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Timeless The Last Ride of Bonnie and Clyde Timeless The Last Ride of Bonnie and Clyde


Timeless – Last Ride of Bonnie & Clyde (1×09)

Timeless/ NBC



All I need in this life of sin, is me and my girlfriend. At least that’s what Jay-Z sings in the present day about the notorious killers Bonnie and Clyde.

While Timeless dove into that story, they also launched a “will they or won’t they” with Wyatt and Lucy, which has been in the works for quite a few episodes. Heck, you’d be crazy not to be rooting for them at this point, although the whole Wyatt is still hung up on his late wife story, that doesn’t bode well for Lucy, especially since they have a time-traveling machine that could bring her back.

Remember how I said that Timeless either nails an episode or royally screws it up? They did well this week delivering suspense and character development that readily moved the series along. While they gave us much needed information, we’re still left with many questions including the big one – who is Rittenhouse and why does Flynn want to stop them?

Well… it has to do something with that key around Bonnie’s neck. Everyone was after it and finally, Lucy and Wyatt, who were on the run with Bonnie and Clyde after getting caught up in their bank robbery. Seriously Lucy, you should have KNOWN that date. The necklace, we find out, belonged to President Henry Ford, who was also part of Rittenhouse. It’s engraved in Latin, which thankfully Lucy understands because we know it’s a key to and I quote, “the beginning of all time and the end of all time.” Ominous right? We don’t really know what it means, all we know is that Flynn was able to get his hands on it and opened some box, which is probably a lot of trouble for our favorite time hopping trio. Could a key really end the world?

During their time with Bonnie and Clyde, Lucy and Wyatt had to keep up appearances. It was easy for Lucy since she’s a history buff and could make anything up on the spot but Wyatt almost blew their cover multiple times, including when he said he spent 25K on hooch. No Wyatt, just no.

To make it more believable, Wyatt told a story of how he proposed to his partner in crime Lucy, by channeling the story of how he proposed to his late wife. The story moves everyone to tears and he locks in by planting a kiss on her. We know it wasn’t real but it sure felt real didn’t it? It was kind of electric.

They lay down for the night, knowing they have to get that necklace BEFORE 9am when Bonnie and Clyde are ambushed and killed by the cops after their good friend Henry gives them up. As they lay in the same bed, they almost have another bonding moment, but are interrupted by snoring. As Wyatt tries to cut off Bonnie’s necklace, there’s an unexpected knock on the door and he’s almost caught red handed by two of the most dangerous robbers in all of history.

While they’ve been drinking hooch in the cabin, Rufus, a black man in the 30s, was being held by the police after witnesses said he was working with the robbers. He tries to talk his way out of it and is almost successful until bounty hunter Flynn tells the cop he’s sure he’s guilty. The cop, a good man, tells Flynn to lay off the black man and then Henry confirms that he’s never seen Rufus, who uses the name Wesley Snipes, before.

Rufus runs off to warn Wyatt and Lucy just as Henry arrives and Clyde realizes his house guests are actually traitors there to steal from him. As the police approach, Henry tries to tell Bonnie and Clyde that Rufus sold them out but Rufus plays back his audio recording, proving that Henry was the snitch. Clyde shoots him just as the cops come for them and kill Clyde then Bonnie. And that’s that. Dramatic right?

Despite being cold blooded killers, the love between Bonnie and Clyde was real. They were two people in this madness together… just like Wyatt and Lucy. Except in the present day, both are too stubborn and embarrassed to admit something “real” happened back there so they chock it up to the moment and needing to be persuasive. Ugh.

We know that Agent Christopher had her suspicions about Connor Mason and he’s realized that she’s onto him. In fact, she’s been asking the team more questions about Rittenhouse but they’ve all been reluctant to divulge. When she sees Mason meet up with a mystery man, she corners Rufus into telling her everything he knows. He tries to warn her that this is not an alley you want to bark up and Rittenhouse are not people you want to mess with, she ignores his warning – she’s a cop because she’s not scared of the risks. So Rufus tells her everything. Sure, Christopher might be someone he can trust but it seems like she doesn’t stand a chance against the Rittenhouse machine. After all, even Mason tried to help her but was told that they’ve gotten “rid” of nosey people in high power before. Will she cause more harm than good? Or will she finally tell Wyatt, Lucy and Rufus to change the goal of their mission and join Flynn?

