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Twisted- The Son Also Falls (1×17)



Sweet Jo ain’t so sweet anymore! A lot has happened and changed in Jo’s life since we first met her in the beginning of the season and it seems like Jo isn’t liking it one bit. She figures its time to free herself from all things Danny by running for student body president. There’s only one obstacle–Rico’s new girlfriend Andy who is also running.  Rico seems pretty upset with Jo’s newly acquired hobby and confronts here spewing some bull about how Andy really wanted to be student body president because she actually cares about the students. When Andy goes to give her speech, she royally messes up and its a good thinking that Jo takes her moment to convince everyone to vote for Andy. There were times were I felt that Jo might have regretted pushing Rico to date Andy because she’d lose her best friend and trusted companion, but it doesn’t seem like she ever liked him that way at all. Like, that thought didn’t even cross her mind!

twisted 4

While she didn’t find what she needed during the election, she does get much closer to Charlie. I mean, the boys even gotten her to smile!!! Hooray! But like the shows name, things are about to get really twisted, really fast.  Charlie confesses to Jo that he actually was Danny’s cellmate in juvi, admitting that Danny talked about killing his father once he got out of jail. This freaks Jo out, which is explainable since she was just a witness to Danny killing his father and has been keeping his secret. When she gets home from her “date”, Danny’s in her room trying to tell her something really important, but she doesn’t want to hear it. She’s upset at the fact that Danny lied and thinks that he used, abused and manipulated her and that his fathers death was never really an accident. I guess I see both sides of the story here. Jo is freaked out so she believes Charlie, but isn’t her reaction just a bit extreme?  She was there when Danny’s father tried to attack her and when he accidentally fell on the cliff.  I think deep down inside she knows him better than that, but she’s so easily influenced. That’s why she’s the perfect target for Charlie who clearly has it out for Danny! Also, the thing she said about Danny being just like his father… real harsh. You didn’t really mean that right Jo??

twisted 3What Danny initially came to tell Jo? Well, after his fight with ex-gf Lacey, he realized that maybe Jo was the one for him. Maybe she was always the one. Here’s another story of missed chances and opportunities. Just as Jo was getting over her ‘crush’ on Danny, he comes into her room telling her that he thinks they’re meant for each other. Talk about bad timing! And all this as a result of Lacey’s suspicious (which were accurate) that Danny wasn’t telling her the whole truth. When he finally confessed the partial story, he tried to cover up the rest and stop Lace from asking questions by taking her out on a expensive dinner, ordering lobsters, tipping the waiters hundo’s and giving her an expensive necklace. Hey dude, this might’ve been Lacey’s still before she met you, but it’s not anymore. This poor girl just wants the truth from her boyfriend, whose starting to look like a compulsive liar who’s always feeling bad for himself.  Danny finally explodes shouting, “I killed my father.” It’s quite terrifying actually but surprisingly, the fact that Danny killed someone isn’t what scares Lacey away, its the fact that him and Jo had a secret that they shared. That Jo was involved the night of his father’s murder and Lacey was kept in the dark this whole time. That’s when this whole idea of Jo being the one is put into Danny’s head, and it doesn’t take much convincing from Lacey. It’s as if she just repeated something he knew all along and gave him the push. This relationship has really taken a drastic turn since the beginning of the season when Danny was so smitten about the girl.

twisted 2Jacks daughter, Whitney comes to town and its immediately obvious that she’s going to be trouble! She gets close to Karen, borrowing clothes, while her father calls her mother and bitches her out for letting her boyfriend come onto their daughter. Really, the story seems like its setup for Whitney to come and cause some mischief. She than seems to hit on childhood friend Danny in school, and be-friends his ex-girlfriend, Lacey. I have a feeling she’s going to try to get with Danny, which will be super awkward! What do you guys think? Is she telling the truth? What is she really up to? What about her father? Is he the one that moved to body or was it actually Charlie? Amidst all the teenage angsty-lover-boy drama we forget that there’s still someone out there that knows Danny and Jo’s real secret. If its Jack, it seems their safe and sealed his loyalty to Karen. But if its Charlie, well that might be why he’s getting so close to Jo and trying to have everyone turn on Danny!

twistedAt the Masterson house, tensions ran high as Chief and Tess continued to be on the outs about Tess’s latest revelation.  What happened to her daughter? Kyle thinks it would be smart of her to find the baby she gave up, but Tess isn’t sure. Who could the girl be? How do you think Jo will react when they finally tell her the [good] news? Personally, I think it’ll destroy this girls world and she’s already going through a lot for someone in high school. In these short 9 episodes this girl went from being a total loser to sleeping with some popular jock who disappeared after that episode, falling for a criminal, committing a crime with said criminal, and falling for a guy whose lying about being a criminal. I mean, this girl does not need anymore problems on her plate!

