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Virgin River Review - The Break Up (3x07) Virgin River Review - The Break Up (3x07)

Virgin River

Virgin River Review – The Break Up (3×07)




Hearts were broken on Virgin River Season 3 Episode 7. 

Though it likely won’t last, the most devastating breakup was Mel and Jack’s. 

My heart aches for Jack. He’s dealing with so much lately that it truly does feel like the deck is stacked against him. 

He’s drowning, trying so hard to come up to the surface for air, and keeps getting pulled down. 

It’s bound to make anyone feel hopeless and exhausted. 

The last straw for him was finding out that a custody battle would be a drawn-out and expensive process. It would be great if Charmaine was just an understanding mother who wanted the twins to have a good relationship with their father. Maybe she’ll come around eventually, but from what we’ve seen from her behavior, that likely won’t be the case. 

By prioritizing his responsibilities as a father to the twins, Jack realized his relationship with Mel would suffer. 

He’s going to be dealing with lawyers, the bar, being a first-time parent, and rebuilding the house, and he knows his relationship with Mel will suffer from it. 

He knows he can’t add any more to his plate, so he decided to tell Mel that he doesn’t want another child now, and maybe not ever. 

It seems reasonable that he doesn’t want to string Mel along and let her down. He loves her enough to let her go because he knows she deserves better — she deserves someone who will make her a number one priority and give her the world, including a child. 

On one hand, it’s a selfless decision. On the other hand, it’s also selfish as he didn’t allow Mel to weigh in with her thoughts and instead, made the decision for her. 

I see both sides and acknowledge that there isn’t a right or wrong answer here. 

From Mel’s perspective, Jack is abandoning her when she’s been nothing but supportive. She wants to be with him, no matter what and is willing to give up her dreams of having a child to be with him. 

But again, should she? 

It wasn’t an ultimatum, but Mel made it pretty clear that having a baby was very important to her. Would she resent Jack down the line if she never started a family as she wanted?

They both have a huge decision to make, and while Jack should’ve definitely allowed Mel to give her input before he just pulled the plug on the relationship, I understand why he felt guilty for being a burden and wanted to set her free.

Of course, since Mel was blindsided — there’s been a lot of that for her lately — she told him to get out. 

She took a leap of faith to be with him, and understandably felt let down and hurt. 

Hopefully, they’ll be able to work it out because they do make such a great couple, and I wish Jack’s circumstances didn’t affect their relationship negatively.

There’s something to be said for a man who believes you should have the freedom to follow your heart, but who would Mel even have a baby with if not Jack? 

Brie was dealing with her fair share of heartbreak as she learned the hard way that Brady might not be the man that she thought he was. 

And worse, that her taste in men is pretty terrible.

When Jack saw Brady and his sister getting cozy, he got another piece of his memory back that confirmed what I suspected all along — Brady was the man in the hoodie that night at the bar. 

When he confronted him, Brady explained that while he was at the bar, he wasn’t responsible for the shooting. 

Jack ordered him to get off his property immediately, but if I were in Jack’s shoes, I would definitely want to know what Brady was doing there and what he may have seen. 

After all, there’s more to what happened that night that he could tell Jack.

Mike continues to have his suspicions about Brady and rightfully so. 

I’d like to think Brady turned over a new leaf after meeting and falling for Brie, but he did lie to her about having to go to work when he went into the precinct and then kept her waiting when he promised to be back soon. 

It might be best if Brie heeds Jack’s warning and stays far away from Brady. 

Lizzie and Ricky’s relationship seems to be on the mend after she agreed that moving in would have been a rushed decision. 

However, Ricky is still keeping Lizzie in the dark about his plans to join the Marines, so I doubt things will remain good for too long. 

On the plus side, she finally made up with Connie and is moving back in! 

Connie and Preacher, on the other hand, got into a little disagreement. He was trying to be mindful of how much time Connie has been dedicating to helping him with Christopher. When he suggested she take a break, Connie interpreted it as she was no longer needed, which is clearly a terrible feeling.

