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The Vampire Diaries- Yellow Ledbetter (6×02)



This better not be the last season of The Vampire Diaries because I will be mad. Despite horrible rating, so far, this season is the most intriguing… and nostalgic.


As Elena tries to erase her memory of Damon, we’re led through a timeline of Delena love. And it’s magical. Alaric says he can’t just compel her to stop loving him. He needs to re-wire her brain using psychology and compulsion, so she needs to pinpoint the exact moment, she fell in love with Damon. She references the Mystic Falls dance scene, the first time they met when Damon thought she was Katherine and later erased that memory from her mind. None of these do the trick. Each time Ric asks, she still responds with “Damon is my boyfriend. I loved him and he died.” Frustrated, Elena gives up.. although a part of me thinks she knows exactly which memory she really needs. Desperate, Alaric calls Caroline who explains that Elena needs to admit what everyone already knows, she fell in love with Damon when she was still with Stefan. Stefan overhears that and it makes for a hurtful, yet awkward moment. But, Caroline’s advice works. A teary-eyed Elena recalls her birthday one year, when she and Damon were still looking for Stefan, who had shut-off his humanity or was locked in the bottom of the coffin… I can’t remember. She was getting ready for a party she didn’t want to attend, when Damon gave her a birthday present– the necklace Stefan once gave her. He knew how sentimental it was for her, and despite being in love with her, he was selfless and gifted her with hope that she would one day find her true love. That’s when she fell in love with Damon… his one moment of selflessness. (I’ll admit, I secretly wanted it to be the scene in the rain, but this works too.) As she’s reminiscing on the moment, Damon–whose stuck in some other world– is reliving the moment too. It’s a cute scene. Although their separated, their still connected. It really is true love.


The memory works. When Ric asks Elena who Damon is, she responds, “Stefan’s brother and an ass” or something along those lines. It’s filled with disgust, remembering him as a monster. And right after, she’s completely fine, getting ready to hit the college town partying with Tyler. Sad.

Caroline is desperate for some answers to fix the Bonnie and Damon solution and goes to find Enzo, whose been doing some digging of his own. She finds him going down on some witch, who spilled the beans about Gemini witches. The two embark on a road-trip, but take a detour… to Stefan’s house. Apparently, Enzo was so desperate to track down the Salvatore brother, he asked his witch to do a locator spell. Suave. The friends interrupt what should have been a nice dinner date for Stefan and his new beau? Ivy. Things get awkward real fast. As you can imagine, Enzo is not the most pleasant dinner date and after he stabs Stefan in the hand, Caroline removes the girl upstairs. A huge fight ensues and Stefan snaps Enzo’s neck. Boom. While Enzo is out, Caroline and Stefan have a heart-to-heart and she realize’s he never listened to any of her voicemail, prompting her to call him a dick and leave the house. She’s also heartbroken because she realizes Stefan really tried to locate some answers, but everything was a dead end. Bonnie and Damon were really gone.


Enzo wakes up, realizes Caroline is crying over Stefan and goes to finish business. He kills Ivy, tells Stefan that there is a girl crying over him, even though he doesn’t understand why, but he does understand why Damon vowed to make all of Stefan’s life a living hell. Since Damon isn’t here to carry out his promise, he will. “Your not a brother to him, brother’s don’t give up,” he says, explaining that every time he sees Stefan move on, start a new life, give up on Damon, he’s going to come and destroy it. Ivy was just an example. Powerful. Really powerful. But kind of intriguing to see Enzo as the new villain, finishing off what his mate started. Anyways, anyone else think Caroline should stick it to Stefan and just get with Enzo? Team Clenzo?


There’s something definitely fishy about the new girl Sarah, that Elena fed on last week. Tripp, the new “cop” in town tells Matt that he ran her license plate, and the vehicle was actually stolen. After leaving the hospital and getting compelled to forget everything, Sarah spent the night with Jeremy, whose having sex with multiple girls to forget about Bonnie. This really irritates Matt, whose all goody-goody now, but Jeremy doesn’t really care. When Matt tells him that Sarah might be shady, she confesses to stealing her bosses car. Matt wants to kick her out, but Jeremy takes her to spend the night at the Salvatore house until she finds her “dad” who supposedly lives in Mystic Falls. Okay, right off the bat I’m going to say Sarah knows a little bit more than she’s leading onto. Also, does her dad really live in Mystic Falls? If so, who is he?