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Coffee Table News

ABC Family Cancels Twisted



Sad news for Twisted fans…. ABC Family has cancelled the twisted drama after just one season!

Since the summer finale earlier this year, fans have been sending “Save Twisted” petitions to the network. Social media was gaga over the show… but unfortunately, the decision was up to the ratings, which weren’t a powerhouse.

The premiere registered a mere 1.1 million viewers. By the 19th episode, they had dropped to 800,000. Twisted obviously didn’t make the cut, even though it was awesome and had so much potential!


I feel like we’re reliving Ravenswood all over again. What sucks about shows getting cut so out of the blue  is that we never really get closure– or a proper ending. Twisted surrounded Danny Desai, a young man who was charged and arrested in the murder of his aunt Tara. After leaving juvi, he came back to his hometown where he was shunned and called a sociopath.

The final episodes revealed that Danny never killed his aunt– his father did. He took the blame to protect his dad, who later died. Except that he didn’t. He faked his own death, but really died when he fell of the cliff after an altercation with Danny, who was just protecting Jo. As for his crazy juvi-mate who was sort of dating the blonde… well, he was actually her half-brother. May or may not have been Danny’s too as I think that he was totally Vikram’s kid. How will I go on with my life not knowing the truth here?

News comes just a week after Avan Jogia, who played Danny, was cast in Spike TV’s miniseries “Tut”– an indication that things weren’t looking bright for the drama.

On the bright side, ABC Family did renew a plethora of shows including season 4 of “Switched at Birth”, season 6 and 7 of “Pretty Little Liars,” “The Fosters,” “Chasing Life,” “Melissa & Joey,” “Young & Hungry,” “Baby Daddy,” and “Mystery Girls”– with scripted pilots “Recovery Road,” “Stitchers,” and “Unstrung” in the works.

I’m still wondering how Mystery Girls got renewed but Twisted didn’t. Is there any justice in this world?

RIP Twisted… it was a true pleasure.


Photo Credit: Twisted/ABC Family

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Twisted- The Tale Of Two Confessions (1×19)



What a season finale!! I’m hoping it wasn’t the series finale actually since Twisted is very likely to be cancelled due to low viewership. It would be such a disgrace considering the premise of the show is really kicking into high gear now. Developing the characters and storyline just took the writers a little longer than it should have. It’s true, up until now I wouldn’t recommend Twisted to anyone cause it’s been pretty boring. That is until this episode, which bombarded us with a gazillion ‘OMG’ moments that I can’t even begin to wrap my head around.

twistedDanny and Jo confessed to the murder of Vikram– but that wasn’t Danny’s only confession.While Danny wanted to keep Jo out of it, she couldn’t let her friend go down for murder, when in reality it was self-defense. There wasn’t enough to corroborate this story so they were released; Danny with his ankle bracelet and all. But his strict house-library-school only rules didn’t stop him from telling Jo how he really felt about her; she’s always been the one! Awww… no, not so fast! Doesn’t this seem like a forced plot?? Sure Jo wanted this to happen since day one, but Danny made it clear- he wasn’t interested in her that way. Now all of a sudden he’s admitting he’s been in love with her all along?Did he really not know he liked her until his girlfriend Lacey mentioned it? Does he only like Jo because they’ve went through this traumatic experience that bonded them? Jo just really needed some time to think this through. After all, a lots been going on in Green Grove lately.

