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Why Women Kill Review Season 2 Episode 3 Why Women Kill Review Season 2 Episode 3

Why Women Kill

Why Women Kill Review – Lady in the Lake (2×03)

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Oh, what a mess they’ve made.

Why Women Kill Season 2 Episode 3 picks up with Alma and Bertie digging a grave to bury poor Mrs. Yost underneath Alma’s flower garden.

As they threw her a mini-funeral (it was brief so that the neighbors wouldn’t see!), Alma finally learned exactly why Mrs. Yost never gave her the time of day and even referred to her as a “frump” — she had exquisite taste and thought her garden was “pedestrian.”

In just moments, the timid and sweet Alma got a taste of true revenge as she was tickled by the fact that forever more Mrs. Yost would be forced to look up at hard garden after all these years of looking down at it.

Though it were an accident, the incident involving Mrs. Yost reinvigorated Alma’s life. 

She took a life and simultaneously breathed new life into her own. 

From there on, Alma and Bertie set out on a Bonnie & Clyde expedition to deliver a cover story in case anyone began asking questions. 

And, as you’d expect, there’s a lot that goes into getting away with murder. 

Naturally, it was a lot easier to get away with such a crime in the 1940’s, and I had to continuously remind myself of the time period as the thought of “tracking” via a cell-phone kept crossing my mind. 

Times were so much simpler back then, but you also had to rely more on your wits and particular set of skills. After all, there was no googling the best ways to dispose of a body!

You’d think Bertie would have the skills needed considering he’s killed more than a handful of people, but it was actually Alma who thought of every little detail — she booked Mrs. Yost’s trip and even brought a bottle of gin that she left in the car when they pushed it into the pond so that it would look like a drunken accident.

It’s shocking that he got away with so much without her help! 

Bertie did contribute his fair share as he suggested that they have the neighbors see Mrs. Yost leave for her trip. 

And Alma relished in becoming someone else all too much. 

Not only was her outlook brighter because she was now a woman with a secret, but she carried herself in a totally different manner after she put on the suit. 

When she encountered her old high school lover at their pit-stop, Alma exuded a confidence that we only saw a sliver of when she approached the garden club ladies in the Why Women Kill Season 2 premiere. 

Alma’s determined to become a woman that no longer lives in her husband’s shadow. 

In fact, as Alma got a taste of the spotlight, Bertie was pushed into the shadows and realized he didn’t like not being the man that everyone knew and loved.

Tom couldn’t even remember where he knew Bertie from — he eventually remembered it was band! — and that only gave Bertie more reasons to dislike the guy. 

Of course, the main reason was that Alma was crushing like a school girl all over again. 

When he confronted her about it, she admitted that two of them went out once, which didn’t sit well with him as he accused Alma of keeping secrets. 

As she pointed out, he’s one to talk — keeping a silly fling a secret is hardly the same as harboring the fact that you murder people who are sick. 

But as much as Alma would like to hold that over Bertie’s head, she’s just as much of a murderer now as her husband. 

When they decided to bury Mrs. Yost and put together a cover story, they sealed their fates to one another. 

Even the best laid plans have potential to go awry, however, and there were a few missteps along the way. 

The first flub was being spotted by someone they knew. Tom is now a witness that could place them near the scene of the crime. 

Where there’s a witness, there’s a problem. Does anyone else think they’re going to have to kill charming Tom?

Then Dee caught them coming home in the dead of the night soaked. They explained that they got caught in the rain, but she’s an observant woman who was already suspicious of Mrs. Yost’s whereabouts when she heard the dog, Rocco, barking.

The moment the cops show up looking for Yost and say they found her car in the pond, Dee will surely figure it out. 

But the biggest flub was obviously leaving her purse in the car and realizing it after they submerged it. 

They fixed the issue by having Bertie risk his life to fetch the purse, but there’s still the issue of Alma’s DNA all over the vehicle. I may be wrong, but that can still be pulled even after an item has been submerged, right?

