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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries- Into The Wild



“I know you’re in love with me and anyone capable of love is capable of being saved.”
The gang hit the road this week in search of the cure. What they found out instead is that they had been lied and tricked into the whole trip. Back in Mystic Falls, Klaus proved to be more necessary than some could imagine, even behind an invisible cage.

From the beginning Damon and Elena got together, I knew it wouldn’t be long until they broke up. With the cure within close reach, the question whether Damon would take the cure to become human becomes more pressing. Elena really wants to become a human, since she’s never really been much a supporter of vampirism. If she becomes a human, her brother wont want to kill her anymore, she can have a family and break the sire bond. The latter is what Damon fears. He fears that if the sire bond is broken than Elena won’t love him anymore and will have an anti Damon attitude towards him as in previous seasons. This situation could go in both ways. We have been told that her feelings for Damon aren’t a result of a sire bond, their just heightened when she becomes a vampire which means that she really does love Damon. But Damon has faced so much rejection, I think her love disappearing would crush him. Plus, he’s really not the type to stick around when things get tough. If you look at it from Damon’s perspective, why would he want the curse? Its obvious that a new vampire would want her old life back and given the chance, she’ll take it, but an old vampire like Damon, he’s used to this lifestyle. He likes this lifestyle. He’s eternally young and handsome. He can die multiple times and come back to life. He’s stronger than most. He’s got special powers. He’s been able to live through decades. He doesn’t know what humanity is.  He’s become a new and improved version of himself. Even if the sire bond didn’t break Elena’s love for Damon, do you think Damon would be the same person once he wasn’t a vampire? Pre vampire days, he was much more a softie than Stefan ever was when he was with Elena. Would she still be in love with that guy? It would be like a guy she doesn’t even know. And than when Elena described the life that she wanted them to have together, it was obvious that the guy she wanted to be with was not who Damon really was. We’ve come full circle once again. Damon is the fun one, the one that she feels free and adventurous with. Stefan is the sensual and perfect boyfriend type. It seems the story line is definitely going to push her back into Stefan’s arms, but the question is will they be free for her?

Things have definitely been heating up with Rebekah and Stefan. See Rebekah’s kind of a character you love to hate, but actually just want to hug. She’s been through a lot with family and men. As an original vampire, she’s the only one that ever wanted to be normal; to feel love, to go to a school dance, to be treated like a princess and not stabbed in the back by everyone multiple times (literally). With Stefan around she basically has that. She can open up to him and know that this time around, he won’t intentionally hurt her to get something out of her. The dynamic of Rebekah’s character is enhanced when you pull back her layers. She has this act going on but really, she would never let Elena die.  Her and Stefan have an uncanny connection, a bond and agreement thats turned into more of a flirtatious relationship. But she does pay the price of having to be around his ex girlfriend. When put in a room with the ex, Stefan has a hard time picking teams. He sticks up for both of them without stepping on the others toes, but it wasn’t hard for him to tell Rebekah that if he were to take the cure it wouldn’t be for the same reasons it was before. It wouldn’t be for Elena, for them to grow old and have kids together. It would be for him. And by the way he said it, it seemed that it might be a little for Rebekah too. And now with Damon gone, the three must form an alliance. Do you think that will lead Rebekah to become closer to Stefan, or Elena to realize that she loves Stefan and that he loves her. Ultimately, I love that the triangle has kicked Damon out and enforced the two female forces to fight  for a scorned lover. You only fall in love once though right? And if I do remember correctly, Rebekah was the first. 

