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Who Are Dr. Mason and Sadie on This Is Us Who Are Dr. Mason and Sadie on This Is Us

This Is Us

5 Possible Theories About Who Madison’s Doctor and His Daughter Sadie Could Be on ‘This Is Us’

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Okay, so you watched the season 4 finale of This Is Us and found yourself thinking, “who is the doctor and his daughter, Sadie.”

Honestly, same.

The episode spent so much time and attention on the doctor’s backstory, before we even knew that he was Madison’s obstetrician, and introduced his daughter.

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Some may say that there’s nothing to it, it was just a way to introduce a character, but avid watchers of This Is Us know that’s absolutely false.

There has to be some bigger meaning and connection that simply hasn’t been revealed yet. Plus, they wouldn’t give us so much insight into Sadie being a horse-whisperer unless it was relevant.

Check them some of favorite theories about who Dr. Mason might be below and let us know if you have any ideas:

Theory #1: It’s Dr. Katowsky’s Son/Grandchild/ Relative

It cannot be a coincidence that Dr. K was heavily featured in this episode talking about his own loss of a child, right?

There’s a huge probability that Madison’s OB-GYN, Dr. Mason, is Dr. K’s son aka the child that he and his wife had after the first miscarriage. *a fan pointed out that child was a daughter, but Dr. K had other children. Someone pointed out that those children would be older and that he once mentioned having grandchildren, so it’s possible Dr. Mason is related in some way. 

The doc seemed to have a knack for giving some really great advice just like Dr. K. He told Madison not to write off Kevin before she even talked to him and told him about the pregnancy, which led to Kevin being “all in” with the twins. There may be proof of this Dr. K and Mason are related because in the very first scene he tells Sadie that her horse is “is just a lemon.” And we know Dr. K loved his lemon metaphor.

Theory #2: Someone Like Dr. K

Considering Dr. Mason gave great advice just like Dr. K, many fans believe he’s going to be a huge part of Kevin and Madison’s pregnancy journey. He might be the one that they turn to for advice, guidance, and assurance just like Kevin’s parents did with Dr. K after he delivered Kevin and Kate. It would be a sweet way of bringing things full-circle. And hey, this still allows the Dr. Mason to be Dr. K’s son. Dr. Mason might be Kevin and Madison’s person.

Who Are Dr. Mason and Sadie on This Is Us

Credit: NBC/ This Is Us

Theory #3: Dr. Mason is Kyle

Okay, this theory is kind of wild and if This Is Us was a thriller drama/ telenovela rather than an inspirational, heartwarming family drama, we might consider it to be true, but sadly, we don’t think it is. That being said, we’re including it because it’s fun to imagine “what if.”

What if Dr. K was so desperate for a son that he stole one of Rebecca and Jack’s children instead. Imagine if Kyle never died but was taken and raised to be Dr. Mason, who reunites with his biological family, the Pearsons, years later by sheer coincidence when Madison walks into his office pregnant with Kevin’s twins. Again, if This Is Us was that kind of show, which it isn’t, this would be an incredible plot twist.

However, Dr. Mason seems older than Kevin, Randall, and Kate, plus, I wouldn’t want anything to tarnish the sweet, innocent Dr. K, who is a gem in this world.

Theory 4: Sadie Needed to Give the Doc Advice

Maybe Sadie and Dr. Mason were only necessary so she could give her dad that he then gave Madison about Kevin: “Little early to give up on him, don’t you think? You haven’t even give him a chance to be himself yet.” Sadie is a horse and Kevin whisperer.

Theory #5: He’s Madison Future Husband 

Madison knows she’s not Kevin’s great love story, and she’s fine with it. Maybe through all of this, she falls in love with the doc and Sadie becomes her step-daughter. There’s no confirmation that Madison becomes Kevin’s wife simply because she’s carrying his children, so it’s entirely possible they both move on while being connected by their twins.


Showrunner Dave Fogel told Deadline that Dr. Mason will 100% become instrumental next season: “The doctor becomes an important character next season to Kevin – he’s having twins with a virtual stranger, not a normal birth experience. It’s no coincidence he was introduced in the same episode that Dr. K returned.”

