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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries- Home (5×22)



“I love you Elena. Goodbye.”

So much pain. So much suffering. So much heartbreak. I don’t think I can get through this whole review without continuing to cry like a baby… Not now. Not ever…. The Vampire Diaries pulled out all the cards for the ending of season five… an ending that concluded in the Other Side literally imploding and it taking two of its most important inhabitants in the process. You know what they say, when death comes knocking! Saying that the season finale was going to be emotional for Damon fans was literally an understatement. Emotional?? No. That shit was a disaster that I couldn’t stop from happening. I think I cried more than Elena did and she was a mess! SPOILER ALERT: Damon dies. And yes, it seems like for good. There’s many loopholes in TVD, but the writers and producers promised us one thing. When the Other Side implodes, it’ll be for good. No more back and forth, no more returning to life. If you died during this traumatic 45-minute finale, you died for good. So… who can write me out a prescription for some anti-depression pills?


Project Kaboom was Damon’s last hoorah as a living dead-guy. Markos had created barriers in Mystic Falls, the new anti-magic town. Basically, any magical entity that entered was stripped away of its powers and died their original death. The first one to go was Tyler. After Markos found out about Julian’s betrayal to the travelers, he seized him and threw him into Mystic Falls, where Tyler’s hybrid body was stripped off its magic and he eventually died with a snap to the neck. As Enzo put it, this list of people to save was getting way to long. Thankfully, aside from being witty Enzo was also resourceful and he found a traveler that could help them with a spell to bring them all back from the dead; Silas. Trust me, I don’t think anyone was happy to see this shadow self.

Meanwhile, there was a lot of happiness and sadness happening on the Other Side. Stefan and Lexi reconciled seasons after Damon murdered her. The two didn’t seem to have a care in the world as they caught up on old times and she teased Stefan about not realizing that Caroline was totally crushing on him. They spent most of their time looking for Alaric. All the while, Bonnie was making sure everything was going according to plan before she had her final goodbye with Grams. Grams explained that she had made peace and wasn’t going to go back to the living. Her happiest moment was being able to see Bonnie grow into the beautiful woman she’d become. She also mentioned that she had a plan of her own which guaranteed to keep Bonnie safe. What was she referring to? Has she found a way to bring back Bonnie from the dead even after the other side implodes?  I guess we’ll have to wait and see when season 6 returns.


Back on the planet of the living, Caroline and Elena captured Liv who was pretty much the only witch living in Mystic Falls that could complete this spell. And in order to give her some motivation, Caroline accidentally snapped her brother Luke’s neck in order to make sure that she would come through on the deal. Leave it up to a girl whose lost her crush to make sure things are being kicked into high gear during the most crucial of times. With Liv on their side, they needed to figure out the logistics of the plan. In order to be able to cross back over through Bonnie, they needed to do like Markos and break down the wall between both worlds. What does that mean precisely? Well, a huge group of people had to die at the same time so that the others could sneak right on back to the land of the living. This is where project kaboom comes into play. Liz Forbes decides to play good cop and lures all the new inhabitants of Mystic Falls to celebrate at Mystic Grill. And what better way than to bring in a bunch of people for free booze?! While everyones partying and having a good old time being free from the curse, Jeremy and Matt go through the underground railroad and hit the pipeline, releasing gas. At 7:10, Damon is to drive his vehicle into the building and literally blow up the town, thus enacting the moment where everyone resurrects.

Obviously there’s one problem with Damon’s suicide mission; Elena. She’s not just going to let her man go and kill himself, leaving a huge possibility that he may never return. It’s way to risky. But Damon plays the old relationship fight card on her and explains that this is his choice and she should respect his wishes. Yeah, right! When the time comes, Damon is boozing it up staring at the Mystic Falls sign. This moment is very crucial to the finale because it sort of shows Damon looking into and looking back on his life. And what a good life it has been. He’s about to drive through the town line where all his magic will be stripped and he will begin dying, when Elena plops into the car to join him. If they die, they die together. It’s really romantic in a Romeo and Juliet sort of way. The minute they enter Mystic Falls, Elena begins re-enacting her death by drowning and spewing up gulps of water. They hold hands as Damon crashes through Mystic Grill and the whole thing goes, well, KABOOM.