Connie is also the kind of person that internalizes everything, so she blew the situation out of proportion and didn’t stop to consider that Preacher meant well!

He also meant well by volunteering as the play director at the camp, but he had no idea what he was signing up for. Hopefully, Muriel and her theater background will be able to lend him a hand! 

I love how dedicated Preacher is to Christopher! He’s going above and beyond as if that were his own child!

He even took in Tucker when Jack couldn’t watch him because Christopher liked him. Paige is lucky to have found such a great guy, it’s just a shame that she’s not able to be with him.

Doc finally told Mel the truth about his diagnosis. It was hard for him to open up considering he’s such a private person, but a nudge from Muriel convinced him that he needed to be open and honest about what he was going through, at least with the person closest to his practice!

I think helping with Lilly’s terminal illness also helped Doc realize how important it was to rely on a community when going through a hard time.

He was going to have to confront the truth sometime, and it’ll be easier telling the rest of the town eventually now that he’s confided in Mel. 

Lilly also told Mel she was worried about leaving behind Chloe and Tara, whose epilepsy was triggered by the stress of her mother’s illness.

I know Tara will become Chloe’s guardian, but it’s a huge ask. I can’t shake the thought that it would be best if Mel were to adopt Chloe once Lilly passes and raised her on the family farm. 

Truthfully, it would be the perfect scenario for Mel and Jack as she wants a family and he needs a new place to live but doesn’t have the money to deal with the permits on his home. 

If they took over Lilly’s farm, they could ensure that it would remain in business! 

The writing is there and keeps alluding to it!

What did you think of the episode? What will happen to Chloe? Do you support Jack’s decision to break up with Mel? Let us know in the comments!

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Virgin River

9 Biggest Moments on Virgin River Season 3



For a small town, Virgin River has plenty of drama! 

From marriages, pregnancy, accidents, and funerals, the third season dropped bombshell after bombshell as it dealt with the realities of being human. 

Check out the biggest moments from Virgin River Season 3 below:


Doc’s Eye Troubles

Throughout the season, Doc struggled with accepting his wet-aged macular degeneration diagnosis as one of the symptoms was blindness. With the possibility of not being able to run the clinic for much longer, he began his search for a replacement. Being the private person that he is, Vernon didn’t want to tell anyone about his search, not even Mel. However, she found out after a recruiter left him a voicemail about an interview. Mel was blindsided as she thought Doc wanted to replace her, but eventually, he confided in her about his diagnosis and treatment. She promised to keep it a secret until he was ready to tell the rest of the town. While he’ll likely have to hire someone sooner rather than later, at the time of the finale, he was still running the show with Mel’s help.


Brie’s Miscarriage

Brie, Jack’s sister, is a new character that arrived in Virgin River after his shooting. While she seems to be running away from something in her past, she isn’t upfront about what happened at first. After she suffers a miscarriage, Brie confides in Mel that she was in a relationship with an attorney who didn’t take no for an answer and sexually assaulted her, which resulted in her pregnancy. Throughout the season, she deals with the prior trauma by taking handfuls of Xanax and mixing it with alcohol. She also pursues a relationship with resident bad boy, Brady.


Mel’s Pregnancy 

Mel and Jack finally make their relationship official, but their happiness is short-lived. After Mel tells Jack she wants to have a family, he becomes overwhelmed. Between his shooting, his house burning down, expecting twins with Charmaine, and the custody battle that’s in store, Jack doesn’t think he has the time or money to have any more children. When he realizes that he might be keeping Mel from her dreams, he breaks up with her. Mel then goes to LA to support her sister, Joey, during her divorce proceeding. Joey sees how distraught Mel is about potentially not having children and informs her that Mel doesn’t need a man to become a mom. She encourages her to see a fertility specialist to implant her and Mark’s remaining embryos. In the finale, Mel gets a positive pregnancy test and tells Jack that she’s pregnant just as he gets down on one knee to propose to her! He’s overjoyed about the pregnancy until she tells him that it might not be his baby… and that’s the cliffhanger leading into season 4.

