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Walker Review A Tale of Two Families Season 1 Episode 12 Walker Review A Tale of Two Families Season 1 Episode 12


Walker Review – A Tale of Two Families (1×12)

Walker -- “A Tale of Two Families” -- Image Number: WLK112a_0029r -- Pictured: Austin Nichols as Clint West -- Photo: Rebecca Brennen/The CW -- © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.



Walker Episode 1 Season 12 was a filler installment, but it was needed to set the scene for what’s to come.

We already knew much of what happened, but it was nice to color in between the lines to see the connection between the Walker and Strand families.

And who knew Micki was involved in the case before she was even Walker’s partner? That was a pleasant surprise. We got to see her when she was just an officer who was trying to make a name for herself and work up the ranks so she didn’t have to work for a shmuck who undermined her because she was a Latina woman and told her to “stay in her lane.”

Thankfully, she didn’t “stay in her lane” because her accurate assessment of Crystal got her noticed by Captain James. 

Micki was this whole to crossing paths with her future partner, who was still going as Duke at the time. Talk about a close call.

Through a series of flashforwards, we got to see the moment right before Emily’s death, which was heartbreaking. As a viewer, you knew that all these seemingly simple and everyday moments like Emily telling Abeline to take care of her kids, Emily telling Cordell she loves him, or the way they all waved her off were going to mean so much more in just a few short hours. 

It’s a reminder that you never know when you’re going to see someone for the last time. 

We saw Cordell’s inability to deal with the loss, the intervention from his friends, family, and colleagues that led to his decision to take an undercover gig out of town, and how Stella’s decision to give her father a “wake up call” also played into it. 

As I said, we knew the overall story, but these bits and pieces give us a deeper understanding of it. I almost wish all of this panned out earlier in the season or in the premiere, which I didn’t find all that convincing at the time of my review. 

We also got a glimpse into Cordell’s time as Duke, specifically, his relationship with Clint West and Crystal. Duke earned their trust and secured himself a spot in their final heist. 

Walker Review A Tale of Two Families Season 1 Episode 12

Walker — “A Tale of Two Families” — Image Number: WLK112a_0377r — Pictured (L-R): Rebekah Graf as Crystal West and Lindsey Morgan as Micki Ramirez — Photo: Rebecca Brennen/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

The reason Clint continues to blame Duke/Cordell for Crystal’s death is that he’s the one who convinced them that one more robbery was a good idea. He never pulled the trigger, but in Clint’s eyes, he was responsible for his loss and the destruction of the family. I’d argue Clint and Crystal’s lifestyle led to her death, but it’s easier to blame someone else than own up to the role you played in a loved ones death. 

We get a deeper look at Trevor’s life before meeting Stella as he found out that his mother would never be coming back to get him and his father was in prison. Seeing how difficult his upbringing has been, it’s not surprising that he’s conflicted between staying loyal to Cordell and Stella — he did contribute to his mother’s death at the end of the day, there’s no denying that — and his father. 

I think Trevor knows that his father’s way of getting revenge isn’t the right way, but he’s also too scared to do anything about it. He realizes his father loves him, but he’s aware of how dangerous he is, 

Clint is an eye-for-an-eye kind of guy, which brings us to the present-day where he decides to ambush the Walker household and get his vengeance by holding the family hostage. 

While we don’t get to see much of it pan out, we do see that Liam gets shot as he runs out to protect his brother and niece. The shot is in his upper shoulder, so hopefully, even without immediate medical attention, he’ll make it out alive. 

Trevor once again looks conflicted as he stands in the crosshairs, and though it seems like he’s letting his father do his thing, I think he’ll make the right call eventually. 

Holding a grudge, especially one that’s so heavy, isn’t good for the soul. And, at the end of the day, he knows Cordell is a good man who never intended that anyone gets hurt. 

As much as it pains him not to have his mother, Cordell’s family has also experienced a world of hurt after losing Emily. 