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Timeless – The General & Chinatown (2×09 and 2×10)



Timeless Chinatown

I did not see any of that coming!

Timeless has had a rather intense second season and it all came to a boiling point during the two-hour season finale.

The third series is still in limbo but after that cliffhanger, we need at least a shortened third season to wrap everything up and bring Rufus back.

Let’s dig in, shall we?

The epic finale kicks off with Lucy, Wyatt, Rufus and Flynn traveling to the Civil War to stop Rittenhouse from killing Harriet Tubman.

Mere minutes before their adventure into the past, Agent Christopher tells Wyatt that Jessica may or may not be double-crossing them and that Rittenhouse has been following her since her childhood.

While she thinks its best that Jessica leaves the bunker, Wyatt is adamant about her staying. “She’s pregnant,” he blurts out which sounds an awful lot like a lie she made up to woo Wyatt.

In fact, even Lucy seems to think Jessica is bluffing which further irritates Wyatt.

Though their time in 1863 was important to preserve history and make sure the Union won, it didn’t do much to move the story along.

I was more intrigued with how badass and fearless Tubman was and also, admired her dedication to the fight for her people.

We all know slavery was wrong, but until you see it through the eyes of a modern-day man encountering situations that don’t exist anymore, you don’t fully grasp how bad it was.

While the core four were “abroad,” Jiya ordered that Mason take her to see Stanley Fisher, Mason’s former pilot who also experienced similar symptoms and was now in a mental hospital.

I’ve always liked Connor, but he made it seem like Fisher had lost his marbles when, in fact, he was just a man who had learned how to control his visions.

And yes, most of the time that meant that he had to give into them, but he realized that they were a gift.

Much like Jiya, Tubman possessed the same gift and even had a vision that they would be coming to help her fight. This adds an additional layer to the prophecy mystery because from what we know, Tubman never time traveled so why would she have visions?

Maybe they weren’t caused by the time machine after all?

Wyatt realizes that maybe he should have heeded Lucy and Rufus’ warnings about Jessica because he finds her whisking Jiya away into the time machine at gunpoint.

Now, we all knew this was coming because there was no way that Jessica would have been brought back just to be Wyatt’s wife again.

And my reaction is pretty similar to everyone else’s — how did they allow for this to happen? Why did they let Wyatt boss them around?

Rufus is especially peeved because Wyatt was so caught up in his own love triangle, he forgot that he was putting everyone else in danger. He jeopardized them and their plans for his own selfish reasons.

However, as much damage as Wyatt had done, much of this was on Rufus because he was the one who openly talked about Jiya’s visions with Flynn within earshot of Emma.

She may have been helping them on that mission but sadly, her goals are not aligned with theirs.

When she overheard that they had someone who could see into the future, Rittenhouse needed to study her and utilize her so they kidnapped Jiya and disabled the trackers so her team would never be able to find her.

Jessica assures Jiya that if she participates, they won’t hurt her but honestly, that’s not at all comforting.

Plus, if Jiya allows them to access her visions fully, they’ll know too much information that could potentially sabotage them.

Rittenhouse clearly underestimated Jiya because she takes the first chance she gets to escape by killing the guard using her bed sheets.

She begins feeling dazed and loopy as she makes her way to the time machine. Emma realizes what’s happening and tries to stop her, but thankfully, Jiya is able to escape.

Unfortunately, the pill took over her whole body by that point and she never stuck the landing.

“She’s lost in time,” Rufus worriedly announces.

And he’s not wrong, though, it doesn’t take long for everyone to find her in San Francisco, Chinatown in 1888 through a book that Jiya’s been reading a lot lately.

Of course, she sent them a message that warned, “don’t come,” which was seemingly naive of her because Rufus would never let her die.

But before they could go find her, they needed to find the time machine.

They find the coordinates left in Jiya’s secret message and alas, find the 130-year-old time machine hidden under trees and bushes.

Since it’s been a hot-minute since they used this thing, Flynn and Connor work tirelessly to get it fixed up.