Virgin River Kindling Review Season 3 Episode 5


Charmaine and Todd Get Married

Charmaine’s decisions are pretty terrible, but they’re fueled by her husband, Todd. Yeah, Charmaine got married to a controlling, rich man who wants to cut Jack out of the twins’ lives by adopting them. Charmaine seems to realize how terrible that is but refuses to do anything about it because she doesn’t want to jeopardize the relationship. Instead, she allows Todd to keep calling the shots while ruining any chance of a positive relationship with Jack. When she finds out that he hired a family custody lawyer, she calls him out for being out of line despite not giving him a choice.

While there was a smidge of promise for her character, in the end, Charmaine proved that she would be a problem that Jack won’t ever be able to shake if he wants to be involved with his kids. 


Lilly’s Death

Early on in the season, Lilly tells Mel that she has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. She doesn’t want to tell her daughter or the group of ladies as she doesn’t want to be a burden, but Mel suggests that she reach out to her friends and family for support. She eventually confides in Doc before breaking it to her daughter, Tara. Tara tells Connie, the town gossip, who breaks it to the ladies. Everyone is there for Lilly in her last days. She passes away peacefully in her sleep and is remembered with a beautiful funeral and reception attended by all those she loved whose lives she touched. 


Brady’s Arrest 

Brady has been trying to rehabilitate his image, but with Jack’s shooter still on the loose, and Jack’s memories putting him at the scene of the crime, it becomes much harder than he anticipated. When Jack begins to regain his memories, Brady fesses up that he was at Jack’s the night of the shooting and that they fought. However, he’s adamant that he didn’t shoot Jack. When his alibi falls apart, he becomes the prime suspect. 

Calvin gets cleared of all charges and pays Brady a visit during which he basically threatens him. Shortly after, cops and FBI arrive at Brady’s with a search warrant. Brady is confident that they won’t find anything. When they pull out the weapon used to shoot Jack from his car, Brady tells Mike and Brie that he’s being set up. Neither believes him, and he’s arrested for the attempted murder of Jack. 


Hope’s Accident

Hope only appeared a handful of times via video chat as she was helping her 90-something-year-old aunt during a hurricane. She wasn’t there when her best friend Lilly passed away, and the night she was set to come home, Doc got a visit from the Sheriff about an accident. Apparently, a truck hit Hope on her way home. She was in the hospital with a severe brain bleed and had to be put into a medically induced coma due to her heart problems. Doc was a mess the entire time, especially as her condition began to worsen. At the end of the season, we have no indication whether or not Hope will pull through. 


Preacher Gets Drugged

Preacher became Christopher’s guardian while Paige was “out of town.” He was constantly on high alert and looking over his shoulder as Vince, the twin brother of Paige’s ex-husband, was still lurking around looking for revenge. When Paige’s best friend, Sally, reached out to Preacher and told him Paige was considering turning herself in, Preacher wanted to see her in hopes of talking her out of the decision. That’s when Sally drugged him and left him in the woods. Vince had clearly gotten to her. With Preacher out of commission, Vince also broke into the house as Christopher and Connie came home. It seems he’s likely going to try to use the kid as leverage to force Paige out of hiding. 


Doc’s Grandson

A 19-year-old arrives in town and gets a room at Fitches B&B. The Seattle-based teen informs Lydie that he’s looking for his grandfather, Vernon Mullins. Grandfather? We’re definitely going to need more to the story!



What did you think of the season? We’re already counting down the days till season 4! 

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Virgin River

Virgin River Season Finale Review – A Wedding, No Funeral, and a Baby (3×10)



Cliffhangers are a necessary part of a finale, but multiple cliffhangers leave you counting down to the next season immediately after an episode ends. 

Virgin River Season 3 Episode 10 left every character on a cliffhanger. 

Jack and Mel’s future is unclear at this point. 

