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The Golden Bachelor

What Time Does ‘The Golden Bachelor’ Start?



ABC is expanding its Bachelor franchise into a new age bracket with The Golden Bachelor.

Gerry Turner, described as a “charming 72-year-old patriarch from Indiana,” will be the first to ever own the title as he sets out to find love amongst 22 hopeful bachelorettes.

The series synopsis notes, “One hopeless romantic is given a second chance at love in the search for a partner with whom to share the sunset years of life.”

There’s been a lot of interest across the board for the spinoff as it’s a refreshing take on the franchise that many found has become quite predictable in recent years as it focuses on the same age group every time.

 The new concept doesn’t just pique the interest of longtime Bachelor fans, it’s also enticing older viewers who have never given reality TV a chance, while also sparking interest from younger fans who want to see what kind of drama the older demographic is going to stir up (though Turner did call them the “sweetest” group of women ever).

Many also think that with an older-skewing cast, the focus will be more on finding love versus chasing social media clout as the contestants have all been through their fair share of life experiences and heartache. 

“I want to fall in love,” Turner previously explained of his interest in the franchise, noting, “I really want to find my person who can put me in my place when I need it and make me smile at it. The person who can lay down beside you at night, not have to say anything, and you feel it. That’s love. That’s what I want. And I know that person’s out there.”

He was married to his high school sweetheart for 43 years before she died in 2017, so it’s fair to say he’s putting himself out of his comfort zone by pursuing a new romantic connection. 

The series will premiere on Thursday, Sept. 28 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. You can stream the episodes the following day on Hulu.

It will continue airing on Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET, followed by Bachelor in Paradise—who doesn’t love back-to-back Bachelor shows?

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The Golden Bachelor

Best Tweets About Gerry and ‘The Golden Bachelor’ Premiere



Best Tweets About Gerry and The Golden Bachelor Premiere

The Golden Bachelor made its grand debut on ABC tonight, September 28. The unprecedented concept put a 72-year-old widower in the hot seat as Gerry Turner set his sights on 22 women in hopes of once again finding true love. 

The premiere received an overwhelmingly positive reaction from audiences who praised it for showing real emotion and feelings, but along with the fun and giddy moments, there was some drama (this is a Bachelor franchise, after all—spoiler alert, former Bachelor Matt James’ mom Patty went home on night one), and even some emotional scenes that made viewers feel all the feels. 

We’ve gathered some of the best tweets about the premiere—here’s what the internet thought.

The new season will continue airing on Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET, followed by Bachelor in Paradise. You can stream the episodes the following day on Hulu.

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