relationship where she’s guaranteed the person won’t hurt her. I know, I know, those of you that read the books and have “seen the future” will be like “BUT….” but right now, Belly doesn’t know that, nor does she ever expect Jeremiah to do anything to break her heart; he’s the safe choice after she put it all out there and got her heart stomped on. It’s definitely a different vibe from when she and Conrad got together, that’s for sure. 

I know she felt sound in her decision at that moment, promising Jere that she wouldn’t hurt him again, but the promise was only made because she was under the impression that everything with Conrad had truly fizzled out. What if she finds out it hasn’t? Will that change things for her again? 

You can’t even blame her for thinking that because Conrad hasn’t told her how he feels. I imagine he’d want to do it once he finished his finals and got school out of the way, but he didn’t make it in time, walking in on Belly and Jeremiah hooking up instead. Pure devastation spread across his face as he watched his soulmate and his brother take things to the next level. 

As much as I said I wasn’t going to ship Conrad (who struggled to commit), the moment broke me for a few reasons. The initial shock was one of them, but it’s also the fact that they blindsided Conrad without talking to him first, just as his relationship with Jeremiah was getting better. I know Belly wanted to tell him the night they were laying by the pool but he fell asleep, but I don’t think she should’ve acted on impulse either; there’s too much at stake here, hearts are on the line, and she may not realize it now, but there are real consequences of flip-flopping from one guy to another. 

Conrad has been, for the most part, emotionally unavailable, and while he’s working on it and making strides, he struggled with just putting his feelings out there and letting Belly know just how much he loves her. He had so many opportunities, yet he never made the move, and I get why he’s hesitating since he doesn’t want to overstep and hurt her again, and he missed his shot. It’s heartbreaking to watch, particularly the scene where they share a meaningful hug and his facial expressions vividly show him going from hopeful to disappointed and devastated that she’s friend-zoning him. 

The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Episode 7 Review Love Affair

Credit: TSITP/ Prime Video

The good thing is that after finally achieving a victory in the Cousins beach house battle, Conrad began to loosen up and apologized for how poorly he treated her while they were together. It was a big move on his part as we know he tends to just freeze everyone out. He also made strides in his relationship with Jeremiah after they were on the outs for some time—and I’m glad they’re acknowledging that all they have is each other so they need to find a way to get along. It’s also the reason why I think Conrad will bottle up all of his feelings in order to allow Belly and Jeremiah’s relationship to flourish. Jere opened up to him about how much it sucked to see him with Belly, so I don’t think he’d want to hurt his brother now. 

Maybe that’s why Belly was so determined to help Conrad get into Stanford as she thought it would allow them to finally move on from each other and go their separate ways. 

I will say that it was nice to see the four of them go from partying together to studying together—it shows the depth of their friendship and how much they all care for each other. They are able to put all of the romance drama aside and simply be those four childhood best friends for a bit. 

Laurel’s arrival in Cousins was emotional, to say the least. She went from chewing Belly out for lying—and slapping her in a heated moment—to breaking down about Susannah and realizing she’d been avoiding dealing with the loss, which inevitably took a toll on her children, to apologizing to the boys for not being there when they needed her, and eventually, to convincing Aunt Julia to pull out of the sale, and then convincing Adam to buy the house from her. Adam isn’t the greatest dad, nor was he a good husband, a fact he himself admitted, but when confronted by the boys, he did the right thing and agreed to sell the Boston house so they could keep the house Susannah loved in the family.

I love that we’ve finally settled this issue—and that an adult was necessary to drive it home because they are all still teens, plus, Laurel promised to do right by her friend and she knew all the right things to say to make it happen—and we can move into new storylines, like Belly gunning for her spot back on the volleyball team, the love triangle that seems to loop infinitely, and Steven and Taylor! 

What did you think of the episode TSITP?

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TV Preview

‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ Fans, We’ve Got Some Bad News About Season 3



The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 Episode 7 Review Love Affair

Summer 2024 is going to be one without Belly, Conrad and Jeremiah. 