While he thought that he had it all figured out and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her when he proposed, Mel dropped quite the bombshell on him — she’s pregnant. 

Throughout the season, Jack didn’t know if he wanted to have another child, but after some introspection, he realized he would only be happy with Mel by his side.

When she broke the news to him, he was completely supportive and excited for this new chapter with her. 

That is until Mel revealed that he might not be the father. 

Of course, that’s because she went to a fertility specialist and had one of her and Mark’s frozen embryos implanted while she was in LA, but Jack doesn’t know that. 

Personally, I think Mel should’ve led with that as it would’ve softened the blow. 

By telling him he might not be the father, Jack automatically assumes that she cheated on him, which isn’t the case. 

Though, I guess some might argue that having another man’s baby — dead or alive — is essentially cheating. 

I’m more bothered by the fact that Mel didn’t tell Jack about the procedure once they got back together. She had plenty of time to tell him the truth.

Even if it would’ve ruined their relationship, I think it would’ve been better for Mel to be honest with Jack than to wait until she got a positive pregnancy test. This would have let Jack know exactly where Mel stood on the issue. If he knew she was considering the implantation, it wouldn’t have been such a hypothetical situation anymore. 

He could have weighed in on whether or not he would like to be the father or offered some support for her decision to have Mark’s baby.

There’s a slight chance Jack is the father, and for the sake of their relationship, I hope that turns out to be the case.

Jack asked Mel to be honest and transparent with him early on, and while it led to some problems in their relationship, it would have also avoided this whole mess. 

Jack loves Mel, so I don’t think he’d turn his back on her, but I’m sure he’ll be a bit blindsided and hurt by her actions. 

And Mel wouldn’t be the first pregnant woman to hurt him during the finale. 

Charmaine, who seemed like she was finally figuring out that Todd was a grade-A asshole, stopped by Jack’s bar to let him know she got married. 

Yep, Charmaine ignored every red flag and likely her gut to marry Todd. I’m shaking my head at all of this woman’s terrible decisions led by her insecurities. 

I thought for a split second Charmaine would do the right thing and cut Todd loose, but now, she allowed herself to get swindled into a marriage with a controlling man who makes decisions for her… so that’s cool.

Charmaine is so determined to have a man that she continues making Jack the villain and defending Todd and “her marriage.” 

There were moments where it was obvious Charmaine knew she wasn’t doing the right thing and doing Jack, a man who, again, wants to be in his children’s lives, a disservice, but she just couldn’t help herself or her toxic behavior. 

She was also upset with Jack about getting a family lawyer to get custody of the twins, but like, Charmaine, do you hear yourself? Jack was trying to reason with her and basically beginning her to be a part of his biological children’s lives, she was denying him that right and making him out to be the bad guy. If she won’t communicate effectively with him, what else is he supposed to do? She’s given him no choice. How is Charmaine so unaware that she and Todd — mostly Todd — are the villains in this story. 

She’s keeping the twins from their father before they’re even born!

At the end of Virgin River Season 3 Episode 9, Doc was informed of a car accident involving Hope.

The series has been very creative in terms of how they addressed her absence, but leaving her (an extra) bandaged up in the background? I couldn’t take it seriously.

It’s unclear if Hope and Doc will ever get their fairytale wedding as her situation, which involved a medically induced coma, looked quite dire.

And the only way to allow O’Toole off the show without ruining her and Doc’s relationship is to, unfortunately, kill her off.

The stress of Hope’s hospitalization cannot be good for Doc’s declining eyesight either. 

I particularly enjoyed the scene between Doc and Lizzie despite it being an Apple commercial. She’s become such a better person after coming to Virgin River.

She continued to keep Ricky at arm’s length, which I applaud. He lied to her, so he should work for it if he wants another chance.

But while she gave the impression that she got back with Parker, that wasn’t necessarily the case as he also betrayed her trust. 

It was a lot easier to forgive him than it was to forgive Ricky, however, because she truly loves Ricky. 

Will he still enlist now that he got her blessing? Or will he make up his mind now that Lizzie is pushing him away?

