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Umbrella Academy Season 2 Trailer Umbrella Academy Season 2 Trailer


WATCH: Netflix Drops Season 2 Trailer for ‘Umbrella Academy’ Featuring Time Travel & Apocalypse

Credit: Netflix/ Umbrella Academy



Netflix is gearing up for a second season of The Umbrella Academy with a brand new trailer. 

In the final moments of season 1, we saw the Hargreeves siblings narrowly escape an apocalypse through a time jump, but that doesn’t mean they are completely spared from the end of the world…. only this time, they’ve traveled to 1963. 

They’ve all built new lives in the past, but must find a way to reunite and stop the doomsday in the present. 

Considering the tagline reads “same weird family, new weird problems, 

You can check out the full-length trailer released on Wednesday below:

Season 2 will consist of 10 episodes and will drop on Netflix on July 31! 

The trailer is also the official reveal of series creator and My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way’s new single “Here Comes the End.” What a fitting title, right?

Are you excited for season 2? Let us know in the comments below! 

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Money Heist: Who Is Alicia Sierra and How Is She Connected to the Professor and the Overall Heist?



Money Heist: How is Alicia Sierra Connected to the Professor and the Overall Heist?

There’s no shortage of intriguing and enigmatic characters on Netflix’s Money Heist (La Casa de Papel), but season 3 of the crime drama introduced fans to Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri), lead police investigator in the Bank of Spain heist, and quite frankly, the most puzzling character to date. 

Sierra is an exciting and worthy replacement for former police inspector Raquel Murillo aka Lisbon, who left her policing days behind to join the Professor’s merry band of robbers following their first heist at the Royal Mint.  

With a lollipop in hand, Sierra is ready to stop the robbery of the bank in its tracks and finally bring the criminals to justice. Her actions and decisions bring a new level of unpredictability to the series, which makes her a worthy opponent for the Professor. Raquel played by his rules, but Sierra has figured out his rules and kept up with them… almost too well.

She’s in it to win it, and prior to her introduction, we hadn’t seen anyone who was equally as cunning as the Professor. 

She’s defined by her brutality; while others would shudder at the thought of using family members as leverage, she’s overjoyed to cross the line on multiple occasions including when she uses Nairobi’s son and Raquel’s ailing mother to manipulate them. 

Sierra isn’t just crazy good at her job, she’s simply crazy… and that allows her to go head-to-head with the Professor, with or without the support of law enforcement. She’s a sociopath, in her own way, that’s equally as complex, ruthless, intelligent, and confident as both the Professor and Berlin.

There are also many parallels between her and Raquel as they’ve both been outsmarted by the Professor on a few occasions, they both lost the support of their team while working the heist investigations, they were both turned into scapegoats for agency, and they both used their instinct to successfully hunt the Professor down. 

But there’s a key difference that sets Sierra apart from Raquel — she’s not in love with the Professor. 

Raquel pursued the Professor, but she was also blinded by love. The trust they developed when she didn’t know who he truly was made it easier for her to understand that, though flawed, his intentions behind the heist were noble. 

Sierra, on the other hand, was motivated to find the Professor to finish a job. She never once lost sight of the prize, and one could say her dedication to the job and capturing the bad guys has been fueling and motivating her. 

The dramatic season 4 cliffhanger, which ended with Sierra finding the Professor’s hideout and ambushing him by pointing a gun at his head, proves we’ll dig deeper into her character come season 5.

She may have the upper-hand as things stand now, but there’s a huge chance the Professor will manipulate and outsmart her while giving us some much-needed background about her. 

The vagueness about Sierra’s villainous character has drawn much attention from fans who are theorizing how she’ll play into the storyline moving forward. 

All we know for certain is that she and Raquel attended police training together, her husband died a few months ago due to cancer (we don’t even know who German is or if he’s important to the story), and that she’s pregnant (and even that’s questionable). 

The thought that Sierra may be faking her pregnancy crossed my mind while binge-watching the series.

Even before Sierra was roped into leading the investigation at the Bank of Spain, she was responsible for inhumanely torturing Rio through illegal tactics such as waterboarding and burying him alive. 

Much of her actions indicate that she doesn’t have much of a maternal bone in her body, and it’s possible that she’s faking her pregnancy to gain sympathy from the public in the instance that her sadistic actions come to light.

The sympathy card has worked on many occasions for the Professor and his robbers, and realistically, we’re all less likely to judge a pregnant woman’s action. It could be the reason why the agency attempted to place the blame solely on her when the Professor exposed their torture tactics on a civilian. 

There have also been other moments where Sierra is seen smoking, gorging on junk food, and drinking caffeine. All of that compounded with the stress of the job cannot be good for a woman in such an advanced pregnancy.

One could chalk this up to personal quirks and Sierra’s unhealthy coping mechanisms, or, it could be a huge red flag that the pregnancy isn’t real. Don’t even get me started about the stamina needed to spend hours interrogating someone or hunting down the Professor without any assistance.

There’s an added level of suspense to having a pregnant maniac in charge — especially so far along in the pregnancy — because the audience is always wondering when she’ll go into labor. 

