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Who is Rhea on Good Girls Season 3? Who is Rhea on Good Girls Season 3?


Who Is Rhea on ‘Good Girls?’ Everything we Know About Rio’s Baby Momma

Credit: Good Girls/NBC



Rhea, played by the phenomenal Jackie Cruz, was an interesting third season addition to Good Girls. 

She was introduced as Rio’s baby momma, whom Beth befriended after laying three shots into him and leaving him for what she thought was dead.

From a misguided place of guilt and possibly a desire to stay connected to Rio in some way, Beth reached out to Rhea and the two became fast friends.

We’re talking girl’s nights at each other’s houses, play dates between little Jane and Marcus, Beth giving Rhea some old clothes, and Rhea lending Beth some money.

You know, all the makings of a good friendship, except that Beth was harboring this huge secret and was never honest with Rhea about who she was and what she did.

Who is Rhea on Good Girls Season 3?

Credit: Good Girls/ NBC

She always asked about Marcus’ dad, and Rhea’s response was that radio silence was pretty common from him until he popped back up again to take care of them. Beth never worked up the nerve to tell her that she killed the man supporting her and her son.

Until she found out that she didn’t. In a moment that shook Beth to her core, Rio did pop up again — and, understandably, he came back with a vengeance.

He also immediately made the connection between Rhea and Beth, and thus, used Rhea’s meeting to catch Beth off guard and confront her about the shooting.

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Out of pure desperation, Beth told him she was pregnant, and when Rio didn’t believe her, she asked Rhea for help who had some pretty solid advice for her: “he’s not stupid.”

Still, Rhea proved that she could be trusted on some level when she made the call to the gynecologist who vouched for Beth’s fake pregnancy and bought her some time as she worked out another plan.

Rhea’s character raises a lot of questions: who is she? What does she know? What has she seen?

We’ve put together some Good Girls theories that range from Rhea being completely innocent to her being the mastermind. Check them out below:


1. She Could be the Boss

We’re all under the assumption that Rio is the ringleader because that’s what Beth thinks, but it’s actually never been made clear if Rio is the “king” or if he’s pretending to be the “king” while working for someone else.

One scene, in particular, makes us question Rio’s title as he’s seen playing tennis and meeting with someone he calls “counselor,” who is asking him how things are going and if he’s got things under control.

Could there be someone above him calling the shots? Maybe it’s the woman he met, but maybe it’s Rhea. The housewife title makes her inconspicuous, as we already know, which allows her to pull the strings while raising their son and never getting questioned.

It would explain how Rio had money and a car after being Turner’s snitch for several months. He didn’t skip a beat. None of his gang members even turned against him but rather pulled off the attack on Turner without any communication with him. Rhea could just be the head bitch in charge and calling all the shots while hiding behind that hideous haircut. It also explains why Rhea isn’t scared of Rio and does whatever she wants. Maybe the nurse’s uniform is just a decoy.


2. She Could Be the Original Beth

Rio loves powerful and bossy women, it’s why he’s attracted to Beth. What if Rhea was the original Beth who worked alongside him before she got pregnant and ended up stepping aside to raise their child? Rhea had to meet Rio and likely knew of his lifestyle. She also approves of it now since it’s supporting her and her son. It could explain why she feels for Beth and understands the mess that she’s in. She wants to help her.


3. She’s Scared

Rhea could just be Rio’s baby momma, who doesn’t want to get involved with his business and felt threatened when she learned who Beth truly was. She tried to keep her head down, which could mean she’s scared.


4. She’s Good Friends with Rio but That’s All 

It’s unclear how much Rio told Rhea about his business arrangement and relationship with Beth, but she seemed pretty clued into what was happening. She knew Beth shot him, she knew about the lies, and she knew that Beth told him she was pregnant, which means Rio and his baby momma have good communication skills. It’s possible she’s not involved but simply the person he confides in about his lifestyle. Maybe she feels like she has immunity because she’s his baby momma?


5. Rio Sent Her

This theory kind of goes hand-in-hand with Rhea being the boss. Or, Rhea could be his sidekick, who he sent to “keep an eye out” on Beth. Rio understands Beth and is able to anticipate her moves and reactions. Maybe Beth thinks she’s the one who initiated the friendship with Rhea but only because Rhea wanted her to and made herself available. She could’ve been keeping tabs on Beth this whole time, and imagine how dangerous that twist would be — if Beth was in deep with both of them.


4. She Could Be the Next Good Girl

Many fans have been asking for a fourth “good girl” to join Beth, Ruby, and Annie’s money washing scheme to spice up the dynamic. Could it be Rhea? She has what it takes and would hands-down be a significantly better addition to the team than Mary Pat. Maybe she’ll be inspired by Beth and want in on the girl gang. I could see her and Beth becoming the leaders and a problem for Rio. It’s possible Rhea has always just relied on Rio and seeing Beth bossy and independent will make her realize she could be providing for herself.

What do you think the deal with Rhea is?

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Madelaine Petsch's Christmas Movie 'Hotel for the Holidays' Is an Absolute Gem Among Cliche Films

Credit: Amazon Freevee

Pretty early into the film, it’s obvious how Georgia’s romantic life will resolve itself, which allows the film to dig into other captivating subplots that are positively unexpected. Unlike other holiday films, Georgia values herself beyond a romantic partner, which, right off the bat, is a breath of fresh air. 

The supporting cast plays an integral part in the film, right down to the chef’s best friend/fellow chef and the janitorial staff. They may not be the sole focus of the series, but the team behind the rom-com found a way to involve them in a way that’s natural and easy to keep up with. Pretty soon, you find yourself rooting for the happiness of everyone at Hotel Fontaine—the staff and the guests.

The acting is also great. It’s just the right amount of feel-good so it never feels forced, nor do the character’s choices seem questionable. It’s all believable within the world they’ve created, aside from the scene where they are dining on a rooftop in the dead of a New York City winter without jackets or even sweaters. How are they not cold? As for the few over-the-top performances and characters, well, they also work—the prince’s bodyguard (AJ Zoldy) is a delight.

If I’m being perfectly honest, the magical thing about the film is that it’s a love letter to the community of people you surround yourself with: your found family.

The film doesn’t just settle for telling a story about two people who finally admit that they love each other because that’s tired and expected. Instead, it recognizes that romance comes in all shapes and sizes—in romantic partners, in co-workers, in friends, and even in new acquaintances that pass through your life for a brief moment (or stay awhile). 

Madelaine Petsch's Christmas Movie 'Hotel for the Holidays' Is an Absolute Gem Among Cliche Films

Credit: Amazon Freevee

The storylines come together seamlessly, and the themes of belonging and acceptance—in addition to staying true to yourself, finding the inspiration to pursue your goals and ambitions, and acknowledging that it’s ok to move and find happiness on your own terms, even if it doesn’t always please everyone—help the film stand out among the other cliche seasonal offerings.

Most importantly, Petsch shines… and it’s so deserved. The film allows her to show off her range of acting chops that, sadly, get stifled on Riverdale. The CW series may have been her mainstream big break, but it stopped working in her favor a long time ago, so it’s exciting to see her take on new projects and characters. 

Of all the Christmas films that I’ve seen in 2022 thus far, Hotel for the Holidays is one of the best. 

Check it out for yourself when it premieres on Dec. 2 on Amazon’s Freevee. 

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