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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries- Growing Pains



“One of the highlights of my transition… remembering everything you compelled me to forget.”

Its a hard life being Elena Gilbert. Transitioning into a vampire can be quite the adventure. The season premiere of The Vampire Diaries picked up right where we left it off. Elena waking up from her slumber only to realize the road ahead is well, kind of eternal.Yet, Elena seems to be coping really well with the transition compared to some of her other vamp friends (Caroline). Its surprising given how emotional of a character she is and how much she never wanted this to happen. Aside from having a heightened sense of hearing, a hatred towards light bulbs, and some occasional trips, it seems as if she’s doing just fine. Even the vivd and very alive flashbacks of memories Damon compelled her to forget don’t phase her. Or do they??

Everyone in Mystic Falls is not taking Elena’s transition very well. Poor old Matt seems to be the center of attention in this whole situation, well at least for Damon who tries to kill him every chance he gets. His reaction might be a little impulsive, but isn’t that the Damon we all know and love? Stefan can’t seem to accept the fact that he let Elena die. So basically everyone is looking for a solution to fix this mistake, especially Bonnie. 

 To save Elena, Bonnie tries to kill herself in order to reach her on the other side and pull her back from the dead. “That’s never happened in the history of vampirism,” said Damon and boy was he right. Before I even get to the whole Gramz thing, I just want to make this clear. After so many centuries of people turning into vampires and dying because of the consequences, there is no way that Elena could be an exception to the rule! And if the writers were to go in this direction, I would stop watching. But they didn’t so all is well. Whats really irritating how Bonnie’s character is used as the only source of answers for anything. Someone’s dead? revive them. Someone’s missing? Find them. Someone’s sick? Heal them. She’s a witch but that doesn’t mean she’s God.  Everytime something goes wrong Bonnie is chanting away, nose bleed in tow while Jeremy freaks out. This has really got to end because I don’t believe for a second that there won’t be very dear and near consequences for messing with the universe’s plan. Also Bonnie deserves another witch partner in crime. The ratio of vampires to witches is pretty slim. Either way Bonnie’s attempt at brining Elena back from the dead was unsuccessful and she a very severe warning from Gramz that messing with this type of magic was dark and dangerous.  Duh, I don’t think the spirits are really fond of Bonnie at this point.

But the use and abuse of witch Bonnie doesn’t stop there. When she is unsuccesful with Elena, Klaus (whose in Tyler’s body) threatens to rip Tylers heart out and jump into another human if Bonnie doesn’t reverse the spell. This of course means more tapping into the dark magic for Bonnie. Ultimately, with no choice but to perform the spell and save Klaus and Tyler, Bonnie ends up hurting her Gramz on the other side. I’m not really sure how stuff on the other side works, I mean Gramz was dead and now they hurt her over there? Whatever it was bad.Sadly to say we won’t be seeing anymore of Klaus in Tylers body, which is unfortunate because it was so bloody incredible to watch Tyler throw down little phrases like “love” while tricking Caroline into having vampire sex with him.

Which leads into the revenge of the council on all the vampires in Mystic Falls. Obviously, Alaric outed them all and now a plan to kill all the vampires has been put into action, lead by Pastor Young, whom everyone seems to know, yet we’ve never met. This isn’t anything new from the writers of TVD though, we just have to pretend and imagine when he throws down phrases like “you babysat my children” to Elena that we’ve known him all our life. This spin on the show is pretty intense if you ask me. Previously, the vampires have only dealt with authority, like police exposing them, or other vampire’s that were stronger than them. Than there was hybrid Klaus. But now a fight between a religious figure kind of sets the scene up as a fight between God and the Devil, or if you’re a non-believer, Good and Evil. 

Since I sort of drifted off the Elena transisitioning trail, lets bring it back a bit. Elena, unable to feed, is given a choice, until her, Stefan and Rebekah are all locked up the vervaine infested stables of Pastor Young’s little farm house. As the clock ticks, Elena looks paler and paler, ultimately looking as if she’s on her last breath. In a heartwarming speech through the walls of the “prison”, Rebekah actually starts feeling some remorse for attempting to kill Elena. That’s when she gears up a plan to help Elena feed on one of the security guards. As Elena feeds on the blood, joy, bliss and power courses through her body and I feel a little squeamish watching this.  But hey, mission accomplished. 

Which leads me into my favorite topic ever, relationships. Klaus was clearly a jerk for saving Caroline over his sister in the wreckage that got Rebekah imprisoned by the council. His reasoning is valid, “you’re an original, you can’t be killed.” Yet, that doesn’t mean she wants to stay locked up in a cellar rotting while you save the other blonde that you have some fond desire for. Rude. This fight than escalted when Klaus re-entered his own body and was icing the last remains of Elena’s blood to make more hybrids. Rebekah keeps trying and trying to make her and Klaus a family, after all that’s all she has left, but he just pushes her further and further away, eventually snapping her neck after stating he really doesn’t give a crap about her. Really touching scene.