Alaric finally shows up, in true Ric fashion. Dead or alive he’s always helping out when shit hits the fan… or when grill blows up. He promised Elena he’d find Damon and bring him back to Bonnie. She was gathering the troops but Luke wasn’t wasting any time. He was the first one to cross over back to life, with Enzo following suit. This truly isn’t surprising. Than Tyler came through quickly realizing that he was no longer a hybrid. (I’m not sure why this was such a shock… wasn’t Mystic Falls without magic or was that all restored the minute all the travelers blew up?) The rest of the gang was not about to go through without Damon, who was M.I.A! Elena wasn’t going to leave the love of her life, but she had no choice as Bonnie grabbed her and yanked her back to life. Stefan didn’t want to leave his brother, but accidentally tried to catch Bonnie as she fell as crossed over. Sucks being nice right? What’s even worse? That in the most crucial and constrained moment, Damon decided to be good and moral. Instead of rushing to find Bonnie so he could cross over and be with Elena, he found Sheriff Forbes covered in rubble and decided he needed to help her before she died. Thankfully, Alaric was there to lend his buddy a hand.

Things were getting really bad over with Bonnie. The spell was too strong for Liv who continued to chant despite being super close to death. Markos came to finish up some things, but was sucked up into the dark. Lexi decided that she wouldn’t cross over because each person that did, killed Bonnie and she wasn’t going to take up her energy without letting her bff’s brother cross. Isn’t it crazy how she would make such a sacrifice for someone who once ripped her heart out. Her act was noble and selfless, kind of like we’ve known Lexi to be; always putting others before herself. Finally Damon and Ric arrived. Ric crossed over, but before Damon could, Luke chanted something that shut down Liv’s spell leaving Damon trapped on the imploding Other Side.


Cue the waterworks. Not a cheek was dry during this finale, I’m sure of it! Elena soon realized that Damon wasn’t coming back. Bonnie left her with her beau to say goodbye and it was TRAGIC. Damon took it in stride explaining how he died at his peak. Nothing and no one had ever made him happier. And he was content dying knowing that he was loved by the incredible Elena Gilbert. She unfortunately couldn’t hear him, and just cried, “please don’t leave me.” Elena has lost a lot, but this, this was her everything. For me as a viewer, it was hard seeing these two say goodbye, without actually seeing each other, but feeling each others presence. If the writers of TVD can do anything, it’s make me bawl like a newborn child. “Please come back to me,” Elena sobs. “I love you”, Damon whispers. “Goodbye.” And I lost it!  And  if we weren’t already crying, sobbing, hiccuping, Jeremy realized that Bonnie had lied to him this whole time. There was no way she was ever coming back. When the other side imploded, she went with it. She’s dead. She’s always been dead. She died before graduation and this second chance was a gift that had to come to an end. Jeremy ran through the woods screaming for Bonnie, but he never got his goodbye. By the time he got there, Bonnie and Damon were getting ready to crossover to the Other Side… forever.

This scene was so heartbreaking in so many ways. First off, we were losing two major characters and they were never coming back. Second, these two never really liked each other to begin with. Even in such a critical and deadly moment, they were able to make jokes about that. These were the last two people that would ever want to spend their last moments with each other. But here they were and they had no choice. The grabbed hands as they turned to face the big unknown. Death. After living for so many years, it’s all just come to an end.  “Do you think it will hurt?,” Bonnie asks. “I don’t know,” Damon mutters. And thats it. That is fricking it. Can you believe it? The screen flashes white for the first time ever instead of black and season 5 is done.


Thoughts? Cries? Pleas? Anything? Do you think Damon is gone for good? I hate to sound like a bitch but I’m content with losing Bonnie. It’s Damon that I’m not ok with losing. What about Team Delena? What about our future together? What about the rest of the show? The viewers? The loyal frickin’ fans! We deserve so much better than this!!! How can I pose other questions when I’m literally dying of sadness right now! Did Grams find a way to bring them back? Did she secure that before she died? Will Stefan and Caroline be together? Or will she eventually end up with Tyler? How can I even be excited about all the old-dead faces being alive again when the only person I care about is gone?! Did Ian Somerhalder want to quit the show? Is he breaking up with us? WHERE IS DAMON!? I can’t. I just really can’t right now.




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The Vampire Diaries

Why Caroline Forbes Never Needed a Man on ‘The Vampire Diaries’



Why Caroline Forbes Never Needed a Man on The Vampire Diaries

This is a story about a girl named Caroline Forbes. 