But let’s put the relationship drama behind us (although Bonnie and Jeremy are totally going to get back together again). Damon did some good today while everyone was toying around by finally finding out what this whole story and ordeal with Silas was. If Elena hadn’t screwed things up (like she always does) and untied Atticus than maybe they would have not been in such a cunundrum. But anyways, the whole reason that Atticus wants to get the cure is to see his wife and kid again. Seems reasonable since we’ve all lost someone and there are great lengths that we would all go to, to see them again, but raising an Silas might not be the smartest. See we all knew Shane was up to some nonsense, but we never knew what it was. After awhile it seemed that he maybe didn’t have an ulterior motive. But let’s get real, its TVD. Jeremy gets kidnapped by some warlock witch dude, while Bonnie uses expression to try to find him. While the gang is out looking for Jeremy and Delena are fighting (cause Shane did a great job or riling up Damon), Shane grabs the headstone and heads towards the magical well, where he meets up with the hunter whose taken Jeremy and Bonnie, whose path was manipulated to lead her there by the witch as well. Really, really manipulative professor Shane. I feel kind of sorry for the two of them. While everyones looking for this cure, their basically getting used and now their like the sacrifices of this twisted professors plot! Jeremy has this tattoo that has lead the evil mastermind to the place, while Bonnie has been trained into dark magic without even knowing it so she doesn’t even have control over what spells she does, how to stop them and how to not let anyone interfere them.  While all those questions will be answered in the next episode, this unfortunate occurrence may be what we need to bring the Jer and Bonnie relationship back– that’s if they survive. Honestly, I don’t understand why the gang didn’t just take Jeremy, use his body as a map, get the cure and be done with it. I’m sure it wasn’t such a complicated ritual that needed the assistance of evil.

But just as things get really messy, Damon is attacked by someone else on the island. After a brief struggle with him, he realizes that he is one of the five original hunters. The hunter killed Damon in suspenseful ending to the episode, but what will he do with Damon. He only twisted his neck, he didn’t stab him, which is odd cause he’s a vampire hunter. Could he possibly need Damon’s help? Earlier in the day when Shane’s warlock wizard witch wanted to hurt Jeremy, he ended up helping Jeremy, which means he wants to help his fellow brothen. But how did he get to the island? Has he been working on his own map? Whose been leading him in the hunt and quest? Just how much does he know and what role could he potentially play in prolonging the uprising of Silas? 

Back in Mystic Falls, Tyler took on some douchery behavior (although he’s completely entitled given his mothers death and all) to watch Klaus trapped in the imaginary room and poke fun at him. Of course, when the predator is trapped and can’t get out its easy to talk about how your going to kill him and what not. But Tyler, did you ever think what will happen when Bonnie’s curse wears off and evil and angry Klaus is set free, still a original hybrid vampire, because your friends didn’t find the cure???? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Maybe toying with the already annoyed isn’t your smartest move. Well even trapped behind an imaginary wall, Klaus was able to do a lot of mischief by biting Caroline and ultimately leaving her to die. Now, there are two really interesting things that come into play with this whole situation. First, the love that Tyler has for Caroline is incredible. The trust that Caroline has for Tyler is also really magnificent and the fact that Tyler trusts his instincts and leaves Caroline dying in the arms of Klaus is also an example of his love for her and the fact that he does see some humanity in Klaus. Although its obvious that Klaus is in love with Caroline, the fact that he wouldn’t budge to help her shows what a stubborn ass he is. In last weeks episode he interrogated Damon into finding out how Elena has looked past all his bad and ruthless behavior to love him and he figured that Caroline would not be possible of doing the same. Yet, on her dying bed she basically told him that the fact the he felt and he was angry and wounded and in love meant that part of him still had his humanity. That’s the part Elena see’s in Damon and that’s the part that leaves Caroline with a soft spot for Klaus. That’s also what allowed Tyler to leave his beloved with Klaus the monster and know that he would save her. In a way, Klaus already had the answer he was looking for from two people that despised him the most. Now thats intense. As we shift from the Damon, Elena and Stefan love triangle to the Tyler, Klaus and Caroline triangle, it becomes clear that picking the perfect duo is not as easy as it seems. No matter what a persons flaws might be, the good in them always prevails at some point or another. 