That has to confirm Theory #1, right?

Read the This Is Us Season 4 finale review right here!

What are your favorite working theories?



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This Is Us

Is Randall’s Birth Mother His New Therapist on ‘This Is Us’ Season 5? Here’s What the Writers Said



This Is Us Theory About Randall's Mother

For several seasons, Randall (Sterling K. Brown) has struggled navigating life as a Black man raised in a white family. 

Tensions really escalated when he found out that his adoptive mother, Rebecca Pearson, had known his biological father, William, his entire life and kept him a secret despite knowing how much he wanted information on his biological family. 

After years of dealing with identity and anxiety issues, Randall eventually went to therapy to deal with the stress brought on by his mother’s illness, his run for City Council, and the burglarization of his home.

There’s a stigma that follows seeking out therapy, especially when it comes to Black men, so Randall’s decision was bold and important. 

It wasn’t easy at first to open up, but eventually, the therapist was able to break through his tough exterior. When This Is Us Season 5 premiered, Randall seemed in a much better place mentally — the tremors were gone! — as he continued virtual therapy amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

He also dealt with racial relations brought on by yet another heinous murder of a Black man in America prompting protests known as the Black Lives Matter movement.

Important and difficult conversations were had with his family, specifically Kate, which led him to realize that he needed to change therapists. 

While he initially made the conscious decision to pursue a therapist that was a white woman, just like adoptive mother, as he grew more secure in his identity, he realized he needed someone that he could fully open up with and not hide the “Black parts” from.

He needed a Black therapist.

Randall’s realization happens at the same time as the shocking twist that his biological mother, Laurel, (who audiences thought died shortly after birth due to an overdose) was actually resuscitated and likely survived. 

This Is Us is such a meticulously planned show that the writers managed to weave in COVID and BLM into an episode so organically that it was impossible for the audience to tell when or how it was altered. It just fit. 

So, there’s reason to believe that the timing of Randall’s decision and the reveal that his mother may be alive isn’t an accident. 

What if his new therapist is his biological mother? It’s a popular theory and one that the This Is Us writers already debunked, but should we believe them? 

It’s possible that she’s either too old to still be practicing or no longer alive. 

However, that doesn’t mean Randall’s new therapist isn’t a long-lost brother or sister that he didn’t know about?

There has to be some connection. 

Randall has always sought out answers about his biological family, who he is, and where he comes from. Even after meeting William and mending things with him, Randall continues to have a void because he never knew his biological mother. His “mommy issues” stem from the abandonment (which we now know wasn’t intentional as he was wanted) by his biological mom and the deception by his adoptive mother.

For a show centered around family and the importance of family, it would only make sense for them to pursue this avenue and allow Randall to further explore his background on a deeper level.

What do you think, Cravers? If Randall’s mom isn’t the therapist, how does this storyline play into Randall’s overall arc?

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This Is Us

This Is Us Season 5 Premiere Review: COVID, BLM, and the Big Three Turn 40



This Is Us Season 5 Premiere Trailer Teases Coronavirus

If you were looking for an escape from reality, the two-hour premiere of This Is Us Season 5 did not deliver.

What it did deliver, however, was a timely commentary about the world around us through the eyes of one of our favorite TV families. 

And that was the point; there’s no escaping our current reality that’s consumed by COVID and BLM. 

In just nine minutes, the series touched upon addressing real life issues and the fact that it’s pretty much falling apart. 

It would be ignorant to think that a series with a fully developed Black family in the lead would somehow ignore the realities. There’s no way that Randall, who has always struggled with his Blackness in a the white world that he was raised in, wouldn’t acknowledge it. 

Randall and Kate’s conversation, in particular, was spot on. 

While she may have had good intentions, she was a little late in acknowledging the issues. She never expected Randall to call out her white guilt though because he’s always been timid and kept all of that bottled up inside. Randall always prioritized everyone else — as evidenced by his arrival at the cabin when Rebecca went missing — but he never prioritized himself. 