During Amazon’s Upfront event on Tuesday, which was attended by writer Jenny Han, Lola Tung, Gavin Casaelgno and Christopher Briney, it was revealed that the highly-anticipated third installment of the series is being delayed, with an expected release next year in 2025. 

While that isn’t ideal for everyone waiting to see how this love triangle pans out (you should probably just read the book, if you haven’t, at this point), there is some good news on the horizon. 

Minimal details about what to expect have been revealed, however, to make up for the long hiatus—season 2 aired its last episode in August 2023 making this a two-year gap—the third installment will come with an expanded episode count: 11 episodes instead of the previous 7 and 8 in season’s 1 and 2, respectively. 

And as an extra little something-something for fans, the official TSITP X account shared a video of the cast playing beach volleyball with the caption, “see you in Cousins in 2025.”

And even better—the series has already begun filming, which means that while there’s a wait, there’s also momentum and excitement. 

As for those who have read the book series—avert your eyes if you haven’t—it’s unclear if the 11 episodes will span the entire third book, We’ll Always Have Summer, which finds Belly making a choice between the brothers—or if it will divert from what’s already been established to something more fitting for television (and maybe even appeases the fandoms a bit more?).

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see! 

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The Summer I Turned Pretty

7 Steamiest Moments on ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’



7 Steamiest Moments on 'The Summer I Turned Pretty'

It’s been a month since The Summer I Turned Pretty Season 2 wrapped up, and naturally, I’ve been replaying all of the best moments (read: the ones that give you butterflies) between Belly, Conrad, and Jeremiah, to fill the void.

TSITP hinges on a love triangle between the two brothers and their longtime family-friendly, and when romance is the main focus of a young adult drama, well, you can anticipate that the series will have its fair share of hot and steamy makeout moments, along with plenty of heartbreak… more on that here

With two seasons currently available to binge-watch on Prime Video—and we patiently await the third season—we’re breaking down all the steamiest moments on the show thus far.


Conrad and Belly Visit the Cousins House in the Winter

The moment when Conrad and Belly let their love totally consume them takes the top spot simply because of how intimately romantic and pure it is. Conrad showed so much care for Belly, making sure that she felt safe and ready. Nothing mattered except for the love and passion they felt for each other in that very moment; the world could melt away as they spent the evening together, cuddled up warmly by the fire. It’s one of the most pivotal Conrad and Belly scenes because it’s followed by so much anger and heartbreak as their relationship takes a nosedive and ends with an explosive argument at Conrad’s mother’s funeral.



Belly and Jeremiah Decide to Be Together

Okay, this kiss, was undeniably hot because it came from such a place of happiness and fullfillment. Belly knew what she wanted, and she went after it. They’d been skirting around their feelings for much of season 2, but there was nothing standing in their way anymore, so they both finally embraced their lust and completely gave themselves over to it. The little tug on his sweater indicated how crazy Belly was about him and how badly she wanted him, making everyone’s heart skip a beat while watching at home. The scene was delivered and executed perfectly by the duo (they understood the assignment)—but the Beyonce soundtrack simply elevated it into one of the most monumental romantic moments on television. It was a dream kiss, so even if you’re not Team Jeremiah, you couldn’t help but be completely enamored by this scene.


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Belly and Conrad’s First Kiss on the Beach

There are so many romantic parts to this scene—the apology, Conrad’s honesty about needing and wanting Belly, and Taylor Swift’s “This Love (Taylor’s Version),” all culminating in the moment she’s dreamt of forever—the first kiss during a sunrise on the beach. After putting Belly through such an emotional rollercoaster through the whole season, Conrad made up for it with an absolutely perfect moment. 


Belly and Jeremiah’s Makeout

With Conrad, it’s romantic and sensual, but with Jeremiah, it’s passionate, hot and charged. It’s almost as if Belly and Jeremiah cannot wait to get their hands on each other—and in this case, Jeremiah was waiting. He was waiting for his time with Belly to come, and when it did, he bared his soul to her about his feelings before they embraced in a hot and heavy pool makeout session that’s on every girl’s summer bucket list. 