Team Damon vs. Team Stefan. Well its obvious isn’t it? A different type of love consumes both of the couples, but if Elena has eternity whats the rush? Stefan and Elena are sweet and caring and so very boring. Sitting on the roof contemplating “toghether forever” while the sun rises was great, but it had no passion. There was nothing exciting, nothing to actually make me think, “hey maybe they are in love.” None of that. Even her speech about how she made the right choice in going back for him the night she died on the bridge was the best one she ever made. I just can’t believe it. And you know why? Because scenes like the intense one between Damon and Elena happen. She remembers meeting him first. She remembers him telling her that he loves her but she belongs with Stefan. when she ask’s if he was at the bridge last night and not Stefan, Damon replies “I would have saved you, in a heart beat no questions asked.” Its obvious Elena wants to be treated like an individual that has decisions and Stefan respects that. Damon doesn’t but only because he loves her so much and as someone who didn’t have a choice in living (mainly because Stefan made him transistion) he never wanted that for Elena. On the surface, it makes Damon look like a jerk, but in reality, his motives are more raw than anyone could ever imagine. Stefan has this whole concept of free will, even if it will lead to disastrous things. Damon just acts, without thinking, but using his heart (that he always mentions doesn’t exist.) Which one would you want, someone who lets you make your own bad decisions or someone who cares so much they do what’s best for you regardless of who it hurts?? Or maybe both??

Lastly, TVD never leaves the scene of a crime without a cliffhanger and this time it surrounded the movement led by council member Pastor Young. While he has all of his followers together, cause it looks like they are all possessed or something he speaks about him being chosen to lead the movement and pretty soon they will be able to pass through the gates and reuinite in eternity. Than in a creepy manner he startes “We are the beginning” and blows the place up. What does this even mean? What is the beginning? Why was there such an emphasis placed on them passing out the vervain? How are they going to fight the vampires if they are dead? When he says meet in eternity, does he mean they are going to come back in different form and fight this battle? I have this strange feeling we are moving into the zone of zombies and I’m not sure how I feel about that. I guess we’ll have to see. 

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The Vampire Diaries

Paul Wesley Reflects on His Brotherhood with ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Co-Star Ian Somerhalder, Addresses Toxic Masculinity



Paul Wesley

Paul Wesley opened up in an interview with SiriusXM Urban View’s “The Mike Muse Show” about his bond with Ian Somerhalder and toxic masculinity all while encouraging men to be emotionally vulnerable.

Acting in a popular teen drama, Wesley experienced a lot of pressure to perform in his career-defining role as Stefan Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries, saying, “You spent your whole life hustling as a young actor, trying to get to that next thing, this, that, you never really enjoy it because you’re always putting pressure on yourself.”

Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley Virtual Reunion

Ian Somerhalder (left) and Paul Wesley (right) on The Vampire Diaries. Credit: The Cw/ The Vampire Diaries

However, through this opportunity, he met Ian Somerhalder, who played his on-screen brother Damon Salvatore. He recounts the moment they formed a bond and brotherhood over a night of shared bourbon and cigars.

“I just remember, first of all, we were on this journey together on this show, ‘Vampire Diaries,’ and it was such a huge sort of grind for us emotionally, physically…And that was a moment where we sat down and just were like, wow, this is so cool. We’re so lucky. How great is this? We’re having a cigar, we’re in a castle in England, and we’re on this great show. And that was a real moment of kind of gratitude and connection that we had with one another that I kind of think really stood out for both of us. We talk about that a lot.”

The duo have team up to create a special bourbon called “Brothers Bourbon.”

Wesley went on to emphasize the importance of vulnerability and true masculinity, especially coming off a role that put a huge focus on his looks and heartthrob capabilities, 

“I would encourage to any men listening to have emotional vulnerability with your friends. I think it’s really positive for the world, honestly,” Wesley said. “I think masculinity is a beautiful thing, but I also think part of masculinity is just being vulnerable and it’ll help people in whether it’s their careers or their personal lives.”

“I love it when we drop that machismo, that act, and we can sort of talk about things like real men.”

He continued: “It’s such a stigma, isn’t it, that men need to be tough? And you can be tough and you can still be a man and you can still be sensitive and talk about your feelings and open up with others. I love that. I love it when we drop that machismo, that act, and we can sort of talk about things like real men, frankly..I love that, man.”

The full interview with SiriusXM Urban View’s “The Mike Muse Show” airs Sunday, August 29 at 11:00 am ET.

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The Vampire Diaries

Why Caroline Forbes Never Needed a Man on ‘The Vampire Diaries’



Why Caroline Forbes Never Needed a Man on The Vampire Diaries

This is a story about a girl named Caroline Forbes. 

Caroline is not the same woman she was when The Vampire Diaries first premiered in 2009. 

In terms of character growth, the vapid perfectionist — brought to life by the impeccable Candice King — underwent the biggest evolution in the show’s eight-season run. 

Though she was introduced as a shallow, oftentimes insufferable teen, with time, she blossomed into a strong-willed and impressive young woman who knew what she stood for and always stuck up for her friends.

Most of all, she grew into a fiercely independent. 

She was no longer the girl that needed a man to feel a sense of worth — a stark contrast from the Caroline we met on The Vampire Diaries Season 1, who looked for love in all the wrong places. 

