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Walker Review Season 3 Episode 9 Buffering Walker Review Season 3 Episode 9 Buffering


Walker Review – Buffering (309)

Walker -- “Buffering” -- Image Number: XXX -- Pictured: Jared Padalecki as Cordell Walker -- Photo: Rebecca Brenneman/The CW -- © 2023 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.



Walker Season 3 Episode 9 proved that Cordell continues to walk on shaky ground. 

After being summoned by the Mayor, who plans to honor Cordell, Julia, Trey, and Cassie for their bravery, the Texas Ranger and Julie were forced to confront what happened to them in captivity. 

Reliving the worst moments wasn’t exactly something either of them wanted to do, but reuniting for the first time since the incident helped them work through the trauma. 

Cordell hasn’t exactly been interested in talking through what happened to him in that cell with many people, including Liam, but it somehow bonded him and Julia. They may remind each other of pain, but they are also capable of helping each other work through it. 

It was nice to see them catch up and talk openly about their feelings in a therapeutic way. Though, I can’t help but think it’s not a coincidence that Walker received a message from his kidnappers shortly after reconnecting with Julia. Is she in on it? I want to believe her because I want her to be an ally for Walker—a friend that he can lean on, but it’s really suspicious. 

Then again, maybe the kidnappers were simply waiting for the right moment to make their move, coming out from the shadows to continue messing with Walker’s mind. If they were following him, they would’ve seen that he was with Julia and figured that the best time to strike when all the trauma was still fresh in his mind. 

Either way, it’s not really over—and it’s going to force Walker to confront his biggest fears. He’s been burying it all and pretending that everything is okay, but they pose a real threat to him and his family once again. 

How will they handle this unexpected delivery?

Cordell’s productive chat with Julia was cut short when duty called, but unfortunately, the case of the week fell kind of flat and didn’t really add anything to the overall plot. Why were we supposed to care about an amateur hacker who was targeting ATM machines to give away free money? It was very clear that while he thought his actions were for the greater good, when money is at stake, it brings out the very worst of humanity. It wasn’t long before fights began breaking out, people were turning on each other, and everyone turned green with greed. Order is necessary for a society to function—that’s my takeaway from the episode. 

And on the plus side, Trey Barnett proved he was useful and that hiring him wasn’t a bad idea when he cracked the mystery of the hacker. They thought he was a domestic terrorist, but they had it all wrong, and without Trey’s due diligence, they likely wouldn’t have figured it out in time. Unfortunately, based on the promo, it doesn’t seem like the Captain is going to be impressed. Trey has been on desk duty for disobeying direct orders, and once again, I’m going to emphasize how unfair it is that the Captain took out his frustrations on Trey when it was really Cassie who gave him the order that he followed. And it’s Cassie and Walker that he should be mad at. It’s already hard being the new guy, why is Cap acting this way?

There were some sweet moments between Auggie and Mawline and again Auggie and Colton. Auggie is simply trying to make amends for all the chaos that he caused. While mostly everyone forgave him, Bonham sure knows how to hold a grudge. It was one of those “I’m disappointed in you” grudges too, which sting so much worse. Eventually, Auggie decided to pay off his debt with a grand gesture—carving a new queen for Abeline’s chess set and spending time with her. It was a move that really pleased Bonham, proving that he does have a soft spot. 

Unfortunately, the sweet moment was quickly ruined when Liam informed him that he got a permit to open a horse rescue equipped with a full mental health center without consulting with Bonham. I know Liam is lost right now, and he thought he was doing the right thing, but he didn’t seem to look at it from the big-picture perspective. A larger operation means more work, which will place more stress on Bonham and Abeline. And they’re trying to avoid stress. 

Liam’s heart was in the right place, and I think it could work if he just went about it the right way, but unfortunately, it wasn’t his best idea, followed by his lawyer-ish speech while trying to secure the feed. Liam really thought he did something when in reality, all he did was piss off the man who Bonham has been in business with for years. Liam is trying to find himself, sure, but he’d be better off just sitting back and learning the ropes before trying to change everything and implement his own style. 