Caroline is not the same woman she was when The Vampire Diaries first premiered in 2009. 

In terms of character growth, the vapid perfectionist — brought to life by the impeccable Candice King — underwent the biggest evolution in the show’s eight-season run. 

Though she was introduced as a shallow, oftentimes insufferable teen, with time, she blossomed into a strong-willed and impressive young woman who knew what she stood for and always stuck up for her friends.

Most of all, she grew into a fiercely independent. 

She was no longer the girl that needed a man to feel a sense of worth — a stark contrast from the Caroline we met on The Vampire Diaries Season 1, who looked for love in all the wrong places. 

In those early episodes, Caroline was a control freak who took on as many extracurriculars she could squeeze into her schedule (head cheerleader, in charge of dance committees, town activities, and more) to be the best.

Deep down, however, she was insecure and sought validation from the opposite sex, and then blamed herself when she didn’t get it. Not being “the best” made her feel worthless.

We saw that on full display on The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Episode 1, we saw that a smitten Caroline tried to date brooding newbie Stefan Salvatore. When he told her it would never happen and chose Elena instead, Caroline was heartbroken and drowned her sorrows. 

“How come the guys I want never want me?” she asked Bonnie before wallowing in self-pity and emphasizing that she was never good enough.

Teenage Caroline was a bit neurotic and even downright mean, as she lashed out at everyone around her, including her closest friends. Her toxic behavior was mostly fueled by insecurity and jealousy. 

Why Don't They Want Me Back?

While these characteristics undoubtedly gave the character substance, they also gave her something much more important — room to grow. And that growth was wonderful to watch over the years. 

Elena was always put on a pedestal, but Caroline was a constant work in progress, which leaned in her favor as it allowed her to flourish and surpass her story arc.

On the road to becoming your best-self, hardships are unavoidable, and Caroline went through her fair share. 

Her eventual complexity, good nature, and thoughtfulness made her a far better lead than Elena. Upon Nina Dobrev’s departure, she (along with Bonnie, who also deserved better) carried the series. 

Since Caroline’s self-esteem was effectively shot, she became the perfect target for any man who would give her even a smidge of attention. 

Damon Salvatore was the first to prey on and manipulate Caroline for selfish reasons. 

And it didn’t stop at Damon. In those early seasons, Caroline dated nearly every single man in Mystic Falls — Tyler, Matt, Klaus, Stefan, and Alaric, along with supporting characters like Liam and Jesse.

While the relationships usually progressed naturally, it was obvious that Caroline was trying to find herself and fill a void. 

Through these relationships and the subsequent heartbreak, she was able to grow into a strong woman. 

That strength was always within her; she needed help finding it. 

Caroline was “revamped” — pun intended — when she turned into a vampire. Again, she was the victim of someone else’s selfish games, but it was a turning point for her and, quite honestly, the best thing that could have happened to her character. 

Her transition wasn’t wasted or used simply for plot development as she found both physical and mental strength while gaining a new outlook on life. 

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Coffee Table News

Joseph Morgan Reveals If He’d Ever Reprise His Character Klaus Mikealson for ‘Legacies’



If you’ve been waiting for the day where Klaus Mikealson strolls back into Mystic Falls to pay his daughter, Hope Mikealson, and the Salvatore School — which he helped fund — a visit, well, don’t get your hopes up. 

The first two seasons of Legacies have given us some grade-A guest stars from The Vampire Diaries and The Originals including Aunt Freya (Riley Voekel), Kai Parker (Chris Wood), and Matt Donovan (Zach Roerig).  We even briefly saw Lizzie and Josie Saltzman’s birth mother Josette (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe). 

But as for baddie Klaus Mikealson, the man who brought him to life, Joseph Morgan, doesn’t think he’ll ever reprise his role again.

And turns out, he has a really good reason!

TV Guide caught up with the actor to talk about his Peacock show, Brave New World, and when asked about guest starring on The CW teen drama, he bluntly and rapidly shut down the possibility.

“No never, never. You’re never going to see it.” Morgan said. “You can hold your breath as long as you want. You know why? I have The Originals box set on my shelf, and it’s a beautiful thing because it’s five DVD sets that are a complete story from beginning to end of this guy, Klaus Mikaelson — well, starting back in The Vampire Diaries Season 2. So I just feel like to come back as a ghost or a flashback or something, for me, that journey, that story has ended. That’s the complete story, and it just doesn’t feel right to me to do that.”