In those early episodes, Caroline was a control freak who took on as many extracurriculars she could squeeze into her schedule (head cheerleader, in charge of dance committees, town activities, and more) to be the best.

Deep down, however, she was insecure and sought validation from the opposite sex, and then blamed herself when she didn’t get it. Not being “the best” made her feel worthless.

We saw that on full display on The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Episode 1, we saw that a smitten Caroline tried to date brooding newbie Stefan Salvatore. When he told her it would never happen and chose Elena instead, Caroline was heartbroken and drowned her sorrows. 

“How come the guys I want never want me?” she asked Bonnie before wallowing in self-pity and emphasizing that she was never good enough.

Teenage Caroline was a bit neurotic and even downright mean, as she lashed out at everyone around her, including her closest friends. Her toxic behavior was mostly fueled by insecurity and jealousy. 

Why Don't They Want Me Back?

While these characteristics undoubtedly gave the character substance, they also gave her something much more important — room to grow. And that growth was wonderful to watch over the years. 

Elena was always put on a pedestal, but Caroline was a constant work in progress, which leaned in her favor as it allowed her to flourish and surpass her story arc.

On the road to becoming your best-self, hardships are unavoidable, and Caroline went through her fair share. 

Her eventual complexity, good nature, and thoughtfulness made her a far better lead than Elena. Upon Nina Dobrev’s departure, she (along with Bonnie, who also deserved better) carried the series. 

Since Caroline’s self-esteem was effectively shot, she became the perfect target for any man who would give her even a smidge of attention. 

Damon Salvatore was the first to prey on and manipulate Caroline for selfish reasons. 

And it didn’t stop at Damon. In those early seasons, Caroline dated nearly every single man in Mystic Falls — Tyler, Matt, Klaus, Stefan, and Alaric, along with supporting characters like Liam and Jesse.

While the relationships usually progressed naturally, it was obvious that Caroline was trying to find herself and fill a void. 

Through these relationships and the subsequent heartbreak, she was able to grow into a strong woman. 

That strength was always within her; she needed help finding it. 

Caroline was “revamped” — pun intended — when she turned into a vampire. Again, she was the victim of someone else’s selfish games, but it was a turning point for her and, quite honestly, the best thing that could have happened to her character. 

Her transition wasn’t wasted or used simply for plot development as she found both physical and mental strength while gaining a new outlook on life. 

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Coffee Table News

Joseph Morgan Reveals If He’d Ever Reprise His Character Klaus Mikealson for ‘Legacies’



If you’ve been waiting for the day where Klaus Mikealson strolls back into Mystic Falls to pay his daughter, Hope Mikealson, and the Salvatore School — which he helped fund — a visit, well, don’t get your hopes up. 

The first two seasons of Legacies have given us some grade-A guest stars from The Vampire Diaries and The Originals including Aunt Freya (Riley Voekel), Kai Parker (Chris Wood), and Matt Donovan (Zach Roerig).  We even briefly saw Lizzie and Josie Saltzman’s birth mother Josette (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe). 

But as for baddie Klaus Mikealson, the man who brought him to life, Joseph Morgan, doesn’t think he’ll ever reprise his role again.

And turns out, he has a really good reason!

TV Guide caught up with the actor to talk about his Peacock show, Brave New World, and when asked about guest starring on The CW teen drama, he bluntly and rapidly shut down the possibility.

“No never, never. You’re never going to see it.” Morgan said. “You can hold your breath as long as you want. You know why? I have The Originals box set on my shelf, and it’s a beautiful thing because it’s five DVD sets that are a complete story from beginning to end of this guy, Klaus Mikaelson — well, starting back in The Vampire Diaries Season 2. So I just feel like to come back as a ghost or a flashback or something, for me, that journey, that story has ended. That’s the complete story, and it just doesn’t feel right to me to do that.”

As much as we’d like to see Klaus in the flesh again, you have to admit that’s a satisfactory answer. It shows that Morgan cares enough about the character not to reprise him without a purpose or taint his legacy. 

Klaus Mikealson’s story came to a fitting end in the series finale of The Originals when he redeemed himself for the greater good and sacrificed himself alongside his brother Elijah to save his daughter. Since then, Hope has carried on his legacy; his memory lives on as she mentions him pretty often and channels what he taught her to protect her friends and fight off a plethora of demons and monsters. 

Morgan added that he felt like series creator Julie Plec understood where he was coming from. 

“I think Julie [Plec] feels the same. It just feels like it would be strange, like a little forced,” Morgan continued. “Like I’m coming back just so we can see something else of him, but when we see it we go, ‘Ugh, that was it?’ And I don’t want his legacy to be, ‘Ugh.’ I don’t know what the scene could be that it would be exciting enough and epic enough after the journey that he’s had.” 

Morgan may get a pass, but Candace Accola surely doesn’t.  We’d love to see her reprise her role of Caroline Forbes considering she’s raising two daughters with Alaric but has yet to pay them a visit or help out with the school! Don’t let us down, Caroline! 

The fact that she is still alive in the supernatural world and has such close ties to Mystic Falls but yet never comes to visit doesn’t paint her in a great light! 

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