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Will Rio Kill Boomer on ‘Good Girls’? Or Does He Have Another Plan for Him?

Credit: NBC/ Good Girls



Many fans were thrown off by Boomer’s return on the latest episode of Good Girls.

Last we saw, Boomer was hiding out in his grandmother’s attic and allowing the Beth, Annie, and Ruby to believe that he was chopped up into tiny pieces by Mary Pat. Marion then forced Boomer to tell the police the truth, and when he turned himself in, Beth was cleared of murder charges.

We thought we had seen the last of Boomer until all of “Nana” was focused on him and how Rio wanted to kill him.

How many lives does Boomer have?!

At first, bringing him back seemed to have no overall purpose other than to torment Beth, Annie, and Ruby, who were tasked with helping him break out of jail in order to prove their loyalty to Rio.

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It seemed like Rio wanted them to truly suffer because of their assignment and new that harboring a fugitive, specifically a fugitive they were unable to silence before, would be a task like no other.

Boomer escaped prison — covered in sewage — thinking he was going to Canada, but the reality was that the girls were supposed to deliver him to his death.

When the good girls did their part and Rio assured her that he’d give her a second chance, Beth (and the remaining soul that she had) attempted to make a weak argument that Boomer deserved to live to which Rio replied, “yeah, I got different plans for him.”

But is Rio’s plan to kill Boomer? I don’t think so.

If Rio wanted Boomer dead, Boomer would be dead. It’s that simple. Even Annie questioned why he needed them to grab Boomer if he has a whole network of men at his disposal.

Realistically, Rio could have had someone shank him in prison, which would have required a lot less effort for all parties involved. This is a man who still managed to have control over his men while working as a “snitch” for FBI agent Turner. He has connections everywhere.

There was also something suspicious about the way Rio said he had another plan for Boomer. It wasn’t followed by his full-on smirk, but there was a hint of amusement there that Beth was so concerned with Rio killing again.

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The truth is, even though this season is kind of a dysfunctional mess, I don’t think the writers would bring Boomer back into the fold just to kill him. He has to have a greater purpose, one that Rio wants to use to his advantage.

Rio wouldn’t go through all that trouble to get Boomer out of prison unless it directly helped him.

Beth seems to think Rio is tying up loose ends just like he did with poor Lucy, and Rio wants her to think that.

My outlandish theory is that letting the ladies think Boomer is dead gives him an upper hand and deviates their attention from the fact that he’s working with the feds and helping them build a case against Beth.

If he killed Boomer, why wouldn’t he do it in front of the ladies? And why wouldn’t the audience see it happen?

That’s right — because it didn’t happen.

Rio could just use Boomer and all that he knows as insurance to keep Beth in check, but I think it goes deeper.

Rio has no loyalty towards Beth and no reason to trust her after she shot him. After that moment, he was “forced” to work alongside Turner until he was able to ambush and kill him.

But what if Turner isn’t dead either? The #1 law of television is no one is dead until you see a body.

It’s entirely possible the whole thing was orchestrated in order to lull Beth into a false sense of security so that she’d start up her printing press again.

Will Rio Kill Boomer on Good Girls

Credit: Good Girls/ NBC

Snatching up Boomer, who previously worked with Turner and tried to turn the girls in, makes him a key witness against Beth as he’s seen many of their crimes from the first grocery store kidnapping to washing the cash to all the hoopla that went down with Mary Part.

Forcing Beth to aid and abet a fugitive is just the cherry on top of all the charges they could bring against her.

If you think about it, Rio has been tasking her with projects that continue to incriminate her.

He may be the “big boss,” but she’s technically running the operation.

His men are washing the cash, but she’s the one printing the fake money, which seems like a bigger crime in the grand scheme of things because no fake money means no washing.

Rio never does any of the dirty work — he calls the shots, but he doesn’t actually get his hands dirty or do anything that incriminates himself. It’s brilliant.

Plus, it could connect to the mysterious and standalone scene of Rio playing tennis that was never addressed again.

We don’t know much about Rio, and though we’re constantly seeing Beth brainstorm and come up with plans to free herself from his grasp, he’s always two steps ahead of her.

Maybe we’re not seeing what he’s up to when she’s not around because he isn’t who he says he is.

That would not only be an epic twist that could be this season’s saving grace, but it would be incredible payback to a woman who thought she could get away with shooting a man (even a man like Rio) three times and then stealing his operation from under him.

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