Christopher and Connie are in real danger. Why the hell doesn’t Preacher have an alarm system on such a big house?!

Living in a small town isn’t even an excuse if you take into consideration all the crime that has happened over the course of three seasons including Jack’s shooting!

I knew there was something off with Sally. She was acting too shady, plus, I don’t think Paige would ever turn herself in if it meant Christopher would be placed in foster care. 

Somehow, someway, Vince got to Sally and made her do his bidding. Preacher kept his guard up the whole time and then was betrayed by someone he and Paige both trusted!

I hope the drugs wear off quickly and nothing happens to Preacher, but he might have to come clean about everything when he realizes Christopher was taken. 

I’m assuming Vince came up with the elaborate plot to steal Christopher and use him as leverage to force Paige out of hiding. 

Can someone just get rid of Vince so Preacher, Paige, and Christopher can live as one happy family?

Brady can’t catch a break. 

I know he was my number one suspect up until recently, but I truly believed Brady when he told Brie he didn’t shoot Jack. 

It’s obvious that Calvin paid off one of the cops to plant the gun in Brady’s Jeep. Calvin even hinted at it when he swung by Brady’s after all the charges against him were dropped.

How is it that a guy like Calvin is able to walk away and no one even bats an eyelash?

While it wasn’t directly stated it was hinted that one of Calvin’s men shot Jack, which makes the “who shot Jack” mystery a little less exciting to be honest. If we don’t know the man then it doesn’t really change anything.

However, now, everyone thinks it was Brady. As he was arrested for the attempted murder of Jack Sheridan, he seemed genuinely scared, but neither Mike nor Brie believed him. How sad is that?

His reputation precedes him, and he’s burned so many bridges that no one even wants to consider the possibility that he’s telling the truth. 

Brie knows Brady better than anyone due to their intimate relationship, so she should’ve sensed his fear and realized that he was telling the truth.

As a former prosecutor, she keeps saying that she has a good read on people, but I just don’t think that’s the case.

For the first time, I actually felt bad for Brady. He’s doing way more than paying for the mistakes of his past. 

Brie also finally told Mel about her relationship with an attorney back home who wouldn’t take no for an answer and sexually assaulted her. 

The whole situation was heartbreaking, especially since the miscarriage was from that night. It also explained why she’s been so anxious and jumpy. 

Brie is a complex, flawed, magnetic, and capable character who has become a great addition to the series, so I hope she sticks around. 

And finally… Doc has a nephew?

From what I’ve gathered, he never had kids with Hope. Did he have a child with another woman before he was with Hope? Did he not know about this child? I don’t see him ever turning his back on his own blood. 

Poor Doc! His whole life has been flipped upside down with his diagnosis and Hope’s accident, and he doesn’t even know that more is coming his way! And why now?

The whole storyline is giving me Hart of Dixie vibes!

Other Musings

  • There’s a new employee at Jack’s… will Hannah be a recurring character moving forward? The series obviously doesn’t give just anyone lines (see: Lilly’s random daughter at the funeral), so I’d assume Hannah will play some larger role.
  • Preacher accepted Jack’s owner to be a partner at the bar! 
  • Mel was the “generous benefactor” for Tara and Chloe. She honestly is a guardian angel. 

Alright, I’m turning it over to you, Cravers! What did you think of the episode? What did you think of the season? Are you a fan of the cliffhangers?

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Virgin River

Virgin River Review – Love Heals All Wounds (3×09)



Virgin River Review The Sun Also Rises Season 3 Episode 9

The penultimate episode of Virgin River began with a funeral and ended with an accident. 

But whose accident? Well, it sure seems like it involved Hope since the Sheriff paid Doc a late-night visit.

How severe? The final episode will tell. 

Annette O’Toole has been absent for most of the season, aside from a few virtual appearances. The excuses the show has used to keep her off-screen have been aplenty but they all feel forced. Will the series simply try to kill her character off to preserve Hope’s relationship with Doc?