We also got some insight on Tripp- whose actually a found family member. Tripp Fell to be exact. And since he’s part of the founding family, he has to know about the towns “supernatural” side right? When Matt asks, he pretends he has no clue what he’s talking about, right as he’s driving across to towns line with a bunch of vampires in the back of his truck who burn up and die. Um… extreme much? He’s definitely going to be a problem, especially since Sheriff Forbes and Matt are both playing for Team Vampire!


 And lastly, where in the world are Bonnie and Damon. Well, here’s what we know so far. Four months have passed since the Other Side imploded, leaving them in Mystic Falls. Literally, nothing happened when that white light came for them. They weren’t transported to a different city, town, planet, etc. They were however, transported back to May 10, 1994. And what’s even worse is that their stuck living the same day over and over. Everyday is May 10. But why?

Like I said, this episode is full of nostalgia. The Mystic Grill in this “alternate” universe wasn’t blow up. Elena’s house never burned down. Everything is the same as it was in 1994. It’s as if the people disappeared but everything stayed the same. That’s why Damon is listening to old tracks and drinking his finest bourbon, because literally, what else can he do! They can’t ask questions because no one else survived, so their literally the only people in this deserted town. Or are they? Whatever Grams did to  provide Bonnie peace when the end came, clearly backfired because she’s stuck with the one person she hates most in the world.  (Thank god for Bonnie’s teddy bear!). It’s like hell… all the bickering! 


We know one thing, if this place was created by magic, it can be destroyed through magic as well. The problem? Well, Bonnie doesn’t have magic… so she passes the time reading her Grams grimaure looking for answers, and solving crossword puzzles. At the end of the episode, the one line she was stumped on, has been filled in. But not by her… That means, someone else is on this “planet” with them. Someone else is in the Salvatore house. The sounds she was hearing, weren’t nothing Damon. I repeat, there is someone else here. Who could it be? Grams? Kol? One of those dead dopplegangers we’ve always hated. Imagine if it was Katherine. The thought just sent shivers down my spine. Whoever it is, what do they want? I’m assuming since their technically “already dead,” this person won’t be much of a threat right? Maybe they have the answers of how to get out? Or better–maybe they have magic! It’s quite possible Bonnie and Damon won’t need the help of their friends after all. 

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Grey’s Anatomy – The Winner Takes It All (15×11)



Parent-child relationships have always been the second most dramatic type of relationship on Grey’s, and this episode beautifully intertwined two of those storylines into a powerful and heartwrenching episode.

What a change of pace! These types of personal episodes are sprinkled lightly throughout the history of Grey’s, and oh boy do we eat them up! Sometimes we need to take a step back and revel in how complex and incredible the characters are beyond their amazing surgical abilities.

Meredith and Jackson stem from similar backgrounds. What with having to brand themselves beyond the family crest and all, oh and the fact that Richard has slept and fallen in love with both of their mothers. It was perfectly fitting that each relationship was developed further simultaneously.

Catherine’s strong mothering personality contrasted against Thatcher’s neglecting one was hard-hitting. Although, in the end, we still saw the same effect. No matter how damaged a relationship can be between a parent and child, there’s still an overwhelming sense of loyalty and love a child will feel toward their parent. Meredith definitely received the short end of the stick with her parental figures, but the intense and abundant love she has for her three children is amazing. Witnessing the special moments she has with her kids only makes our hearts ache more for Derek.

Meredith needed closure with Thatcher, and she finally got it, something she never truly received with Ellis. His yearning to be a father to Meredith, specifically after Derek’s death, was such a turnaround for his character and their relationship. It was during those few hours when he was completely vulnerable and honest that he and Meredith finally built the bond they had lost so many years ago.

There were many times I thought for sure Catherine was going to die. Shonda has created this impeccable presence — she can kill off whoever, whenever. Although I guess it wasn’t quite time for Catherine’s storyline to be over. Having a death so close to so many important characters midseason doesn’t seem very reasonable, so at the very least we’ll have many more seasons of Catherine’s fun and feistiness.

Jackson’s breakdown after attempting to imagine life without his mother was one of the most real moments of the episode. Maggie’s support for Jackson during this trying time will bring them closer together and I can’t wait to see the rest of their storyline, because we all know they are end game.