Taking another member of the family won’t bring Crystal back. 

The episode also gave us some of Liam’s backstory, which is great since we don’t know all that much about his life in New York. 

Following Emily’s death, he gave up his corporate life and moved back home where he became a very important figure in Stella’s life. I loved seeing more of their bond and hope we got more scenes between Stels and Uncle. Liam in the future… that is, if he survives. 

If he doesn’t, however, Stella will never forgive Trevor for not stopping his father.

What did you think of the episode? Are you glad we got more insight into these two feuding families?

Let us know in the comments below!

And we’ll see you back here on June 10th!

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    Walker Review – [SPOILER] Gets Shot (2×07)



    Walker Review Where Do We Go From Here Season 2 Episode 7

    Why does Walker always wait till the very last minute to bring in the action?

    Much of Walker Season 2 Episode 7 felt like a wash as everyone just spent time talking about their feelings. 

    It’s fine sometimes, but this was overkill to the point that I found myself tuning out. 

    The moments that connect back to Emily Walker fall flat because she’s not a main character. We know she means a great deal to Cordi and the Walker kids, but it’s hard to feel the nostalgia or sentiment when we don’t have any memories with her. 

    The rest of the hour was mostly spent on Serano’s lawyers, Liam getting way too drunk, Stella questioning her future, and Trey moving on from Micki. 

    Trey isn’t the only one hurt by Micki’s decision — the viewers are feeling the fallout of Lindsey Morgan’s exit just as much. 

    I’ve enjoyed the series, even with its flaws, for two full seasons, but it felt empty without Micki.

    Was she the glue holding the show together?

    After her departure, the whole situation with Serano seems overly confusing. I’ll admit, I don’t even know what they want anymore. 

    All I know is that Liam called in a false police report on the Davidsons, which made things pretty difficult for Cordi’s case. 

    Serano’s lawyers wanted a statement from Liam, but when he chose not to participate, they seemed all too thrilled. 

    That’s when he, in his intoxicated state, realized that they were going to use Cordell’s misconduct against him to throw the case away, so he decided that it was wise to show up at the headquarters drunk. 

    It led to a really strange and awkward exchange with Serano’s lawyers, and eventually, a tender moment between brothers. 

    Cordell and Liam fight, but they always have each other’s back, and that’s the sweetest part. 

    Walker Review Where Do We Go From Here Season 2 Episode 7

    Walker — “Where Do We Go From Here” — Image Number: WLK207b_0098r — Pictured (L-R): Jalen Thomas Brooks as Colton Davidson and Violet Brinson as Stella Walker — Photo: Rebecca Brenneman/The CW — © 2022 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

    Liam admitted that he’s been feeling pretty lost and embarrassed by his actions, so hopefully, this is his wake-up call to get back on track. If he does, he could even get back together with Brett, who also came to support him through this trying time.

    Stella struggled with making a decision about her future, though, eventually, she landed on possibly going to college in Maine. Considering all that she’s been through this semester alone, maybe it’s not such a bad idea for her to get out of town. 

    The series keeps stressing the relationship between Abeline and Colton’s late grandfather. There’s definitely a connection to the barn there, I just don’t know what it is. Were they having an affair the night of the fire?

    Is that why Auggie found a lantern in the barn with his family’s brand?

    And for the most shocking moment — Serano’s men tried to take out Trey and got the Cap instead. 

    Based on where the Cap was shot, I think he’ll be just fine. It’ll be a long road to recovery, but he’s not going to die. 

    However, it definitely underscores just how dangerous Serano is. 

    I’m just glad they didn’t get Trey. Could you imagine literally getting shot while you’re trying to mend a broken heart?

    And Trey was only on Seran’s radar because he went to visit Micki, which is totally unfair. 

    As I mentioned previously, the episode was pretty dull until that final shooting, which jolted me out of the couch.

    Will Cordell find a way to make this case even more personal even though he was told to stay out of it?

