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The Vampire Diaries- Woke Up With A Monster (6×11)



The Vampire Diaries returned this week from its super long winter hiatus and we were left with one big question: Can Elena finally be saved this time? There hasn’t been anyone on this show who has been kidnapped, tortured and held hostage more than her. Thank god even the writers noticed and joked about Elena and Damon not planning any more dates because every  it while Damon and Elena were planning their next dinner date. Every time they do, somebody goes missing.

Elena was captured by the all evil, but hilariously sarcastic and totally in tune with his emotions Kai. When she finally awoke after being knocked out, she learned Kai had absorbed all the magic from the ground thus making Mystic Falls a supernatural town again. However, he now had way too much magic and couldn’t control it. So, he needed to practice self-control on Elena.

The thing about Kai that is so terrifying is that he’s so nonchalant about everything he does. Unlike the other villains that have come before him, Kai does what he does for pure enjoyment. He laughs at other peoples misery and boasts about killing his favorite brother and that’s what makes him so creepy. Klaus was a tortured soul and whenever he did evil deeds, the tortured part always spilled out of him. There was a reason for what he was doing and why he was doing it. Kai is just crazy and I don’t think we’ve ever had a villain who didn’t have an ulterior motive. Who was just so simple. Sure, he want’s to win the merge with his sister and take over the coven, but the things he’s doing aren’t helping him in that. The kills. The hostages. Those are all for enjoyment. And that’s the messed up part. Kai is the simplest villain… and simple scares the hell out of people because there’s no way to understand what’s really going through their minds. To get through to them. To help them see things in a different way.

Kai tries to turn Elena’s blood into acid again, burning off her daylight ring. She breaks through the chains running away and setting Kai on fire. This doesn’t stop the maniac however, it just encourages him to continue testing his powers on her. But, it does buy her some time to make a quick call via pay phone to her savior and angel in disguise, Damon. Can I just say people in Mystic Falls need to become a little more observant. Elena got kidnapped at night time from under the Salvatore’s door. When they finally realize she’s missing, a good half a day has already gone by. This is like that time Katherine took over Elena’s body for weeks and nobody noticed. Seriously people? I’d be pretty upset if I were Elena.

But, the minute Damon realizes his boo (if you can even call her that still) is missing, he forces Liv to help him. He obviously can’t just waltz into the school because Kai would kill him, so Liv begins a cloaking spell. Her efforts are interrupted by Luke, who steals her away and tells Damon “she ain’t got time for this.” Alright, onto plan B. Jo decides that to test her magic, she’ll take on the spell. It’s tricky because as we know, she hasn’t practiced in several years. Her cloaking spell is successful however, getting her and Damon inside the school to untie Elena. As they try to make their way out, Jo is weakened. Apparently cloaking three people is harder than 2. Kai catches up to them all and Damon decides to fight back. But Kai’s powers allow him to pull some tricks, mainly an illusion spell. When Damon throws a dagger into what he thinks is Kai, he actually hits Elena. While he goes to save her, Kai runs off after Jo, confident that his powers are ready to defeat his weakened sister in the merge. Hunter Jeremy comes to the rescue shooting Kai in the chest, while Alaric pops him with a tranquilizer. Yes, it would be easier to just kill Kai, but honestly, when have these guys ever done anything smart? Plus, Alaric won’t let that happen because he is confident that Jo will brush up on her witchcraft and get enough strength to defeat her villainous brother– when the travelers magic wears off of course.

Meanwhile, Stefan stayed away from all the drama at Mystic Falls this week to accompany a worried Caroline on a trip to Duke University. Caroline was looking to meet with top cancer doctors to see if there was anything they could do to help her mom fight the stage 4 cancer. Stefan tagged along as moral support, but also to check on his lovely niece Sarah Salvatore. Unfortunately, Enzo followed Stefan’s distracting red car and unlocked his secret. Honestly, I’m really upset with the Enzo storyline this season. When we all shipped Enzo in the previous season it wasn’t because he was an evil vampire looking to get revenge on his best friends brother. When did Enzo take this wrong turn? It’s really quite exhausting. Enzo is convinced that Stefan is actually a bad guy, despite everyone thinking he’s good. Now, after finding out his good deed of protecting Sarah Nelson from her vampire family, Enzo is even more irked. Don’t be fooled Stefan, he’s not done with her just yet. But what’s the point of buying all of her artwork?