Don’t even get me started on how improbable it was that Bertie dived into pitch darkness and found the purse.

Even the best of swimmers wouldn’t be able to pull that off.

Yet, however comical the scene was, it bonded Alma and Bertie. The life-or-death stakes made Alma forget that she was mad at Bertie over his murderous hobby. 

Upon returning home, the duo felt quite proud of themselves, but there’s also the issue of Rocco. 

He makes them the number one suspects, regardless if they say they were just dog sitting. 

He’s also an issue because he can sense Mrs. Yost, whose well-manicured fingers were sticking out of the ground. What if he digs up her body?

Elsewhere, Dee finally took back her power by breaking up with Scooter and exposing his cheating to his sugar mama Rita. 

It’s so unfortunate that Dee’s self-worth is tied to societies expectations of her. 

She doesn’t feel good enough because society, even then, told her she’s not skinny or pretty enough. 

Her mother was plagued with the same issues and insecurities and instilled in her daughter that she’s less than, which means she has to accept whatever is handed to her. 

That’s absolutely no way to go about life, and I’m glad that Dee found it in her to break that toxic way of thinking. 

She did get a little push from Vern, who used reverse psychology to help her realize that Scooter was playing her. He knew that Scooter was hiding Dee because he was embarrassed to be seen with her, so he laid the breadcrumbs and allowed her to get to the realization on her own. 

Scooter wasn’t treating Dee the way that she deserved to be treated, but he knew could get away with it because she enjoyed the little attention that he was giving her.

Dee was in denial, but when Vern treated her with respect, she realized the truth. And tailing Scooter only proved her biggest fears to be true. 

While I loved that Dee confronted him instead of retreating quietly into the night and letting Scooter get away with that kind of behavior, it was also a little strange that she got so worked up about him meeting up with his “lady friend.”

Scooter was playing her, so he deserved her wrath, but she also knew about Rita going in. It shouldn’t have come as such a surprise that he would prioritize his meal ticket over Dee. 

How could she expect anything more when she was allowing it to happen?

After telling Scooter off, Dee realized that a good man was standing right in front of her and she shot her shot. 

Unfortunately, Vern turned down her invite to grab a drink. 

Naturally, my mind tried to find every possible reason for this — is he married? Is he gay (and hiding it since it wasn’t acceptable to be out back in those days)? Is he not comfortable being out with a white woman?

Turns out, there’s a lot more to Vern’s story than meets the eye. 

It’s unclear exactly what happened, but in a brief scene, we got a glimpse of what looked like a prosthetic leg, so it’s possible that he was injured in the line of duty.

I can’t wait for the series to explore Vern’s past. 

Rita also realized that getting Catherine out of the picture wasn’t going to be easy. 

While the women had much more in common than they previously thought, Catherine hates Rita not because she’s a “fortune hunter,” but because she represents everything that was taken from her. 

Carlo wouldn’t allow Catherine to marry her one true love, Hank, as he said he was only after her for the money and it would embarrass the family, but then he turned around and married his own fortune hunter. 

He stripped his daughter of love and happiness, and now, she’s hellbent on destroying Rita as punishment. 

It’s an unexpected but promising twist as there’s no way for Rita to bounce back from that. 

These two women play very dirty, and best of all, they’re both really good at it.

Rita decided Carlo needed to find Catherine in a “compromising position” with a young lover so that he would disinherit her, but following her breakup with Scooter, she’s goin to need to find someone who will do the dirty work. 

That is unless she somehow finds Hank instead. 

Catherine would likely give up her crusade against Rita if she were to get a second chance at her heart’s desire. 

What did you think of the episode? 

Do you think Bertie and Alma will get away with murder? Are you excited to learn more about Vern’s past? And when will we see Alma and Rita’s paths finally cross? Plus, what will happen when Rita learns that Dee is Alma’s daughter?