But something has changed in Randall that is allowing him to experience his own Blackness and call out those who inadvertently made him feel ashamed for it or that he couldn’t express it. Rebecca and Jack tried their best for Randall, but they never gave him the support that a young Black child needed. 

He’s always known what it means to be a Black man in America, but for the first time, he’s acknowledging it out loud instead of pushing it away.

I don’t think that I, as a white woman, can comment on this or sum it up better than the series writers did, but I do think it’s important to facilitate this conversation. It forces us to rethink behaviors and actions, even those with the best intentions. These are tough topics, but we can no longer shy away from them, especially when we have a show about a blended family that’s affected from every angle.  

As I was browsing through Twitter, I collectively saw people applauding that scene as something that many people of color have wanted to say to their white friends and family but could never find the appropriate words. Many also connected to the feeling of exhaustion, so it’s important that this reality is reflected on television. 

Now that Randall is making these discoveries, his decision to change therapists becomes more important than ever. And it’s leading him down a road that’s honestly exciting to watch, particularly in 2020. 

His realization lead to an even better moment between Randall and Beth, which emphasized the resilience of the Black community in the face of adversity. 

These are trying times — they test you everyday and push you to your limits, but in order to keep trudging, we have to believe there is light at the end of the tunnel. It may be hard to remain optimistic, but it’s the one thing we can all hold onto while trying to evoke positive change. 

While Randall and Kate had an open conversation that hopefully sparked thoughtful conversations in every living room worldwide, things between Kevin and Randall didn’t go so well. 

I’d say the fandom collectively cringed at Kevin’s attempt at making small talk with his brother. He reached out for advice about his twins without apologizing for any of the comments he made including telling telling Randall that he was the worst thing that ever happened to him. 

That’s not something we can just gloss over as if it never happened. It may have been said in the heat of the moment and out of anger, but it was spoken into existence. Randall isn’t going to forget that, and by the look on his face, he couldn’t believe his brother was still exhibiting such selfish behavior after everything that has transpired. 

I’m here for Randall’s growth, but I’m also here for the growth I expected from Kevin, and sadly, this wasn’t it. Hopefully, it’ll come in time because there are times where I fully believe Kevin is on the cusp of greatness, especially with his scenes with Madison. 

While the Big Three’s 40th birthday definitely didn’t go down as their best, it’s a pivotal moment in their lives that ushers in some necessary change. 

Kevin was in his own bubble dealing with the news of Madison’s pregnancy. The couple (because it seems like they’re on their way to being engaged at this point) had a bit of a pregnancy scare after she tripped on a luggage and fell on her stomach, but thankfully, the doctor still heard two heartbeats: a baby boy and a baby girl. 

There’s something so poetic about Kevin finding out that he’s going to welcome twins as Kate and Toby learn that they’re about to embark on an adoption journey. This is the new Big Three in the making. 

The agency called and informed Kate and Toby that they found a match named Ellie, who, according to the promo, we’ll get to meet in the upcoming episode. 

I’m excited about seeing Kate and Toby take this journey — and to see how different it was than Rebecca and Jack’s decision to adopt a third baby and go home with him the next day 40 years ago. However, the magic has slightly fizzled out since we know that they successfully adopt a daughter thanks to a flash-forward in season 4. 

We’ve also already seen Rebecca’s storyline pan out on This Is Us Season 4, but it was reassuring that her brief case of disorientation was a side-effect of mixing medication. 

Things aren’t to get easier for her, and it’ll be tough to watch her mental state deteriorate, but at least things are looking up for now since the clinical trial was postponed due to COVID. 

Miguel doesn’t get enough love or credit, and let’s be honest, he’s usually sidelined by Rebecca’s kids and overshadowed by Jack’s greatness, but it was wonderful to see him confide in Toby about his concerns. It was the one of the few times Miguel had a voice and the fact that Toby provided solid advice about how to deal with a grim health diagnosis was fitting. 

It provided audiences with a beautiful look at Miguel’s love for Rebecca as he promised her that they would take it “one day at a time” and enjoy every minute of it. He gave her the faith that she needed in order not to give up on this battle. 