Memorable Quotes

  • Shane: Congratulations! We made it.
  • Shane: Sunscreen?
    • Damon: Is that a joke?
  • Damon: Looks like someone forgot their team building exercises.
  • Damon: What about me?
    • Rebekah: You have a nice behind.
  • Stefan: If I take the cure it wouldn’t be for her it would be for me.
  • Klaus: I’m a thousand years old, call it boredom.
  • Caroline: It’s because your hurt which means theres a part of you that’s human.
  • Caroline: Because I’ve caught myself wishing to forget all of the horrible things you’ve done

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Coffee Table News

‘The Vampire Diaries’ Might Be Getting ANOTHER Spin-Off



The Vampire Diaries Spinoff

Have you been trying to fill a void since The Vampire Diaries series finale?

It’s almost impossible, although a weekly dose of The Originals is helping.

Well, we might have your remedy.

TVLine reports that The CW is considering another spin-off of the hit show, which would be focused on Hope Mikealson from The Originals. 

Hope, Klaus and Hayley’s daughter, is a powerful witch in New Orleans.

However, with the impending threat of The Hollow, Hayley decided that it may be time to send her daughter somewhere safe.

Fans are speculating that this would ensure Hope would head to Mystic Falls to attend Caroline and Alaric’s school for the gifted, which saw a huge contribution from Klaus in the series finale.

The spin-off would most likely jump forward in time, with Hope being a teenager.

Julie Plec, who once said she would be open to another spin-off it the right story came along, seemed to have confirmed the possibility on accident.

“Alaric and Caroline are running the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted where Hope Mikael–,” she said, before adding quickly: “Shit, never mind.”

Would this spin-off include Caroline? Fans have been shipping her “relationship” with Klaus and this might be the perfect gateway to delivering it, especially because Alaric would probably be old/deceased since he’s a mere mortal.

And that means Hope would be step sisters with Lizzie and Josie Saltzman, also powerful witches and siphoners.

Would you be interested in this spin-off? How incredible is it that we can now focus on a new generation of characters thanks to Damon, Stefan and Elena?

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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries – I Was Feeling Epic (8×16)



The Vampire Diaries/ I Was Feeling Epic

Where do I even begin? Julie Plec really wasn’t kidding when she said the last episode of The Vampire Diaries would be an emotional roller coaster. I haven’t cried that much in… well ever. But that’s a good thing. If I hadn’t been a complete wreck, the writers would have failed me and a dedicated fandom that stuck around through the highs and lows for 8-years.

They gave us an episode filled with love, family, redemption and peace… it was epic, just like the series. And before I continue let me reiterate what Plec said – death doesn’t have to be sad. Sometimes, it’s necessary for closure and with no revival plans in mind, closure was necessary.

We begin things in Mystic Falls. Hellfire is about to explode as Vicky is ringing that bell like her dead life depends on it and Katherine is running the shots. The bell isn’t affecting anyone yet except Bonnie, who collapsed to the ground as her heart stopped beating. As Stefan and Caroline try to revive her, she enters what seems to be purgatory where she sees Elena sleeping comfortable on a bed in the forest. Definitely much better than that coffin.

Now before I continue I will say the episode was a bit confusing to me at times because it wasn’t concrete. They never actually told you if someone died flat out… it was more fluid, many times allowing you to interpret the scene however you wanted. Kind of like a choose your own adventure with an outlined path.

As Bonnie and Elena reunite in purgatory, the latter realizes that this must mean Bonnie is dead. Bonnie tells her that it’s totally okay because “she’s ready” to be with Enzo but then he pops out of nowhere to tell her that it’s not her time. She’s still got a lot of saving the world to do that little Bon Bon.

Back at the Salvatore house, Stefan and Damon come home to find Elena’s coffin empty. Stefan thinks it might be because Bonnie’s heart stopped beating and suddenly, Elena comes out surprising them both. What could have been a much needed reunion between Delena was hindered by the fact that this wasn’t actually Elena… it was Katherine! The return of the baddest bitch in hell.