    Will Captain Larry pull through? How are the Davidson’s connected to all of this? And will the real story about what caused the rift between their families finally come to light!

    Sound off in the comments below! Are you starting to lose interest in Walker? Is it starting to lose the little bit of edge that it had?

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    Walker Review – Micki Says Goodbye (2×06)



    Walker Review Douglas Fir Season 2 Episode 6

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas on Walker Season 2 Episode 6. 

    The series got into the festive spirit, well, for the most part. There were lights, sure, Christmas tree, yes, and even snow, but the underlying tone of the episode was far from jolly. 

    Let’s start with the biggest kicker — Micki has left the building. 

    When she turned in her badge, I’ll admit, it made me much more emotional than I thought it would. 

    Micki has been on quite a journey after reconnecting with her ex-fiance while undercover. Not only that, but she let him slip away, quite literally, and lost him for good. 

    There’s no bouncing back from that. 

    She thought she could get back on the horse and fix things, but too much was both said and unsaid between her and Trey. 

    Trey didn’t trust her, and once you lose someone’s trust, that’s all there is. 

    You also can’t blame Trey for questioning the relationship. Throughout much of Walker, she had trouble committing to him and she kept saying that it’s because commitment is so new to her, but now he finds out that she was one step away from tying the knot.

    As much as she wanted Trey to be the right person for her, he wasn’t, and that’s not something you can just force. 

    Micki also lost herslef in the process.

    She lost the love for her job, she lost the meaning of wanting to push forward, and she made the bold decision to walk away and find herself before it was too late. 

    Her actions, though heartbreaking, are commendable. 

    She wasn’t in the right headspace to do the job anymore; she wasn’t the Ranger she wanted to be, so she stepped away. 

    It’s a huge loss for both Captain James and Walker. Micki was the best partner he has — she pulled him back from the brink when he was under, and she continuously kept him in line. 

    They balanced each other well, so it truly is a bummer. 

    Hopefully, the next partner Walker has will be half as great as Micki. 

    And as Captain James said, the door is always open if she ever wants to return. 

    As much as I loved Micki, I’m hoping that Trey gets a solid relationship moving forward. That man has so much love to give, and he deserves someone worthy that can give it back. 

    Now, onto Walker and Liam’s adventure to Thalia, Texas to hunt down Serano’s group that robbed an evidence truck with reindeer masks. 

    See — festive. 

    Denise suggested Liam assist Walker since everyone in town know she was a DA and would never talk. 

    Unfortunately, Liam’s hatred towards the Davidson family got the best of him. 

    Admittedly, Dan Miller was acting pretty shady, so it wasn’t surprising that Liam and Walker suspected his involvement. 

    Even Gale seemed like she was trying to throw them off of Dan’s scent. 

    But Liam’s actions were uncalled for. He should’ve heeded Walker’s advice to follow the breadcrumbs rather than calling in to get around a warrant. 

    There was always a chance that Dan was innocent. 

    Liam should definitely talk to someone. 

    Unfortunately, his actions are only going to make the Davidson/Walker rivalry worse. 

    At least he was honest with Denise about what he did. I’m obviously not entirely convinced Dan is innocent either. 

    His hatred for the Walker’s is also unhinged. He joined Serano’s men to use surveillance to watch Walker, so I’m not putting anything past him. 

    Maybe Liam’s gut will be right in the end. 

    There’s also the whole mystery of the barn fire, which I’m hoping will be resolved when new episodes in 2022. 

    Sadly, this is going to hurt the kids the most as they’re all forming a pretty sweet friendship. 

    Elsewhere, Auggie admitted to injuring himself by breaking into the Davidson barn. Poor Walker didn’t even have the energy to think of a punishment on the spot. 

    Also, Buh-Humbug Bonham is my new favorite Christmas grinch. Though, in the end, he did find the holiday spirit after all when he embraced the St. Bonham spirit. 