Is that why the show has been pushing a connection between Muriel and Doc?

If something happened to Hope, Doc would likely seek comfort in Muriel, especially with his eyesight declining.

The bad news was mounting as the accident news came right after Lilly’s funeral. 

The whole town gathered to say goodbye to one of their own, and it was a beautiful funeral followed by a close reception. 

It’s clear that Lilly touched the lives of so many people. It’s just unfortunate that her best friend, Hope, couldn’t make it in time to say goodbye.

Mel hasn’t been spared from life’s hardships, which is why she’s been able to empathize with so many people in town. She forms genuine connections because she understands what everyone is going through and more importantly, she understands loss.

She was quick to support Tara when she struggled to speak at her mother’s funeral as she knew how hard it was to get up there and hold it together.

And when Brie, who didn’t even know she was pregnant, suffered a miscarriage, Mel could also relate to what she was going through having gone through fertility issues of her own. 

I like Brie, and my heart aches for her as it must be overwhelming to find out you’re pregnant and lose that pregnancy all in the same moment, but I also feel like I need more of her backstory. 

We know what’s been going on with Brady, but we don’t really know the woman that she was before she came to Virgin River. She kind of just showed up and has been cryptic about what led to her decision to quit her job.

I thought that halfway through the season, we would find out more about what brought her to the small town, but nine episodes in, and we still don’t know much more than we did before. 

I’m not entirely sure what the timeline has been this season, but was Brie pregnant with her ex’s baby or Brady’s?

Brady stopped by after hearing that she was sick to bring her flowers, apologize for everything that happened between them, and tell her that he was falling in love with her. 

It’s obvious that Brie feels the same way, but after learning about his past and that he might’ve been involved with Jack’s shooting, she’s continuing to distance herself. 

If Brady’s name is cleared, it seems like she’d be willing to give him another chance. 

The one thing I couldn’t get over at the funeral was Lilly’s other daughter. Why wouldn’t they make her a character for one episode? Instead, they just had one random girl awkwardly appear in a few scenes next to Tara. It was so distracting and strange. You’d think her other daughter would have more of a presence. 

Prior to the funeral, Connie informed Preacher that she saw Vince in Clear River. 

That paired with the fact that Preacher heard from Paige’s friend, Sally, rather than Paige, concerned him. Is everything okay with her?

Why is Vince near Virgin River? Does he have his sights set on Christopher?

Lizzie finally found out about Ricky’s plans to enlist in the Marines, and she was less upset about that fact and more hurt by Ricky’s lies. 

He lied to her face several times while waiting to see if he would pass his exams. And now that he did, he had no choice but to come clean. 

Ricky then confided in Preacher after Lizzie stormed off, but as a former Marine himself, he didn’t seem convinced that Ricky was sure of his decision.

It’s not one to be made on a whim, so I’m glad someone is encouraging Ricky to think about it more seriously. 

If I were Ricky, I’d take Preacher’s advice into serious consideration. Why did he apply behind everyone’s back?

Mel and Jack’s relationship is back on track… sort of. I love that they are both taking each other’s feelings into consideration rather than just jumping back into a relationship.

Jack realized that they were both prioritizing each other’s happiness, which is the biggest sign that they love each other. 

Mel was hesitant to get back together because she didn’t want him to resent her, and he didn’t want to keep her from her dreams of having a family. 

But now, they both realize that their romance is worth fighting for. As Selena Gomez once said, the heart wants what it wants. 

Together, they can weather any storm. 

When Charmaine showed up at the funeral, she informed Jack that Todd decided that they were moving to Eureka without consulting her. 

She’s finally being honest with herself about the relationship, which is one where she’s stripped of any decision-making.

Todd wanting to alienate the twins from their father was Charmaine’s wake-up call, and after talking to Jack, I think Charmaine realizes that he truly has her best interests at heart. He’s always wanted the best for her and for her to be happy — it just couldn’t be with him.

Will she do the right thing and cut Todd loose?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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