The most likely (and predictable) scenario lends itself to Sierra going into labor while pointing the gun at the Professor. It would catch her off guard, put her at a disadvantage, and force her to rely on the Professor to help her give birth. It would also allow the Professor to regain control of the situation.

Even though he has some of the most meticulously thought-out plans that anticipate every possible outcome, luck has a tendency of working in his favor. 

But that’s the key to all of this — anticipation. The Professor has played out every possible scenario in his head. Even the ones that have taken him by surprise have, at some point, crossed his mind, so it’s unlikely that he’d be careless enough to leave behind a trail leading directly back to him.

If Raquel was able to find his first hideout, the chances are high that he would consider that another agent, one that isn’t blinded by love and is more cutthroat than Raquel, would be able to track him down, too. 

Not to mention the Professor also has an advantage this time around because Raquel knows Sierra personally and can predict how she’d act in certain situations. 

By making Rio’s torture private, he could’ve anticipated that the agency would try to save face by placing the blame on Sierra, like they did with Raquel, and thus, figured she would seek him out. It’s entirely possible that the license plate and the footage of him threatening a cop that led Sierra to him was all part of the plan. 

He laid the breadcrumbs and she fell into his trap thinking it was a victory. Maybe she’s a necessary part of the plan to help the gang escape from the Bank of Spain alive and with the gold?

Read the full post at TV Fanatic now! 

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‘Outer Banks’ Renewed for Season 2 on Netflix



Outer Banks Renewed for Season 2 at Netflix

The adventures of the Pogues will continue on Netflix.

The streaming giant renewed Outer Banks for a second season on Friday. 

The show’s Twitter account made the announcement with a cheeky caption, writing, “We’ll sea you again.”

Set in a beach-y town in North Carolina, the YA coming-of-age series follows a group of friends who experience a summer they’ll never forget. 

Following a storm, the group, led by ringleader John B, get sucked into a high-stakes treasure hunt for gold, which leads them to uncovering what really happened to John B’s father the night he disappeared.

With influences from many 90s teen dramas including Dawsons Creek, the series also deals with complex romantic relationships, teen angst, a rivalry between the haves and have-nots (the Kooks), and even features a by-the-book villain hellbent on destroying anyone who finds the gold first.

‘Outer Banks’ Struggled to Find Its Identity

— Some spoilers ahead —

There was never any question about whether a season 2 would happen as the cliffhanger of season 1 found John B and Sarah Cameron learning that the boat that rescued them was on its way to Nassau. Naturally, their quest to find the gold will continue on to the delight of many fans who were hoping and wishing for a renewal. 

If I were to guess, the couple will pretend to stay dead only alerting the rest of the Pogues so that they can complete their mission without any interruptions. 

So… when can we expect Outer Banks season 2? With many TV and film productions on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s unlikely that we’ll get a second season anytime prior to 2021. But the great thing about Netflix is that you can rewatch season 1 anytime you want to try to fill that void. 

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Alvaro Morte Teases the Professor’s Return on Set of ‘La Casa de Papel’ Season 5



Alvaro Morte Teases the Professor's Return on Money Heist Season 5

He’s back…. and wearing a face mask!

If you were concerned about the fate of Money Heist (La Casa de Papel), don’t be because despite Netflix not officially renewing the series for a fifth season (yet!), it’s definitely happening. 

In fact, it seems like production on the Spanish-language series has already started despite the worldwide coronavirus pandemic shutting down most TV show and film productions.

Alvaro Morte, who plays the enigmatic and brilliant Professor, posted a photo on Instagram with the caption, “I’m back. The Professor is back. @netflixes @netflix @vancouvermedia.”

In the photo, you can see his reflection — complete with a disposable face mask — s he enters “stage 2.” The show logo can be seen in the lower right hand corner. 

There was never any question about the Professor’s survival despite the cliffhanger, which found Alicia Sierra, the former police investigator on the Bank of Spain heist, locating his hideout and pointing a gun at him as she declares, “checkmate.”

If we’ve learned anything these past few seasons, it’s that the criminal mastermind always has a plan even when things don’t go his way or he’s caught off-guard. Sierra is a worthy opponent who has the potential of messing things up for him, but he always gets things back on track because of his dedication to his Robin Hood-esque group of robbers. And now that Lisbon is inside the Bank of Spain, there’s no way he’s letting anyone mess it up for him!

Is Season 5 of ‘Money Heist’ Happening? Everything We Know

The chances of the series not getting picked up were slim considering season 4 garnered 65 million viewers in the first four weeks beating out the massively successful and viral, Tiger King. It’s also the most-watch non-English speaking show on the streaming platform. Not to mention it was one of the top-viewed shows during COVID

If production is underway then maybe there’s a chance we’ll get season 5 in time for Christmas? Wouldn’t that be a great way to top off the year?

Maybe now that Morte has confirmed that he’s back at work, Netflix can officially confirm season 5? 

Want more Money Heist content? Here’s everything we learned about the series from the documentary, Money Heist: The Phenomenon.

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