Katherine was back to get her revenge, which included burning Mystic Fall to the ground and taking Elena with her. When she wouldn’t reveal where she’d hid her body, Stefan stabbed her. Then, the search was on – they had approximately half an hour to find Elena before the whole town went up in flames.

Matt started the evacuation due to “another gas leak.” Alaric and Bonnie grabbed the kids and headed for the Armoury where he could keep them safe. Caroline promised to join them as soon as she helped her new husband find Elena but it was a tough choice to make for her. Does she got with her daughter and baby daddy or does she stay with her new husband and help him find her best friend?

That’s when Bonnie came up with the most brilliant plan and of course, it involved her being a martyr once again. Ric wanted to eliminate hell completely by creating enough energy to blow it up. Difficult but not impossible, especially with Bonnie’s new found power. There was a catch though – to get rid of hell, they had to make sure Katherine was in it so that they would kill her too. And that meant, someone had to sacrifice themselves.

Both Damon and Stefan were eager to take on the burden of death. Both brothers felt like they deserved it, but of them wanted to find redemption by doing the “right thing” and being the better man. Ultimately, Damon decided to be the “bigger brother” and compel Stefan to walk away and live a good human life with his wife. And surprisingly, Stefan obliged. Thankfully though, he wasn’t on vervain and pretended to listen only to trick Damon and save his life. Seriously, when will Damon ever learn that those around him aren’t as stupid as he believes?

As Vicky rang the bell for the final time, Bonnie prepared to fight with hellfire. She sucked it from the bell tower into the tunnels and then sent it right back into hell where it would destroy everything in its way. And she didn’t do it alone – she was joined by the whole Bennett witch coven in one of the strongest and most beautiful moments in TVD history. Magic has always been the most powerful in this town and it was fitting that Bonnie, along with her Grams and ancestors, was able to save the day.

As the fire was coming back for them, Stefan injected Damon with his own human blood and pushed him out of the way, sacrificing himself so that his brother could finally be the man he’d wanted him to be for so long.

While all of this is happening, Ric tells Caroline the plan in the car. She orders him to pull over to the side as tears stream down her face and she leaves Stefan a voicemail saying that she’ll love him forever and that she understands. The theme of family was always important in the series and it was quite the force during the finale. Caroline had to leave Stefan behind to put her family first and she understood that his decision was putting his family first. Despite the sad outcome, they both knew it had to be done.

We found out only when we saw Stefan and Elena come face to face one last time as she rounded the corner in the school hallway, where they first met. He told her that he fed Damon the cure because he  finally saw him being the man he was before he turned him and he wanted her to get to know that guy. And after years of thinking Damon was the villain and trying to redeem him, Stefan realized that his brother had always been the better man. “He’s the right man,” he adds, contradicting Katherine’s statement to Damon earlier in the episode. Also, season 2 Damon telling Elena “you would have liked me if I was human” anyone? Now she gets to.

So death was Stefan’s ultimate sacrifice, the penance he paid for being the ripper. As he says goodbye to Elena, his highschool sweetheart one last time as their hands separated the way they have so many times before. The moment between exes was so raw and real and a tribute to their relationship and a fitting end to their love story. There’s definitely a nod to the triangle here that was so prevalent throughout many of the seasons but there’s no longer a bad taste to it.  It’s simply the realization that their epic love is over but it’s not Elena choosing between them – the choice was now up to Stefan and he made the ultimate sacrifice once again. Maybe, Stefan was always meant to be the guy who kickstarted Elena’s life and made her feel alive again so in that sense he was the “one.”

And as he leaves Elena much like he did when she told him she loved Damon for the first time, he crosses over to heaven where he’s reunited with his best friend, Lexi. “That was beautiful,” she tells him. “I was feeling epic,” he responds as they run into each others arms. Peace does seem to exist after all.