    What did you think of the final Walker episode of 2021?

    Let us know in the comments below! 

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    Walker Review – It’s Not What You Think (2×04)



    Walker Review It's Not What You Think Season 2 Episode 4

    The mystery of who bugged the Walker household is officially over. 

    But I don’t think that the case is closed just yet. 

    On Walker Season 2 Episode 4, Cordell informed his family that they were being watched before launching a whole secret mission to prove and trap Serano as the culprit. 

    However, Liam wasn’t convinced it was Serano at all and had his heart set on the Davidson’s being behind it. 

    And neither of them were wrong!

    Serano’s men did bug the house, but David, Denice’s husband, paid them for access to spy on the Walker family as part of some long-running feud between the families that dates back to the barn fire years ago. 

    Denice and Walker decided to lay a trap by getting a little too cozy at the Walker household, which definitely fired up David who assumed he was watching his wife cheat on him in real-time. 

    The fact that these two are having marital problems didn’t make the situation any better. 

    And Denice and Walker really laid it on thick. There’s obviously chemistry and history between them, but it was hilarious to see them getting into “character.”

    Things were only made more awkward by Geri’s arrival. 

    Talk about poor timing. 

    Walker tried to get her out of there so quickly, but when she refused to leave, Denice stepped in and cut Geri off from likely addressing her feelings for Walker. 

    I honestly felt so bad for her at that moment. She clearly thought she walked in on some private affair, and there was no time for Walker to explain that it was all part of an undercover op. 

    I’m sure Geri will understand eventually, but will she be able to move past it?

    Walker didn’t have time to dwell on it because of the case. If his house was bugged then Serano’s people likely bugged the DA’s house. 

    Before they could even investigate, however, the culprit made his way to Walker’s house. 

    Liam was almost caught in the crossfire, but it was actually David who stopped the shooter dead in his tracks and saved his life. 

    While Liam should’ve been grateful, he couldn’t shake the fact that David was there because he was spying on them. 

    Listen, Liam’s gut has been right thus far, so I would suggest they listen to him. 

    It’s hard to be mad at the man who saves your life, but it’s also pretty terrible when he’s part of the reason you’re in that situation in the first place. 

    Walker and Liam got into a heated argument over it, and I hate to say that Walker will feel pretty salty once the truth comes to light and reveals David’s involvement. 

    Because the truth always comes to light. 

    It’ll also be pretty awkward for Denice who basically scolded Walker for considering the possibility that her family could be behind the bugging. 

    Could you blame him?

    There’s definitely potential for a Denise and Walker romance — two lovers, two forbidden families — but that’s down the road once she finds out the truth about what David did. 

    And before that could ever happen, we also need to know the truth about that barn fire. 

    Stella and Colton are getting closer than ever. A man who will pull the fire alarm to help you get out of finishing the SAT’s is a man who had some feelings for you. 

    While I can’t condone the behavior, Stella wasn’t in the right frame of mind to take that test after finding out she was being watched for weeks. 

    This relationship may be thriving, but Trey and Micki’s is hanging on by a thread, mostly because of her guilt over what happened with Garrison. 

    Trey deserves to know the truth, but it also needs to happen when Micki is ready. 

    She’s been living in denial, which isn’t ideal for her relationship or career. Instead of taking the time to come to terms with what happened and to grieve, she lunged right back into her work which made her careless. 

    Micki ignored direct orders from Captain James and went rogue. Her heart was in the right place wanting to protect her team, but the recklessness could’ve cost them a life. 

    Taking time off from the force is the best thing she could do for herself. 

    And if her heart isn’t in the relationship with Trey anymore, I really do hope she tells him sooner rather than later. 

    What did you think of the episode? Should the Walker’s trust the Davidson’s?

    Will David’s secret come to light? What happened at the barn?

    And what will that map that was found in the home help them prove? That the barn was on their land when it burned down?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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