I love the small bits of Teddy and Tom we’re exposed to. I’m enjoying Tom’s regularity on the show and I really look forward to the developing relationship between the two. His character is slowly being revealed and I think the church scene was an important piece to his character. Despite the cocky facade he displays, he’s truly a genuine guy at heart, which seems like a trend with the men of Grey Sloan, or perhaps a general trend among all men.

Catherine’s bout with cancer isn’t over, but as she continually states, she’s alive and that’s the important part. Who’s to say what “winning” and “losing” is when it comes to cancer?

It’s been ingrained into our minds season after season that each surgery is a fight against death. Our culture has become so obsessed with finding ways to reverse the inevitability of death, that we’ve lost ourselves and the meaning of the journey of life. Thatcher did everything right in his treatment with cancer, but he still died. He didn’t lose, there’s nothing he could’ve done differently. It was his time, and he had the opportunity to leave peacefully in the presence of his daughter. I would say that is a win for sure.

Additional Sidenotes:

  • Every time Lexi was mentioned, I just imagined Chyler Leigh kicking ass over on Supergirl
  • That pinky promise made between Catherine and Jackson was downright pure bait for the waterworks
  • The perspective about using the words “fight” and “lose” in regards to living with cancer was mindblowing. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to think of cancer the same way

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Grey’s Anatomy – Shelter From the Storm (15×09)



So many tears, so many almost kisses, so many emotions all packed into one episode. What a wonderful start to the second half of the season, especially after being left off on an epic cliffhanger!

The love triangle between DeLuca, Link, and Meredith seemed to be skewing to one side as Meredith and Andrew were stuck in an elevator most of the episode. And as stated by Addison seasons ago, elevators seem to be a sort of aphrodisiac at Grey Sloan Memorial.

Meredith has a strong will if she’s able to hold off DeLuca’s sexy Italian whispers and dazzling eyes. Unless she’s right and she won’t find love ever again. Derek was her great love, and there is no arguing that fact.

Teddy, Amelia, and Owen’s elevator scene could’ve been so much more cringe-worthy, but thanks to the added humor it was primarily comedic. Teddy has been and will always be Owen’s soulmate, and I hope he chooses her, sorry Amelia!

Watching Jackson be truly vulnerable when he found out about his mom’s cancer was so heart-wrenching. I hope he and Maggie work through their rough patch, but as teased by Maggie’s final moments with Cece, it seems they’ll be in the clear. Going through the most tragic moments in life with someone by your side, bonds you in such an unbelievable way.

The budding relationship between Nico and Schmidt is cute to watch, and the way Schmidt gets so giddy and childishly happy even at the slightest finger graze from Nico is the perfect depiction. They better get some more screen time and advancement in their storyline.

Shonda sure knows how to create incredible familial relationships between the characters. Seeing Alex be so gentle and caring for Bailey was truly the sweetest interaction this entire episode. Dare I say tears were certainly shed!

It was powerful watching Bailey experience some residual OCD PTSD but watching Alex care and comfort her seemed like the first step to stopping it in its tracks. Alex’s character development is one that needs to go down in all of TV history.

It was sad to see Cece’s fight end, but that’s what makes Grey’s Anatomy so incredible. Each character doesn’t always have a seemingly happy ending. It keeps you on your toes, and that’s exactly how life is.

Having Richard be the one to find Betty scouring the hospital looking for drugs was such a calculating choice. One that could not have been more perfect, and I was all for it. Betty has gone through so many tearful moments of regret, but it doesn’t seem like she’s really making an effort to turn her life around.

I hope Amelia’s choice to send her to a rehab facility pays off. Maybe we’ll see her again in sobered up at the end of the season. If not, I’m not too concerned. The Betty storyline is kind of just wasted time.

Watching Amelia bow out so gracefully portrays just how much she loves him. I guess it’s true that if you love someone the best thing to do is let them go. But, perhaps Amelia, Teddy, and Owen can create some sort of modern family.

There’s so much to be unpacked in this half of the season.  Catherine will not be happy that Jackson and Richard found out about her diagnosis from Maggie. It seems like a precarious situation that’s about to go south quite soon.

If this episode is setting the precedence for the final episodes of the season, this is going to be a nail biter for sure! Although, it wouldn’t be the Grey’s we all know and love if that weren’t the case. Thank goodness it’s renewed for a 16th season.

What do you think of the love triangles? Where do you think Owen’s loyalty stands?