Next we see Elena, waking up in Damon’s bed as her “Dear Diary” plays over it. She echoes her episode 1 sentiments “Dear Diary, today will be different.” Well for starters, she’s finally alive again because Bonnie got the “witch thing down” and was able to break the curse set forth by the evil Kai. As they embrace, she asks where Damon is and Bonnie tells him he’s with Caroline at Stefan’s grave.

At the Salvatore crypt we see both of them mourn as Elena echoes yet another sentiment that resonates with the series – to feel pain is to be human. Damon and Caroline share a bonding moment and she reassures him that he’ll see his brother again even though he believes that he’ll never find peace cause they’ll reopen hell for him. “Don’t be so sure,” Caroline tells him.

As they walk out of the crypt, they see Elena and all the fans brace themselves for that long-awaited reunion. Elena reunites with her three best friends, her epic loves in a way, and tells Caroline that before he passed, Stefan asked her to tell Caroline that he got her message and he will love her forever as well. Seriously, still balling my eyes out here but also, what cell provider does he have that he’s getting voicemails while he’s burning in hell?

The show then pays their final goodbye to Stefan and they do goodbye’s so well! Caroline leaves her snow globe of Mystic Falls that he gave her, Damon leaves him his daylight ring since he won’t need it anymore. And Elena leaves the necklace he first gave her. And then her voice brings us to a reality check – “life goes on.”

And so it did.

The final scenes show us where everyone is after Mystic Falls has found its peace. Matt is being honored for his efforts as sheriff and both Vicki and Tyler are watching over him proudly.

Bonnie is keeping her promise to Enzo and living life to the fullest by gearing up to travel the world. Enzo will be there with her in spirit and even reminds her to grab her passport.

Ric and Caroline finally opened the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gift – a tribute to Stefan’s final wish. Jo is watching over both her “husband” and her daughters in the scene while Caroline’s mom is standing by her daughter’s side. And Jeremy Gilber tis back in town to help children learn things like being a hunter and what not.

The school also received a 3 million donation from Klaus Mikealson. Yes, we even got some closure on that relationship front… or should I say the writers left an open door because Klaus writes that he can’t wait to see Caroline again “however long it takes.” And then Ric’s voiceover says that “it’s the beginning of another story,” which basically translates to Caroline is headed to New Orleans to be Klaus’s love interest on The Originals. Cami is dead after all, which means Klaus is ready for love with his OG blondie.

As for Elena, she’s right back where we met her in season 1, in the cemetery and writing in her diary. She visits Stefan there and her entry explains that she went to med school and returned to Mystic Falls to “grow old” with Damon, who appears in the cemetery with his CROW. THE CROW IS STILL ALVIE.

“And that’s my life: weird, messy, complicated, sad, wonderful, amazing, and above all, epic. And I owe it all to Stefan. When I met him, I had lost my parents and I was dead inside. But he brought me back to life, and I’m going to live it as best I can for as long as I can,” she says paying major tribute to Stefan.


As they both walk away, we see Elena wearing a wedding ring.

We then flash to another scene of the couple together, walking through the neighborhood and her voiceover tell us Damon is worried he won’t see Stefan again because he hasn’t found his redemption so he doesn’t believe he’ll ever attain peace.

But Elena is certain we’ll “one day, after a long life, we find each other again,” and that’s exactly what happens in the scene. Damon’s hand withers away from hers insinuating that Elena has died in her old age (although she still looks the same) and as she looks back at her front porch she sees the people she’s loved and lost – Aunt Jenna, her mom, her dad and even Uncle John, all calling her back home. All has come full circle.

As for Damon, he dies at some point too and finds his peace with his family. The camera cuts to Stefan standing at the Salvatore house and when he opens the door, he comes face to face with Damon who has finally come home. “Hello brother,” he says.

As they hug, my tears flow because the show has put emphasis on the brotherhood first and foremost.

