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This Is Us Clouds Review This Is Us Clouds Review

This Is Us

This Is Us Review – Who Is Randall’s Therapist? (4×15)

THIS IS US -- "Clouds" Episode 415 -- Pictured: (l-r) Chrissy Metz as Kate, Caitlin Thompson as Madison -- (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)



It’s been a while since we’ve dealt with the Big Three simultaneously in multiple timelines and it’s for good reason as “Clouds” on This Is Us teetered on the verge of overwhelming.

In the present day, Randall went to his first therapy appointment and made a revelation that will propel him into a rivalry with his family, Kate wondered whether or not Toby’s newfound love for baby Jack was genuine, and Kevin spent time with his ill mother.

Rebecca also got the diagnosis that we all feared.

In the past, Jack tried to help Randall blow off some steam through running, Kate moped around following her breakup with Stuart and learned a waffle-y lesson about love, and Kevin spent time with his mother.

And, as always, the series brilliantly intertwined all the stories in such a pure way that only This Is Us is capable of.

Still, I would have been completely content with the episode focusing solely on Kevin and Rebecca because their relationship is so special.

Also because Justin Hartley continues to be the ray of sunshine delivering great performance after great performance. He’s so nuanced while always keeping this lightness about him.

Rebecca said it was a quality he’s always had, and we’ve never truly seen her appreciate it until now. Carpe Diem Rebecca is doing all the things Rebecca bottled up inside and living out a bucket list as she fears for what the future holds.

Kevin’s present and past storyline paralleled each other — he spent the day hanging out with his mother.

In the past, he tagged along because he wanted to buy playing cards, but in the present, he spent the day just being there for his mom and enjoying every minute of it before her dreaded appointment.

During his time, he realized that the seemingly insignificant moments are the memories that will forever be cherished. They weren’t just buying a baseball card that day, they were making a lifelong memory and one that Kevin will likely hold dear when his mother cannot remember it.

Rebecca and Kevin’s relationship has gone through its share of ups-and-downs, so it was nice to see them genuinely enjoy each other’s company.

Rebecca was able to let go when she was around him, had fun, and just laughed. For a moment, she escaped reality and forgot about her worries.

In life, humans go through phases where we need certain people at certain times.

Growing up, Randall was the reliable child that Rebecca bonded with the most and needed around. He was the “adult” out of the Big Three, but now, in this part of her life, she needs someone like Kevin who will just let her be free and enjoy the moments while she still can.

Back in the day, Rebecca was always taking care of Randall and worrying about him, and she doesn’t have the mental capacity for that anymore, especially not when she’s going through so much on her own.

It’s incredibly heartbreaking that something so pure and beautiful is the moment that’s going to drive a wedge between the brothers and likely, the family.

Randall, whether he wants to admit it or not, liked being the person Rebecca could rely on. It gave him a sense of purpose. It’s why he wants to believe that the whole family would have fallen apart without him — it makes him feel important and gives him a sense of worth.

As that begins to wash away and he realizes someone as unreliable as Kevin holds the spot, he’s not going to cope well.

Too much pressure was put on Randall when he was younger, that’s a fact. He was never taught to deal with his anxiety head-on but instead, told to run it off or brush it off.

It’s all manifesting now as he begins to lose that grip on his family.

It’s unfortunate because Kevin has always been made to feel worthless, and this reaffirms those beliefs from a brother that he has always put first and always helped.

Kevin was always the one to coax Randall through a panic attack or breakdown, and yet, he can’t get the same kind of love and respect from his brother.

Randall didn’t tell Kevin about Rebecca’s illness because they were scared how he’d react, but Kevin’s been holding it together just fine.

Instead, Randall is the one unraveling, which isn’t entirely unexpected, but it’s also odd to see Kevin holding things down.

It’s as if Randall wanted Kevin to crash and burn upon finding out and when he didn’t, Randall didn’t understand what to do.

What was the deal with the therapist? Who is she?

Randall’s therapy scene played out with the audience seeing things from her perspective, but eventually, we saw her face.

I think there’s more of a reason to keep her identity from us at first than just wanting to put the audience in the therapist’s seat.

Did anyone else think it was weird the way she told Randall, “I know who you are.” It almost made me feel like it’s someone related to him. I know it can’t be his birth mother, but I don’t know, I felt like there was something we were missing and it was emphasized by the ticks.

The coffee pot that was hissing was an interesting detail. It could also be a device that shows us how much Randall is progressing or where he’s at in his treatment based on what his reaction is.

Randall’s fragile state is worrisome for Beth, who is just as shaken up by the recent invasion in her home and has been keeping it to herself because she didn’t want to overwhelm for husband.