The episode flipped between the present and the past, taking audiences back to the hospital when the Big Three came into the world. Of course, we know exactly how it went down for Rebecca and Jack, but these flashbacks allowed Jack to have a moment where he prayed for Rebecca to get better. The scene was intense as he prayed that God would take him instead and we know what happens a few years down the line.  

It was also eerie seeing him pass William so many times in the hospital and made me think how many times we pass a complete stranger not knowing that they will one day impact our lives. 

When Randall questioned if today was actually his birth day, it opened up the possibility of exploring his birth on a deeper level. In a twist that only the writers of This Is Us could pull off, it turns out that Randall was wanted by both his parents. They planned for his arrival and tried to create a better life for themselves despite circumstances consistently keeping them boxed in to a life of poverty, addiction, and struggle. 

His mother was fighting her heroine addiction and hoped to get a better job so they could afford a bigger apartment with a window for her little boy. A mother’s love is so strong. In retrospect, knowing that Randall was wanted makes his time spent with William all the more sweeter.

While we believed his mother overdosed shortly after birth, in actuality, she had a home birth and when the pain became unbearable, William gave her a narcotic for the pain. How heartbreaking is it that she chose to suffer at home because she didn’t want to be shunned by doctors for trying to beat an addiction?

We also thought we knew what happened next — William left and dropped off Randall at the firehouse — but what we didn’t know is that Randall’s mother was resuscitated. 

What happened to her? Did William know she didn’t die?

Was she so upset with him for giving Randall away that she left? And does this mean we’ll get a reunion between Randall and his birth mother in the future?

Randall has always had unresolved issues with his mother’s, and maybe this will be what he needs to finally find some healing. 

Other Thoughts

  • Kate and Toby’s reaction to Kevin and Madison’s pregnancy news was so great. “What are these words you’re saying?” may go down as the best Toby quote. I fully expected Kate to be upset or throw a fit, so it was a nice surprise when she was just genuinely happy for both of them. 
  • Kevin and Randall both clearly have things they want to say to each other, so while their reunion may be a long and winding road, I’m looking forward to the day where they can both sit down and be completely honest with each other. 
  • Malik and Deja celebrated their one year anniversary, and I feel like the kids just don’t get enough screen time! We want more Deja, Tess, and Annie! 
  • Randall saying Beth has turned into Dr. Fauci was also stellar. What a time to be alive. 

What did you think of the This Is Us Season 5 premiere? Did it live up to your expectations? Are you happy they addressed current events?

Sound off in the comments below. And if any particular scene resonated with you, share it in the comments! 

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Coffee Table News

‘This Is Us’ Season 5 Trailer Teases New Beginnings, Kevin & Randall’s Fallout, Kevin’s Fiancee, and Face Masks



This Is Us Season 5 Premiere Trailer Teases Coronavirus

The 2-hour premiere of This Is Us is closer than ever!

Just a few days after NBC revealed the first trailer for the drama that reunites us with the Pearson family, they’ve given us a second, longer trailer that is more focused on the fallout between Randall Pearson (Sterling K. Brown) and Kevin Pearson (Justin Hartley) following their blow-out confrontation. 

Will they find their way back? Will Kevin attempt to become a better brother? It may be a long road ahead, but it sure seems like it. 

While there’s minimal new footage since the series just began shooting a few weeks ago due to COVID delays, it teases “a new chapter” for the family. 

We see Randall celebrate his 40th birthday with wife Beth estranged from the rest of his siblings, who are celebrating together at the family cabin. 

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Kevin is seen walking to his car wearing a mask, which reveals that the series will be embracing the real-life coronavirus pandemic. It’s unclear how it’ll affect the family, but considering there’s a scene showing Kevin caressing Madison’s (Caitlin Thompson) growing baby bump, maybe the series will navigate pregnancy in a COVID-19 world. It’s likely easier to film certain scenes with more cast members if mask-wearing is permitted and deemed normal.

In a shocking twist, Kevin also calls her his “fiancee,” which prompts Kate Pearson (Chrissy Metz) to inform him that he needs to explain to use of the word fiancee. 

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