You can catch up with our reviews of Why Women Kill Season 2 Episode 1 and Why Women Kill Season 2 Episode 2 now! 

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Why Women Kill

Why Women Kill Review – Alma Opens Pandora’s box (2×02)



Why Women Kill Review The Woman In the Window Season 2 Episode 2

Why Women Kill Season 2 Episode 2 jumped right into the action with an inquisitive Alma digging around to get answers after finding her husband’s mysterious box of trinkets in the attic.

She was determined to put all of her worries to rest because, after all, Bertram is the “kindest man she’d ever know,” but sadly, she should’ve followed her gut because all of her fears and anxieties were right on the money. 

And they were confirmed in the worst possible way as Alma found Maise’s lifeless body along with the shadow from where the fan — Bertram’s memento — should’ve been. 

It’s refreshing that the series isn’t wasting any time as Alma immediately confronted Bertram about his shady behavior. 

I love that he didn’t try to deny it either, nor did he try to lie his way out of it by making it seem less terrible than it is. 

Bertram’s honest about what he’s doing and why he was doing it. In his defense, he doesn’t think he’s doing anything wrong as he kept rationalizing it by telling himself that he was helping people who were in immense pain and weren’t going to get better. He explains that it’s his “calling” to help them die peacefully.

His motives, although entirely messed up, are coming from a place of love and concern in his mind. 

He even explained that the first person he ever killed asked for his help in what would technically be considered an assisted death, which explains why he thinks his behavior is okay. 

But as Alma pointed out, it absolutely isn’t okay because he wasn’t given permission to end someone’s life and therefore, it’s murder.

It’s a hilarious and disturbing discussion to have, but Alma doesn’t mince any words when she calls him out on it. 

The kitchen scene between them is like a back-and-forth dance that’s choreographed so well. Both Allison Tolman and Nick Forst did an excellent job with the scene. 

Alma’s understandably terrified of the one man she always trusted. When he tried to make her a tea to calm her down, she told him that she wasn’t afraid he’d hurt her, she was afraid he’d help her. And you can’t blame her… 

The scene got even better when she escaped through the window and realized she didn’t have her car keys and had to double-back to grab them while screaming at him to stay away from her. 

The right thing would’ve probably been to report Bertram to the police, but unfortunately, in those days, the blowback would’ve been on Alma. 

She would be scrutinized in the public eye. People would definitely know her name but not for the right reasons. 

As she teetered between turning him in and turning a blind eye, she was convinced by Rita, who stopped by to inform her that Grace nominated her for the elite club. 

She pointed out that the club would never want to be associated with a public scandal, and thus, she changed her mind about involving the police. 

Alma’s motivations are purely selfish, but considering what’s important to her, it’s not surprising. She knows that the right thing is to report her husband, but she can’t chance it ruining her image and her shot of joining the club.

And that means there’s no way she can kill Bertram either, which is what I initially thought she was planning when she asked Dee to stay at a friend’s house. 

Of course, she could’ve allowed Bertram to inject himself, which would have made it seem like he died of natural causes, but Alma couldn’t risk losing the man she loved all these years, so she decided to give him a second chance. 

Alma simply asked him to stop killing people and figured that a verbal agreement would solve the issue. Alma’s always been naive, so this behavior makes sense. 

Bertram agreed, but the hesitancy in his voice makes me question whether or not he’ll live up to his end of the bargain.

After all, this is a man who, despite being called out for murder, still doesn’t see anything wrong with it.

Of course, Mrs. Yost, the nosy neighbor, overhears the whole fight. And it’s no surprise that her nosiness got her killed.

They don’t say “curiosity killed the cat” for no reason. 

While Mrs. Yost’s death was an accident, Alma makes a split-second decision that bumps her up to the murder category. 

She knew that calling the cops would open up the floor to questions about what was going on in their home that compelled a 70-year-old woman to risk her life.

And since it wasn’t hard for her to figure out what Bertram was up to, she figures the police won’t have any trouble. 