When they do embark on the journey, it isn’t perfect but it’ll have to do if they want any chance at getting Jiya back.

Unfortunately, when they finally find the place from Jiya’s photograph, Rittenhouse’s whole team — Carol, Emma, Jessica, and Keynes — have already beat them there.

After the inevitable shoot-out, Emma and Jessica escape after killing both Keynes and Carol.

I don’t really blame Emma for wanting to take the reigns as she’s been slowly getting phased out by Carol because she wasn’t “blood.”

She may have been sleeping with Keynes but he was easily manipulated by his granddaughter and instead of allowing them to remove her, she removed them.

The last scene between Emma and Carol is heartbreaking because even in her dying moment, Carol still doesn’t realize that she’s been on the wrong side of history. Her biggest regret she tells her daughter is that she didn’t bring her into the fold sooner.

Okay, thanks, mom.

Rufus finds Jiya working at some bar and she’s mortified to see him. “I said don’t come,” she tells him as if she actually believed he would leave her alone forever.

When she realizes how confused he is, she clarifies that this is where he dies in her visions.

As the rest of the group joins, Jiya refuses to leave with them. According to her, if she does, her vision will come true.

Emma and Jessica bust into the restaurant and a shoot-out ensues. Wyatt and Flynn cover the rest while Lucy convinces Jiya to come with them.

When they finally reach the moment in which Rufus repeatedly died in her visions, she’s able to save him.

However, the celebration is cut short because as they try to escape the building, Emma ambushes them and kills Rufus.

Turns out, sometimes you can’t change your fate.

At this point, Lucy is so furious at Emma for taking away everyone she’s ever cared about — Rufus, her mother, Wyatt and her sister — that she runs after her.

Unfortunately, she’s unable to pull the trigger and Emma gets the upper-hand. She’s about to destroy her when Flynn comes to the rescue.

After Emma escapes, Lucy breaks down crying in Flynn’s arms and for a minute, it seems like they are going to have a moment.

Meanwhile, Wyatt chases down Jessica who admits that Rittenhouse raised her which means they are family.

But, although she lied to him about the relationship, she admits the baby is 100% real.

Sadly, Wyatt won’t really ever get a chance to be a father because Jessica made a break for it.

When they arrive in the future, Jiya is a mess as she blames everyone for Rufus’ death.

This time, this mission really broke their spirits and got the best of them.

Not only did they leave behind a friend in Chinatown, they lost a piece of themselves.

As they mourn Rufus, Wyatt finally tells Lucy that he loves her. “He wanted me to admit it,” he tells her.

It’s a good thing he told her she didn’t have to say it back because honestly, she’s been through the wringer this season. And emotionally, she was just trying to let go of her feelings for him out of respect for Jessica.

Flynn sees them huddled up in a corner and realizes that whatever spark they had in Chinatown had faded as Wyatt became available again.

And when it seems like all hope is lost, the whirring of a time machine picks up before a second one lands smack dab in the bunker.

The team crowds around anxiously waiting to see who steps out.

And then….. FUTURE WYATT AND FUTURE LUCY open the latch door.

“So, you want to get Rufus back,” they ask the shocked group.

First of all, future Wyatt and Lucy look pretty badass; they’re a far cry from the broken people standing in front of them. It really seems like they’ve figured out this time-traveling stuff.

Second of all, this explains how Lucy was able to give Flynn her journal without remembering. It wasn’t current Lucy, it was future Lucy who wanted him to help lead their past versions on the right path.

Then, there’s the fact that they can all exist in the same timeline. This defeats the rule we’ve been following this whole time that has prevented them from traveling to a time period where they already existed. Wouldn’t that cause some kind of glitch? How is that even possible? Did they figure it out sometime in the future?

And what does this mean for future time travel? Can you just go visit yourself?

And lastly, how can they bring back someone who is dead? Or did Rufus survive and was stuck in 1888 until this very moment?

Such a twist requires the series to continue and tie up loose ends. I don’t think I’d survive if I never knew how this was possible. And what secrets to the post-apocalyptic Lucy and Wyatt know? Are they together? Has Rittenhouse been defeated?

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