Jo also had another problem on hand– Charlie. We saw a scary, mysterious and psychotic side to him last week and it didn’t stop there.  Realizing he scared Jo away last week he tried to win her back by upoligizing. His efforts were unsuccessful and Jo told him to get his own life. Oh, it’s like pouring alcohol on an open wound. Jealousy got the best of poor Charlie, who began noticing how close Danny and Jo were becoming. This led to him down a path of chloroforming and kidnapping Jo in order to “talk things out.” Jo woke up out of town in an abandoned house with Charlie creepily staring at her. She tried to play the “you love me you won’t hurt me card”, but she should know better than to think that could actually work.  The only good outcome of this whole situation was finding out the truth about  Charlie that we’ve been dying to figure out. Charlie is actually Aunt Tara’s son!!! Just let that sink in for a bit.

twisted 4

Charlie was furious when Danny killed his mother and plotted and planned to commit a crime that would send him to juvi–preferably the same cell as Danny– so he could kill him. When he finally got to juvi, he found out Danny took the blame for his father, Vikram who really murdered Aunt Tara. After serving time in juvi, he came to Green Grove to get revenge on Vikram. Sidenote, the reason behind his return to Green Grove seems a little odd given that Vikram was already “dead” at that time, so I don’t see how Charlie would get his revenge. The other theory is that he came to steal Danny’s great life– the one he was never able to have.

When Jo didn’t show up to meet Danny at the library to discuss the future of their relationship (obviously something near and dear to her heart) and didn’t answer her phone, Danny decided to file a ‘somethings wrong, you’re daughter is missing report’ with the Chief. The Chief wasn’t too worried, especially after getting a text that Jo was at the cafe with Rico studying. Except she wasn’t. Danny informed the Chief that the he, Rico and Lacey tracked Jo through an app called Friend Finder (how convenient) and found her out of town. Ignoring his house arrest-ankle monitor, Danny and Lacey were on their way to rescue their friend. The Chief arrived not too far behind them only to find his daughter being held at pocket-knife point by Charlie and scares Charlie even more by holding him at him at gun point. Things get even crazier when Tess suddenly arrives (wait how did she know where everyone was?) and tells Kyle that he can’t shoot Charlie because he’s her son! I’ll also give you a moment to let that sink it.

Basically, Tess gave birth to a baby, whom she gave up for adoption. Vikram volunteered to take care of it and it was a closed adoption so she never knew what really happened to the baby. The adoption papers Karen helped her located were a false lead. Apparently, Tess didn’t even know the sex of her baby! The two ladies stumbled upon the real papers when they took to bashing Vikram’s work desk in an attempt to get the anger out. The doctor who helped in the adoption was paid a lot of money to keep quiet, but Tess found out from him that Charlie was his baby. Putting together the pieces, Vikram gave the baby to Aunt Tara. It’s also safe to assume that Tess didn’t have the baby with some random guy who she met after breaking up with Kyle. She slept with Vikram and they had a baby but she wanted to end up with Kyle and Vikram was with Karen. Hence the extreme lengths to keep this baby a secret. I’m assuming the reason he killed Aunt Tara was because she threatened to expose the truth about Charlies real parents.

twisted 3So the show is finally, finally, living up to its title. These new revelations are totally twisted!!! Now we know Charlie is Jo’s step brother… a step brother whose actually in love with her. I mean they did briefly date. Incest, gross! In their defense they didn’t know. But how are things going to play out now? Everyone’s been living behind all these lies. Even if he is her step-brother, he could be so psychologically messed up that at this point, their relationship isn’t reparable! Also, how awkward!

But that’s not the end of it. Jack was finally set free, just in time to stop his ex-wife from taking Whitney  out of town. Sidenote, the fact that Whitney’s mother is the Meredith from the Parent Trap is priceless!!! I had a field day with that one, especially because her role never changed! Still the same old Meredith; stuck up, bitchy and blonde. Whitney really didn’t want to leave her new school, after all she made actual friends here. When mommy dearest came to pick her up, Lacey confronted her about the reason Whitney came to live with her father— moms sleazy boyfriend came onto her. That’s when Lacey learned the hard truth about he bi-bff– shes a habitual liar who got kicked out of her last school only because she got caught skinny dipping with the Dean’s son. Yes, son!!!  Wait, didn’t Whitney just say she was only into girls her whole life? We feel just a little betrayed! Obviously so does Lacey, whose not eager to hear anymore of Whitney’s lies. Plus, she’s also feeling a little out of sorts seeing how close Danny and Jo are now. Plus, her friends just been kidnapped by her sort of boyfriends, who turned out to be her step-brother. Let the girl breathe!