As for Colton, he got a letter from his grandmother and it was really bugging him. Auggie suggested that he write back to begin the process of forgiving her and only visit when he’s ready, and it seems like Stella agrees with the advice. I love that she was supportive of Auggie rehabilitating his relationship with his family, even after everything that went down. 

Geri’s presence has been sorely missed, but I’m kind of glad she’s away while Walker deals with the aftermath of the kidnapping. I hope he doesn’t fall into a romantic relationship with Julia in the meantime because they’d only be united by their trauma. And he owes it Geri to give their relationship an actual try. 

What did you think of the episode? Are you enjoying this season of Walker? I think the personal developments for all the characters are strong, but I do wish they worked on the cases of the week to make them a bit more compelling and connected to the story. 

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Walker Review – Blinded by the Light (310)



Walker Recap Season 3 Episode 10 Blinded By the Light

Walker Season 3 Episode 10 lasered in on Grey Flag–a storyline that’s been brewing for quite some time. 

The installment picked up the day after Cordell Walker received the package of energy drinks with a cryptic note addressed to the “war hero.” He immediately looped in Julia to help him solve the case, and I did not except for their team-up to become so Scooby-Doo

It didn’t take much for Julia to persuade Walker not to turn in the crate with the drinks over to the Rangers, suggesting that it’s entirely possible that there’s still a mole on the inside like Fenton. 

Walker has Ranger in his blood, so I didn’t expect him to take the bait. It felt wildly out of character. However, when Captain James brought him, Cassie, and Trey in on a Saturday and proceeded to chew them out about sifting through classified documents, Cordell realized that there might not be a benefit to looping in the Cap just yet. 

Personally, I think this is a huge mistake. And I said Cordell took the bait purposefully because I think it’s all part of Julia’s master plan. I think she’s been recruited by and is working for Grey Flag, which would explain why she has all this information about them and the organization’s “regrouping and restrategizing.” I hate to think that an investigative reporter got burned, but the timing of her arrival in Cordell’s life is just too suspect and convenient. 

She gave just enough to get Cordell to turn to her and open up to her, but she’s allowing him to feel like he’s taking the lead on everything. It’s definitely a tactic. 

Think about it—she’s the closest that anyone has ever been able to get to him. They’ve built up a friendship and trust based on shared trauma, so she’s the perfect Trojan horse for whoever is behind Grey Flag and setting his/her sights on Cordell as the next target.

The possibility that Julia is just a good friend trying to help Cordell—and hoping to get a good story out of it—remains a possibility. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt until I no longer can.

She made him realize that whoever is targeting him must be someone he was once close to as they’ve been able to tap into a personal memory. Cordell hated the idea that one of his military buddies, who he referred to as “brothers,” could be behind everything, but it made sense as they were the only ones who were in on the inside joke involving the energy drinks.

A quick search revealed that two of the remaining three were killed—one in a car accident and another after he suffered a heart attack.

That left Tommy Adams, who Cordell eventually agreed fit the Grey Flag profile to a T, as the lone wolf.

They were able to track down Tommy without so much as lifting a finger—through one of Julia’s sources (it’s shady, okay!)—and instead of waiting for backup, Julia decided to just walk on over to the abandoned house and start asking questions. It was either incredibly bold of her or she knew that Tommy wasn’t a threat because she actually knows who is behind Grey Flag.

Walker Recap Season 3 Episode 10 Blinded By the Light

Walker — “Blinded By the Light” — Image Number: WLK310b_0252r — Pictured (L-R): Ashley Reyes as Cassie Perez and Jared Padalecki as Cordell Walker — Photo: Rebecca Brenneman/The CW — © 2023 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Either way, Tommy was a dead end as he informed Cordell that he sent the package as a warning. He’s been laying low because someone is coming for everyone in their unit, which makes Tommy and Cordell the last living members and the next targets. 