As much as we’d like to see Klaus in the flesh again, you have to admit that’s a satisfactory answer. It shows that Morgan cares enough about the character not to reprise him without a purpose or taint his legacy. 

Klaus Mikealson’s story came to a fitting end in the series finale of The Originals when he redeemed himself for the greater good and sacrificed himself alongside his brother Elijah to save his daughter. Since then, Hope has carried on his legacy; his memory lives on as she mentions him pretty often and channels what he taught her to protect her friends and fight off a plethora of demons and monsters. 

Morgan added that he felt like series creator Julie Plec understood where he was coming from. 

“I think Julie [Plec] feels the same. It just feels like it would be strange, like a little forced,” Morgan continued. “Like I’m coming back just so we can see something else of him, but when we see it we go, ‘Ugh, that was it?’ And I don’t want his legacy to be, ‘Ugh.’ I don’t know what the scene could be that it would be exciting enough and epic enough after the journey that he’s had.” 

Morgan may get a pass, but Candace Accola surely doesn’t.  We’d love to see her reprise her role of Caroline Forbes considering she’s raising two daughters with Alaric but has yet to pay them a visit or help out with the school! Don’t let us down, Caroline! 

The fact that she is still alive in the supernatural world and has such close ties to Mystic Falls but yet never comes to visit doesn’t paint her in a great light! 

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Sweet Magnolias

Is Netflix’s ‘Sweet Magnolias’ Filmed in Mystic Falls?



Is the town of Serenity in Sweet Magnolias Filmed in Mystic Falls?

The small town of Serenity, filled with Southern charm and people who know everything about everyone, is one of the main character’s in Netflix’s new Hallmark-esque series Sweet Magnolias. 

Based on Sherryl Woods’ novel, the series, starring JoAnna Garcia, focuses on family, friendship, careers, and picking up the pieces for three lifelong 30-something friends who decide to convert an old home into a spa. 

Small towns are a huge draw for TV shows, and Serenity has already drawn comparisons to other iconic and quaint towns like Stars Hollow in Gilmore Girls.

However, it should be compared to one supernatural town instead! 

While there’s nothing supernatural about Serenity, if you found yourself waiting for a vampire to walk through the town square as Garcia’s Maddie is cooling off after a meeting with her lawyers about a divorce, you’re not alone. 

If the town looks eerily familiar (almost like you’ve been there before and lived there your whole life), it’s because you have… well, at least if you’re a CW fan!

Fans of  The Vampire Diaries and Legacies will recognize that Serenity is Mystic Falls! 

In that same spot when Maddie comes to terms with the dissolution of her marriage and is consoled by her best friend Helen Decatur (Heather Headley from Chicago Med) on Sweet Magnolias Season 1 Episode 1, we’ve seen Damon and Stefan Salvatore come to blows and the Malivore pit open up. 

The episode even gives us a glimpse of Mystic Falls’ Founders Bell.

Serenity and Mystic Falls overlap even further as the restaurant previously known as Mystic Grill (a popular hangout in town for Elena Gilbert and friends) was turned into Sullivan’s, Dana Sue’s (Brooke Elliot from Drop Dead Diva) restaurant! 

Mystic Grill is also home to a museum of TV memorabilia and show costumes (and there’s plenty of Mystic Falls TVD fan tours) called The Alley, so it’s likely it will soon feature pieces from Sweet Magnolias. 

While Sweet Magnolias was a cute series, it was hard for me to get fully invested because I kept getting thrown off with Mystic Falls being referred to as Serenity! As much as I want to like Serenity, it will always be Mystic Falls in my eyes. 

Of course, Mystic Falls is a fictional town (though, it’s very real if you ask any TVD fan), set in Convington, GA located about 30 miles from Atlanta. 

We’re not surprised Sweet Magnolias used the town as their backdrop — without the vampires, werewolves, witches, and doppelgangers, it truly is charming in that Hallmark kind of way.

Sweet Magnolias is currently streaming on Netflix. It also stars Chris Pine (American Pie), and Jamie Lynn Spears (Zoey 101).

If you’re looking for some sweet “comfort food” to pull you away from reality, Sweet Magnolias is definitely your cup of iced tea. 

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