It honestly bothers me how dumb Stefan is lately. First he believes Enzo will leave Sarah alone, despite coming all this way just to see what he’s been up to. Clearly, Enzo needs a hobby. Second, he believes Caroline when she shows him that vampire blood really did cure a cancer patient with the same untreatable cancer tumor as her mother. While it seemed like the patient made a swift recovery after drinking her blood, I couldn’t help but wonder what are the consequences? I mean, after severe radiation, drinking vampire blood must have some negative affects. I was thinking he was going to become a vampire. But alas, all it did was make him feel better only to speed up his death. I’m just really upset Stefan didn’t stick around to see if anything would go haywire before Caroline went and gave her mom a teacup full of her blood.

That scene was the hardest to watch for me this week. I never realized it but I’ve actually become really fond of Sheriff Forbes. She’s really the only parent in Mystic Falls that stuck around and didn’t die. That’s saying a lot. And while Caroline is immortal and her mother is not, it’s way to soon for Liz to go. So despite Caroline’s good intentions, I couldn’t help but cringe watching Liz scarf down her daughters blood, knowing full and well, something was going to go wrong. Caroline means well, but maybe letting nature take its course was just the best thing to do in this case. Now, her mothers death will come much sooner than expected. Unless of course, she agreed to be killed with the blood still in her system and voila, turns into a vampire. I wouldn’t put this past Enzo. He may be bad, but he’d be willing to do a bad deed for a good cause right?

The harsh reality has finally set in for Liv. She’s not stronger than Luke and if worse comes to worse, she’s going to be the one that dies in the merger. That’s probably why she’s spent all this time trying to help Jo become stronger. She only believes in her sister because dying scares the crap out of her. When she finally tells Luke, he decides not to listen to their father and stays behind to help Liv teach Jo. Maybe with both the twins on board, Jo actually has a shot at defeating Kai? Although, that’s a big risk to take. If Kai wins the merger, the whole coven is doomed. And no one wants to see Kai more powerful than he already is.

Elena and Damon finally came together in the end. Despite all odds, these two are destined to be together. Maybe this season they’ll finally be able to have a consecutive couple of weeks of happiness without something getting in the way? In my opinion, Elena has really grown as a character. I mean, she still needs to be saved all the time, but nowadays instead of whining about how crappy her life is, she can actually joke about getting stabbed by her sort-of-boyfriend who she doesn’t remember because she erased all of her memories. It was a cruel, but well played joke. The moment however brought them closer together and Elena is definitely falling in love with him all over again. Maybe there’s no need for all the old memories anymore? If it’s meant to be, it will be.

Same goes for Stefan and Caroline. After spending the whole day together at Duke, Caroline came home optimistic about the medical options for her mother. And Stefan finally saw something in Caroline that tickled his romantic bone. The girl is brave, strong, determined and caring. She’s Stefan in girl version. While now isn’t the time for him to pursue her romantically, it’s nice that he’s there for her. When, and if, Liz dies, he’s going to be all she has left.

Other Memorable Moments

  • Jeremy- “Sorry, I forgot you lived here.” This as Stefan walks in on him shirtless in the kitchen making coffee. Hey, we’re not complaining, but we can see why this isn’t something Stefan wants to see in the morning. But in Jeremy’s defense, they have been gone for quite some time.
  • Jo- “Please tell me you brought mimosas.” Yes, because learning how to defeat your powerful, evil, witch brother is definitely not possible without some OJ and champagne. Hey, it takes the edge off right?
  • Liz- “I paid for this room to be a single.”
    • Damon- “Well you clearly underestimate the number of women who would die to spend the night with me.” Truer words have never been spoken.
  • One of my favorite scenes of the night had to be Damon chilling in Liz’s hospital room. I forgot just how close these two used to be as friends… you know back when Liz was unaware that Damon was a vamp, but totally aware there was a vampire problem in town. If there’s ever anyone that can make laying in a hospital bed with an incurable disease better, it’s Damon Salvatore. And that wink. Yeah, he’s definitely not the same dude he was in season 1.
  • Damon- “Step one: Allow them to turn my house into Hogwarts.” Great for so many reasons. First, Damon is literally talking about Harry Potter. You think he’s a fan? Second, Damon feels bad about compelling Alaric and almost getting his girlfriend killed…. twice… He does have a heart!
  • Jo: “Damon may be a vial creature, but he has the best clothes.” True… but I’d rather see them off.
  • Caroline: “Stefan, you know how to laugh right?” Eh… arguable Caroline. Sometimes, I don’t think Stefan even knows how to smile. That brood though.
  • Caroline: “Stefan, I know all of your friends. Elena… Me… That’s it.” Caroline Forbes for the best one liners in the episode.
  • Kai: “No wonder America got dumb while I was locked up. Their never in school.” Honestly, for a psychopath, he’s kind of got a point. I applaud the writers for pointing out what the viewers have been saying for years now… These people never go to class and somehow still pass and graduate and stuff.
  • Kai: “Oh we’re not cloaking people anymore? I thought that’s what this was.” Oh. Way to switch up the game on Kai guys!
  • Elena: “So assuming I don’t get kidnapped again by tomorrow, can we try dinner again.” It’s better to address that question tomorrow Elena. Who knows what can happen in the next 24 hours.
  • Hey, does anyone know what’s up with Bonnie? How are we going to save her?