Damon and Elena were able to live their full human lives together and in death, found the ones they lost, found peace, found eternal happiness. After years of torment and loss, the series found the complete opposite. It’s cheesy sure but isn’t that what they’ve been looking for this whole time? Even as vampires. The series honored every single relationship and love story ever created, even the ones that characters had within themselves.

My only flaw is that we don’t know what happened to anyone else.I’m assuming if both Damon and Elena died, they reached old age. That would mean Bonnie, Jeremy, Alaric would all have died at some point too. Why didn’t we see their closure? And then, the only person still left alive is Caroline. Her twins would be adults and she would still be young, definitely giving that Originals storyline a possibility.

So tell me, are you satisfied with the ending of the series? What would you change?


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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries – We’re Planning a June Wedding (8×15)



The Vampire Diaries We're Planning a June wedding

And they lived happily ever after… well, at least until the first dance.

During the second to last episode of The Vampire Diaries we finally witnessed the Steroline wedding and boy, was it eventful. (Who else didn’t think it would actually happen? *Raises hand*)

Despite planning the big day practically her whole life, Caroline felt super rushed with the impromptu decision to marry Stefan in order to lure out the baddest bitch in hell, Katherine. No one ever wants another girl to be the motivation for their wedding but hey, at least Carebear couldn’t get cold feet!

Last week, we found out that Elena’s doppleganger escaped from hell when Matt rang the bell and replaced Cade as the devil after Stefan killed him. So obviously, she was out for revenge. And everyone knows that Katherine loves herself a wedding.

Now, I fully expected Nina Dobrev to make an appearance on this week’s episode as the badass Katerina and was disappointed when I realized the writers were playing with our emotions and Kat was using her minions to do her dirty work. Instead of bringing back Nins, we saw the return of two characters we didn’t think we’d ever see again – Vicki and Kelly Donovan.

We kick off the episode with Mystic Falls on high alert, especially after someone that looked JUST like Nina attacked a random resident – who knew normal people still lived in this town? Damon’s master plan to lure Katherine out was to dangle Stefan’s happiness in front of her. There’s no way she could resist a wedding. When she did finally come to crash the party, they needed a weapon that could destroy her and thankfully, Damon knew exactly where Katherine’s bones were hidden. (Not creepy at all right?) As the brothers went to retrieve them, Damon threw his little brother a bachelor party since you know, impromptu wedding calls for impromptu pre-parties.

This gave way to one of the most epic moments on the show – seeing Stefan completely sloshed. Vampire Stefan can hold his liquor but human Stefan is weak. We’re talking head in bucket, stumbling weak. As Stefan slept the alcohol off, Damon and Caroline had a really sweet bonding moment. As they took shots, they toasted Liz Forbes and Caroline got sad that neither her mother nor Elena would be there for her big day. Her future brother in law gifted her with Elena’s necklace – the same necklace she gave him when he was working for the Sirens so that he never lost his way. It was her “something borrowed.” See how it all comes full circle?

And speaking of full circle, how poetic is it that the two brothers are once again teaming up to take down Katherine, the very thing that turned them into vampires and brought them together in Mystic Falls after years of hating each other?

As the wedding day neared, Caroline’s nerves were getting the best of her, especially since Bonnie refused to attend the wedding because she was still upset with Stefan. She would do anything for her best friend but she couldn’t stand and watch Stefan get his happiness after her literally tore her’s from her.

While Bonnie is sulking in her thoughts, Enzo pays her a visit and convinces her not to let her anger against Stefan hinder the big day. After all, this isn’t the same Stefan who killed her. That guy died when Stefan took the cure and became human. So Bonnie surprises Caroline, who is having quite the melt down and joins her twin girls by walking them down the aisle.

The wedding is beautiful and although a little of the magic is lost with the fact that they’re on the look out for Katherine, Damon manages to make up for it with witty lines. The couple exchanges beautiful (and winged) vows that reflect the first time they laid eyes on each other in Mystic Falls (let’s just disregard that at the time, Stefan was in love with Elena). They even get through the “I do’s” and the first kiss – something they didn’t think Katherine would allow to happen. This worries Damon because if she wasn’t going to crash the wedding, what was she planning?