Of course, this doesn’t bring us any closer to solving the mystery, but it is an intriguing development that definitely piqued my interest. 

Why is this personal? And what does Grey Flag still want from Cordell?

After everything, it seemed as though he finally decided to come clean to Captain James and Cassie following Trey’s DPS hearing, but they got sidetracked by the verdict. While everyone was convinced they were going to let Trey off with a slap on the wrist, the unanimous decision was to relieve him of his duties as a Ranger. 

And honestly, it was bizarre. I understand why Captain James was upset because he felt disrespected after vouching for Trey, but his anger was more pointed at Cassie and Walker, his friends, for lying to him. But Trey’s “insubordinate” situations were so minor. The first time, he followed orders from his superior in the field, while the second time, he left desk duty to help put a stop to an ATM heist that was getting out of control. Surely, that was more important than paperwork. 

The truth is, it felt completely blown out of proportion, and it didn’t feel in character for Captain James to turn his back on Trey and inform him that he was on his own. Why didn’t he fight for Trey? Why didn’t he pull some strings? 

Cordell and Cassie have done way worse—those two never follow orders, and it’s never been an issue. 

I’m truly disappointed with this turn of events, especially since Trey gave up his career at the high school for this. Is he trying to leave the show? What’s going on?

To be fair, Captain James seemed equally as shocked, and I’m wondering if maybe the decision has something to do with the possibility of there being a mole on the inside who wants Trey out so that Cordell has fewer allies. 

Which reminds me—Julia also tried to drive a wedge between Cordell and James by instilling a bit of doubt in the Ranger, and that didn’t sit well with me. Cordell even called her out on it, so I’m hoping he’s being super cautious and not overly trusting. 

Cordell’s been dealing with so much, he hasn’t really had time to pay attention to his family, especially Bonham and Abeline. 

Bonham called a family meeting so that they could all get on the same page, but he was stood up by both of his sons. Cordell didn’t show up because of his pressing matters with work, while Liam decided to skip so that he could flesh out the horse charity a bit more before talking to his father. I get where Liam is coming from as he seems very passionate about starting this business with Stella but has only gotten pushback from Bonham. It’s not really encouraging to hear that your father has zero faith in you or your ability to take over the family business. 

Liam also suggested that he and Stella team up as partners officially—on paper. It’s a big step for Stella, so I hope she’s not getting in over her head. 

Abeline and Bonham had a few disagreements as she was upset after finding out that Bonham asked Walker and his family to move out of the farmhouse. She’s such a family-oriented person, so I don’t know why he thought it was a good idea. 

And elsewhere, Cassie and Kevin had a really great first date where they got to know each other on a deeper level. All of that went out the window the very next day when he overstepped the boundaries she put in place to keep her personal and professional life separate, and while his intentions were in the right place, it was all the proof she needed to know that she cannot date someone she also has to work with. Some might say Cassie overreacted and ran from a good thing, but it’s definitely problematic to have your boyfriend, who wields a lot of power in his position at the mayor’s office, fixing your problems for you. Kevin either needs to respect Cassie’s request, or they really can’t be involved romantically. 

What did you think of the episode? Do you think Trey will get reinstated? 

Who do you think is behind Grey Flag? And should we trust Julia?

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Walker Review – Cry Uncle (308)



Walker Recap Season 3 Episode 8 Cry Uncle

The Walker family kicked off the new year by making some much-needed amends. 

Walker Season 3 Episode 8 picked up in the aftermath of Abeline’s medical emergency, which sent shock waves throughout the entire family. The whole ordeal was pretty dramatic, though the good news is that the mild ischemic stroke she suffered didn’t do any permanent damage. Abbie is a fighter, so she was back on her feet in no time, but it took the family much longer to recover. 

The health incident also put a lot into perspective, particularly the fact that we don’t have as much time as we think we do. The current situation in the Walker household has taken its toll on everyone, and it’s time to make a change. Bonham made that very clear at the end of the episode when he suggested that it was time Cordell and the kids moved out and his son got his house in order. 

