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Virgin River Season 2 announced Virgin River Season 2 announced

Virgin River

‘Virgin River’ Gets Summer Season 3 Premiere Date on Netflix – Here’s When It Returns

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Get ready to spend the summer with Mel in Virgin River

The third season of the Netflix drama will return on July 9!

And don’t expect things to be calm. 

Netflix’s synopsis teases “a funeral, a fire, a divorce, a hurricane and a new romance in a twist-packed season that’ll keep fans on the edge of their seats.”

For those who need a little refresher, season 2 ended on a major cliffhanger as Mel found Jack bleeding out on the bar floor after being shot. 

Virgin River Season 2: Theories About Who Shot Jack in That Jaw-Dropping Cliffhanger

You can recap the season with the biggest moments here ahead of the premiere. 

Alexandra Breckenridge returns as Mel Monroe along with Martin Henderson as Jack Sheridan, Colin Lawrence as John “Preacher” Middleton, Lauren Hammersley as Charmaine Roberts, Annette O’Toole as Hope McCrea, Tim Matheson as Vernon “Doc” Mullins, Benjamin Hollingsworth as Dan Brady, Grayson Gurnsey as Ricky, Sarah Dugdale as Lizzie. and Marco Grazzini as Mike.

The season will also introduce The Flash’s Zibby Allen as Jack’s sister Brie. She’s described as a “smart, hard-charging, ballsy” lawyer, which will likely come in handy as they pursue the suspect responsible for the shooting. 

You can also catch up on all our reviews of Virgin River Season 2 right here! 

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WATCH: Mel and Jack Talk Starting a Family in ‘Virgin River’ Season 3 Trailer



Virgin River Blown Away Review Season 2 Episode 10

There’s plenty of baby talk going around in the Virgin River Season 3 trailer! 

Netflix dropped the trailer for the upcoming drama on Friday, June 11 and it doesn’t waste any time answering the question on everyone’s mind: does Jack survive?

It’s quite an obvious answer considering there is no show without Jack, but if it’s been keeping you up at night, the good news is that he does. 

Of course, that doesn’t put the question of who shot him to rest. (And we have some theories you can check out right here!)

As he recovers, he’s blessed to have Nurse Mel by his side.

With their romance finally heating up, the nosy locals in town begin asking questions about their future — is marriage in the cards? And what about babies?

5 Biggest Moments from ‘Virgin River’ Season 2

Mel’s history will definitely come into play, especially as it was always her dream to have a child. But Jack is a new father to twins (at least we think they’re his) with his ex Charmaine. 

Luckily, Charmaine is no longer hung up on him as she’s found a new man who is there for her and the kids! 

Check out the trailer below:

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Virgin River

Woohoo! ‘Virgin River’ Snags Season 3 Renewal



Virgin River Season 2 announced

Netflix seems to love Virgin River as much as we do!

The series has snagged a third season renewal, TV Line reports

That means that we’ll continue to see Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) and Jack Sheridan’s (Martin Henderson) relationship evolve. 

Of course — and spoilers if you haven’t seen season 2 yet — we’ll find out Jack’s fate, hopefully get some answers to the “whodunit” mystery, see whether or not Charmaine will come around and allow Jack to be part of her growing family, and find out Doc’s prognosis.

There will also be some new faces joining the cast. 

5 Biggest Moments from ‘Virgin River’ Season 2

Zibby Allen from The Flash has signed on as a series-regular in the role of Brie, Jack’s sister. She’s described as a lawyer who is “smart, hard-charging, and ballsy” but also a “whole lot of fun.” With all the shadiness in the small town, they could use a good lawyer that’s on their side. Especially Preacher as he helps Paige with her situation.

Stacy Farber from Degrassi: The Next Generation will join as Lilly’s daughter, Tara Anderson, who will help her mom raise Chloe. 

While it’s not clear when the third season is set to premiere, both season 1 and season 2 arrived within a year of each other, so it’s likely Virgin River Season 3 will grace our screens in November! 

Are you excited about the renewal?

Be sure to catch up on Virgin River Season 3 reviews now


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Has ‘Virgin River’ Been Renewed for Season 3? Here’s What We Know



Virgin River Review Taken by Surprise Season 2 Episode 2

If you’ve binged Virgin River season 2 like we did, you’re likely looking for answers about a potential third season. 

After all, they can’t leave us on a cliffhanger like that, right?

**Warning – spoilers ahead **

In the final moments of season 2, Mel arrives at Jack’s bar after hours to find him bleeding out from a gunshot wound behind the bar. As she attempts to stop the bleeding, she urges him to hang in there. And then the season ends. Just like that. 

A third season absolutely must happen following that ending… but will it?

While no third season has been officially confirmed, Netflix would be rather silly not to give it the green-light. 

The second season, which arrived about a year after the first season debuted, was the most-watched show the week of its release. It broke records as it surpassed other popular shows that dropped in November including The Crown, The Queen’s Gambit, and Dash & Lily. 

Fans love Mel Monroe and Jack Sheridan — the data supports it!

Virgin River Blown Away Review Season 2 Episode 10

VIRGIN RIVER – Martin Henderson as Jack Sheridan; Alexandra Breckenridge as Melinda Monroe of VIRGIN RIVER – NETFLIX (c) 2020

When Might a Confirmation Happen?

A second season renewal announcement came two weeks after the first season dropped in December 2019. That means that it’s possible we can get word of a third season renewal by mid-December!

When Would a Third Season Be Released?

As previously mentioned, the second season of Virgin River graced our screens less than a year after season 1. With audiences so captivated by the scenic small town drama, it’s likely another season could arrive in time for the holidays next year.
Of course, we also have to take into consideration COVID production delays. While many shows have begun filming new season’s and figured out a way to keep cast and crew safe, it’s unclear how quickly Netflix will allow Virgin River to start up production again. 

Any Other Clues Pointing Towards a Third Season?

Funny you should ask! What’s on Netflix reported that the series was given the green light to begin working on season three in July. The outlet reports that season 2 was renewed before season 1 even dropped and that the same happened with season 3. ProductionWeekly stated that filming for season 3 was set to start from August 25th through December 11th. Let’s hope their sources were right! 

What Might Happen on Season 3?

There’s a lot that needs to be addressed on a third season. Of course, the mystery of who shot Jack is the most important. There’s a slim chance that the show would kill off its main character and leave Mel to pick up the pieces of her life, again, but the whodunnity is definitely going to drive the season. 
The series made it seem as though Calvin was the number one suspect, so finding out his fate (and the fate of his “lumer” aka fentanyl business) after the LAPD got their hands on Spencer’s testimony would be top of mind.
In the final episode, Doc was also about to inform Hope about his recent visit to the doctor. Audiences saw him having a dizzy spell and getting quite irritable, so we’d likely get a health update, which could potentially impact their upcoming vow renewal ceremony.
Of course, the season would address Charmaine’s baby drama. Last we saw, she wasn’t pleased with the rejection from Jack and promised he would not be the twins’ father. There are some theories she may be the one who pulled the trigger. Regardless, we’d likely see her give birth and the two of them navigate co-parenting while Jack pursues a romantic relationship with Mel.
And lastly, the continuation of Preacher’s altercation with Wesley’s identical twin brother, who came to town looking for revenge. 

Bottom Line

Based on the show’s success, all signs point to “go.”

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