Once again, Alma’s morals go right out the door when her dreams of joining the club are put at risk. 

So, it seems like Mrs. Yost is going to be buried right in Alma’s beautiful garden, which is, well, fitting.

She officially has enough edge to join the garden club!

We now know what motivates Alma to kill, or cover up a murder at the very least, but what motivates Rita?

Money and freedom. 

When Carlo’s daughter, Catherine, blows into town, Rita’s thrilled by her plan to take her father back to Texas with her.

But her hopes of having Scooter move in are dashed when Catherine switches up the plan and moves into the mansion with Carlo instead.

Obviously, Catherine is onto the fact that Rita is only after her father for the money, but why is that so surprising?

Carlo has been pretty open about the fact that he “purchased” Rita, so there should be no question as to Rita’s motivations. 

Still, Catherine has the upper hand here and could write Rita out of the will at any moment if she were to find out about her younger lover. 

And thus, Rita’s forced to kick Scooter to the curb for now. 

The fact that Carlo can’t speak or move works in Rita’s favor as he can’t inform Catherine that he witnessed Rita having an affair.

It also puts him in a very dangerous situation since Rita wants him dead.

She was close to doing it too, but letting him drown would give Catherine the ammo she needs to write her out of the will. Rita knows she has to play it smart and make it look like an accident if she does go through with it.

If Carlo wasn’t such a cold-hearted monster to Rita, I would feel bad for him, but he has it coming! 

I wonder if Rita will find out about Bertram’s little secret and ask him to assist with her little Carlo problem? It would only make sense. 

Also, did anyone get Evil Queen vibes while she was talking to herself in the mirror?! 

All Rita wants is to love and to be loved, and she’s willing to force that out of Scooter by throwing money at him. 

After Why Women Kill Season 2 Episode 1, I thought that Scooter was a solid guy who really wanted to be with Dee and would choose her if it came down to it, but I was dead wrong. 

Scooter wants fame more than anything, so when Rita offered to finance a blockbuster movie in the future, he was on the first train to Rita-town. 

He even turned his back on Dee when she needed a place to stay because it could potentially get him caught up with Rita and he couldn’t lose his meal ticket.

Pretty as he may be, that man is not worth it. 

But do you know who is worth it? Vernon! Yes, his profession forced him to tail her and Scooter, but the man has to make a living somehow. 

He knew that by offering to help Dee when she was stranded in the rain, he’d give away that he was the one tailing Scooter, but he did it anyway! 

What a gentleman. 

He even encouraged her to find a better man than Scooter and informed her that he wouldn’t tell Rita what he found out about the “other woman.”

There’s definitely a vibe here, and I cannot wait for the series to pursue it.

Scooter is a looker, so you can’t blame the girl for falling for it, but it’s clear Dee is a standup woman who deserves better. 

She’s settling because she thinks that she doesn’t deserve better, but I’m here for the romance where a girl “that looks like her” gets the guys that she deserves… period! 

Dee deserves a good guy who loves everything about her and appreciates her for her mind, her personality, her ambition, her looks, and everything in between!

And better is Vernon! Wow, I’m shipping them so hard already. 

Everyone has their secrets on Why Women Kill, but what will happen when they begin to unravel!?

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments. 

And catch up with our review of the Why Women Kill premiere right here!

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Why Women Kill

Why Women Kill Season Premiere Review – Secret Beyond the Door (2×01)



Why Women Kill Review Secret Beyond the door Season 2 Episode 1

If you’re into murder mysteries and Desperate Housewives, there’s plenty to like about the second season of Why Women Kill

Unlike the first season of the anthology series, the second one takes place over the course of one time period against the backdrop of 1949 Hollywood. 

As it explores the lives of two very different women whose paths unexpectedly cross, it embarks on a journey filled with intrigue, jealousy, infidelity, and murder.