Belly and Jeremiah’s First Kiss in the Car

After Belly’s skinny dipping incident, Jeremiah and Conrad come to the rescue, but she makes it a point to go back home with Jere so she can apologize for ditching him during the volleyball tournament and to thank him for picking her up. In place of their usual playful vibe, there’s an intense chemistry that builds up to their first kiss. Sparks fly in a moment that feels both safe and right, because it’s Jeremiah, but also extremely hot and dangerous, because it’s Jeremiah. Jere checks in on her, proving that he values her and cares for her, while Belly boldly makes the first move, placing his hand on her chest, as her heart pounds in a way that indicates a strong and indescribable connection & attraction—it’s a sign that their romance-to-be was inevitable in season 2. 


Belly and Jeremiah on Conrad’s Car

Listen, this scene did a lot of damage to both fandoms, in good and bad ways. They couldn’t hold off on those feelings anymore, simply embracing each other in the heat of the moment, but man, it was poor timing. Conrad walked in on them locking lips on his car, at his college, while he was taking a test. It wasn’t ideal, but it had to happen so that Belly and Conrad could put their relationship behind them (for now) and Jeremiah could finally, officially get his moment. Also, it continues on the “hot and heavy” trend for these two, and despite being Team Conrad, I can’t argue that I see the appeal of Jelly because of their raw and real chemistry and longing for one another. 


Steven and Taylor Car Hood Makeout 

When you’re young and in love, you make out on and in cars a lot, as evidenced by TSITP. Shortly after Belly and Conrad’s controversial car makeout, Steven and Taylor declared their love for each other in a cute lip-locking moment that came on the heels of a very vulnerable one; Taylor pushing Steven away because, for the first time in her life, she actually cared as much as the person she was in a relationship with. Not only are they both forcing each other out of their comfort zones, but their relationship built up to this moment organically, and it’s so adorable that we can’t help but ship them.

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The Summer I Turned Pretty

Is There Going to be a Season 3 of ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’?



The screen adaptation of The Summer I Turned Pretty—based on a novel of the same name by Jenny Han—was a breakout hit for Amazon Prime Video back in 2022, and after the second season concluded in August 2023, fans have been eagerly awaiting a third season of the coming-of-age drama. 

The good news is that the third installment has already been renewed, but it’s unclear when it might land on the streaming service. As of right now, production has been halted due to the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. 

Previously, season 2 started production in July 2022 and wrapped filming in November, with the show arriving in the summer of 2023, so depending on the strikes, an optimistic timeline would be late summer 2024, but again, that’s at best. 

As for what we can expect, thus far, the franchise has stayed pretty close to the books, meaning that the upcoming third season will be based on We’ll Always Have Summer. 

With the success of the series, Prime Video and Han may decide to add additional seasons, but it’s highly possible that a third season could be the final one, forcing fans to say goodbye to Cousins Beach. 

Han shared the exciting news of S3 on Instagram earlier this year, revealing that it would include a total of 10 episodes—two episodes more than the first and second seasons. 

“We’ll Always Have Summer 🤍 So excited to finally share that we’re coming back to Cousins for Season 3, and this time we’ll have 10 whole episodes. It’s been hard not being able to work on the show because of the ongoing strikes, but we can’t wait to get going on Season 3 as soon as we’re able,” she wrote in the caption.


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A post shared by Jenny Han (@jennyhan)

The second season dug deeper into the friendship—and love triangle—between Belly (Lola Tung), Conrad (Christopher Briney), and Jeremiah (Gavin Casalegno) that was introduced in the first season, though don’t you worry, Belly’s brother, Steven (Sean Kaufman), and her best friend, Taylor (Rain Spencer), were along for the ride, finding their own love story. 

Susannah’s cancer was a major subplot that was woven into the main plot within the first season, with her death having a huge impact on season 2.

You can watch the season 2 trailer below and read all of CraveYouTV’s reviews right here! 

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