Turns out while Danny was dealing with crazy Charlie (it’s fair to call him that right) Jack and Whitney’s true colors came out as a manipulative father/daughter duo. Jack finally got back on Karen’s good graces, but she was right to be a little suspicious of him all along! His love for her is romantic, its monetary! It was in fact Jack who moved Vikram’s body and planted it on the crash site. Okay, that could have been to protect Danny. But it was Jack who Vikram was scared of. He was running from Vikram and faked his own death because of it. Why?  Is it because he knew the truth about Charlie and was actually in love with Karen and upset Vikram was lying and deceiving her? This makes the most logical sense because what I deduced from the convo between these two is that their the ones who brought Charlie to town. They’ve been in cahoots with him this whole time, that is until Charlie went rogue.  Once again, the big question is why? Did charlie know his real mom was Tess? It’s really a question of how much everyone knows.

twsietd 2As for Whitney, well I doubt that she’s really a lesbian. I think the only way she assumed she could get close to Lacey is if she played that card. Again, why? Jack asks his daughter how that’s going because he wants her to get close to Lace. What for? What could she possibly have to do with their agenda? I feel like Jo would be much better to target at this point.

The shot at the end of the episode indicated that Chief Masterson actually fired the gun… but at who? I’m guessing Charlie who probably got even more worked up about everything after Tess’s confession. Or, was it fired at Tess? Could the Chief finally have had enough and just snapped at his wife? Who knows!!!

If this series gets cancelled, I’ll be even more upset than when Ravenswood got cancelled especially because I have so many unanswered questions. Who knows what? Why are certain people doing certain things? Truthfully, one season is not long enough for people to decide if a show is worth it or not. So please ABC Family, lets keep Twisted! I’d hate to have gotten invested in something that will provide me absolutely no closure!

Other Thoughts

– All the pieces sort of fit together. Like Charlie planting the phone in Jacks place. Their working together.

-It’s a shame that Karen and Danny can’t see through some people. It’s even worse that Danny took a fatherly liking to Jack.

– What’s going to happen when Danny and Jo become official? How will that impact their relationship with Lacey.

-Rico’s love drama is boring. The story about meeting Andie’s parents, who are strict Asian parents upset their daughter is dating someone who was late to dinner was lame. And also, how stereotypical!

– When Rico and Jo finally sat down to talk– that was one of the realest moments on the show. Also, I feel bad for Andie cause Rico’s still totally in love with Jo.

-How do people get chloroform so easily in this town? Also, why doesn’t anyone know Charlie’s an ex-convict. Stuff like that should be public knowledge, amiright?

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Twisted- Danny, Interrupted (1×18)



Ah teen angst, hormones and high school drama! That’s literally what was felt in this weeks episode as Jo dealt with her feelings for Charlie, Danny with his obsessions that Charlie was bad news and Lacey with her newly acquired feelings for Whitney.

Danny might have started off the season being nicknamed socio but Charlie has really earned that title. When we first met Charlie, it felt like he was up to no good, but not like obsessive-stalking-kidnapping no good. As it turns out, he’s literally a sociopath whose been obsessed with Danny’s life, especially Jo and has been using his charms to seduce her and make her fall for him. The goal? The make everyone turn against Danny and think he’s the crazy one. And it’s working!  There’s no evidence against Charlie, which is why everyone is so hesitant to believe Danny’s theories that his old cell mate is trying to get rid of him and take over his life. But Danny knows Charlie best and knows exactly what he’s capable of. Everyone else just thinks that Danny’s losing his sense of reality.


Well, that is until Charlie calls up Jo and asks her to come over because Danny punched him. Obviously, we as the viewers, saw the little altercation between the two boys and know that Danny just pushed Charlie around a little bit as the nerves got the best of him with this punk. After Danny leaves, Charlie bashes his head with the door, self inflicting a wound and hoping to get Jo’s pity and love.  It probably would have worked too since Jo believes everything Charlie says and is gullible as all hell, but than Charlie started spiraling out of control showing his true colors. It felt like he was posssessed by the real Charlie, being super aggressive to Jo and talking about how he’s been waiting for her his whole life, ever since he saw her picture in juvi. Everything he’s done, he’s done for her.  I don’t blame Jo for getting totally freaked out and bolting for the door telling Charlie to get the hell away from her. As she was going home she called Danny to tell him he was right about Charlie, but it was too late. Danny had already turned himself in and was on his way to the station with Chief.