Lana Parilla channels her Evil Queen from Once Upon a Time into Rita Castillo, a snarky suburbanite and leader of the Elysian Garden Club, a ritzy society for housewives. 

Similarly, Allison Tolman taps into her character Mary Pat on Good Girls to bring to life Alma, a meek and forgettable housewife who is longing to finally belong somewhere and be remembered.

The aesthetic sets the mood with its beautiful costumes, intricate sets, narration, and music, but it’s the plot that captivates you as it explores how far two women from two very different worlds will go to get what they want.

As it delves into their individual experiences, we also see the fronts that people put on to impress others in society.

Rita, for example, flaunts her power and wealth, but in reality, she has non without her older husband Carlo, who we find out she married for the money. But behind closed doors, the two are miserable as he’s described as a vile man who has outlived his life expectancy.  

That’s bad news for Rita who is just waiting for him to die so she can inherit his money and fully indulge in her hot rendezvous with her younger lover, Scooter. 

Rita’s relationship with Carlo was obviously a business arrangement from the getgo, but now, the tables have turned as Scooter seems to be using her as a sugar mama.

Rita is also a bit of a hypocrite. She sees no problem cheating on her husband, but she’s jealous of Scooter when she suspects he might be seeing someone else and sends a private investigator to find out if he’s cheating on her. 

Unsurprisingly, he is, but his alleged side piece seems to be his main squeeze making Rita the side piece. 

Storylines that involve cheating and love triangles can quickly become cliche, but the series manages to avoid that by revealing that Scooter is cheating on Rita with Dee, Alba’s daughter. It’s a juicy twist that complicates things for so many people.

I’m also loving the fact that it’s so unexpected because Rita and Dee couldn’t be more opposite. 

Scooter, who is trying to get his acting career off the ground, is very much aware that Rita would cut him off if she found out about Dee, so he requests that she come to his place dressed in an old maid disguise.

The introduction of Vernon, the PI, adds yet another level of complexity. As he tails Scooter, he connects with Dee at the diner (where he assumes Scooter is seeing the main blonde girl) and quickly figures out that Dee is the woman Rita is after. 

He takes a liking to Dee, so it’s definitely possible that he won’t tell Rita everything because he’ll want to spare her from the wrath of a scorned, rich woman.

Then there’s the potential blowback on Alma as Rita would definitely take it out on her if she found out her daughter was the “other woman.”

Alma, much like Dee, is also the opposite of Rita. She’s a housewife whose name no one ever remembers, but she’s determined to change that by becoming remarkable. In other words, she wants to become someone she isn’t, and she believes that joining the garden club will help her achieve that. 

However, Alma lives in a bubble and doesn’t seem to fully grasp how the real world works or that the garden club is just a way for housewives to drink and escape their boring lives. 

When it’s brought up by her neighbor, Mrs. Yost, who calls her a “frump,” Alma shrugs it off. In fact, she becomes more determined to become part of this elite society. 

She’s so pure that it takes everything out of her to muster up the courage to talk to the ladies about her plants. And on multiple occasions, she doesn’t realize that they’re getting a cheap laugh at her expense.

I don’t know why anyone would want to be friends with such a miserable bunch, but from the outside looking in, their lives do seem flawless. 

Alma believes their friendship would bring her joy and happiness, but she’s about to discover that her plain Jane life was the key to happiness. Sometimes, being unremarkable comes with plenty of perks. 

While getting ready for the garden club party, Alma accidentally unearths a disturbing mystery that rocks her rather simple world.

She finds a broach belonging to an Enidd Doled with “February 14, 1945” inscribed inside. The go-to thought is that Bertram is cheating, however, the revelation was much more sinister than that.

As Alma makes the discovery herself by searching the attic and finding a box of trinkets, we see Dr. Bertam’s dark secret pan out on screen.

The town’s beloved veterinarian is a cold-blooded murderer!

When he takes an interest in Maisie and accepts her invitation to hang out, he’s actually trying to gain her trust. He knows she was sick and wants to put her out of her misery with the same “courtesy” he typically extends to his furry friends. 