I full on expected Katherine to make a grand appearance but that can only be done by the one and only Kai. She might be an evil super villain but no one is better at tearing away happiness than the gemini lunatic.

The reception continues with the newlyweds sharing a first dance and Bonnie and Damon getting their boogie on. There’s something so pure about seeing the two best friends dance the night away together – both having lost the love of their lives.

Shortly after, Damon’s best man speech is interrupted by Kelly, who does not have anything nice to say about either Stefan or Caroline. It comes as surprise to the guests, including Matt, but not to us because as we know, she didn’t come to town for quality family time, she came to do Katherine’s dirty work. Oh and did I mention she’s dead? Yes, Matt’s mother DIED two years ago and ended up in hell, where she forged a partnership with Katherine, who promised her an eternity of “silence” in exchange for her help. And I guess if you’ve been to hell, you can understand why Kelly would agree.

She reveals that while everyone was busy celebrating the occasion, she created a gas leak and threw gasoline into the fireplace. As Caroline runs out to save Bonnie and the twins, the whole house explodes.

Inside the house, the gemini twins have created a blockade around themselves protecting them from the fire. At first Bonnie’s confused but Enzo shows up and informs her that they are syphening magic from Bonnie, which means that she’s still got it. She refuses to help the girls perform it because she’s scared that she’ll lose her psychic connection to Enzo but he convinces her that she needs to save herself and that one day, they’ll be reunited in peace. I should have known this was foreshadowing but didn’t want to believe that the writers would actually kill of Bonnie come finale time.

As Damon tortures Kelly, she tells everyone they were stupid to think they could outsmart the Katherine Pierce. Her plan is simple – she wants to destroy Mystic Falls by ringing the bell 11 times and creating hellfire. Matt points out that the only the Donovan family can enact the bell and that’s when she drops the bomb by saying “thankfully you had a sibling.” Umm…. wait, Vicki died in season 1!?

Turns out, after Damon killed her, she too went to hell where she’d been suffering ever since. She agreed to help Katherine out, escaping when Matt rang the bell and she’d come to finish them all off. So the whole time we thought we were seeing Katherine, we were actually seeing Vicki strut her stuff around town and create havoc. Feel fooled?

When the bell began ringing, Bonnie fell to the ground. As Stefan held her in his arms, she lost consciousness and we don’t really know the rest. Did she really die? What we do know is that Elena makes her grand return next week, waking up from a deep sleep and the only way she can do that is if Bonnie is dead. I really thought Julie Plec would find a loophole but after this episode it seems like killing off Bonnie is the right thing to do. I know… I hate that I just said that but hear me out.

Bonnie accomplished everything she had to. By the end of the episode, she was able to forgive Stefan for killing Enzo, she guaranteed that her best friend would be taken care of in life, and she shared a goodbye dance with her best friend.  In fact, Bonnie’s behavior made it seem like she knew the whole day that she was going to die and that was okay because she wasn’t really living spending all her time with a ghost of Enzo. She was basically dead to begin with and she found comfort knowing that she’d soon be with him for real in a place where they could be happy and safe from everyone. And sadly, if she passes, she also allows Damon to be with the love of his life. All is right, all is balanced.

Now the problem remains – will Vicki finish ringing the bell? My guess is hell no because I’d be damned if Alaric didn’t find a way to get rid of hell itself using some kind of psychic blast, similar to what created it in the first place. Without hell, everyone will simply find peace and comfort in just being, whether it be a vampire, a human, a wolf, or a witch. And really, that was always the beauty of Mystic Falls wasn’t it?

See you next week… bring the tissues… I’ll be sobbing! I’m not ready to say goodbye but I have to trust the cast and crew when they say the ending is satisfactory.

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