Did you enjoy the winter premiere of The Vampire Diaries? What was your favorite part? Do you think Jo stands a chance against Kai? Should they kill Kai and have the twins merge instead? Whose more useless as a character, Tyler, Jeremy or Matt? Sound off in the comments section or tweet us @CraveyouTV with your thoughts!!

The Other Side- French For Rabbits

(Caroline and Stefan watch Colin eat snacks after she feeds him vampire blood)

Photo Credit:Annette Brown/The CW

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Coffee Table News

Joseph Morgan Reveals If He’d Ever Reprise His Character Klaus Mikealson for ‘Legacies’



If you’ve been waiting for the day where Klaus Mikealson strolls back into Mystic Falls to pay his daughter, Hope Mikealson, and the Salvatore School — which he helped fund — a visit, well, don’t get your hopes up. 

The first two seasons of Legacies have given us some grade-A guest stars from The Vampire Diaries and The Originals including Aunt Freya (Riley Voekel), Kai Parker (Chris Wood), and Matt Donovan (Zach Roerig).  We even briefly saw Lizzie and Josie Saltzman’s birth mother Josette (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe). 

But as for baddie Klaus Mikealson, the man who brought him to life, Joseph Morgan, doesn’t think he’ll ever reprise his role again.

And turns out, he has a really good reason!

TV Guide caught up with the actor to talk about his Peacock show, Brave New World, and when asked about guest starring on The CW teen drama, he bluntly and rapidly shut down the possibility.

“No never, never. You’re never going to see it.” Morgan said. “You can hold your breath as long as you want. You know why? I have The Originals box set on my shelf, and it’s a beautiful thing because it’s five DVD sets that are a complete story from beginning to end of this guy, Klaus Mikaelson — well, starting back in The Vampire Diaries Season 2. So I just feel like to come back as a ghost or a flashback or something, for me, that journey, that story has ended. That’s the complete story, and it just doesn’t feel right to me to do that.”

As much as we’d like to see Klaus in the flesh again, you have to admit that’s a satisfactory answer. It shows that Morgan cares enough about the character not to reprise him without a purpose or taint his legacy. 

Klaus Mikealson’s story came to a fitting end in the series finale of The Originals when he redeemed himself for the greater good and sacrificed himself alongside his brother Elijah to save his daughter. Since then, Hope has carried on his legacy; his memory lives on as she mentions him pretty often and channels what he taught her to protect her friends and fight off a plethora of demons and monsters. 

Morgan added that he felt like series creator Julie Plec understood where he was coming from. 

“I think Julie [Plec] feels the same. It just feels like it would be strange, like a little forced,” Morgan continued. “Like I’m coming back just so we can see something else of him, but when we see it we go, ‘Ugh, that was it?’ And I don’t want his legacy to be, ‘Ugh.’ I don’t know what the scene could be that it would be exciting enough and epic enough after the journey that he’s had.” 

Morgan may get a pass, but Candace Accola surely doesn’t.  We’d love to see her reprise her role of Caroline Forbes considering she’s raising two daughters with Alaric but has yet to pay them a visit or help out with the school! Don’t let us down, Caroline! 

The fact that she is still alive in the supernatural world and has such close ties to Mystic Falls but yet never comes to visit doesn’t paint her in a great light! 

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Is Netflix’s ‘Sweet Magnolias’ Filmed in Mystic Falls?