Much of that had to do with the constant bickering between Stella and Auggie, and Cordell’s inability to discipline his kids properly. This parenting thing got the best of him and he hasn’t always been making the best choices, which has affected his whole family.

Auggie has been kind of a pain—his newfound attitude has gotten really problematic and it’s been hard to stomach. And I’m not the only one. Bonham may have eased up on his grandson, but he’s in no mood to forgive him for calling Abeline a bitch. She, however, was a bit more forgiving and understanding, acknowledging that he simply lashed out and didn’t mean it.

Auggie’s attitude influenced his behavior as he’s been treating his sister very poorly, letting her take the blame for events that weren’t her fault. I’m glad the series decided to put an end to it by allowing them to patch things up. 

It was clever of Abeline to send Cordell and the kids on a trip to Dallas to convince her brother Willie to visit her. The trip was a tactic to get Stella and Auggie on the same page more than it was about making amends with Willie. They had no choice but to confront the animosity when they were stuck in a car together, and seeing the rift between Mawline and Willie in person was enough to convince them that they needed to end their bickering. If they didn’t, it would fracture their relationship forever, and neither of them could live with that. 

At the end of the day, Stella and Auggie love and need each other. 

Stella also recognized Auggie’s lashing out for what it was—he simply missed his mom in these pivotal moments in his life. She was his person in the same way that Cordell was Stella’s, and he felt so alone without her as he tried to navigate the rollercoaster of emotions and uncertainty that comes with growing up.

By the end of the trip, Auggie and Stella were happily sharing AirPods, while Cordell finally got some peace.  

The idea of losing Abeline scared Bonham more than he wanted to admit, and it prompted him to go a little overboard with trying to care for her. Abeline simply wanted to feel like herself again instead of this fragile thing that everyone was tiptoeing around. 

Bonham’s heart was in the right place, but his motivation stemmed from a place of fear of losing the only woman he’s ever loved. 

While do feel like she should’ve embraced Bonham’s suggestions a bit more—there’s nothing wrong with starting a low-sodium, heart-healthy diet—she was also right in standing her ground and highlighting that Bonham once withheld a whole cancer diagnosis from her. 

There are definitely changes that need to be made, but it doesn’t all have to happen immediately. The point is—I think we’re all happy that Abeline is doing great. 

Cordell may have put out a fire between Stella and Auggie, but just wait until he goes back to work. The Captain is not in a good mood… period. 

It’s obvious that he knows that Cordell and Perez lied, and what’s worse is that he feels like he can’t trust his rangers. His comment about things being too “lax” also makes it seem as though he feels like he’s being taken advantage of because they are all close friends. 

He gave Trey direct orders to inform him about every move and at every turn, and while he was going to tell the Captain about the warehouse, he listened to Cassie instead, who pulled the “I’m your superior” card. Unfortunately, when Cap confronted Trey about it, he didn’t care at all about Cassie, simply laying into Trey and questioning if he made the right call by bringing him on. 

I’ve never seen the Captain this upset. It wasn’t fair to take it out on Trey when his real issue is with Cassie and Cordell. I felt bad for the rookie as he’s already second-guessing at every turn and just wants to prove that he deserves this shot. 

How do you think this will all pan out?

Will Cordell listen to his father’s advice and get his life, personal and professional, in order?

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Walker Fall Finale Review – Just Desserts (307)



Walker Fall Finale Recap Season 3 Episode 7 Just Desserts

Walker wrapped up the first half of season 3 with a Thanksgiving-themed episode that was far from jolly.

Everything that could go wrong absolutely did, and it was proof that sometimes, a big family celebration is more chaos than anyone needs it to be.

The biggest issue at the dinner table wasn’t the mediocre dinner—Cordell and Liam tried but a blackout while cooking dinner isn’t ideal!—it was the fact that Cordell was hellbent on pretending everything was okay when it actually wasn’t. 