In a deeply disturbing scene, he slips her a muscle relaxed that paralyzes her just before injecting her with a deadly dose. Bertram should’ve realized that what he was doing is wrong as she lay there terrified and confused, but he’s done this so many times that he’s managed to convince himself that he’s showing humans kindness. 

It’s a fascinating scene that really makes you take a step back and wonder.

When the actions are done with humans in mind, it’s murder, but when it comes to pets, it’s completely normal and we justify it by saying we’re ending their suffering and letting them find peace.

However, it’s chilling because Bertram doesn’t have permission from the patients and is taking it upon himself to decide when their story should end. 

And the fact that he keeps a memento from each of his “patients” lends itself to serial killer tendencies. 

So, yeah, Alma is right to be terrified of him.

It’s a double-edged sword. By returning the broach to Grace, Alma was nominated for the elite club, but her act of kindness also led to a revelation that her husband is not who he seems. 

Will this new discovery change her mind about joining the club? Or will she realize that this dark secret makes her more like the women that she admires?

Will she be more determined to make something of herself? And what’s she going to do about Bertram now that she’s inching towards the truth?

Considering the title of the series, my guess is that Rita and Alma will be pushed over the edge and forced to kill their husbands/ significant others. 

The premiere episode hooked me immediately. The murder mystery vibe is the perfect touch, and the cliffhangers make you want to know how these two women’s storylines are going to pan out. 

What did you think of the premiere episode? Let us know in the comments!

Read the Why Women Kill Season 2 Episode 2 review now

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The Baker and the Beauty

Memorial Day Weekend: 5 Best TV Shows and Movies to Binge-Watch



Break out the red, white, and blue because it’s Memorial Day weekend.

The holiday, honoring and remembering fallen military personnel, is typically characterized by a three-day weekend consisting of parades and outdoor grilling.

But if you’re planning to kickstart summer indoors, there are plenty of great shows and movies to binge-watch with friends, family, or even solo! 

You can opt for some Memorial Day-themed movies, or you use this time to finally get around to that “one show” you’ve been meaning to watch! 

If you’re looking around for new shows to feed your eyeballs, look no further than this list of must-watch during Memorial Day weekend shows that are all streaming RIGHT NOW! 


Cruella – Disney+

Disney+ knows what it’s doing by releasing the highly-anticipated live-action film ahead of the long weekend. Emma Stone’s take on the iconic Disney villain will be fun for the whole family. It will be available on the streaming platform for an additional $30 fee or you can make it a night on the town since many movie theaters are opening back up again. The choice is yours! 


Why Women Kill (Paramount+)

The dark comedy is gearing up to release another deliciously twisted season in June, so it’s time to catch up on season 1! Since it’s an anthology series, you don’t have to watch the first season to understand the second, but you’d be missing out on some serious excitement. The series stars Lucy Liu, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Alexandra Daddario as three women living in three different decade each dealing with infidelity in their marriages.



Ready for some devilishly good fun? The hit series returns for the second half of season 5 on May 28th and explores family dynamics between Lucifer and his conniving brother Michael. We also meet God, played by Dennis Haysbert!


The Baker and the Beauty – Netflix

The series may not have gotten much love during its initial run on ABC, but it’s become a massive hit on Netflix. There’s even talks about a possible second season, which would be great so we can finally know more about Noa and Daniel’s love story. Set in Miami’s Little Havana, the premise is simple and so sweet: a local baker falls in love with an international superstar.


Cruel Summer – Freeform

Love a good mystery? So do we. And Cruel Summer has quickly become the hottest mystery of the season. Taking place over the course of three summers, the drama tells the story of Kate Wallis, a popular teen who goes missing, and Jeanette Turner, a dorky outlier who is accused of knowing who abducted Kate and keeping it a secret. Which one of them do we believe? There are seven episodes available to binge-watch right now! 

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