While she should be able to talk to him about what’s bothering her, I think Beth needs to also see a therapist to work through her fears.

Rebecca’s MRI confirmed Alzheimer’s,  which allows them to start treatment, but there’s really not much they can do to cure the memory loss that we know will eventually set it.

I can see it now, Rebecca’s on her death bed and hallucinates that Nicky is actually Jack. It’s going to be very emotional, so we should all start preparing.

Kate and Toby got back on track after some really great advice from Madison. When did she become a relationship expert?

Madison informed Kate that she shouldn’t resent Toby for being honest with her about his fears and concerns, which was valid.

She’s punishing him and pushing him away for being honest. Her fears of being hurt and abandoned are getting the best of her and she couldn’t even appreciate Toby’s growth or the big Pearson-like gesture he made to apologize for his behavior.

Thankfully, Madison set her straight, and again, what may have seemed like an insignificant little moment in this thing we call life was the framework for baby Jack’s whole future.

We watched him go from being a baby in his music room to a toddler, a pre-teen, a teen, and a young adult.

There’s something so powerful about seeing a character’s journey play out in front of you in moments. I bet parents will attest that watching your kids grow up happens just as quickly.

We’ll likely get to see Jack as an adult again, but it’s strange that the series hasn’t given us any storylines with him after introducing him in the first episode of season 4.

Other Thoughts

  • Madison telling Kate that she was upside down during her sexy time with Kevin was equal parts hilarious and awkward. Do we think she’s pregnant with his baby? It’s entirely possible especially after she gave that speech about Kevin “seeing her at her worst” and still liking her. She’s always wanted that, and it seems she still has the hots for him.
  • Toby’s reaction to finding out that Kevin and Madison slept together was extremely accurate.
  • Also, he made a comment about Madison becoming his sister-in-law. Was that a clue?
  • An “okay, Boomer” joke from Kevin. That really happened.
  • Mandy Moore singing Janis Joplin right before the song fittingly played over the emotional end gave me chills.
  • Did anyone else want Kevin and Rebecca to get arrested for trespassing and end up on TMZ? Now, that would make for a great memory.
  • Jack’s advice about first boyfriends being like waffles that you toss into the trash because they’re a practice run was such a good analogy. I’m going to use that on my kids one day.
  • Something so small and trivial like Jack and Rebecca singing together has the power to become a standout moment amongst all these other great moments.
  • Kevin got Rebecca to her appointment and proved he was responsible. Prove the haters wrong, baby!

To sum it up, the episode gave us insight into otherwise simple moments that would have been forgotten if not for that song.

Rebecca may soon forget these moments, and it’ll kickstart a waterfall of tears all over America when that happens, but the memories will live on in all the people she’s touched and influenced. It will live on in the Big Three, and then in their children, and their children, and their children. I just don’t know if we have that many seasons left!

Share your thoughts on tonight’s This Is Us episode below!

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However, there are many shows that come close to giving you those same fuzzy feelings and will have you falling in love with the cast as quickly as you fell in love with Pearsons.

5 Possible Theories About Who Madison’s Doctor and His Daughter Sadie Could Be on ‘This Is Us’

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Jon Huertas, who plays Miguel on the NBC drama, revealed that production on the series may be delayed until January 2021 due to the coronavirus outbreak. 

“I was just on the phone with [creator] Dan Fogelman, and we were talking about, you know, we may not go into production until January, depending on whether or not there’s a second wave,” he said in a conversation with Gov. Gavin Newsom and other industry leaders, per The Wrap.

The video-streamed call occurred as officials brainstorm plans to release guidelines for filming in a post-coronavirus world. Guidelines will be revealed next Monday and will likely adopt the protocols implemented in South Korea, Sweden, and Iceland, according to Variety.

“When we talk about the protocols and the guidelines that we may be following when we go back into production, it’s really kind of daunting to all of us. The actors, we talk all the time. We have a crew of 200-300 people who work in close proximity. We consider ourselves a family. As much as we would like to get back online, we are very much concerned about our crew,” Huertas revealed.

5 Possible Theories About Who Madison’s Doctor and His Daughter Sadie Could Be on ‘This Is Us’

Of course, if production is pushed to the beginning of 2021, it means that the tearjerking family drama won’t return as part of the fall 2020-2021 TV lineup, and is likely to premiere either in the spring of 2021 or even be pushed to the fall of 2021. 

FOX and The CW have both released fall 2020 lineup’s that have bypassed most of their scripted dramas, which are all set to return in 2021. 