Additional Sidenotes:

  • It’s truly impressive how the actor’s age with the show. Jackson is finally getting some baby whites!
  • Bailey’s sassy comments are always golden, “Don’t hyperventilate the patient!”
  • The dramatized trash blowing in the wind is such a sad reality
  • Cece has taught us all so much about love … R.I.P.
  • Meredith speaking  Italian?! How has this never come up before?
  • Helm’s growing crush on Meredith is so bitter-sweet, yet so relatable. If you’re gay and have never crushed on a straight girl or women are you really gay?
  • Who else had to look away as Jet’s legs proceeded to get crushed by the elevator? I definitely thought he lost them right then and there




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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – I’m Making up for Lost Time (4×04)



Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - I'm Making up for Lost Time

In this episode, we were provided a deep dive into Rebecca’s childhood through the eyes of her half-brother Tucker. Honestly, only the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend superfans might vaguely recall she has a brother. Anyway, Tucker chooses to put on the shoes Rebecca previously gifted him for his 13th birthday and makes a trip to visit her. Rebecca’s surprised by his appearance, but ultimately happy to try and make things right with the last person in her life she holds unfinished business with.

Soon after she’s surprised with another grand gesture, this time by Nathaniel. He tells her that he’s still in love with her and wants her back, but she refuses to accept his proposal. This is a huge step-up from what she would’ve done in the past, and it truly speaks to her changing for the better.

There’s definitely something slightly off about Tucker and we are given a sneak peek of him deceptively responding to Rebecca’s text meant for his mom and snooping through her childhood diary. No wonder he continues to steal the words right out of her mouth! Of course, there’s no way an early aged teen boy is going to be as perfect as he led on to be.

As Nathaniel is feeling the burn of his latest “rebection” he takes it out on Sunil and Mrs. Hernandez who are fighting over the most recent case. It’s obvious that Mrs. Hernandez is much more qualified for the case, but Sunil sets out to win the case by promising Nathaniel that he’ll win him back Rebecca.

Rebecca invites Paula and her boys over to hang out with her and Tucker, but it’s obvious that Tucker isn’t a typical teenage boy, nothing like Paula’s seemingly lumps-on-a-log sons, so Paula takes them to the escape room alone. I guess being stuck in a room together offers unique insight into a relationship, and Paula realizes she’s been so caught up in Rebecca’s troubles for the past few years that she knows nothing of what’s going on in her son’s lives.

Meanwhile, Rebecca takes Tucker on a trip to see the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where they happen to “stumble” upon the location of an audition for Peter Pan,  of course, Tucker’s plan all along. Rebecca’s overtaken by the connection Tucker makes with her and her love for the musical Slumbered, so she takes him in for an audition.

Sunil stalks Rebecca and Tucker who have stalked the director of Peter Pan –dang is there a lot of stalking and sneaking around in this show. Sunil sees Tucker with Rebecca’s diary and reports back to Nathaniel, offering him the option of getting the diary so that he can finally understand the inner depths of Rebecca’s mind.

Nathaniel approaches Tucker and offers to get him the role of Peter Pan in return for Rebecca’s diary. This is some top-notch elementary-level drama!

Rebecca receives a call from the director of Peter Pan congratulating her that Tucker has received the part, and Tucker calculatingly suggests that they celebrate with some Rebetzels. As Nathaniel is on his way out he stops by and pulls out another “I love you” speech word for word from Slumbered. He’s a lawyer, he should know all about plagiarism! Tsk tsk, I would’ve expected better from you Nathaniel. Rebecca realizes that the only way he would’ve known that highly classified personal information was if he somehow had gotten ahold of her diary. She rightfully yells at him, and it doesn’t look like he’s any closer to winning her back.

Tucker and Rebecca have a real and heartfelt sibling bonding moment when Rebecca learns that although he may have been initially faking some of the similarities, they both came from the same deadbeat dad and Tucker too needs therapy. Additionally, she promises that she’ll pay for him to go to theater camp so that he doesn’t have to go through the long process of flying out and manipulating her just to start an acting career.

This episode really gave Rebecca a taste of what she’s been dishing out to others for the past few years. The manipulation, stalking, and overcompensation for insecurities. I can really see that this season is highly focused on her coming to terms with her past doings and making major adjustments to fix them and change. High praise for Rebecca and all that she’s been working through!

What’s next for Rebecca? I can’t imagine this being the last of Tucker we’ll see. And I wonder what Nathaniel will attempt to convince Rebecca that their mutual love for each other is the only thing that matters despite their difficulty and confusing history.

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