But before we dive into that, lets rewind just a little bit to see how Danny got to the point of confessing and turning himself in for his father’s murder. Danny’s been highly suspicious of Charlie since his move to Green Grove. When Jack’s arrested for the murder of his father, he knows something is up, especially when they find a phone hidden at his pad. Jack wouldn’t be that stupid. This is obviously Charlie trying to get to Danny, to make him confess so that they lock Danny up again and Charlie can take over his life. It seems like a far stretched theory but like I said previously, Danny’s the only one who knows the real Charlie… or does he. He decides to confirm this with his old parole officer. When he tells him that there’s a lot to Charlie Danny doesn’t know and none of it is good, it’s safe to guess that the story about Charlie stealing a car and ending up in juvi was a lie. He’s got problems… real problems and that was proved with Charlie’s hidden wall collage of Jo and Lacey. He wants to be Danny. The only way Danny can really save his family and friends and release Jack from prison is by turning himself in.

twisted 1

See, I’m not sure what Charlie’s really thinking. He want’s to get rid of Danny but he wants to keep Jo for himself in some creepy and twisted way. Except that Jo was there the night Danny killed his father and therefore is a witness to the crime. She’s also the type of person that won’t let Danny go down alone. When Jo finally gets home after merely escaping from socio Charlie’s house, she finds her mother whose seemingly upset about something. “Danny confessed to murdering his father. Do you think it’s true?” she asks Jo. “I know it is. I was there,” Jo replies in a shocking (to Tess) cliffhanger. The cat’s out of the bag now! Except the messed up part is that Danny’s confessed to Chief Masterson at the station and told him no one else knows. He’s obviously protecting Jo, but she just ratted herself out and I’m glad she did. Why should Danny take the blame for the killing when he was doing it in self-defense? No one would have believed him if there was no witnesses, but since Jo is the Chief’s daughter, he’s more inclined to believe their side of the story.  Danny also blurted out his theory of Charlie being the one who moved his father’s body and placed it in the car to make it look like an accident. Warning Chief, Charlie’s crazy and he’s after your daughter!!!

twisted 2

Other stories this week filled up the time this week, but with all the Charlie drama, its quite easy to forget they even happened. Tess finally contacted her birth childs adopted mother and arranged a meeting with her. When she came, she explained that Tess’s daughter Sam, died when she was just 2-years-old in an accident at the park. This news broke Tess’s heart, who has been holding out hope that maybe one day she would meet the baby girl that she wanted to name Katherine. Sidenote: Jo took the news that she had a step sister from her moms previous romps really well. Like she didn’t even bat an eyelash!!! Weird. Anyways, while Tess is looking through the baby pictures, she notices a picture of the baby with its hospital bracelet. She drives over to ask the adoptive mother if the baby had been sick right after the adoption and she mentions that picture was taken right after they picked up the baby from the hospital. Except that Tess’s baby wasn’t born in a hospital, it was born outside of town, which means that this “dead baby” isn’t her baby. The mother is trying to protect her daughter from finding out she’s adopted and meeting her real birth mother. What a twist!!!! But I have to ask, what purpose does this storyline serve to the rest of the show?

twisted 3

And in Lacey news, she was considering a relationship with Whitney after their kiss last week. Whitney was dealing with a lot with her father getting arrested and was kind of fed up with Danny and Lacey keeping things from her. When she got a brief chance to talk to her father, he told her to move out of the Desai house, as he didn’t trust Danny or Karen at this point. So Whitney did. She moved to Lacey’s house, where she slept on a blow up mattress while Lacey contemplated if she could really have feelings for another girl. Cue a make out session the next night and Lacey admitted that even though she was kissing Whitney, she was thinking about Danny. Thankfully, Whitney didn’t take much offense to this and the girls just went to get ice cream. Is that really what happens after you’re rejected? You just go get ice cream. Here’s my theory. **SPOILER ALERT** The previews for next week show Jo and Danny getting closer after things get dark with Charlie. Than Danny tells Jo that it’s always been her and they make out. Hmm.. Am I really suppose to believe that Danny just didn’t have feelings for Jo until some other guy developed feelings for her? And now he’s totally over Lacey?? Well if so, Lacey is going to find out and possibly look for a rebound with Whitney. That’s where I think this storyline is heading. Also, things are about to get wild on next week’s Twisted as Charlie kidnaps Jo and hold her as ransom while Danny and Lacey team up to find their friend. Twisted for sure!!! It’s good to see the show finally live up to its title.

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