CBS is the only network that released a schedule with most of its scripted dramas in-tact leading many to believe that they’re feeling confident that they’ll resume production in time. 

The good news is that This Is Us was renewed through season 6, so the show isn’t going anywhere, it just might not return as quickly as we expected. 

And while it may be upsetting, at least we know NBC is prioritizing the safety of the actors and crew! 

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This Is Us

5 Possible Theories About Who Madison’s Doctor and His Daughter Sadie Could Be on ‘This Is Us’



Who Are Dr. Mason and Sadie on This Is Us

Okay, so you watched the season 4 finale of This Is Us and found yourself thinking, “who is the doctor and his daughter, Sadie.”

Honestly, same.

The episode spent so much time and attention on the doctor’s backstory, before we even knew that he was Madison’s obstetrician, and introduced his daughter.

Related: Why Is Nicky By Rebecca’s Side on the ‘This Is Us’ Season 4 Finale? This Theory Might Explain It

Some may say that there’s nothing to it, it was just a way to introduce a character, but avid watchers of This Is Us know that’s absolutely false.

There has to be some bigger meaning and connection that simply hasn’t been revealed yet. Plus, they wouldn’t give us so much insight into Sadie being a horse-whisperer unless it was relevant.

Check them some of favorite theories about who Dr. Mason might be below and let us know if you have any ideas:

Theory #1: It’s Dr. Katowsky’s Son/Grandchild/ Relative

It cannot be a coincidence that Dr. K was heavily featured in this episode talking about his own loss of a child, right?

There’s a huge probability that Madison’s OB-GYN, Dr. Mason, is Dr. K’s son aka the child that he and his wife had after the first miscarriage. *a fan pointed out that child was a daughter, but Dr. K had other children. Someone pointed out that those children would be older and that he once mentioned having grandchildren, so it’s possible Dr. Mason is related in some way. 

The doc seemed to have a knack for giving some really great advice just like Dr. K. He told Madison not to write off Kevin before she even talked to him and told him about the pregnancy, which led to Kevin being “all in” with the twins. There may be proof of this Dr. K and Mason are related because in the very first scene he tells Sadie that her horse is “is just a lemon.” And we know Dr. K loved his lemon metaphor.

Theory #2: Someone Like Dr. K

Considering Dr. Mason gave great advice just like Dr. K, many fans believe he’s going to be a huge part of Kevin and Madison’s pregnancy journey. He might be the one that they turn to for advice, guidance, and assurance just like Kevin’s parents did with Dr. K after he delivered Kevin and Kate. It would be a sweet way of bringing things full-circle. And hey, this still allows the Dr. Mason to be Dr. K’s son. Dr. Mason might be Kevin and Madison’s person.

Who Are Dr. Mason and Sadie on This Is Us

Credit: NBC/ This Is Us

Theory #3: Dr. Mason is Kyle

Okay, this theory is kind of wild and if This Is Us was a thriller drama/ telenovela rather than an inspirational, heartwarming family drama, we might consider it to be true, but sadly, we don’t think it is. That being said, we’re including it because it’s fun to imagine “what if.”

What if Dr. K was so desperate for a son that he stole one of Rebecca and Jack’s children instead. Imagine if Kyle never died but was taken and raised to be Dr. Mason, who reunites with his biological family, the Pearsons, years later by sheer coincidence when Madison walks into his office pregnant with Kevin’s twins. Again, if This Is Us was that kind of show, which it isn’t, this would be an incredible plot twist.

However, Dr. Mason seems older than Kevin, Randall, and Kate, plus, I wouldn’t want anything to tarnish the sweet, innocent Dr. K, who is a gem in this world.

Theory 4: Sadie Needed to Give the Doc Advice

Maybe Sadie and Dr. Mason were only necessary so she could give her dad that he then gave Madison about Kevin: “Little early to give up on him, don’t you think? You haven’t even give him a chance to be himself yet.” Sadie is a horse and Kevin whisperer.

Theory #5: He’s Madison Future Husband 

Madison knows she’s not Kevin’s great love story, and she’s fine with it. Maybe through all of this, she falls in love with the doc and Sadie becomes her step-daughter. There’s no confirmation that Madison becomes Kevin’s wife simply because she’s carrying his children, so it’s entirely possible they both move on while being connected by their twins.


Showrunner Dave Fogel told Deadline that Dr. Mason will 100% become instrumental next season: “The doctor becomes an important character next season to Kevin – he’s having twins with a virtual stranger, not a normal birth experience. It’s no coincidence he was introduced in the same episode that Dr. K returned.”

That has to confirm Theory #1, right?

Read the This Is Us Season 4 finale review right here!

What are your favorite working theories?

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