Cordell’s parenting has been questionable as of late, and it’s very clear that he’s out of his element when it comes to raising two teenagers while also juggling a demanding job and dealing with the fallout of a kidnapping by a rogue militia group that tortured him and his brother. 

His version of dealing with issues is simply sweeping them under the rug, particularly on Thanksgiving, when his one and only goal was to persuade Stella to stop by for dinner so that he could try to make amends. 

Unfortunately, it was a terrible plan because he never acknowledge the root cause of the issue, nor did he consider Stella’s feelings and why she moved out in the first place. 

Did Cordell really think that she would just forgive him after he placed all the blame from the Side Step party on her and then left her in jail to deal with the consequences of her actions? Time and time again, Stella conveyed to her father that she wasn’t the one responsible for throwing the party, but he didn’t listen. Cordell channeled all the anger and trauma he’s been repressing directly at his daughter, which was unfair and misguided. He didn’t give her a chance to explain herself, nor did he care to hear her out. He made up his mind, and that was that. 

It’s hard to feel bad for Cordell in this situation as it was completely of his own making, and he didn’t even realize it or try to apologize for it when he invited Stella for dinner. 

August has been a grade-A brat for quite some time now, and honestly, I find his behavior a little alarming and unexpected. I guess it makes sense that he wants to find his own identity after being in his sister’s shadow the whole time, and yes, teens will be teens, but it’s also unlike him to let his sister take the fall for something she didn’t do. He’s watched how her relationship with Cordell was fractured because of a mistake he made and he still didn’t confess to his involvement. That’s not like Auggie. 

Everyone else in the house seemed to be aware that Auggie was the mastermind behind the Side Step party, and when Stella showed Cordell that they lost the liquor license as a result, Mawline finally put it all out on the table as she realized her son didn’t have it handled the way he kept assuring everyone he did. 

She couldn’t sit by and watch Stella get hammered with a lesson about consequences as an adult while Auggie skirted by and frankly, looked pleased with himself. And that’s when Auggie made the dire mistake of calling Abeline the B-word. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back and the wake-up call Walker needed to realize that he’s thrown a blind eye to so much. 

His apology to Stella afterward didn’t really stick, and the fact that she kept Colton by her side because she didn’t want to be alone with her own father made it clear just how fractured their relationship has become.

As for his discipling on Auggie, it was non-existent, which continued to be frustrating in light of how he treated Stella. It’s unclear where they go from here, but the first part of making amends was apologizing to his grandmother. 

Unfortunately, he might not get the chance as in the final moments of the episode we saw Abby, who underwent a world of stress during the day, especially as it marked the anniversary of her mother’s death and her fallout with her own brother, Will, collapse to the ground. Was it a heart attack? We won’t know until the series comes back in 2023, but I truly hope that she’s okay! Abby is the heart of this family!

The Walker dinner had a handful of guests, including Captain James, who informed Cordell that at some point, he needed to talk to him and Cassie about something serious. It seems that James knows that they tampered with evidence, but that’s an issue for a different day. 

Cassie invited the Chief of Staff to the Mayor, Kevin, over for dinner, and while it wasn’t the kind of evening anyone expected, he was eating it up! Turns out, Kevin always wanted to see what happens at a big family dinner, and the Walker family did not disappoint. I’m eager to explore a romantic storyline for Cassie. 

Geri was missing as we saw her go on a trip to take care of some business involving Hoyt. In reality, Odette Annable is on maternity leave, but I can’t wait for the series to once again address her relationship with Cordell.

As for Liam, he was so nervous the whole evening as he wanted to impress Ben and tell him just how thankful he is to have him in his life. They had quite a sweet moment before deciding to leave all of this behind and head over to the store for some Black Friday deals, and truthfully, isn’t that the most realistic storyline ever?

Overall, the episode was a nice reprieve from all the Texas Ranger action that’s been happening throughout the season. It connected back to what’s at the core of the show—family—even when it’s an absolute mess.

What did you think of the eventful Walker finale? What are you hoping to see next season? 

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