Is the town of Serenity in Sweet Magnolias Filmed in Mystic Falls?

The small town of Serenity, filled with Southern charm and people who know everything about everyone, is one of the main character’s in Netflix’s new Hallmark-esque series Sweet Magnolias. 

Based on Sherryl Woods’ novel, the series, starring JoAnna Garcia, focuses on family, friendship, careers, and picking up the pieces for three lifelong 30-something friends who decide to convert an old home into a spa. 

Small towns are a huge draw for TV shows, and Serenity has already drawn comparisons to other iconic and quaint towns like Stars Hollow in Gilmore Girls.

However, it should be compared to one supernatural town instead! 

While there’s nothing supernatural about Serenity, if you found yourself waiting for a vampire to walk through the town square as Garcia’s Maddie is cooling off after a meeting with her lawyers about a divorce, you’re not alone. 

If the town looks eerily familiar (almost like you’ve been there before and lived there your whole life), it’s because you have… well, at least if you’re a CW fan!

Fans of  The Vampire Diaries and Legacies will recognize that Serenity is Mystic Falls! 

In that same spot when Maddie comes to terms with the dissolution of her marriage and is consoled by her best friend Helen Decatur (Heather Headley from Chicago Med) on Sweet Magnolias Season 1 Episode 1, we’ve seen Damon and Stefan Salvatore come to blows and the Malivore pit open up. 

The episode even gives us a glimpse of Mystic Falls’ Founders Bell.

Serenity and Mystic Falls overlap even further as the restaurant previously known as Mystic Grill (a popular hangout in town for Elena Gilbert and friends) was turned into Sullivan’s, Dana Sue’s (Brooke Elliot from Drop Dead Diva) restaurant! 

Mystic Grill is also home to a museum of TV memorabilia and show costumes (and there’s plenty of Mystic Falls TVD fan tours) called The Alley, so it’s likely it will soon feature pieces from Sweet Magnolias. 

While Sweet Magnolias was a cute series, it was hard for me to get fully invested because I kept getting thrown off with Mystic Falls being referred to as Serenity! As much as I want to like Serenity, it will always be Mystic Falls in my eyes. 

Of course, Mystic Falls is a fictional town (though, it’s very real if you ask any TVD fan), set in Convington, GA located about 30 miles from Atlanta. 

We’re not surprised Sweet Magnolias used the town as their backdrop — without the vampires, werewolves, witches, and doppelgangers, it truly is charming in that Hallmark kind of way.

Sweet Magnolias is currently streaming on Netflix. It also stars Chris Pine (American Pie), and Jamie Lynn Spears (Zoey 101).

If you’re looking for some sweet “comfort food” to pull you away from reality, Sweet Magnolias is definitely your cup of iced tea. 

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Coffee Table News

Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley Announce Name of Bourbon Brand



Ian Somerhalder and Paul Welsey reveal bourbon name

During the WizardWorld-hosted virtual reunion for the cast of The Vampire Diaries, the Salvatore brothers, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley, who played Damon and Stefan Salvatore, respectively, revealed the name of their joint bourbon brand. 

The brand is called “Brother’s Bond,” Ian revealed, adding that it pays tribute to the alcoholic drink that bonded their characters on The CW series from 2009 to 2017. 

“Here it is. Our passion. Our baby,” Ian wrote on Instagram. 

“Time, quality, and passion distilled for you and me,” he added adding that anyone over the age of 21 can go to to sign up.

The duo announced that they were developing the liquor in September of 2019.  “Can you imagine if the Salvatore brothers had their OWN bourbon? Well, it’s coming! @paulwesley and I have been working our asses off with our incredible team to make this happen,” Ian wrote on Instagram at the time

During the Twitch stream on May 27, the actors revealed that they’ve been developing the taste from the ground up and ensuring it was smooth and sweet on the palate.  

“Every single aspect of this we designed ourselves,” Somerhalder said during the virtual reunion, which also included Steven R. McQueen (Jeremy Gilbert), Zach Roerig (Matt Donovan), and Michael Trevino (Tyler Lockwood), among others. 

“This is our baby,” Ian said from his Airstream. He explained that the bourbon is a culmination of their hard work and journey together.

If you were a fan of TVD, you know that bourbon bonded the brothers and defined their kinship. They may have disagreed on a lot, but they always agreed on bourbon. 

It’s unclear when the brand will be available in stores, but we’ll update as soon as we find out! 

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