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Virgin River Review Taken by Surprise Season 2 Episode 2 Virgin River Review Taken by Surprise Season 2 Episode 2


Virgin River Review – Mel and Jack Get Honest, Paige Confronts Her Past (2×02)

VIRGIN RIVER - Alexandra Breckenridge as Melinda Monroe of VIRGIN RIVER - NETFLIX (c) 2020



Virgin River Season 2 Episode 2 picks up after Mel’s confrontation with an agitated junkie looking to score some oxy. 

Jack, the town’s very own superhero is coincidentally nearby. When he hears the commotion inside, he immediately leaps into action.

Despite the added context, the whole ambush still feels pretty random and puts Mel in a “damsel in distress” situation, which I’m not too fond of since we’re all very aware that she’s far from it. 

Let’s hope that as the season progresses, this scene plays a more vital role. And it seems like it will since Jack called his friend Mike to investigate as believes that it may have something to do with Calvin’s gang, and, unfortunately, as we know, Brady. 

The remainder of the episode focuses heavily on the triangle between Jack, Mel, and Charmaine. Mel invests a serious amount of time getting Charmaine situated at Hope’s place, who, as expected, isn’t pleased with her new house guest. 

While Mel’s intentions are pure as she wants to go above and beyond for her patients, she’s also using Charmaine as a distraction from admitting her true feelings for Jack. Her walls are up, but he’s hellbent on bringing them down, and after some back-and-forth, he succeeds. 

Charmaine played a role in holding Mel back from being honest about her feelings, but mostly, she was afraid of feeling and opening herself up again because of the possibility of getting hurt. 

Mel couldn’t fathom to lose someone she loved again the way she lost her husband and her daughter. Once you’ve experience such a deep loss, it’s understandable to have your guard up. 

But at some point, Mel has to accept the loss and learn to move on. Jack is by no means trying to make her hide the pain or take the place of her husband, but he’s a good guy who wants to be her rock and help her get through this.

While it seems like Mel has a lot to work through in her past and how it’ll impact her present, she gave into her emotions and had a romantic and steamy night with Jack. 

This may be what Mel and Jack fans have been waiting for, but personally, it felt a little rushed. I can see Mel regretting it or it being a moment of fleeting bliss as reality sets in.

Because we know this will likely complicate things between Jack and Charmaine as it’s clear that she still has very deep feelings for her baby daddy.

In more sinister news, Paige killed her abusive husband, Wes. Of course, that was to be expected. 

While it was self-defense and well, an accident, there’s no way anyone will see it that way considering he was a decorated cop. The restraining order he took out against her and the fact that she’s a fugitive who “kidnapped” her child also won’t work in her favor.

But that was Wes’ plan all along. He did everything to make sure that the optics were never in her favor in order to trap her in this life. Worst of all, he was proud of it. 

The moment the duo began to tussle at the top of the stairs, it was obvious that one of them was going to take a deadly tumble down. I’m glad it was Wes, but the moment was still chilling and heartbreaking since you know that while she feels a sense of relief, she’s going to carry this burden with her forever.

Even with Wes gone, there’s no way ends well for her. 

Despite being a caring mother who was fueled by her love for her son and her desire to protect him, the law won’t see it that way as it wasn’t set up in her favor. 

Sadly, the laws in this situation weren’t set up in her favor, no matter what. 

Running away will likely only get her into more trouble, especially once people realize that Wes has gone missing and trace his whereabouts to Virgin River.

It’s also heartbreaking because it prevents Paige and Preacher from every pursuing a relationship. He did the noblest thing he could for her by telling her to skip town while he took care of the body, but by doing so, he became an accomplice. 

Of course, Preacher is the type of man that has been through hell and back and is willing to do whatever it takes to protect the ones he loves. He doesn’t care if something happens to him as long as Paige gets to take care of Christopher. Really, everyone’s action have are to protect the kid. Preacher knew that if Paige turned herself in, it wouldn’t matter if she gave him Christopher, as legally, he’d become a ward of the state. 

My only hope is that Christopher saw more than he let on — kids usually do no matter how much parents try to shield them from it — and would eventually be able to testify on his mother’s behalf in court.

But for now, it seems like Paige and Christopher are on the run as Preacher carries the brunt of her pain and problems. How do you think this will pan out?

And if there weren’t enough love triangles in Virgin River, we’ve got Muriel, Doc, and Hope!

I mentioned this in my review of Virgin River Season 2 Episode 1, but Hope is really playing with fire by encouraging Doc to go out with Muriel so they can continue to “sneak around.”

Doc has been a patient man and put up with a lot of Hope’s quirky behaviors, but what happens once he gets a taste of something else?

Yes, he seems to genuinely love Hope, but that dinner date with Muriel opened up a world of possibilities for him — possibilities he didn’t know were possible! 

Let’s hope Hope doesn’t live to regret this. 

Other Random Thoughts

  • Jack is punishing Hope pretty harshly, but, as the town gossip, she needs to learn that people’s private lives are, well, private. This is her lesson on not meddling in people’s business. Hopefully, she learns from it. She broke Jack’s trust and that’s not something he seems to give out so easily. It’ll be awhile before he lets her back in. 
  • There was a random mention of Connie’s niece, Lizzie, being arrested and bailed out. Will she play a bigger role this season? Does she have something to do with the junkie?

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